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  1. Those stats mean absolutely fuck all. He's a toe nail offside away from having one more goal, which changes those numbers, plus he's been inches away with shots that have hit the woodwork. If the shot yesterday is two inches lower it's a goal and those stats suddenly look a whole lot different. You can make stats tell whatever story you want them to. Ask Ten Hag and his second best keeper in the league. I'll die on this hill, Darwin Nunez is fucking boss.
  2. 13 v 10. The video operator was on our side, they just ignored him!
  3. I reckon it was. He was going for the toe poke finish and it hit the outside of his foot instead. His immediate reaction gives it away, his body language after he plays it screams out "ah shit".
  4. No VAR check. I'm sure Tierney had a look at the Kostas challenge but there's nothing in that so quite rightly there was no 'official' check and we were allowed to go nuts.
  5. Joking aside, it might have. We've seen shots hit the bar, bounce down on the line and then bounce back up into the net because the spin takes it. There's no way of knowing what that ball would have done and for me it should be Trent's goal.
  6. Alexa, give me an example of "praise from Caesar". The other lads on the pod are gonna combust when Kenny tweets about my footy ability.
  7. That one might actually have been tongue in cheek, but I've seen so much embarrassing shit where they're trying to 'recruit' fans of "the 14" to their cause. Truly pathetic. No-one will support them as they're cheating impacts those teams far more than it does the big boys. Besides, fans from all of those clubs value bantz above anything. Rumours that Newcastle fans are showing up to Goodison this week with cards saying "Premier League - Correct". The same fans who were kicking off at the PL over their takeover when it looked like it might not happen. They hate the PL, but the "bantz" trumps all.
  8. No its the exact same story he's told about when he tried to come back under Rafa but we already had Ngog and didn't need him. He just got confused and said Brendan instead, which is proper weird.
  9. Some of the takes on this thread are not going to age well, and they're not going to be any of mine. Looking forward to revisiting this when he's racking up trophies and Golden Boots.
  10. Or they take lots of corners. Arsenal signed Ozil because he was an "assists machine". What they didn't know what half of them were him just giving a simple ball to Ronaldo and then him doing the rest. Assists as a barometer without actually seeing them mean nothing. It is kind of a bullshit stat, albeit not entirely worthless.
  11. The famous wrestling quote, Austin 3:16 says I just whipped your ass. John changed it to Austria 3:16 we just whipped your LASK.
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