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  1. Fugitive

    Justin Edinburgh

  2. You’ve done well without the dirty counting beans but fucking hell. streaky twatting bacon... I bet the cunts said have a nice day as well. Potatoes... I’m gutted the famine ended because you’ve been had off. Cheeky cunts may as well stuck a fucking avocado on there, the slags. One sausage and posh poached eggs for €14, they must have thought ‘here comes mr dickhead’. I could go on but you’ve been through enough. I’m gutted for you. Thoughts are with the family.
  3. Fugitive

    Div or Dom?

    I’m voting Origi. Think he has more of a future with us.
  4. Fugitive


    Scotland is lovely. Rain, wind, 15C and dull.
  5. Fugitive

    Homecoming Parade

    I wonder how many evertonians are stuck in those cars... fuming haha
  6. Fugitive

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    This must be killing them.
  7. Fugitive

    Homecoming Parade

    Klopp is fucking hammered haha
  8. Fugitive

    Homecoming Parade

    May as well tell Oxlade-Chamberlain to hand his back and sit down as well.
  9. Fugitive

    Homecoming Parade

    Surprised that they are not going to The Georgies hall.
  10. In tears watching that, fucking lovely moment with his dad.
  11. Fucking cried like a baby. My dad died just before the last one, last may, and I didn’t care e but this one meant more. Im still an emotional wreck.