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  1. Welsh

    HBO NOW & HBO GO - Free to stream (VPN required)

    Hassle? The VPN I'm using is just added to my chrome and let's me select the location I want to appear as coming from, hardly hassle. Thanks anyway.
  2. Welsh

    HBO NOW & HBO GO - Free to stream (VPN required)

    Anyone know any decent VPN's for free? The one I have always used only gives me a free 50min trial!
  3. Welsh


    I despise Joanna but fair play she is a proper warrior, glad she lost though. Romero is an embarrassment and how the crowd fell for his bollocks is laughable!
  4. Welsh


    Great fighter but God do I hate Tony Ferguson! Such a cringey person. Hoping Yoel beats Izzy tonight!
  5. Welsh

    Ignore Lists...

    LFD is the only one on mine but I had to contact Dave as the ignore function didn't work and I was still seeing his irritating posts...
  6. Welsh

    Boxing 2020

    I don't see where he licked his blood? The commentator was going mad about it but Fury always sticks his tongue out during fights? I didn't see where his tongue touched Wilder.
  7. Welsh

    Boxing 2020

    Joshua would get demolished by either of these.
  8. Welsh

    Boxing 2020

    What a performance
  9. Welsh

    Boxing 2020

    Could've had an extra 6 hours in bed. Get in the ring ffs!!
  10. Welsh


    Last year it apparently was and definitely looks like him. She's a horror haha.
  11. Welsh


    Reyes beat Jones. He had Round 1,2 & 3. Jones lost to Gustafsson the first time around as well but got through on the judges scorecards ffs.
  12. Welsh

    Holly Willoughby

    Probably just pretending so Holly feels comfortable getting dressed in front of him. Well played sir, you sly dog.
  13. Welsh


    Yeah that's how it works. Not the best of odds Lee but hopefully that'll increase once the UFC embedded comes into play and people start thinking about that fight.
  14. Welsh


    The hype around Masvidal means I might be able to get very good odds on Usman. Going to be a dominant performance from Usman no doubt.
  15. Welsh

    Kelly Brook has ace nipples

    She's not built at all currently? She's got a great figure!