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  1. Been looking forward all day to this Dave,very funny your comment about De Gea. Shame he’s not that aggressive when challenging for aerial balls, the fucking lightweight.
  2. ralph

    Tottenham 0 Liverpool 1 (Jan 11 2020)

    When you start crying ‘conspiracy’ though and dissecting every decision in our games you’re just making yourself look like a fucking danger whose hard drive needs checking. Love it Dave, funny as you like !
  3. ralph

    Worst you've ever felt after a defeat?

    Without a doubt, FA Cup final 96, had the misfortune to drown my sorrows on Euston Road after the match and met a manc gang ( a couple we actually knew),who wanted to kick off with us instead of celebrating. Luckily the pair we knew sided with us and the situation abated a little. Spent years harbouring the grudge and vowed to ask Rob Jones why he moved out of the way of the free kick, yet met him about 12 years later in the main stand ( he's really small), and didn't have the heart to mention it.
  4. Without a doubt, Carroll, I remember watching him come off the bench in his early days and it took him to fall over twice before realising that he had the wrong boots on, totally unprofessional. Didn't we sign him with an injury from a casino bar stool that ruled him out of a few games before he could make his debut ?
  5. ralph

    Sterling / Gomez - 'clash'

    Rattus rattus, enough said.
  6. Cheers Dave, plane read sorted.
  7. ralph

    Liverpool 2 Wolves 0 (May 12 2019)

    Brilliant as ever Dave, waited weeks for this one due to Father's Day present of 12 month subscription to fanzine. Spot on with the Wolves fans.
  8. ralph

    Getting to Kiev and Accomodation

    See you in Venice it is then Brownie.
  9. ralph

    Getting to Kiev and Accomodation

    Booked before last night, Manchester to Venice, Venice to Kiev on the Friday. Return Sunday lunchtime, Kiev to Ankara, Ankara to Antalya, Antalya to Manchester. £530. Accommodation £200 for 2 bedroom apartment. Long trek coming home but worth it when we return with Number 6. Tickets will be an issue through the ballot though.
  10. ralph

    david fucking beckham

    Never forget my meeting with the cunt at the piggery in 1999,they just scored last minute winner in fa cup,beckham ran towards us to give me and 7000 reds the wanker hand signal whilst rat boy neville gave us two fingers. Bless becks ambassador my arse just like his family values.
  11. My 9 year old idolised the selfish twat , came home from school and cleared his bedroom of posters and other memoribilia totally gutted and went to bed in tears. Don't suppose that Torres will give a toss about my little fella or all the others that worshipped him though. Hope a serious injury awaits the selfish prick ' with his lying quotes and bullshit, should go down well with the chavs.
  12. I went to crewe last night as it is only down the road and i was given some free comps. I thought it was a convincing performance against a mediocre side with adequate displays by wisdom and ngoo (who resembled a leaner version of heskey,particularly the amount of time he spent on his arse). Without appearing too biased shelvey was outstanding and without doubt was man of the match,even more impressive as this was his first appearance at this level. I am sure the lad has a bright future with us and look forward to watching him again. By the way there was also a number 10 from the chavs who played and looked good.
  13. ralph

    Owen what a little shit

    Hope the little twats career ends as soon as possible,listening to the rat pundit suck up riles me as much as watching that cunt diouf turn out. Hard to believe that we once watched and supported these pair of cunts.