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Crystal Palace (A) Premier League 23/11. 15:00

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Oh Mane ! Fuck sake. 


Usually means he is about to score when he misses like that 



EDIT: Fucking get in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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1 minute ago, niallers said:

We've had zero shots on target and we're in the 50th min!


49 mins in and we are 1 up

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    • From offal...   From the official:

      On the replay falling during the club’s Premier League winter break…

      Look, our situation is the following: we have known that for a couple of weeks it is like this. Actually, we knew it a bit longer because it was always clear when we came through into the next round it would be like this. In April 2019, we got a letter from the Premier League where they asked us to respect the winter break, not to organise international friendlies and not to organise competitive games in respect of it. I have said to the boys already, two weeks ago, that we will have a winter break, so it means we will not be there – it will be the kids who play that game because they cannot deal with us like nobody cares about it. I know it is not very popular, but that’s the way I see it and, how I said, the Premier League asked us to respect the winter break and that’s what we do it. If then the FA do not respect it then we cannot change. But we will not be there.

      On whether Neil Critchley will manage the team in the replay…


      On the importance of his first-team squad getting a rest during the upcoming winter break…

      It’s a winter break and maybe I could find the letter [from the Premier League]: it’s exactly like that, we have to respect it, to respect the players’ welfare and they need a rest – mental rest, physical rest. That’s what the winter break is about and then another competition tells us it’s not that important, so we had to make these decisions before because the boys have family and the international players like Jordan Henderson, Virgil van Dijk, Gini Wijnaldum, Trent Alexander-Arnold, Mo Salah, Sadio Mane, all these guys they have never [time] off so this is the week. I said in the moment it was clear there would be a winter break months ago, before I knew the FA Cup could come in between, then we would respect it and we do.

      On how long the first-team squad will be ‘off’...

      One week. They don’t have it ‘off’, they train but for themselves. They have running programmes, they have fitness programmes, that’s all they do. They never have ‘off’ time [but] they don’t come to Melwood and they don’t play football.
    • The new owners will be pleased with all the belly dancers in the Gallowgate
    • Its quarter past 10 in the morning there mate.    Just saying. 
    • I wonder if FA will threaten to or bring action against us if Klopp goes through with this.   Bound to be some caveat about cup replays and then not fielding a competitive team/first team management etc...he is obviously standing up and citing this letter but can't imagine FA will just let it go 
    • Oh, has the rule changed about refs only stopping games for head injuries as well? Could have sworn the ref stopped play because a Shrewsbury player had cramp.
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