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  1. Not my report mate, it's Dan who wrote it.
  2. See here's the thing, I don't think we took it lightly. I had zero problem with Klopp rotating because it's necessary and it's been successful all season. I also don't think the players were thinking "can't be arsed with this, its only the Europa". I just think for reasons unknown we produced an absolute stinker of a performance where - and this is the bit I struggle to understand most - literally every player was somewhere between under par and absolutely fucking horrendous. As for us being in the Europa because we were not very good, that was for one season and there were valid reasons for it. It's not like Arsenal who were in the wilderness for years. We were in the CL Final two years ago. We're a CL team who happen to be playing in the Europa because we had a bad season and finished one place outside the top four, so the only way not winning it is acceptable is if we lose to Leverkusen (one of the best teams in Europe right now) or if freak circumstances got us (sending off, bad pen decisions etc). If we don't win this title and then go into the tank in the coming years I think many of us will look back on this season with even more resentment, not nostalgia. If you want to hail the plucky underdogs who gave us a fun ride, sound. If we win all seven and lose out on goal difference to Arsenal, there'll be a lot of merit to that and I might even be there with you. If we don't win all seven then I'll look back and remember a team that had a head start with 8 games to go and fucked up Klopp's last chance to win a title and celebrate it with fans.
  3. If we end this season with only the league cup I guarantee people will not look back on it as over-performance. You think not at least reaching the final of the Europa is not under-performing? Or that failing to beat United three times is not underperforming? We had over-performed until recently, particularly given the injuries and officiating we've had to overcome, but the fact is we were going into an 8 game sprint with a 3 point lead over City and a 2 point lead over Arsenal, with most of our most difficult fixtures out of the way, and we inexcusably fell at the first hurdle.. So now we're in a 7 game sprint with no lead over Arsenal and only a point over City. Win all seven and we'll still almost certainly be Champions in my opinion, so anything that has gone before - good or bad - doesn't matter. It's what we do now that will determine how this season is looked back on.
  4. That comparison doesn't work. Makes no sense.
  5. The money the increase brings in is roughly what we pay Thiago every 10 weeks. He's leaving, the club could reduce prices to match whatever they're saving from getting him off the books and set an example for others to follow. They won't though, they'll keep squeezing as much out of us as possible.
  6. An alternative way of looking at it is that if Liverpool decided to reduce prices by 20% it would force the other big clubs into doing similar because their fans would be kicking off. Think about it, if the Glazers slashed prices at Old Trafford by 20% (don't laugh) what do you think the reaction of our fans would be? We'd demand the same, and rightly so. Other will follow and then nobody wants to be the club that puts prices up by 20% so that's the end of that problem. It won't happen because none of them give a flying fuck about the fans. Our owners are actually among the least shitty all things considered, but they still don't really give a fuck and see us as consumers and very little else.
  7. Nice job with that Dan, excellent report. Honestly won't be at all shocked if we still go through. They'll shit themselves if we get on top and grab a couple of goals. The problem is that we'd have to expend a lot of energy doing it and then have to go to Fulham at the weekend. And Fulham are the weirdest team in the league. Either brilliant or shite. And we know which one will show up against us.
  8. I'm not knocking Virgil at all, but it's clear that we don't have anyone on the pitch who can sort things out when we're struggling tactically. So many times we're poor in the first half but figure it out after Klopp shows them at half time what they're doing right/wrong where the space is and what passes we should be playing. It would be nice if they could sort it themselves but they can't. Hopefully Amorim or whoever it is can babysit them at half time too, better yet get them doing the right things from the start and show them how to indentify what the problems are when its not working.
  9. Nah, "those lads" are on the brink of completely and needlessly shitting all over Klopp's happy ending. If that happens - and as I pointed out, there's still time for them to ensure it doesn't - they don't "deserve" anything. They came through so much adversity to get us where we were (chasing a quadruple) and they were roundly praised for it, but then they started throwing up all over themselves when it should have started to get easier for them. That was one of the worst European results in our history, all things considered. You can't just gloss over that because they've done well up until March. Coming off the back of going out of the FA Cup to that shambles of a United team and then relinquishing top spot by once again failing to beat that shambles of a United team, they need to take a long hard look at themselves and figure this shit out before it's too late. You know what's been annoying me all season, and I've said it on the pod and written in reports, the fact they can't figure out anything for themselves and reply on Klopp to fix it at half time. You said yourself they were "flummoxed" by Atalanta and panicked. You know that isn't because they were badly prepared or did not know what to expect, and it's not like we had kids playing in that game, so it reflects badly on them. They don't solve problems on the pitch themselves, we're always waiting for half time because we know Klopp and the video team will show them what to do. Would be nice if they were able to fix things for themselves for once and not always need that. That might be the one thing we miss about Henderson.
  10. you wouldn't be getting that from Paul, he's in the same place we are, he might actually be in an even darker place given what he was tweeting.
  11. Pinnington was probably our best player for me. Danns was quality in everything he did though. Nice to see Gordon coming back to some form after his lay off.
  12. Don't think I've done anything different on the editing. Anyone else notice this?
  13. That guy looked like my dad only without the glasses. He must be 75 if he's a day.
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