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  1. Defo not listening back to that then. Anyone disrespecting Origi is a fucking bell, and I include myself in that.
  2. I'd hazard a guess at around the hour mark.
  3. Yeah probably. There's a fair bit of that in it.
  4. dave u

    Summer 2022 Transfer Thread

    I'll cry if Sadio leaves.
  5. Great stuff. You should go back and listen to a few of the old ones any time you have time to kill. United away was great, the City semi final one was too. The one called Red or Dead is worth a listen too, I think that was the one when I revealed how emotional I got listening to Adele songs when Suarez left.
  6. dave u

    Liverpool 3 Wolves 1 (May 22 2022)

    Havent seen any of the goals and I hope it stays that way. Don't want to inadvertently catch any of their trophy presentation either.
  7. dave u

    Liverpool 3 Wolves 1 (May 22 2022)

    That's the plan. We'll do them throughout the summer as well. We'll be able to get stuck into some different topics that should be good entertainment. Couldn't really do it throughout the season as there were so many games.
  8. Paul joining me on the Conor Coady hate train was a highlight of this one. I'm driving that train but there's plenty of room so jump aboard!
  9. Just another reminder that if you can leave a review on whatever platform you use to listen, that's helpful to us and is greatly appreciated. Also, spreading the word helps as well, so tell all of your mates.
  10. They were cheering City's goals so it wasn't them. It was the other corner of the Anny. I heard the cheer and saw them jumping around and then it spread.
  11. dave u

    Picking at the relegation carcass

    Agree with this. Raphinha is quality but he'd cost too much money for someone who can only really play where Mo does. Not sure about his mentality either. The only player in that relegation shake up I'm taking is my boy Bamford. *fist bumps aRdja*
  12. dave u

    Football opinion amnesty thread

    Disagree. It's funny because he's not fat and because he hates it. Because he's not fat.
  13. dave u

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Not gonna lie, that's completely pissed on my chips.