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  1. Fugitive

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Bin that stuff mate, to this day I won't have a candy fridge and wouldn't even paint my toilet with crown paints...etc Baines left foot will just have to wear Lonsdale, like the rest of them.
  2. Fugitive

    Easter. How do you spend yours?

    I’ve got a few cans in the fridge. They are now sat in the garden so I can at least watch the footy in peace.
  3. Fugitive

    Easter. How do you spend yours?

    I’m pissed off. We went to BBQ yesterday and one her mates ended up staying at ours last night. She was supposed to fuck off this morning but has announced she will now be staying until tonight. She is the loudest most annoying single person I have ever met. She can spit out more words per second than anybody else on the planet. I was planning on going out for something to eat, find a nice beer garden and watch the match with her today, but that has gone to shit.
  4. Fugitive

    Jordan henderson: Captain

  5. Fugitive

    Jordan henderson: Captain

    #quim #hesgonnaflounceinaminute #grownmanmakingashowofhimself #LF:DTLW’sGIMP
  6. Fugitive

    Jordan henderson: Captain

    #youjizzstain #makingmecringe #flounce
  7. Fugitive

    The Notre Dame

    Not arsed about a noncehive burning down.
  8. Fugitive

    Porto (H) Champions League 9/4/19

    Did the big chinned cunt slip on a puddle of his own slobber?
  9. Talking of murderous weirdos....
  10. Fugitive

    Roughest pub you've ever been in??

    My mate lived in the flats at the back of them for a bit and we went in once. It was fucking rough but anybody who has ever been around there will know that the locals are mutants. Stocky Village is basically made up of dealers, lids on scrambler bikes and smack heads. Those flats you mentioned are fucking horrendous.
  11. Fugitive

    Aintree 2019

    Fucking hell, Stig has shown up the forum again.
  12. Fugitive

    Aintree 2019

    £10 on Lake View Lad @ 16/1
  13. Fugitive

    Aintree 2019

    Stigs defo gonna be in the Daily Mail tomorrow wearing a slaggy dress.