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  1. VladimirIlyich

    Easter. How do you spend yours?

    Looks like you are regaling him with tales of Celery Bad Boy.
  2. VladimirIlyich

    Cardiff (A) Premier League 21/4/19

    Sounded right when I wrote it. Sought then.
  3. VladimirIlyich

    Cardiff (A) Premier League 21/4/19

    It still angers me to this day and I don't buy any excuses he peddles. He was always a man who seeked 'riches' and the limelight and I don't believe he's really changed despite how he shapes it.
  4. I think Keira Knightley is too lightweight.
  5. VladimirIlyich

    Club Football Kits - Top Fives

    Those Oxford players have got big Wangs.
  6. VladimirIlyich

    Jordan henderson: Captain

    Another impressive performance from the lad. Really seems fired up these days. Hope he gets the trophy or trophies he,the squad and the coaching staff deserve.
  7. VladimirIlyich

    Easter. How do you spend yours?

    Enjoying it now that a certain sporting event has finished on a positive note.
  8. VladimirIlyich

    Rate the last TV Show you watched

    Nice one for reminding me. I will have something to watch over next few days. Delhi Crime 7/10. Not too bad.
  9. VladimirIlyich

    Best British Sitcom Ever?

    Influential I guess.
  10. VladimirIlyich

    Historical pictures

    She was gorgeous but shunned the limelight and turned into a big unit since,I believe. I watched the film a few years back and it was amazing how normal most of the women were. Refreshing to be honest.
  11. VladimirIlyich

    Sri Lanka Bombings

    Its a very easy target and requires very little training. Its like an adult challenging an infant to a fist fight. Shameful.
  12. VladimirIlyich

    Best British Sitcom Ever?

    Was going to add this. Wasn't Shandling an earlier type of Seinfeld? I never watched Seinfeld and its been years since I watched the late Mr Shandling's shows but I get the feeling there were similarities or comparisons at least?
  13. VladimirIlyich

    Faith and Religion

    That Gavin Williamson twat looks the archetype tory cunt.
  14. VladimirIlyich

    Rate the last TV Show you watched

    Earth's Great Rivers 8/10. BBC Natural History department at its finest. Started with the Amazon,then the Nile and I'm currently halfway through the Mississippi episode. Why can't the beeb do everything as well as these!
  15. VladimirIlyich

    Best British Sitcom Ever?

    You'll be horrified to see the state on the Fonze and Richie Cunningham these days Tony.