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  1. I've not watched any of it but it sounds like a complete disaster of a show
  2. Elite

    The Mandalorian

    Twice a day if I'm being adventurous.
  3. Elite

    The Mandalorian

    Do you have to be into Star Wars? I'm not. At all. Although I did enjoy Solo.
  4. Elite

    Winners Medal Draft

    Stig Elite
  5. Elite

    Sterling / Gomez - 'clash'

    Gomez should press charges.
  6. Elite

    Rivalries Draft - The Final

    I voted for him, so obviously I'm giving him credit. This has been a great draft, I've much preferred this one than digging around for shit players at obscure clubs.
  7. Elite

    Colin Wanker - bitter hypocrite

    He's the type of bloke to tell you off for knocking on his door on Halloween.
  8. Elite

    Sterling / Gomez - 'clash'

    It's true to a point, I'm from a council estate and the culture is to not show any weakness etc (it's all bollocks really but you can understand it) It's a moot point anyway, in my experience the biggest cunts are from middle class/upper class backgrounds. Class doesn't define cunts, being a cunt defines being a cunt. But he is a cunt.
  9. Elite

    Rivalries Draft - The Final

    I've heard some serious allegations about Dynamite illegally tapping up players, can we expell him from the draft and close it immediately.
  10. Elite

    Sterling / Gomez - 'clash'

    He's always been a little cunt. I've never been fooled by the media narrative of him being a nice lad. He's very lucky he's in the massive footballing bubble as if he acted like this in real life he'd have been filled in a few times by now and would maybe have learnt his lesson. Don't act like the hardest man in the room unless you know for certain you are and Raheem you most certainly aren't.
  11. Elite

    The shitness of modern football

    He could definitely be a horror character. Armistice Man, goes around killing people who don't wear poppy's.
  12. Keep pushing his buttons Joe.
  13. Elite

    Colin Wanker - bitter hypocrite

    Is he doing some weird Liam Gallagher/Kalle Sauerland hybrid impression?
  14. Elite

    Katy Perry

    I'm pretty sure I could replicate that volume of plaster with spunk.