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  1. VladimirIlyich

    Rate the last TV Show you watched

    Or just set it in modern times rather than yet another period drama?
  2. VladimirIlyich

    Rate the last TV Show you watched

    Saw the first scene and thought 'Oh no! Not another drama where young actors get to dress up and pretend they were alive 50 years ago.'
  3. Five Star were miles better than Janet Jackson.
  4. VladimirIlyich

    Atalanta (H) Champions League - 25/11/20 - 20:00

    Matip has been sensational since his return but you just know its only a matter of time before he's injured again.
  5. I just think Janet Jackson is shit and got famous because of her brother's fame.
  6. Thanks for the endorsement. I've voted correctly here.
  7. Got to be honest and say that I haven't heard much,maybe anything from PJ Harvey but she's not Janet Jackson so gets my vote.
  8. I'd have voted for Maria Callas. Amy Winehouse was talented but I think she is overrated.
  9. VladimirIlyich

    How Do You Slice Your Toast/Bread?

    Which depraved fucker posted that?
  10. VladimirIlyich

    Living Remotely or Off Grid

    Looks like you still have that hangover judging by your spelling.
  11. VladimirIlyich

    Actors that put you off watching a film

    Vince Vaughn was good in Arkansas(now on Netflix) too.
  12. VladimirIlyich

    Rate the last film you watched...

    Yes,it definitely has echoes of Tarantino to it.
  13. If it was Blondie it would be Debbie Harry but she's hardly done anything solo.