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  1. Welsh


    Diaz/Gastelum for me.
  2. Welsh

    Boxing 2019

    5 rounds? Judges absolutely ruin fights.
  3. Welsh

    Boxing 2019

    Taylor for me but the amount of punches he threw after the bell went was bad.
  4. Welsh

    Boxing 2019

    Price is a shite boxer, always has been. Embarrassing.
  5. Welsh


    100%. Askren is great at selling fights because everyone wants to watch him get beat but when it comes to stepping in the ring he is a deer in headlights.
  6. Welsh


    Maia is something else when it comes to submissions, wow.
  7. Welsh


    I did feel Johnson lost that fight. That last round was domination.
  8. Welsh


    Sorry, my post was confusing. yes USADA hand out the suspensions but for Nate to have been found to have whatever "illegal" substance in his body and for UFC to then say keep it quiet to Nate just so he can fight shows that UFC keep who they want and ban who they want. Nick Diaz was a nightmare for them years ago and he was treated awfully by UFC because they couldn't control him and that was a good way of them getting rid of him. Nick Diaz was banned for smoking marijuana ffs.
  9. Welsh


    Yeah, the UFC isn't as good as it once was for me. I still enjoy it but it's going too staged for my liking and they ban who they want to ban and keep who they want to keep. If Diaz didn't have as much of a fan base as he does these days they would've banned him for this but they wanted him to keep quiet and continue with the fight? So much bullshit.
  10. Taylor Swift is disgusting and has no figure whatsoever! Give me Demi any day of the week.
  11. Welsh

    Breaking Bad Thread

    It was boring! Really let down by this.
  12. Welsh


    I hated him as a fighter, he was a first class bellend but as a commentator he is brilliant.
  13. Welsh


    Remember him speaking about it last year on Joe Rogan's podcast. Fair play to him for winning a title with one eye!
  14. Welsh

    Thomas Cook on the verge of collapse

    I've got a holiday booked with them for June next year so will be interesting to see how this pans out! If anyone is au fait with this, will I be reimbursed what I've paid in so far as I've not paid the lot off and will my booking with the hotel be void? Thanks.