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  1. Elite

    Boxing 2018

    It's a ridiculous price, especially for such s poor undercard. ITV haven't promoted this very well and I can see it bombing. Shame as it's a great match up.
  2. Elite

    Rita Ora

    Which I'd happily drink.
  3. Elite

    Boxing 2018

    ITV Box office. I think I heard it will be 10pm UK time but don't quote me on that. Fucking Kalle selling his soul to the Arabs for some extra lemo money.
  4. Elite

    New site feedback

    How do I turn off notifications for specific threads, I keep getting emails for every post on the 'Other Football's thread?
  5. Elite

    Boxing 2018

    Yeah mate, will try and sort a meet near the time.
  6. Elite

    Boxing 2018

    Great stuff mate, possibly see you there.
  7. Elite

    Boxing 2018

    Tickets sorted for Usyk VS Bellew. I'll be ordering my Ukrainian flag...
  8. Elite

    Date thread

    Ha ha, you'll have some cracking shags but I'd definitely tighten up on your personal security
  9. Elite

    Boxing 2018

    Until last night I blamed them both for that shit show but I was wrong it's all down to the Okolie Octopus.
  10. Elite

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Jordan Pickitoutofthenet has never been more apt.
  11. There was also a segment where he was being asked about Zaha, wasn't Zaha bumming his daughter?
  12. He's just playing to the Manc and Bitter mobs. Not that he's held in any sort of regard by them anyway but he's a known delusional.
  13. Elite

    Draft by Age Range

    I'm a Ghost mate. Secret Forum Service.
  14. Elite

    Draft by Age Range

    Dynamites you've missed my pick off. Gareth Bale, I updated thread just before you! We post far too close!