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  1. The atmosphere was something else, particularly for the first 4-3 match. The second one was great too but had a different feel of course cos we we're 3-0 up, Kenny was taking a bit of stick, then James fucked it up, it was a bit sour. Thank god for God. But yeah the first one was electric, end to end, pulsating, thrilling, fantastic. I was fortunate to be there, as I'm sure many of us here were.
  2. I'd guess they're making plans to play behind closed doors but not ready to announce it yet as it feels a bit inappropriate right now, and it's far too soon to even think about starting. Plus I'm sure they'd rather play with some fans there so they're hoping spring will see a change to the virility of the virus and they might then be able to entertain the idea of having supporters attend at some point. That seems a long way off right now though.
  3. Moo

    Your favourite bands of the 1980s

    The Bangles version of Hazy Shade of Winter is one of the greatest cover versions ever.
  4. I've given up towards the end of the first episode series two. I can see already that Frank is really good, and Dennis and De are decent, but the whole thing is rendered completely unwatchable because of Charlie and, to a lesser extent, Mac. Two dreadful characters, the acting from them is like amateur hour, and actually the whole thing is very one dimensional. Not for me.
  5. This I'm discovering. Switched off series 1 after three episodes, now on the first episode of the second series. If League of Gentlemen didn't qualify as a sitcom in the UK poll I don't think this should either.
  6. Moo

    The Foodie thread

    Is that good or bad?
  7. Moo


    I can't believe what I'm reading. I said yesterday about the UK Government and this virus being a cull, but the content of that tweet goes beyond a cull. I don't even know what you'd call it? State sponsored [insert appropriate word]?
  8. If I don't watch the first series won't that mean I'll be missing out on getting to know the characters? I felt, from the small amount I watched, that it was ones of those shows where you had to know the character in order for the situation to be funny.
  9. Moo


    Gtec designed and manufactured (or started manufacturing) thousands of "rudimentary" ventilators at the request of the UK Government, I saw a clip on the telly saying they could potentially make up to 1000 a day. Next thing you know Dyson is name dropped and the Gtec instruction is cancelled by the government. That was around a week ago.
  10. Moo


    Maybe. But with their new voter base thanks to Brexit, gerrymandering and the possible loss of Scotland in the near future they've rarely been in a stronger position.
  11. Moo


    I think it's deliberate tactics, certainly in the case of the UK. I don't think even Johnson and his cronies are so stupid or arrogant to have seen what's gone on overseas and thought it couldn't happen here. They want large numbers dead. They want a cull of the "weak" and the vulnerable.
  12. I think I Love Lucy still has the funniest single scene ever, where she's coming down the stairs in the headdress, proper creases me that does. It's bleedin gone off YouTube now, bastards.
  13. Me, but if it beats Frasier I'll give it a proper go.
  14. Moo


    Horrifying to think we could overtake the highest numbers of deaths in Italy (and Spain? ) before the week is out. I was expecting it to happen but not until the end of next week. Hope to fuck it levels out soon.
  15. As a direct result of this thread I thought I'd watch some clips on YouTube and it looks the type that if you get to know the characters it might be okay, it doesn't look terrible. But it does look a bit shouty and a bit juvenile, not really my thing. Might give it a proper go at some point.