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  1. It looks now that the consensus way forward is to finish the current season at all costs, and perhaps the uncertainty of whether it would be possible to complete a full 20/21 has concentrated minds; even if Covid-19 wanes over the summer, a winter resurgence doesn't seem unlikely, so planning a smaller scale 20/21 would be prudent. As far as the Premier League goes, even a half-length season could probably be hashed out with the Sky, BT et al as long as the restriction on Saturday 3pm is temporarily lifted in order to let them fill their quotas.
  2. Eddie Howe of relegation haunted Bournemouth has taken a pay-cut and offered his take on what should happen to the season.
  3. Interesting to read in the Independent today that the top half of the table remain determined if not desperate to finish, while the dissenters are in the bottom half. My belief is that there’s almost zero chance of a void when Liverpool and Manchester United are against it. Liverpool, Manchester United, Chelsea, Tottenham and Arsenal make it a complete impossibility. Even if 12 teams wanted to void, it just wouldn’t be put to a vote as long as the clubs that actually contribute to the league in a tangible financial way are against it. Too much leverage from great clubs who could break away and create a competition that effectively kills the PL as a saleable asset.
  4. The league is already 75% done and all relevant players and staff are already in the country. The others would involve flying a lot of people around. Yet I think a July / even early August start is more realistic for European football, with the next campaign starting in October. I can’t see anywhere being ready to host thousands of fans for months, and I can’t see a new season opening up behind closed doors. It’s different to finishing the existing one.
  5. Article in the Sunday Times says that getting to 29 games is a plan they’re looking at in lieu of completion.
  6. Also, and this might be because I’m feeling a bit peaky today and am hoping it’s the lack of sleep rather than my position as a key worker having exposed me to the virus, if we get denied the title it proves - to me at least- that Twin Peaks was actually an allegory for our title hunt, with our long exile in football’s equivalent of the Black Lodge ending in improbable failure after an heroic fucking return. We’re football’s Dale Cooper and we live inside a dream.
  7. I still can’t get over this notion that these very British morons seem to have that next season just starts with packed stadiums and a national clean bill of health. It’s as though Liverpool being robbed of the title by what would be an incontrovertibly corrupt league wipes Coronavirus away like a giant, sporting Dettol.
  8. Yep. It also would render every season until we win it again essentially meaningless and utterly tainted.
  9. The Sunday Times today said that the goalposts might be shifted to getting each team to 29 games and calling it a day. Two games would need to be completed - Man City vs Arsenal and Aston Villa vs Sheffield United. Harsh on some, but much fairer than voiding the season; there will doubtless be lawsuits regardless, but it’s a better damage limitation exercise than going nuclear.
  10. Assuming the rumours of the PL hammering out a deal with the government are correct, I still believe it’ll be done in some form behind closed doors across the summer, perhaps finishing as late as September. The only question is when and where; I suspect the concept of home and away games will be out of the window for an extended period of time, and I think it’s clear that all existing timetables are out of the window, contracts and kit deals be damned. If fans and travel are involved, the next season would almost certainly have to start in October with the strong possibility of having to revert to closed doors play next winter, so completing this season would be a good way to iron out as many kinks as possible.
  11. I suspect that the broadcasters would bite on that, although you'd have to move a lot more games away from 15:00 Saturday to ensure they get to show their full allocation. Not convinced Sky et al would particularly want to move back from that format afterwards; Super Sundays, Mega Mondays and Turbo Tuesdays coming out of their ears. I'd take it as a means to an end for this season's title though.
  12. Well, fuck off the pre-season tours. Both domestic cups can be used exclusively for U23s, non international friendlies etc. Done. Our league starts much earlier than many in Europe as it is.
  13. An important fucking bit was buried deeper in the article (at least in the case of the BBC), probably because it diminishes the sensational headline: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/52079717 "There is also the possibility of starting again at the beginning of the next [season], starting the following one later. We will see the best solution for leagues and clubs."
  14. TheDrowningMan

    Tory Liverpool fans

    I'll resent the fucking Tories even more if we don't get awarded the title, given their government's initial inaction, appalling policy and (continued) failure to follow expert advice is seeing this crisis worsen.
  15. Karius for a vote in favour of us being given the title in the event of the season being cancelled.