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  1. dave u

    Lincoln City 2 Liverpool 7 (Sep 24 2020)

    This window. I reckon loads of deals will get done last minute. Way more than usual.
  2. dave u

    Man City - the new bitters?

    Fucking nostradamus here. Really went out on a limb there Frode!
  3. dave u

    Lincoln City 2 Liverpool 7 (Sep 24 2020)

    Presumably because clubs are being careful due to the money lost through covid. I'm not sure how badly impacted German clubs have been, but Hertha Berlin love Grujic don't they? You'd think they could have stumped up £20m prior to the pandemic. I reckon loads of clubs are waiting until the end of the window to do deals because they think the prices will come right down.
  4. dave u

    Lincoln City 2 Liverpool 7 (Sep 24 2020)

    Its shit like this that makes me want to beat them so much and why I'm still seething about us not beating them the last couple of times. They're shit and it really bothers me when we don't beat them by three or four.
  5. dave u

    Lincoln City 2 Liverpool 7 (Sep 24 2020)

    I think I did something in the last round up of last season, but it's hard doing an eleven as most of them are forwards. It would end up looking like Keegan's Newcastle.
  6. dave u

    Lincoln City 2 Liverpool 7 (Sep 24 2020)

    I'll sleep well tonight knowing this.
  7. dave u

    Lincoln City 2 Liverpool 7 (Sep 24 2020)

    They usually are 'LFC fans'. By that I mean they aren't rival fans causing trouble, these cunts genuinely do follow us but they're just fucking lowlifes. Every club has them, it's just that we're so big we have more than most. United are plagued with it too. Just look at the shit Rashford gets whenever he tweets about starving kids. "Worry about your form, you've been shite" etc
  8. dave u

    Lincoln City 2 Liverpool 7 (Sep 24 2020)

    For some reason I still think Gini will end up signing a new deal. Milner will leave eventually, Keita will just keep doing enough to make everyone think he's about to come good so he's going nowhere. Agree on Ox and the injuries but even with all of that taken into account, I don't see Grujic moving enough places up the pecking order that he'd be prepared to stay. And if we can get close to £20m for him now (which we should based on his loan performances) then I don't see any way we won't take that deal, especially with Covid having cost us around £100m and counting.
  9. dave u

    Premier League Round Up (Sep 19-21 2020)

    Ok that might be right actually. Even so, he was still having a go at Dean for not going to the video though, even though the linesman was right on the spot and saw the whole thing clearly. Plus the VAR will have told him 'yeah its a red, no need to check that' so why the fuck should Dean have gone to the video?
  10. dave u

    Sadio Mane

    How do you know he didn't want to take one? Are you basing that just on the fact he wasn't one of the selected five or has he said he didn't want to? Jones and Brewster both regard themselves as penalty specialists and I expect both would be ahead of Mané in the thinking of Klopp even if Sadio was at the front of the queue saying he wanted to take one.
  11. dave u

    The Official Golf Thread

    Agreed. He took a studious approach and figured out what was the best way to give himself an advantage. He piled out weight, got stronger and increased his distance. Why should he be penalised for that? It's a problem as these really long hitters are making mincemeat of tough courses now. Maybe some bunkers need to be relocated another 50 yards up the fairway as traps that used to be in play are no longer even relevant.
  12. dave u

    The Official Golf Thread

    Watched some more highlights on youtube there just now, and the kid Wolff was carrying it 300yds from the tee as well with that weird swing of his. Skinny little 21 year old lad and he's almost matching the juice head Bryson. Impressive.
  13. dave u

    The Official Golf Thread

    Just watching DeChambeau's round last night and I've never seen anything like it. He just beat the shit out of a really tough course with brute force. It's hard to actually comprehend what he's doing. Smashing drives 325 yards on the fly and then hitting shots out of rough that's six inches deep. Bit annoying that he puts on two stone and becomes the best golfer in the world, but when I do it I can barely get around the course without needing oxygen.