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  1. Elite


    "I survived the Corona Virus and all I got was this lousy certificate,"
  2. Elite

    What are your favourite all time magazines?

    FHM used to be decent years ago and I used to like gaming magazines.
  3. Elite


    It was pretty fucking stupid decision.
  4. Elite

    Alcohol consumption during lockdown

    It's the last thing on my mind at the moment but I do look forward to a few beers once I've recovered.
  5. Just started watching Mad Men but am a bit undecided on it. Is it worth the investment?
  6. Elite


    I tested positive for the virus but am out of hospital now. Just feel light-headed as fuck due to the blood thinners. There wasn't many young people in hospital with the virus, I was only in there due to the blood clots in my lungs. The 'younger' people tended to be fat, conversely I saw very old people with the virus that appeared to be dealing with it okay, their main issues were the complete inability to care for themselves such as incontinence, feeding, etc but that's probably their general level of independence. Fortunately I did not get close to the ICU, so can't comment on the demographic in there. There appeared to be plenty PPE available for staff and enough beds but this is just the tip of the iceberg.
  7. Elite


    Thanks for the good will gestures. I also have a blood clot on each lung, which I'm on anti-coagelants for which was terrifying when they told me but they said it's very treatable and the Drs aren't concerned. In some ways the Covid could have saved me as I would never have known about the blood clots on my lungs and would have been a ticking time bomb. I'm a bit up and down but can't fault the hospital staff, they've been nothing but compassionate, attentive and professional. This infection is definitely no joke. I'm 33 and it's absolutely fucked me over. These idiots not following the guidelines don't realise the implications of what this can do to you, it's most certainly not just a bit of 'flu'.
  8. Elite


    I tend to get a temperature through the night but it eases with paracetamol.
  9. Elite


    It's a tough one mate. The chest pain appears to be a very common symptom, if things don't improve in the next few days I'll phone back, even quicker if it gets worse. As for you, stay well away.
  10. Elite


    The person I spoke to said I have all the symptoms of Covid but unless you are really struggling to breathe or symptoms don't improve after 7 days they just say to take paracetamol/rest and it should ease in its own. Not very reassuring I've got to be honest.
  11. Elite


    How long did they take to go mate?
  12. Elite


    My chest is a lot worse today, every deep breathe I feel a stabbing pain in the left side of my chest. I phoned 111 last night and they said it's a common symptom and it should pass.