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  1. VladimirIlyich

    Tory Liverpool fans

    I agree,but its how we treat each other in general which is the problem. If y ou vote tory then while you might care about the football team,they are often rich and right wing themselves,you are shitting on the people who allowed the club to become what it is now and that is the local population. I'm not saying that necessarily means voting Labour but it does mean not enabling people who are the antithesis of everything the city and area stands for. Without the Liddells,Morans and Fagans,there'd be no Salah,Firmino or Mane and so on.
  2. VladimirIlyich

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Every five minutes? You must have tendonitis by now.
  3. VladimirIlyich

    Tory Liverpool fans

    'Not really' doesnt just mean not. He could have said 'Not entirely' or 'Not wholly' but you know that anyway.
  4. She thinks that by signing our former number 1 she is getting one over on us. What she doesn't realise is that Karius is really number 2 in every sense of the word.
  5. VladimirIlyich

    Tory Liverpool fans

    If you vote tory you are voting for most of Merseyside and its surrounds to be fucked over in their daily life. Football is great,but its not more important than life itself,no matter what a certain gentleman said with a great deal of hyperbole many years ago. And if it makes any difference despite our football rivalries with the bloo idiots across the park I wouldnt want their families to suffer in their daily lives either. Fans for foodbanks is an association between our clubs and it wasnt any other government that created their need other than a tory one.
  6. The missing apostrophe and 'e' is doing my head in already.
  7. I heard it was because Tony's Ma was shoving the balls in the wrong pocket.
  8. Is this place still open? You are in breach of the curfew and licensing conditions.
  9. VladimirIlyich

    Have a rant thread

    My hair grows like wildfire but my stubble takes ages and just seems to stay at the same length of,not quite a beard but stubbly.
  10. VladimirIlyich

    Rate the last TV Show you watched

    I actually thought season 2 was better than the first.
  11. VladimirIlyich

    Have a rant thread

    The other alternative is to shave both sides very close and any patches will be barely noticeable. I use clippers and shave close at the sides and my hair grows so quickly you'd hardly notice a bald spot as it would disappear in a few days.
  12. Neither of these should be anywhere near this stage. Parks and Rec is better but still...
  13. VladimirIlyich


    How old is that photo? She plays the mum in that abomination of a series called The Middle and she never looks like that.