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  1. Moo

    Mohamed Salah

    It could mean anything, it could mean nothing. What else was he supposed to say today when asked the question? No point in inviting distractions.
  2. Moo

    Boris Johnson

    For whatever reason it's undeniable that he's gifted in popularity contests (until recently, maybe still?), but how anyone can claim he's gifted as a politician is a piss take, he's one of the worst politicians imaginable. Destructive, divisive, damaging.
  3. Too late, I've made a start. You're currently ranting about Richarlison.
  4. I'm actually alright with what went down on Sunday, totally totally expected City to come back and win when it was 2-0 to Villa. So although there's a sense of "if only", at no point did I particularly get my hopes up. But, City's cheating repeatedly denying us league titles is really starting to piss me off but only when I stop and think about it, so if I listen to this podcast am I likely to go from a place of relative calm to enraged?
  5. Moo


    Anyone who disagrees with the parade if we don't win the CL has no right to criticise Klopp, or any Liverpool manager, for fielding weakened teams in the domestic cups.
  6. The new stadium thing is just an attempted dick swing by their owners as a result of their fans crying about literally everything they do (or don't) purely because of how far behind they've fallen on the pitch. So a small part of the roof had a bit of a leak and was patched up? *screams in Manc* eeee they're neglecting the club, Old Trafford is going to ruin get'um out. They're pathetic.
  7. Moo

    PODCAST: FA Cup Final Match Reaction

    Really enjoyed this. Sound levels miles better recently as well. Nice one fellas. p.s. who's singing at the end?
  8. Moo

    Rate your local chippy

    That's going to give me nightmares.
  9. And will eventually lead to job losses in the supply chain. Yay for [very] short term and limited benefits.
  10. Moo

    Man City - the new bitters?

    No chance they'll sign Pogba. For all the shithousery and cheating at that club, laziness is one thing you can't accuse City's players of.
  11. Moo

    Edinburgh, Glasgow

    Got something. Thanks everyone. Moo
  12. Moo

    Edinburgh, Glasgow

    Thanks for the suggestions everyone.