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  1. Panama Lewis is a massive cunt.
  2. VladimirIlyich

    Women's World Cup

    Just seen them and I'm taking plenty of alone time too.
  3. VladimirIlyich

    Women's World Cup

    Pics or GTFO.
  4. VladimirIlyich

    Famous people who are probably sound

    If he was such a decent person he'd ask to be addressed as Mr rather than a popular pet name.
  5. VladimirIlyich

    Frode - you gone into politics mate?

    Don't fuck off Code.
  6. Saw some saloon car racing on the FreeSports channel on sky the other day which was very reminiscent of the Saturday afternoon Granstand slot where it was part on track and part off track,with loads of mud and a few obstacles. You know where the convert the centre of the track into off road type of thing? Old Escorts,Fiestas etc and was much more entertaining than most of the mainstream modern stuff.
  7. VladimirIlyich

    Half Masts

    I remember it mainly in kids who grew faster than their parents could afford to buy them new kecks. My mum was clever as she'd buy longer trousers and turn the hem upwards and sew or iron them that way until I grew and then let the hems down. Much cheaper on buying kecks.
  8. VladimirIlyich

    The Official Golf Thread

    Missed this CT as forgot I wrote it. My two lads are members at Frodsham Golf Club so I occasionally play there when I do play.
  9. VladimirIlyich

    Bad Tattoos....

    A cobra on your clit is also pretty scary,and not in a good way either.
  10. VladimirIlyich

    Sadio Mane

    I don't mind wingers who are dangerous but I'd prefer not to know that they also wear lingerie.
  11. VladimirIlyich

    Half Masts

    When I saw the thread title I was ready to advise Viagra.