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  1. Captain Turdseye

    The Foodie thread

    That view from the hotel was nice though.
  2. Seasons is actually Mrs Moanero.
  3. Oh, you want to be like that, do you? It’s a start.
  4. Please stop posting in funny/political/compassionate/football/music threads pretending not to be a massive cunt. This site is a legitimate cuntfest and the cunts who post on here have been massive cunts for a great number of years. Others that have been through similar cunt times, can appreciate the cuntishness and twattery and can explain how they felt at their cuntiest point, etc. Cunts being cunts has helped a lot of posters through fucking cunt times. But someone deliberately giving the impression they're not an enormous cunt is taking the piss and can cause people to be ‘alright’ which goes against the cunt culture of the boards. Reading through your posts I believe you can be a cunt yourself, I also believe you have been a cunt in previous endeavours (you obviously know where to go to quote examples of cuntery), but you're not a qualified, definitive non-cunt and should immediately stop pretending to be so.
  5. Captain Turdseye


    Woah, steady on. You can’t give up that easily. We could potentially drag another three or four pages out of this.
  6. Captain Turdseye


  7. Captain Turdseye


  8. Captain Turdseye

    Summer 2019 Transfer Thread

    Sky saying ‘Man United have ruled out a move for Matthijs de Light’ He must be heartbroken.
  9. Captain Turdseye

    little things that annoy the shit out of you

    A tangled up slinky. Fucking infuriating. Is it even possible to return them to their original state?
  10. Captain Turdseye


  11. Captain Turdseye

    CBD Oil any advice

  12. Captain Turdseye


    Everyone knows that LFD is the real authority on anxiety anyway.
  13. Captain Turdseye

    Who will replace her? NSFT

    My sorry excuse for a MP, Twat Hancock, has thrown his hat into the ring for the Prime Minister’s job. I’m disappointed now that I didn’t recklessly and brutally assault him with an egg or a milkshake the last time I saw him in town. Would have been a great claim to fame.
  14. Captain Turdseye

    Who will replace her? NSFT

    Unedited? Pretty sure it cuts at least once there.