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  1. I think I'd take it, become part of Scotland (I'd happily do this anyway to get away from Tory England) I'd even bring the Mancs, Leeds, and Newcastle along for the ride.
  2. Moo

    Naby Keita

    I'm wondering if he might be able to do a good job in the front 3 when it needs changing round, particularly in the deeper Firmino position. It's got to be worth a go if he can't do the correct job in midfield. Not ready to write him off yet though.
  3. Moo

    Should Corbyn remain as Labour leader?

    Without wanting to specifically comment on people's intellect (I know some Brexiteers especially are touchy about that) or their willful ignorance, or their partisanship, the criticism of Corbyn's Brexit stance says more about his critics than it does about him. Edit: But unfortunately that's the times we live in.
  4. Moo

    Should Corbyn remain as Labour leader?

    Clearly is was distasteful, I'm sure many on here would have said so at the time, but it was simply a play on words and not a threat of violence which is what you appeared to be suggesting and what people objected to. You were wrong, you don't need to flog a dead horse (sorry horses of the world) about the saying being in poor taste especially when used against a supposed ally.
  5. Moo

    Arndale Stabbings

    The place is a bleedin' dump, especially on Friday and Saturday nights, it should be permanently evacuated.
  6. Rogers, the thick twat, has just said he's not sure if the penalty was "clear and obvious". Think he's getting a bit mixed up there.
  7. The Lib Dems were never as bothered about Brexit as they've made out, their tubthumping was mostly about positioning themselves for a General Election. Been there, done that - never again.
  8. Moo

    VAR shit show 19/20

    I think one of the reasons VAR seems to have made things worse is that people, commentators etc are still applying old logic like "seen em given". There's no way that was a penalty last night yet the fact there's commentators and panelists out there saying "I'm not sure" or "seen em given" legitimises the decisions and that it wasn't a clear and obvious error. The point is we now have VAR so the old justifications shouldn't apply. I accept that there will still be differences of opinion in some cases but that last night couldn't be clearer.
  9. Moo

    Lib Dems

    She's a duplicitous gobshite. Only interested in positioning the LibDems for a General Election, Brexit is very much secondary, surely that's as clear as day to everyone by now. Hopefully all those who said "never again" continue to see through the lies.
  10. Apart from the manager and the players I rarely take the club's side, however in this case it's clear from Fekir's own comments that he has no ill will towards LFC, quite the opposite, and that it was the people behind him that were the problem.
  11. I have a lot of time for Burnham for obvious reasons, and I know someone who used to work with him and loved him, he sounds like a really good fella. But he's been useless as Mayor of Manchester. He goes completely under the radar and when he does speak he's usually complaining that someone else is stopping him from making progress. That might be true but have a look at his record on public tansport/traffic in Manchester, it was one of his priorities, probably his biggest priority. He seems to just be sitting on his hands instead of making things happen.
  12. Really, that illustrates exactly why there should not be a general election at this time. There needs to be another referendum, this time legally operated and legally binding, non-binary and with realistic options. If no one has changed their mind then Leavers will have nothing to fear.
  13. And as it's amendable parliament can add lots of conditions so it's not a route Johnson would have wanted to use, apparently.
  14. Rubbish. There will be Tory voters who don't want a No Deal who wouldn't dream of voting for Corbyn and hate the idea more than they hate a No Deal. Lesser of the two evils is not a mandate.
  15. Odd suggestion. Why advocate asking a different question now to the one that was asked 3 years ago via a general election rather than another referendum? You must know that's nonsense.