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  1. At least he’s not lying there …
  2. You are absolutely, perfectly and undeniably right.
  3. Just a couple of thoughts: 1. When “reliable” sources choose not to report on key events (like genocide and ethnic cleansing) then these sources no longer deserve to be referred to as “reliable”. 2. A video of bombs exploding on the side of a road is not propaganda. It is documented evidence. No matter what platform it is posted on. Ta.
  4. Look them up and post them here then. You might learn something new.
  5. Step back and look. At the free and objective Western mainstream media. The home of the truth.
  6. It was filmed in my country, Lebanon. And I can attest that the location is Ghazieh, near the coastal city of Saida. Down that road there are some excellent Lahm B’ajine places to try. The football club representing that town is currently languishing at the bottom of the Lebanese league. Also, the people whose voices are heard in that video are speaking Arabic with a Lebanese accent. The man is saying: “It’s an air raid. An air raid on us”!. Happy now? Or do you also need to see documented identification of the shoe size of the Israeli criminal who launched the bombs?
  7. Every accusation is a confession.
  8. Ethnic cleansing. Genocide. Happening. Now.
  9. Every accusation is a confession.
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