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  1. Welsh


    Last year it apparently was and definitely looks like him. She's a horror haha.
  2. Welsh


    Reyes beat Jones. He had Round 1,2 & 3. Jones lost to Gustafsson the first time around as well but got through on the judges scorecards ffs.
  3. Welsh

    Holly Willoughby

    Probably just pretending so Holly feels comfortable getting dressed in front of him. Well played sir, you sly dog.
  4. Welsh


    Yeah that's how it works. Not the best of odds Lee but hopefully that'll increase once the UFC embedded comes into play and people start thinking about that fight.
  5. Welsh


    The hype around Masvidal means I might be able to get very good odds on Usman. Going to be a dominant performance from Usman no doubt.
  6. Welsh

    Kelly Brook has ace nipples

    She's not built at all currently? She's got a great figure!
  7. Welsh


    I'm not knocking McGregor's fighting skills but the fact is, Usman is superior in everything but striking and even then Usman has shown he can take a punch and also dish it out. Usman is a superior fighter as you would expect being the heavier and more experienced of the two.
  8. Welsh


    Cerrone is an average fighter. I like him and I mean no disrespect as he's been a great entertainer for the sport but he offered no threat to McGregor and it was the perfect match up to set up for Conor to get his fans back to believing he's arrived again. Masvidal is a street fighter who has taken bare knuckle punches throughout his life so he could take McGregors punches better than majority and he's just too smart in a slug fest. Usman beats anyone in that division.
  9. Welsh


    Cheers mate, just watched now. Embarrassing but not a shock. I like Cerrone but he isn't an elite fighter. Jorge dominates McGregor as does Usman.
  10. Welsh


    Anyone know where I can just watch this tomorrow morning when I wake without spoilers? I've got a few mma blog sites but I know as soon as I click on them they'll post the results!
  11. Welsh


    McGregor seems alot more chilled these days. Watched a few of his interviews and the embedded episodes. Let's see how long it lasts.
  12. Welsh


    What did you make of the stoppage last week Lee? Did you agree with it?
  13. Welsh


    And it's over haha. Korean Zombie wins VIA TKO! Edgar needs to retire now.
  14. Welsh


    Edgar vs Korean Zombie is on now if anyone is watching.