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  1. Manny

    Man City - the new bitters?

    Mind I'll tell you what was weird. Shreeves piping up at the start of the second half - at HT yesterday he had Pep and a bunch of backroom staff march straight up to him kicking off about the officials and VAR and the first goal. As you'd expect, Shreeves was positively climactic with such a scoop. Does beg the question though - why are Pep & Co airing their grievances with Geoff fucking Shreeves instead of the actual match officials. Nothing to with wanting to win some sort of PR/spin war, of course - like that club in microcosm.
  2. Manny

    General Election 2019

    Farage has received his orders from the Kremlin over the weekend and announced Brexit Party Limited will oppose Labour but not the Tories. All 317+ candidates who handed over £100 to the grifter to possibly stand as candidates will see their cash trousered though, obviously - the grift is paramount. Put your mortgage on a majority for a government so hard right it'd make Thatcher sit up in her fucking grave now - this electorate will hand it to them gift wrapped.
  3. Vincent for fucks sake stop fucking crying!
  4. Vincent Kompany still fucking crying about the goal, and taking any slight invitation to. Get yourself in the changing room Vince. Get them feeling as fucking sorry for themselves as you do, you big bulb-headed cunt.
  5. City fans (and bitters to be fair) on that bus shite when they discuss it in 2025.
  6. Manny

    Other Football - 2019/20

    Regardless of how much disdain I hold for them, I fucking love an outfield player in goal, so glad the red card stood for that as much as anything else.
  7. Manny

    Liverpool 2 Genk 1 (Nov 5 2019)

    I just can't quite work Keita out at all. He's in a run of form at the moment where he's playing quite well, but not quite well enough to play himself into the "weekend" eleven. Maybe it's because our midfield is generally quite utilitarian, occupying space so that the full backs and front three can flourish - but Keita plays in games where the front three and full backs are changed so it doesn't quite work as well? I dunno. I thought he was fine last night but no way would he be starting on Sunday for me.
  8. Manny

    General Election 2019

    Hahahaha. Sadness in his eyes (wherever they are).
  9. Manny

    Genk (H) Champions League 5/11 - 20:00

    Beat a decent enough team without really getting out of second gear, if that. They barely had more than a couple of half sniffs, even if they scored from one. Save the energy, goals and passion for Sunday anyway.
  10. Manny

    VAR - The Verdict

    There's issues with the decisions because there are issues with the process. And there are issues with the process because the whole thinking behind it is based on the usual flaws with refereeing and football in this country: the powers that be are utterly convinced of their own infallibility that they see it only as a tool that will prove just how good a job they're doing rather than as something that'll correct the multitude of errors that are made. Think of the FA's 100% conviction rate for citations, think of the PGMOL declaring that they assess their own performances over the course of a season and reckon they get 98% of decisions correct or whatever. They think they're doing a cracking job so VAR doesn't have much to fix, so it's set up so. Take Firmino's goal. I can half see how the linesman flags it but the second that's seen it should be "aha, that's onside - award the goal. Easy mistake, tight call, but onside." But it isn't, because the first priority is to protect the refereeing team, so they twiddle and fiddle and doctor to find the only slight possible angle where it could maybe be offside, and that's all the proof they need to prove themselves correct. Take Alli's handball. The referee pretty much misses it so the VAR has to look at it 800 times in three minutes to work out the reason why he must have not given anything - "aha! They were both challenging for the ball so that must be why his hands are over his head." It's proper bollocks but I don't really expect anything else from the self-serving and craven bastards running the game. In cricket and rugby there's an acceptance that the officials generally do a good job and the technology helps them have extra eyes and covers them for their human mistakes. That's the thinking behind it and the processes - mostly - work as a result. Football though? Different story altogether.
  11. Manny

    Other Football - 2019/20

    Beginning to start loathing Pulisic's shit-eating fratboy grin.
  12. Manny

    Arsenal (H) 30/10 League Cup 20:30

    I don't think they're rigged as such, but their back catalogue of teams they've played in the EFL Cup in this streak they're on is laughable, doubly so when you consider the ridiculous pricetag of even their second string. Outside of the final, they've played only four matches against top flight teams (and one of those was relegated that season): West Brom, Wolves, Leicester (x2), Bristol City, Oxford (x2), Burton, Preston and Southampton. You'd make them favourites if they had to play every game against PL first XIs but this is absolute seniors vs U11 shit.
  13. Manny

    Arsenal (H) 30/10 League Cup 20:30

    Couldn’t give a shite about going out really but: FUCK ARSENAL
  14. Manny

    Should Corbyn remain as Labour leader?

    The fucking state of the replies under that. More fucking gammon than a butcher's shop window. What a bunch of unoriginal, self-congratulatory dickheads.
  15. Manny

    General Election 2019

    I've some issues with Labour's Brexit policy, but I like it a whole lot better than most other parties that I can vote for. I'd swallow my pride* and consider voting LD if that was the best way of keeping the Tories out of a marginal seat but it's irrelevent here in North Tyneside, where Labour are the biggest party by a margin and then some. *9 years ago I voted LD and Nick Clegg took my vote and gave it to David Cameron, and I've never fucking forgiven them for it