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  1. Any stats on bread related ones?
  2. Elite

    The world of a woman.

    You're a proper peculiar bloke. Take it as a compliment as I mean it as one. Eating M&M's with a spoon, having 3 hour showers, etc. Keep it up. Ace.
  3. Elite

    Go fuck yourselves FSG

    This buying players thing looks like so much fun. Maybe we'll do it one day.
  4. I'm not a fan of that 'heart' hand gesture that a lot of athletes have started doing. Not sure why, just looks insincere and annoying.
  5. Elite

    Lesser-known, older or unappreciated kids movies

    Can't beat a good bluey.
  6. Elite

    The GF book thread

    I think that contributed massively to your experience as you can relate to it a lot more, I found all the descriptions of cathedrals, etc to be incredibly boring. What was John Connolly like in person? He's one hell of an author that's for sure.
  7. Elite

    Tokyo Olympics 2020 (21)

    To get to the highest level in gymnastics you obviously need to be extremely talented and very strong mentally as even at low level the gymnastics coaching set-ups are very strict and expect perfection (Which is required to win anything). My daughter did it for a few years (only for fun) but even the coaches at small club level act like the Gestapo. I wouldn't like to think how the communist countries treat their athletes.
  8. Elite

    The GF book thread

    I really enjoyed the Dirty South, I was a bit worried the series might start to dip after the very disappointing A Book Of Bones.
  9. Elite

    Google Maps Co-Ordinates

    Do you ever listen to Shaun Attwoods podcast, he has a lot of guests that have been in Thai, Japanese, other prisons. Absolutely terrifying.
  10. Elite

    Lesser-known, older or unappreciated kids movies

    The new ones shite as well but entertaining.
  11. Elite

    Lesser-known, older or unappreciated kids movies

    Space Jam 2 was much better than I expected. It got absolutely panned as well on the review sites
  12. Elite

    Cyberpunk 2077

    I wrote this shit off months ago. Cyberwank.
  13. Elite

    Next Tournament Ideas

    I like the painting idea. I'm not much of an art buff but did watch nearly every episode of Art Attack so deffo know my shit.
  14. Elite

    Next Tournament Ideas

    Favourite sexual position. I'm going for reverse cowboy.
  15. Elite

    The TLW Greatest Film Of All Time - Final

    People looked at me differently and they knew I was with somebody. At thirteen, I was making more money than most of the grown-ups in the neighborhood. I mean, I had more money than I could spend. I had it all. One day the kids from the neighborhood carried my mother's groceries all the way home. You know why? It was because I wasn't a Star Wars virgin.