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  1. Welsh


    I don't agree with that. Masvidal would still be training to fight Usman for this very reason (That he gets called in last minute) Whereas Usman has been training to fight Burns and Burns alone. Of course not much will change as Usman has a game plan and only needs to tweak it slightly but his whole vision has been to fight Burns. Even in the rematch, I think Usman beats Masvidal - Usman beats anybody in this division.
  2. Welsh


    Usman still beats Masvidal on a weeks notice.
  3. Welsh


    That Cody knockout just before the buzzer was insane!
  4. Welsh


    Not got round to watching it yet but I agree, he is definitely finished. He's too caught up in his rap career and has lost interest. DJ was the same though, glad he went to One Championship to kick start his career again.
  5. Welsh


    Wouldn't surprise me. Probably why he's so keen in facing Ngannou as soon as possible haha! Jon Jones would beat Ngannou though I think. One of the smartest fighters around and Ngannou couldn't just throw haymakers like he did against Blaydes.
  6. Welsh


    I wonder if USADA are as strict as they usually are during this pandemic? Remember seeing this and thinking Uriah Hall was going to be one of the best fighters in the UFC in years to come. So disappointed haha.
  7. Welsh


    Harris just gassed out but I understand why he went hell for leather for the finish. Fair play to the ref for not stopping that fight when Reem was rocked!
  8. Welsh


    Yeah be nice to see the English come round here again. I miss speaking Welsh.
  9. Welsh


    I think Poirier is right when he says Gaethje beats both Ferguson and Khabib but once Khabib gets you down the once it's gameover. I hope Cejudo has retired but I very much doubt he has. Hopefully we never have to see the king of cringe ever again.
  10. Welsh


    I didn't even think of that tbh! I've sort of given up any hope of ever seeing that fight haha.
  11. Welsh


    Really looking forward to this. I hope Gaethje beats Ferguson but can't see it happening.
  12. Welsh


    Not holding my breath but that card is unreal! Cerrone main eventing a card the other month only to main event the prelims now is crazy haha
  13. Welsh

    THE Sopranos thread

    Loads of Videos from Chris and Bobby discussing the series. Something to pass the time - There's more episodes on youtube.
  14. Welsh

    HBO NOW & HBO GO - Free to stream (VPN required)

    Hassle? The VPN I'm using is just added to my chrome and let's me select the location I want to appear as coming from, hardly hassle. Thanks anyway.
  15. Welsh

    HBO NOW & HBO GO - Free to stream (VPN required)

    Anyone know any decent VPN's for free? The one I have always used only gives me a free 50min trial!