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  1. I hope so because I'd be shocked if my bummings in the showers meant I'm gay.
  2. Only with Lentil Soup.
  3. Di Caprio's accent and hamming up of the redneck idiot for one. The set looked pretty amateurish to me also. I think I'd have enjoyed a documentary on the subject matter more than a story built around it.
  4. The Dead Kennedys. JFK is in their name. Idlewild is also the former name of JFK airport and they are a band.
  5. I only managed about 45 minutes and that was enough.
  6. Stir Fry plus some left over noodles from chippy last night.
  7. Haha. UEFA have got a cob on with the PL,I bet. Can't say I'm disappointed myself.
  8. I didn't like that Killers of The Flower Moon myself. Never seen the Gilbert Grape one.
  9. I have persevered but struggling with the last episode at the moment. Half way through and its a chore.
  10. It also costs a fair bit whereas you can skip or squat or whatever in your yard or garden.
  11. I'd be terrified of being gunned down there.
  12. It seems you like him a lot. Him and your favourite Aussie lady,her name escapes me now. Incidentally,I saw about half an hour of Babylon which she starred in and thought it was dreadful. Not her particularly but the whole film was boring and chaotic.
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