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  1. No shades of grey https://x.com/kennardmatt/status/1800079136863453352?s=46&t=rTM5huSAdkyumn9JrNS_MQ
  2. Don’t forget to accuse her and everyone else of antisemitism:
  3. It is extremely clear to everyone. It cannot get any clearer. No shades of grey. Have a nice weekend.
  4. I think it is extremely clear to everyone where the right side of history is. Extremely clear. Those who still claim to see shades of grey do not want to be on the right side of history. Clarity is not the issue here.
  5. Agreed. Banning suspect individuals is ok, but banning all passport holders is never a good idea in any context.
  6. How they shape public opinion: https://x.com/alanrmacleod/status/1798655631286776194?s=46&t=rTM5huSAdkyumn9JrNS_MQ 1 day later:
  7. Zionist settlers assaulting Palestinian journalist Saif Al Qawasmi.
  8. And normalized, apparently.
  9. The genocide continues. Warning: Graphic Content https://x.com/swilkinsonbc/status/1798258034986414130?s=46&t=rTM5huSAdkyumn9JrNS_MQ
  10. Tzipi Navon was Sara Netenyahu’s office manager until a few months ago.
  11. George Orwell, in his book ”1984”, written in 1943.
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