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  1. ralph

    Man City - the new bitters?

    Pushbike looking thief.
  2. ralph

    Harvey Elliott

    Concentrate on the pitch Harvey, leave this shit alone, you're better than that.
  3. ralph

    Premier League Round Up (Mar 13-20 2022)

    Great read Dave, worth waiting for, bit insulting that you can't be arsed to rell Dalot and Telles apart Funny as fuck though
  4. And loving sisters to go home to for Sunday night adventures.
  5. ralph

    Liverpool 2 Leicester City 0 (Feb 10 2022)

    Great report Dave, agree about Curtis, one touch too many needs coaching out of him. Unable to attend last night due to the virus but TV did pick up Schmeichel reaction to second goal , lip read him saying "fuckin shitbag " , made me laugh.
  6. ralph


    Saw him and her at Athens Airport in 2007 on way home. He was queuing like the rest of us going nowhere in a hurry. Some children wanted autographs or photos with him, totally disinterested, didn't want to be there. Arrogant price, he did receive some abuse due to his attitude from onlookers.
  7. ralph

    Other Football 2021/22

    First class piece of vile scum. He should be verbally abused everywhere he goes to play his football.
  8. Don't forget Tommy Doherty and Mary Brown. Blooming den of iniquity, that's what it is.