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  1. halewood pete

    Happy Birthday Lifey

    have a good day.best wishes
  2. halewood pete

    Happy fucking new year dickheads

    Just another normal day in Widnes then.happy new year to you all
  3. halewood pete

    Peter Thompson

    Very sad news.A great player.R.I. P.
  4. halewood pete

    Have a rant thread

    And the plane will only take off when everyone has boarded.waste of money.
  5. halewood pete

    City Breaks

    Porto and lisbon tick all the boxes
  6. halewood pete

    Drink driver warning

    I know most of us car owners are responsible ,but this is a warning to be careful about drinking and driving as we approach the new year. Last night I was out in town with a few mates One thing led to another and I had way too many red wines topped off with a few jaegerbombs, Not a good idea! Knowing I was well over the limit,I did something I've never done before...I left my car in town and decided to take a bus home. Sure enough,I passed a police check point where they were pulling over drivers and performing breathalyser tests,but because I was on a bus they just waved it past.I arrived home safely without incident which was a real surprise. I've never driven a bus before and I'm fucked if I know where I got it from or what I'm going to do with it. Happy new year to you all.!
  7. halewood pete

    Holidays Greece

    Would recommend Rhodes.stay in Rhodes old town or lindos.both fantastic
  8. halewood pete

    Happy Christmas all.....

    Have a cool Yule everyone
  9. Deffo should be installed as Captain.His all round skill is exceptional and he must be a nightmare to play against.He instills confidence in his teammates and the fans,I just pray he doesn't pick up an injury. I had three separate bets on the wolves game(just a pound on each) Van Dijk to score anytime 8/1 Liverpool to win 2 0 11/2 Liverpool to win both halves. 7/2 The Mighty reds are back !
  10. halewood pete

    Coast-Woolton villge

    This cafe/restaurant is opening from 10 am till midday on Christmas day and serving tea,coffee and sandwiches free of charge. A fantastic gesture for any one alone and lonely on the day or emergency services workers who may be working a long shift. Happy Christmas to you all.
  11. halewood pete

    Burnley 1 Liverpool 3 (Dec 5 2018)

    Broken leg for gomez.wish him a speedy recovery.we need him back asap
  12. halewood pete

    Adverts you hate.

    Adverts for webuyanycar.com by Phillip schofield on TV and radio.smug bastard.
  13. halewood pete

    The Local News Thread

    Stupid thing to do ,ten years seems a bit harsh but I'm sure it acts as a great deterrent to the local population. Wonder if similar sentencing here would reduce incidents like this?I somehow doubt it