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  1. Switching to 4-4-2 that nobody else plays anymore just to accommodate Trent is the definition of building the team round him, which takes us all the way back to the first post of the thread. Be honest, man. Rainhill is a school for Widnes kids.
  2. This kid simply ain’t no team player anymore if it’s true he’s trying to dictate where he plays on the pitch. That’s the fucking manager’s job. Do as you’re told, put 100% in. That’s all we want as fans. Every man and his dog can see that Trent isn’t a central midfielder. Smacks of a player wanting to make it all about himself. If there’s any truth to all that he can go and sit on Madrid’s bench.
  3. They’ve fucked that already. There’s escalators in our Main Stand.
  4. Literally wishing death on him. I’d have had a field day with this.
  5. Had another look. Now Bill’s thread is gone (RIP), the Moshiri hate has finally jumped to where it should have been years ago. Apparently these takeovers keep failing because Moshiri won’t leave without his £450m. Even a suggestion that he’s possibly a dead man if doesn’t recover enough of Uncle Uzzy’s money. All the while the debt keeps rising, interest keeps rising and they’re still taking out loans to stay afloat. It’s beautiful.
  6. Not open for further replies. https://www.grandoldteam.com/forum/threads/bill-kenwright.115835/page-897 Haha! Fucking get in. Donuts’ constant bumping of it wasn’t for nothing after all.
  7. @Megadrive Man I haven’t been on there for much more than a cursory glance since they banned their best poster. I had a quick look at that Freidkin thread and there was a couple of people pinning it on Bill Kenwright, obviously. Then someone said something like “see, I told you there was no point locking the Kenwright thread” Have they actually locked the Bill Kenwright thread? If so, then @Duncan Donuts surely deserves a lot of credit for that.
  8. That’s not how it works. Someone has to win. This is the internet in 2024.
  9. He’s in his sixties though mate, and he’s escaped from the Scrubs. He should at least be allowed today in a beer garden.
  10. The man’s in his sixties. Cut him a bit of slack. Burglary was the only work in town when he were a lad.
  11. Who gives a fuck about the fella who died? It’s all about TRUMPAMANIA 2024, BROTHER. He nearly died, FFS. Everything else is just collateral damage.
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