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  1. Nothing wrong with that, he's right. Not sure how that's classed as 'running his mouth'. And he wasn't pushed out of the door, they wanted him to stay but he wouldn't. He didn't want to pick up a wage and not play. Good for him. And we did fuck him around. He was supposed to leave a year ago but the rug was pulled out from under him when Karius was so shit in pre-season that it was obvious he had to go instead.
  2. dave u

    Napoli 2 Liverpool 0 (Sep 17 2019)

    I think it all depends on whether he's advised by the video ref to go and check. The prick in our game must have told the ref "nah you're all good mate". It's shite. And what makes it even more shite is it isn't used the same way in each competition. Until I saw the ref last night looking at the monitor I was under the impression that they'd scrapped that. Turns out it's just the PL that has.
  3. dave u

    Napoli 2 Liverpool 0 (Sep 17 2019)

    I didn't like VAR in the World Cup, but what we're seeing now is a million times worse. Pile of shite.
  4. dave u

    Napoli 2 Liverpool 0 (Sep 17 2019)

    Just seen that in the PSG game. It just makes me even more angry. How would they not look at that and at least tell the ref to have a look and see what he thinks. Were the Sicilian mafia sat in the room with the video ref?
  5. You all know my thoughts on Zidane, but what I will say is that he was better than Scholes. I'll give him that.
  6. dave u

    Liverpool 3 Newcastle 1 (Sep 14 2019)

    Yeah there's no excuse for me forgetting that. Glorious it was.
  7. dave u

    Roberto Firmino

    Decided I'm gonna save up and get my teeth done like Bobby.
  8. dave u

    Opposition View: Newcastle United

    Agreed, but the most depressing part of it for me was the attempted boycott. Feel really bad for this lad and the others who boycotted, as they're at least trying to do something, but when you're in such a minority like that you've got no chance. It's like when we walked out against Sunderland. Enough did it so that it made a difference, but loads stayed in the ground. These poor bastards have got no chance as Ashley has that fanbase by the balls, simply because they feel like they'd be being disloyal to boycott a game.
  9. After the last election he tweeted: Yes @David_Cameron???? Glad the country has seen sense... He's deleted it since. Probably after he started helping out foodbanks and people started throwing that tweet back at him.
  10. He does come across great in that show he does with Kelly, but the above is the thing holding me back from saying he's alright. That tweet he put out back in the day was bad. Not as bad as Karl Henry's ones, but it's not something I can just forget about.
  11. dave u

    Rate the last film you watched...

    Agree with every word. I'd go 2/10 purely because I thought DiCaprio and Pitt's acting was great. Boring, self indulgent, style over substance shite. Can't believe there are people out there saying it's brilliant. Truly awful.
  12. Signing / Singing happens to me all the time, and the spell check never picks it up for obvious reasons.
  13. dave u

    Premier League Round Up (Aug 23-25 2019)

    Yeah Cantona is fantastic. I've warmed to Ferdinand and Lampard too since they retired.
  14. dave u

    Premier League Round Up (Aug 23-25 2019)

    "Parsnip nose nan's hair', and it wasn't me who came up with that, it was my Sunderland supporting brother in law, I was merely quoting him. He HATES Steve Bruce with a passion. I reckon he's alright.
  15. dave u

    Premier League Round Up (Aug 23-25 2019)

    Its not a vote for Arsenal, it's a vote against all the others because I don't think any of them can be trusted. Spurs have been terrible so far. Chelsea might be better than people think but the Mancs are garbage.