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  1. Fugitive

    Everton (H) 2/12/18 Premier League

    Has anyone mentioned the blue flare that seemed to have been launched into our supporters?
  2. That fucking bacon... what an absolute disgrace. I hope Punchy Tarmys burns down and they are not insured.
  3. Is Barton’s truck shop in Chernobyl? The meat looks like it’s come from a radioactive pig. The beans are a fucking disgrace.
  4. Fugitive

    PSG (A) Champions League 28/11/2018

    I hope Van Dijk stamps all over Neymar, the fucking quim.
  5. Fugitive

    PSG (A) Champions League 28/11/2018

    Here is an idea, play your strongest defence and play Shaqiri!!!!
  6. Fugitive

    Who is your favourite serial killer, and why?

    I was talking to my bird about the Beatles a while back and I started to talk about Stuart Sutcliffe and after a few minutes of me talking she said “you’d think more would be said about The Yorkshire Ripper once being in The Beatles”. with that, my vote is for Stuart Sutcliffe.
  7. The BBC can go and fuck themselves. A disaster but to add insult to injury, they served in a fucking bowl. Jimmy Savile is now the 2nd most offensive thing the BBC has given the nation.
  8. Fugitive

    Most hated Z list 'celebrity'

    I see your postcode lottery and raise you a Scottish children’s lottery cunt.
  9. Fugitive

    Adidas Trainers

    Did your nan knit you those for Christmas?
  10. Fugitive

    Bitcoin and other Crypto...

    Just in time to lose everything for Christmas.
  11. It’s shit like this that makes me hope nuclear war.
  12. Fugitive


    Has Philly started selling his pictures?