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  1. Elite

    Philippe Coutinho

    Coutinho is dressed like a Mexican gang-banger and Bobby dressed like he's going to get gang-banged.
  2. Elite

    One change you'd make to improve town

    Banning Evertonians
  3. Blasted through seasons 2 and 3 of Billions after a few year hiatus. I'm really enjoying it now, well apart from John Malkovich doing the shittest Russian accent I've ever heard. Come to think of it, he's shit in everything I've seen him in. Taylors a good character and has definitely added another great dynamic to the show.
  4. Elite


    More chins than the Chinese yellow pages.
  5. Elite

    The world of a woman.

    She's probably been hiding under all the rubbish to be fair.
  6. We are probably part of a series of wonderful 'wild life' documentaries broadcast on some far flung planet narrated by the equivalent of David Attenborough, slight difference being he has 3 eyes, gills and a cock the size of Neil Armstrong's head.
  7. Elite

    The shitness of modern football

    That kit is fucking horrific. Looks like they are on an hen night.
  8. The Thai kids football team stuck in the cave
  9. Not so much a big event, more a series of molestations but a Purple Aki biopic would be genuinely ace.
  10. Elite

    LFC Draft Semi-final 2

    No2 and Ardja.
  11. Elite

    LFC Draft Semi-final 1

    Sugar Ape and Dim.
  12. Elite

    Pure Aki

    Hope someone got him this..
  13. Elite

    Pure Aki

    He must be mid 50's by now. Surely his voracious sexual appetite is on the decline now.
  14. Elite

    Boxing 2019

    Haha, cunt.
  15. If he isn't, it's ridiculously fucking stupid and cowardly.