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  1. Welsh

    BT Sport.... Fucking rip off.

    I had DAZN for a few months at £1.99 but since Hearn moved to them they bumped the prices up to £7.99 so I cancelled it. BT is already expensive so can imagine it being ridiculous if DAZN buy them.
  2. Welsh


    Yeah was crazy that. Loved his attitude to it though haha.
  3. Welsh


    I like Paddy, never saw him in Cage warrior but have followed him for some time on social media. There is no chance he competes with the top lightweights though, the difference in class from what I saw Saturday is crazy. Till should be thankful he never fought Vetorri a while back as well because he would've been dominated just the same way. Even if he is crazy enough to go down a weight class again (Which he definitely shouldn't do after last time) there's no way he beats Usman. Jack Shore was so good again, hopefully he fights a more proven fighter in his next fight to see just how good he is/can be.
  4. Welsh


    So glad Lewis lost. I don't get the hype around that guy and his interviews aren't funny like everyone seems to think they are. Luque is brilliant and you are right Elite. Can't see him beating Usman though.
  5. Welsh


    I don't watch Bellator tbh but I would find it difficult to class anyone in that organisation as better than a UFC fighter. Could be massively wrong and the argument people tend to throw out is Chandler but Chandler lost against Oliveira and only has Hooker (#8 ranked) on his resume so it's hardly a good enough argument (I can't wait to see Gaethje vs Chandler, that is going to be wild) I would like to see a cross organisation bout though instead of the best fighter from Bellator/One FC always having to join UFC to prove their credentials. It would be nice for other organisations to build on the best and get fighters wanting to join them more and see Bellator/One FC grow to really compete against UFC.
  6. Welsh

    Bitcoin and other Crypto...

    Haha, how crazy has it been the last few weeks/months!!
  7. Welsh

    Bitcoin and other Crypto...

    A massive increase in the last couple of days! I saw it at 29k and wanted to put more money in but decided to not put any more into bitcoin for a few months. This is why I will never be rich haha
  8. Welsh


    Yeah was a class fight. I had it Sandhagen 3-2 but could've gone either way. Fuck Dillashaw though.
  9. Welsh


    Also, just a message to say Fuck Herb Dean. How he stopped the O'Malley/Moutinho fight with 30seconds to go is complete bullshit considering how much damage had gone on previously....Let Moutinho finish the fight. Plus, how he didn't stop the Poirier/McGregor at the end when he had stopped the Moutinho fight is crazy!! Moutinho got his arse beat no doubts but he had done so the whole fight so don't stop it with 30 seconds left you tit.
  10. Welsh


    Gutted with how that ends because McGregor and his dumb fans can actually think he still had a chance when the fact is, he was done. Poirier absolutely dominated him on the ground and McGregor was exhausted as soon as he attempted that guillotine. He's such a horrible fucking cunt and I am absolutely gutted he couldn't continue getting his arse beat so it at least shut him up for a few weeks.
  11. Welsh


    Yeah I have, BT messed up the recording the other day though and reshowed last weeks episode so I'll have to see if I can get it somewhere. Volkanovski's team are getting a dicking haha
  12. Welsh

    THE Sopranos thread

    I've seen Sopranos so many times (Best TV Show ever made) but does Tony being a late teen mess up the timeline of when Dickie was killed? From the TV Show I always thought Tony would've been around 10 years old when Dickie died?
  13. Welsh

    Bitcoin and other Crypto...

    I very much doubt it even gets to the 21k that SpyBee mentioned previously! 25k at the lowest is my opinion.
  14. Welsh

    Bitcoin and other Crypto...

    He's such a fucking cunt.