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  1. Welsh

    New HBO Series: Game of Thrones

    Thought it was pretty bland even by the GOT first episodes in the past. Already been mentioned but some of the scenes were just embarrassing and the whole elephant thing was cringey. Can't wait for it to pick up now and surely there's no room for anymore episodes like this one.
  2. Welsh


    What's Conor done to deserve a rematch though Boss? Done fuck all in how many years, never defended the belt but gets an immediate rematch? Fuck that. Khabib vs Ferguson would be a dream but won't happen unfortunately but Poirier or Gaethje deserves it more than Conor. It's all too personal anyway, the buildup would be awful from a security point of view. Conor is mentally messed up and Khabib is Russian!
  3. Welsh


    Never took to Wonderboy for some reason, plus his Dad is a proper bellend.
  4. Welsh


    Made up Till got knocked out. I don't care if he's a red, he's a massive bellend. Masvidal as always been a great fighter / man. Love how he stays true to himself and doesn't falsify beef / hatred just to sell fights. His recent interview where he said how he hated how the UFC is turning into WWE is spot on.
  5. Welsh


    Of course they had to delay it, just look at what the card is left with. Absolute shambles.
  6. Welsh


    Bar the Whittaker / Adesanya fights the undercard is embarrassing. It's just a bunch of no marks not even in the top 10 of their division.
  7. Welsh


    Pretty embarrassing by Paulie there. What did everyone think of the stoppage over the weekend? I can't stand Dillashaw but thought the stoppage was a bit sudden but I can see why the ref maybe stopped it as it looked like Dillashaw would've ate alot more punches had he not stopped it.
  8. Welsh


    Wow Nunes take a bow! I gave her no chance in this fight but that was seriously impressive. Couldn't give a fuck about Jones and I'm gutted he's won again.
  9. Welsh


    Wow, what a fight and what a performance.
  10. Welsh


    I'm going for Ortega as well.
  11. Welsh


    A few people are saying it was a suicide attempt but noone other than Matt knows exactly what he was doing.
  12. Welsh


    Anyone seen just how bad Matt Hughes is after the train accident? It's so awful!!
  13. Welsh


    I didn't say you did lad. You quoted my post for some reason. Moof and Aventus are the body language experts on here saying they could see fear because Khabib had "blue lips" and was biting his lip. With all due respect to Moof, he was talking about a video being posted but he was adamant he could see it in Khabib's body language as well. Embarrassing.
  14. Welsh


  15. Welsh


    He had blue lips and he was biting his lip at the face off, it's a sure sign he couldn't win a fight because he has so much fear.