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  1. It was a disgusting plate of shite. why did you neg me for saying DaveK speaks to kids on the internet on the blueshite thread? Are you DaveK?
  2. Fugitive

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    He’s the sort of fella that talks to 12 year old girls on the internet.
  3. Fugitive

    Boxing 2018

    The hate for Joshua on here is fucking hilarious. He will smash Wilder, who’s only half decent fight has been against Ortiz. I don’t understand why people rate Wilder so highly but slag off Joshua.
  4. Piss off to a Celtic forum. Can’t understand why supporters of other clubs post on a Liverpool site. weirdos
  5. It’s Robertson, you loon.
  6. Fugitive

    Other Football - 2018/19 Season

    Would that be Red Bull ‘definitely not owned by Red Bull’ Salzburg? Fucking dodgy cunts, those Red Bull wankers. I bet this match was settled when the draw was made.
  7. Fuck off... just fuck off. youre all nonces.
  8. People are just taking the piss now. Replaced bacon and sausage with haddock... fucking hell.
  9. Fugitive

    Learning how to play the Guitar

    He was an amazing guitarist and I’m determined to become at least half decent.
  10. Fugitive

    Learning how to play the Guitar

    My dad passed away in may and left me his guitars. I can play a bit but I’m gonna go for lessons to get better. Here are a few of what he left me... ESP EII - Horizon III Gibson Les Paul Classic PRS ES 24 Custom Merida electro acoustic
  11. Fried eggs on a fry up. Dave may as well pack up and save a few quid on the server because the site has gone to shit.
  12. Fuck off, you 20/20 drinking Scottish twat.
  13. Despite his non-meat eating behaviour, he is correct.