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  1. Croatia still have that grit about them and they know how to manage a tight lead. The top teams will beat them but they'll be a problem for the likes of England, Belgium and the Dutch.
  2. Croatia will still beat England.
  3. Imagine if actually does turn up dead in Greece now. I'm fucked and have to rely on you degenerates as character witnesses.
  4. Well they killed Jesus. Just sayin'.
  5. You two will literally argue about anything. Even cocks.
  6. I was thinking that. Definitely a dry spell for them. Still won a tournament despite this.
  7. Sounds like you've got some skin in the game.
  8. Get Micah Richards off our screens for the love of god.
  9. Got bored of this. Started Presumed Innocent instead with Jake Gyllenhaal. Very good after 2 episodes.
  10. Looking forward to the knockout games now. Well obviously, not the England one.
  11. It's brilliant. One of the best recentish Sci-Fi movies
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