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  1. You know you want another one. It must have been 24 hours since the last.
  2. Morocco 2 Argies 1 at present with 12 minutes left. Mascherano on Argie coaching staff,or maybe manager?
  3. I know where my Pole would land.
  4. What a waste my parents were being that they were 2 of 17 kids on both family sides. Bloody working classes!
  5. Airport interferences are a danger to all concerned,both protestors and flyers. Let not complete stupidity take over.(Been reading the Shakespeare thread.)
  6. At least that's funny at times.
  7. Sounds like a Tory party broadcast. Good for you in avoding your relegation fight in our race to the bottom. I personally would never be so bold as to speak for others in circumstances I don't know about. As for not being able to get benefits,that's because a lot of that money has gone to the wealthiest few through tax cuts and various other schemes they absolutely don't need. You are striking out at the wrong targets here.
  8. People have kids regardless and it's generally been the case that poorer families have more kids. There should be no stigma attached to this despite the tory media preaching the opposite,very much like a state controlled dictatorship.
  9. I'm not sure I like that kind of talk,even if it is based on truth. I couldn't see Klopp say that,in public at least.
  10. Sounds like you're developing an accent mate.
  11. The roof looks like some giant has rested their mobile phone on it.
  12. Thanks for reminding me how shitty UEFA have made an already shitty European Cup. I genuinely have little interest in that succession of unimportant games that will be played with the same teams ultimately getting through.
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