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  1. Jurgens Red Army

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    I’ve got asthma and use salbutamol how come I’m shit at footy.
  2. Jurgens Red Army

    FA Cup draw

    4165 for me and my lad so no chance only got the semi in the ballot missed out on the 2 finals
  3. Jurgens Red Army

    Liverpool 4 Manchester United 0 (Apr 20 2022)

    Sorry for your loss Dave YNWA
  4. Jurgens Red Army

    FA Cup draw

    No he didn’t qualify for it at the start of the season, so had to get his tickets each round.
  5. Jurgens Red Army

    FA Cup draw

    I’m a season ticket holder in the ACS and my son has a members card so the semi and finals if we are successful are the only game we can sit together.
  6. Jurgens Red Army

    Featured: That was the Week that Was (Jan 31 - Feb 4 2022)

    Great Shania Twain analysis Dave
  7. Jurgens Red Army

    How do you get match tickets?

    Season ticket holder since 1988. Went the last game of 1987-88 season against Luton and they were handing out forms at the turnstile, decided to get one and had it ever since.
  8. Jurgens Red Army

    Hillsborough memorial theft.

    https://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/news/liverpool-news/police-respond-after-report-suspicious-22455582.amp looks like nothing was taken
  9. Jurgens Red Army

    The GF's All Time TV Theme Tune - Round 1 Shootouts

    Miami vice captain pugwash inspector gadget banana splits
  10. Jurgens Red Army

    Manchester United 0 Liverpool 5 (Oct 24 2021)

    Great report as always Dave.
  11. Jurgens Red Army

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Must be photoshopped no proper blue would have a red handle on his sword
  12. Jurgens Red Army

    Mohamed Salah

    Don’t know it it’s genuine
  13. Jurgens Red Army

    Farage man of the people my arse

    The petrol stations probably did have fuel they just didn’t want to sell it to him because he’s a cunt.