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  1. Welsh

    Breaking Bad Thread

    It was boring! Really let down by this.
  2. Welsh


    I hated him as a fighter, he was a first class bellend but as a commentator he is brilliant.
  3. Welsh


    Remember him speaking about it last year on Joe Rogan's podcast. Fair play to him for winning a title with one eye!
  4. Welsh

    Thomas Cook on the verge of collapse

    I've got a holiday booked with them for June next year so will be interesting to see how this pans out! If anyone is au fait with this, will I be reimbursed what I've paid in so far as I've not paid the lot off and will my booking with the hotel be void? Thanks.
  5. Welsh


    I hope we never see Conor in the sport again. I hate the fanbase he has brought! I think it's definitely the fight UFC want to happen though as DC was pushing for it in the interview and I think it's something the UFC has told Cromier to do to kick start it. Hard not to like Ceronne. It was the right call by the ref and if anything, he stopped it too late anyway.
  6. Welsh


    I love how Khabib embraced Dana at the end. That'll be a killer for Conor's go. Time is moving on from Conor and he is becoming more and more irrelevant.
  7. Welsh


    Nate Diaz talking in the press conference after was class as well. Said he didn't know who Colby was and when he was asked if fatherhood has changed his style his reply was "He's been a father to these fighters for a long time" or along that line.
  8. Welsh


    What a great card that was. I had Costa winning that fight against Romero and I'm actually surprised at the level of hate/shock at that decision.
  9. Welsh


    I agree. Say what you want about that bellend but Colby is a very intelligent fighter.
  10. Welsh


    Usman beats Colby I think. His sheer size and power beats him but it'll be a close (Boring) fight
  11. Welsh


    Just watched the card on the internet. I had Santos winning round 1,2 & 5 against Jones so felt he should've won the fight but it was close and Jones is ALWAYS getting the judges decisions. Masvidal though.....Wow!!! What a knockout.
  12. Welsh


    Yes mate, £20! I was made up when Eleven sports failed to get a hold of the UFC purely on the basis that it would stay on BT and I could record it but BT are doing something even worse than Eleven Sports and making big events PPV ffs. I hope many refuse to pay this and BT think twice about doing this in the future.
  13. Welsh


    No doubt about it, he is class but my God what a muppet he is haha. Can't believe BT are making it a PPV for the next main event ffs!
  14. Welsh


    Cejudo is next level cringe. Makes me wish TJ beat him and that's saying something!