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  1. Manny

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Fucking embarrassing that some of their fans use that as a genuine statistic, as if for the whole WWII period they were undefeated rather than there being no footy on. If the CL is called off this year I just don't see any reds trying to claim we've held the European Cup for 7 years and trying to nudge us ahead of Milan. You measure trophies on how many times you go out and win them, not by how many days you had to wait until you handed them back. I know it's been a while for them but still.
  2. Manny

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    See if they get so vocal come 29th May, the animals. You won't hear so much as a mouse fart and the media will be silent on the 35th anniversary of the greatest loss of life through football thuggery in the history of the game. The creativity of most bloos is quite something to behold. It's tragic, really - the number of redshite characters they've all invented over the years could probably have been worked into the greatest novel ever written, such is the level of detail they work into each one.
  3. Manny

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Nananananananana Redshite! Redshite! Redshite!
  4. Yeah that's a good summary. I think what's genuinely pissing me off almost as much as the "null and void it for the bantz" brigade are the number of fucking numbskulls who seem to think that there's a way of sorting this out that neither inconveniences nor disadvantages anyone. Void the league? Yeah good luck with the legal challenges because the broadcasters will want the money back and the last time I checked clubs spent quite a bit of that money on the 19/20 season, so it definitely fucking happened. End it now as it stands? It's not fair on those clubs left without a chair when the music stops that have got their easier fixtures remaining. End it now on PPG? No PPG model is going to be 100% accurate. Swerve relegation and promotion? The Championship will kick off. Swerve relegation with an expanded league? The calendar next year will become even more unmanageable in what's likely to be a mental year anyway. It's almost as if there's a massive fucking pandemic going on and we've lost 3 months of the season with no notice. Of course no solution is going to be ideal - but here's the thing: some are going to be even fucking less ideal. The solution with the fewest problems is to finish the season behind closed doors; that's not to say it's a perfect solution - yes the players won't be fit, yes it's a little bit unfair on those clubs in some trouble with more home fixtures left to put this right, but as a solution it's better than the ones listed above.
  5. Yeah, Klopp and Liverpool are red-faced that they were only on course to win the league two weeks before Easter; everyone worth their shit who wins it has it sewn up by January, apparently. Fuck off Sanchez, you knob.
  6. Manny

    Boris Johnson

    I didn't believe the exaggerated / not even ill conspiracy theories to begin with, but he does seem to have recovered from a trip to intensive care rather quickly like. I don't particularly believe it still, but knowing the Johnson / Cummings playbook, I have to admit I'd be more amazed if they didn't leverage something like a pandemic illness to manoeuvre to a position of maximum sympathy and minimum criticism if half a chance came up - it's too good for them to turn down. This is the most cynical, manipulative set of bastards in British political history (and it's a crowded field).
  7. Manny

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    A Great Depression across the whole world will destroy our owners’ wealth, but leave Moshy’s full alone. And because we have more revenue - even if we use proportionally less of it every year than the Ev do - we’ll be more at risk. Ok, Catcher.
  8. It is a bit unfair that they've lost a bigger proportion of their home fixtures to empty stadiums than some of the other relegation rivals, but I just don't get the opposition to neutral stadiums specifically (apart from to be awkward). If CockPiss wants to wait until they can try and survive by playing in front of a full, bouncing Villa Park, his club will go bust before they open the turnstiles. If you want to complete the season you're doing it in front of empty stands either at your own ground or somewhere else - CockPiss doesn't want that. You could just bin off football for the season and leave the table as is, I'm sure CockPiss doesn't want that. If you just say "fuck it, 19/20 is a clusterfuck and a write-off" then Sky will demand another 75% of a season free of charge and Villa will have a fuck off hole in their accounts. I bet CockPiss doesn't want that either. So what does CockPiss fucking want?
  9. Cock Piss Purslow piping up now that Villa pride themselves on their home form so don't want to play at neutral grounds. WHAT FUCKING DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE PLAYING IN FRONT OF AN EMPTY VILLA PARK OR AN EMPTY LONDON STADIUM?
  10. Manny

    Keir Starmer

    Nicked off the Twitter.
  11. Manny


    Bingo. So the government was warned last year that a Bad Thing with Really Bad Consequences was potentially around the corner, then when a Bad Thing with Really Bad Consequences started happening in China, then Iran, then Italy and then Spain started happening they thought it was, what, something else?
  12. I support Borussia Mönchengladbach FC, not Liverpool FC.
  13. Manny

    Keir Starmer

    Yep and it just gives them a clear opening to use their favourite question-answering technique: "To respond to the second (i.e. easy) part of your question first, yes, it's very true that we're great and doing brilliantly and may I just take this opportunity to thank those key workers in OUR NHS working flat out to contain this very difficult illness and blah blah blah (insert more self-aggrandising waffle here). To answer the first part of your question: well, maybe. Chris Whitty will, I am sure, give you more clarification on that, in due course." Ages spent answering the part of the question they like with soundbites and unrelated statements, then a nice easy escape of light touch vagueness on the bits of the question they don't.
  14. Haha, that was fucking wild that. I think you can just see Gomez chasing the ball off towards the corner flag at the top of the screen - if I'm being totally fair to Karius I think he was trying to play it out wide to Gomez, saw the attacker closing him down and then over adjusted in a panic. That is directly similar to the CL final error though and should have set alarm bells off (I know it did amongst the fans like). It's the main difference between him (and Migs, and Pickford and so on) and true class like Alisson though: when the pressure is on they make bad decisions. Christ I'm glad we've got the big sexy bearded bastard these days. Not arsed about Karius at all now that we've won the CL and got in a much, much, much, much better goalkeeper. I feel sorry for him to an extent because Kiev will define his career and probably his life - he's become the byword for dodgy goalkeepers now and that's probably not an especially pleasant position to be in. That said though he's well-paid, still has a career and can enjoy all the trappings that come with it so it's hard to feel too bad for him. He'd be better off just not talking about Kiev though - he's always going to be asked about it, but the more he digs into an answer with snippets of criticism or bitterness, the more it'll get asked; best just to say "it was the low point of my career, always will be but it's in the past now and I'd rather concentrate on my future. I'm sorry to the team and the fans but there's fuck all I can do about it now isn't there?" Ramos is a cunt.
  15. Manny


    You see I do have the slightest shred of sympathy for the government on mass people management issues like lockdowns and so on as they're tricky to implement and maintain (not to say I don't think they've handled it appallingly because they have, but I can at least see that as a nuanced issue). But the lack of PPE in the NHS is a proper full-on scandal - all it amounts to is fucking production and supply, and they've had fucking weeks to get right. Running out in hospitals is an absolute disgrace and completely and utterly unacceptable. In any sane country it would be the kind of ignominious crime that would bury a government and their legacy and make them unelectable for a generation but in this nuthouse? They'll probably blame it on the EU and a load of S*n-brainwashed knuckle-draggers will give them an increased majority in a snap election or something.