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  1. You said fuck all for 35 minutes while we battered them all over the park, then we have a ropey 10, get punished ruthlessly and the broken record is back on. All roads lead back to transfers and squad depth. Give it a fuckin rest will ya? We’re behind because we got sloppy, we looked fucking great the rest of the time.
  2. European footy is class, has a real way of giving managers fewer hiding places and thus sorting the men from the boys. Brendan is fucking awful at it, it's one of the reasons I've no real regrets about him no matter what he does domestically with Leicester - whenever he lines up against a continental team - no matter their calibre - he's found wanting, and as far as I'm concerned it's an absolute essential part of the job description that a Liverpool manager makes a dent in Europe. Solskjaer is weird. He got some good results against decent teams in the Europa last year (Milan springs to mind) but swap the same team to a Tuesday or Wednesday night and it turns to shit. Young Boys are pure Europa League and I've no doubt they'd have splatted them had last night's game taken place on a Thursday but as soon as he hears that anthem it all goes wrong. He's an absolute imposter, does nothing other than spout platitudes he thinks the fans want to hear and that talk up their size and scale like it's still the 90s. He loves to sniff his own farts and I fucking hate him - never before has someone so fucking talentless been given such an easy ride and been so pleased with themselves about it. Little fucking gnome.
  3. Manny

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Has there ever been a player who's appeared in more Bloo "team of the season" AND "drive him to his next club myself" lists than Andre Gomes? He must be on for a dozen appearances in each.
  4. BREAKING NEWS: Ronaldo has taken a quick throw I’ll stop these now
  5. BREAKING NEWS: Ronaldo has jogged into the right hand channel
  6. BREAKING NEWS: Ronaldo has exited the centre circle on his glorious Old Trafford return
  7. Manny

    Tory Cabinet Thread

    I see that horrible fucking cow Patel is announcing plans to turn the migrant boats round and send them back to France. Classic tactic of this cunt government, if ever you're feeling the tiniest bit of pressure and heat, get your mates to run a few articles about the IMMIGRANT HORDE and whip your base up. This particular scenario is a real doozy as well. Because there's no way she'll be allowed to do it - it's contrary to maritime law and there's no way any other country will back us up on it. So we'll either do a watered down version of it that's barely what's announced and it'll be all "good old Priti, standing up for Britain and doing the right thing!" or we'll be thwarted and it'll be another set of "common sense blocked by left wing woke snowflake remoaners" headlines getting their base frothing at the gash again.
  8. Manny

    Other Football 2021/22

    There's also the fact that "the FCDO advises against all but essential travel to the whole of Brazil based on the current assessment of COVID-19 risks" - so the PL clubs have actually been following their relevant government advice. If FIFA uphold this, they're effectively saying that clubs - and players - should ignore health and government advice. It's completely untenable and they'll rightly be told to fuck off.
  9. Manny

    Other Football 2021/22

    So hang on, how the fuck does this make any sense? Brazil frogmarched UK-based Argentine players off the field of play at the weekend because they apparently shouldn't be in the country. But UK-based Brazilian players are supposed to be in the country, and as such they're banned from playing for their clubs who didn't send them because they'd have to spend 10 days wanking in a hotel room on their return, which is a complete fucking waste of the millions we pay them? Oh and arbitrarily saying where this rule can apply completely devalues it as a response. They can get to fuck the crying cunts. Honestly, international football is utter, utter piss.
  10. Manny

    The Official Cricket Thread

    Honestly, twice in one series we've basically donated them a match in a last day shambles. Remember when Adelaide was a shared trauma that happened once in a generation? We're doing it every few fucking weeks now. I don't know who's more braindead. Half these players for shitting their pants so regularly or the frigging management that pick them time after time and think it might work out different.
  11. Manny

    The Official Cricket Thread

    Always fucking hate Kohli. Always acting up to the cameras. Absolutely loved him giving it beans over the buzzers yesterday then being out innocuously three balls later. Bad, bad twat.
  12. Manny

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Yep - the world he's describing would be even more dystopian for Everton given that if we're miles off, they're fucking light years off. But that, obviously, doesn't bother them, because redshite failure > Everton success. So if we don't win stuff same as them, then they can go about beating us on the stuff that really matters, like stadiums built, first time floodlights were used, total burglars assaulted etc.
  13. Yeah I found that weird and all. I think Grealish is really good personally, but I don't see how he particularly improves them as they've already got players like him all over the place; Grealish is probably a better dribbler but given their style I'm not sure how good that is. Kane (or Haaland, which would be terrifying) would give them something that they don't already have. Overall I'm optimistic for the season - I still think we've got a quality first XI and enough good backups (bearing in mind Jurgen likes a smaller squad) to win a lot of games barring an injury crisis. I'd have liked another attacker - doubly so with the AFCON coming up - but that's about it from me. But the squad looks hungry, we've got fans back in the ground and Klopp looks refreshed so I think we can have a good season. My pessimism is more reserved for the next few years. Mainly that our rivals seem to be getting their shit in order, so we can't just rely on being smarter than them or them bungling into walls to stay ahead. We have to match them - we might get away with doing less business here and there but sooner or later we're going to have to keep up. Secondly, the age profile of the squad bothers me. Not for this season, but going forward we're going to have a lot of players entering their 30s at once and we now risk having to do major overhauls rather than making minor changes here and there. We could absorb new, younger players into the squad now and spread the cost (and the settling in of new faces) over a couple of years - with the option to move on the couple that don't work out; instead we're risking having to have an expensive summer where we HAVE to get every signing right and the squad going through a major personality change in a couple of months. Basically it just seems like a wasted opportunity rather than a catastrophe.