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  1. Elite

    Kevin Spacey

    Weird little cunt.
  2. Elite

    Better Call Saul

    Howard really grew on me throughout the series. Really wasn't a bad bloke at all. One of my favourite characters.
  3. Elite


    They're gone. Get over it.
  4. CTU easily. The only thing right in there is the clock.
  5. Elite

    Jordan AKA Katie Price

    ITV 2 would no doubt do a fly on the wall documentary about her time in prison.
  6. Elite

    The Foodie thread

    Even those on Alone would turn their nose up at that.
  7. Elite

    Jordan AKA Katie Price

    She's just a horrible person. Putting her disabled son in the spotlight just so she can stay relevant. That Alex Reid (one of her countless exes) was on a podcast and he's had hell with her.
  8. Elite

    Boxing 2022

    DeGale is one of those blokes that's impossible to like.
  9. Elite

    Elden Ring

    Down I think. That's where you get the Blasphemous Blade, which is fucking immense.
  10. Elite


    Over halfway into season 1 now. I'm loving it but found Genny's transformation a bit too sudden and unrealistic. He's like a totally different character.
  11. Elite

    Diogo Jota

    He's a good player that's hit a bad run of form, I don't however think he'll be first choice for prolonged periods when everyone's fit but he's shown he can score plenty of goals and there's no way I'd sell him unless we got a ridiculous offer. Sell for £40m though, no fucking chance.
  12. Elite

    Diogo Jota

    Yes. He's not first choice, hence 'squad player' and a good one at that.
  13. Elite

    Jurgen Norbert Klopp

    Most English managers have about as much grasp of different languages as Uncle Albert.