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  1. dave u

    Man City - the new bitters?

    Been watching some of his recent press conferences and the feeling I get with Guardiola is it's more about what he doesn't say than what he does. He didn't deny being paid 'off the books'. Just saw his arse about being asked the question and deflected it into an issue of "I've just won the treble and you ask me this NOW???" Also, whenever he's asked about FFP, he doesn't say they aren't guilty, he says he doesn't know anything about it and that his bosses tell him not to worry because they haven't done anything wrong. He then says he trusts them. To me that's setting himself up for his get out of jail free card if UEFA find them guilty. He can say "nothing to do with me guv" and walk off into the sunset, dazzling people with the reflection off his stupid bald head.
  2. dave u

    New HBO Series: Game of Thrones

    It wasn't 'final season of Dexter' bad, but it was massively disappointing.
  3. I didn't watch it, been avoiding all of that stuff. I did see a piss take of it on twitter comparing it with Ajax though.
  4. dave u

    Premier League Round Up (May 12 2019)

    Toughest opponent - 1 Hazard 2 Zaha =3 Anthony Taylor & Rondon Worst opposition fans - 1 Wolves (small time bellends) 2 City (just shit) 3 Everton (letting off the flare when they though Virgil's shot had gone into the Kop!)
  5. dave u

    Liverpool 2 Wolves 0 (May 12 2019)

    Trent pinging in crosses for his brothers was boss. One of them tweeted that he's scored more goals at Anfield than Messi.
  6. dave u

    Liverpool 2 Wolves 0 (May 12 2019)

    The Jeremy Kyle Show.
  7. I was questioning myself on that but was too lazy to look it up.
  8. I know what I'm writing, I just don't know what I've written.
  9. I don't even remember writing that, my memory is shot to pieces. I can usually remember the last report I wrote and that's it. Someone said to me the other day how much they enjoyed the Newcastle report and I literally could not remember a single thing I'd written in it. As for the above, it's pretty alarming if a ref as bad as that has been awarded the final. Harry Kane will be diving all over the fucking place.
  10. dave u

    Liverpool 2 Wolves 0 (May 12 2019)

    Shhhhh. Don't ruin my analogy! And I almost forgot, but the worst thing to come from the away end on Sunday was "Raheem Sterling, he's top of the league". I mean fucking hell, really? Can't wait until Sterling bangs in a hat-trick against the human trafficking twats next year. Or dives to win a penalty, that'll do even better.
  11. I suppose there is an important distinction between 'all time XI' and 'best players to ever play for us XI' For example, Robbo is the best left back to play for us by miles. He's the best in the world, an absolutely incredible full back who people outside of LFC don't seem to realise is as great as he is. After two seasons though do you get in an all time best XI? Tough call. The other thing muddying the water is the way systems and formations have changed. In a 442 Kenny and Rushy are the perfect partnership. In a 433 it's a whole different ball game.
  12. Holy shit, Paul just left Kenny out of an all time Liverpool XI! I completely understand the logic, but you're a braver man than I am! Of the current team, leaving the longevity argument aside (which is a valid point in an all time XI), Virgil and Robbo are shoe ins for me. One day Trent will be too, and might even be the first name on the teamsheet. Alisson has a shot at it as well. I'm undecided on Mo at this point.
  13. dave u

    Premier League Round Up (May 3-5 2019)

    I saw a clip posted by a United fan on twitter of Shaw just loafing around not tracking back, and then when his team-mates held up the attack he was just ambling around with the most half hearted press you'll ever see. You never, ever see our players doing that but if they did they'd never do it again, because Klopp and his analysts would be all over that shit. United's players are metaphorically fat and lazy, and in Shaw's case he's literally both.