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  1. Naby is in danger of being my worst, if only for the fact I had not even the tiniest shred of doubt that he was going to not only be a good signing, but that he'd be a transformational one. I honestly thought we were looking at potentially the best midfield player in the world and I had mates who bet on him being Player of the Year before he'd even kicked a ball. I still think he'll come good, but he's never going to live up to the (unfair and unrealistic) expectations I and many others had for him.
  2. dave u

    January 2019 Transfer Thread

    The numbers aren't great but my eyes tell me that Zaha is brilliant though. Besides, opposing teams go in against Palace with the specific tactic of just stopping him. I doubt any rival manager's team talk revolves around keeping Sessegnon quiet. I like Sessegnon but I did expect him to be better than he has been so far. Still a kid though and I'd be happy enough to sign him if it's to replace Moreno. If I'm signing someone to provide competition for the front three though, Sessegnon wouldn't be on the list at this moment in time.
  3. Anyone with a big fod was referred to as Tefal head when I was growing up. I still use it now, although yeah, loads won't have a clue what it means.
  4. dave u

    Liverpool 4 Crystal Palace 3 (Jan 19 2019)

    Fat Jon Moss would be my guess
  5. dave u

    January 2019 Transfer Thread

    and Charlie Adam.
  6. dave u

    Brighton 0 Liverpool 1 (Jan 12 2019)

    Yeah it's been a ploy we've used against defensive sides at times this season. Usually Mane or Salah making a diagonal run and someone like Van Dijk or Fabinho picking them out. We've had some joy with it. This was different though. The passes were never on and it's hard to turn around a team who are that deep anyway. Would much prefer to see us just do the Man City thing and play around the back of them and whip the ball across the box. The best player we have at that is Milner. Wonder where he learnt to do it?
  7. dave u

    Premier League Round Up (Jan 12-14 2019)

    If it helps, I do know what Darron Gibson looks like now. Probably due to the number of times I've seen his face due to his numerous drink driving offences. For the record, my wife is Irish. Not that this disproves your point, I'm just sayin'
  8. Saw something on LFC TV the other day showing Sturridge when he first came here. Watching some of goals, it was like a completely different player to what we see now. He was never a sprinter, but he was quick. You look at him now and physically he looks different when he moves. It's not even just that he's slow, he actually moves differently. Injuries have destroyed him, either physically or mentally (he either can't sprint anymore or doesn't trust his body to even attempt to).
  9. dave u

    Manchester City 2 Liverpool 1 (Jan 3 2019)

    I didn't mention that because I thought it was accidental. I watched it a couple of times and didn't see anything that made me think it was deliberate. What I would say is that if anyone could make it look like an accident it would be Fernandinho. But then why would he need to make anything look like an accident when he was diplomatic immunity from red cards anyway?
  10. dave u

    Manchester City 2 Liverpool 1 (Jan 3 2019)

    With throw ins and corners they usually put the flag up when more than half the ball is out. I know that isn't the rule, but it's how its usually enforced.
  11. dave u


    Just want to point out here that Southampton would have won if that dickhead manager had started Ingsy, as I expected he would when I ran my mouth.
  12. dave u

    Liverpool 5 Arsenal 1 (Dec 29 2018)

    Definitely. We're a second half of the season team I think, everything is geared towards us flying in the New Year. Thats what is so amazing about what we've done so far. If our form goes the way I think it will, we ain't seen nothing yet.
  13. dave u

    Liverpool 5 Arsenal 1 (Dec 29 2018)

    We weren't playing well when we drew at the Emirates. We weren't playing well when we beat Spurs, drew at Chelsea and were held by City at Anfield either. We were getting results, but the fluency in attack wasn't there. It is now.
  14. dave u

    Premier League Round Up (Dec 22-28 2018)

    Probably made twice as many starts too. Plus he takes pens for them doesn't he? I'm fuming he wasn't picked against City, but I'll cover that beef I have with the new "Useless" in the next round up.
  15. dave u


    They won't be four behind because they're not beating Southampton today.