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  1. Elite

    How hot is your house ?

    I have it on 30 but turn it off as soon as it warms the house up.
  2. Elite


    And another first round KO by the underdog. Mad card so far.
  3. Elite


    It was a strange KO that in real time, didn't really see what happened but saw Buckley KO'd on the floor.
  4. Elite


    Boom. Big upset there.
  5. Elite


    I expected his opponent to win as he had KO win against Michel Perreira, impressive victory that but he looked a bit over confident tonight.
  6. Elite


    Worked tonight but as he steps up in levels he'll need to conserve his energy better, was loading up on every shot.
  7. Elite


    Looking forward to Kattar V Holloway, big fan of Kattar.
  8. Elite


    Personhood? She must mean foreskin as she's a massive cock.
  9. I've watched the first two episodes of Hap and Leonard, decent start but the best part is Christina Hendricks, my god she's pure sex.
  10. Well mines easy. They call me 'Lethal Drizzle'.
  11. Reminds me of the time I walked into the wrong bra.
  12. Cheaper that durex and you can wrap your sandwiches in it for morning.
  13. Have any semblance of navigation skill. I could drive to the same place a million times using my sat nav and still get lost the time I don't use it. It takes me a lot of journeys to memorise routes and If I have a 50/50 chance of picking the corret turn, I always end up picking the wrong one. If I was in the military I'd have been wrongly shot for desertion, not for being a coward but for unwittingly ending up in the opposite direction of the action.