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  1. Aventus

    Your 3 favourite players in the squad

    1. Trent 2. Alexander 3. Arnold
  2. Aventus

    Your 3 favourite players in the squad

    1. Virgil 2. Van 3. Dijk
  3. Aventus

    Alisson Becker

    Saves me time on my wanks.
  4. Aventus

    Bournemouth (A) 8/12/18

    Playing Chelsea away is probably as tough as a game for them that we can hope for in this situation too. I really hope Chelsea smash them, enough to prove that despite what the media say, they are still mere mortals.
  5. Aventus

    Alisson Becker

    Amazing, and it still sells him short when you factor in what he did immediately afterwards.
  6. Aventus

    Other Football - 2018/19 Season

    Good time to be a Scottish football fan if you're into that sort of thing. Only a handful of points separating the top 6.
  7. Aventus

    The FA Cup 2018/19 Thread.

    Never mind the players, I'd give Klopp the day off. Let him have a lie in, a nice bath and get a head start on the tactics for the next league fixture. The fixture congestion is bound to affect him just as much as it does the players. Stick Achterberg in for this one.
  8. Aventus

    Alisson Becker

    Keep this up for another 6 months and he'll have just as many clean sheets.
  9. Aventus

    Burnley (A) 5/12/18

    Pretty much my thoughts. A lot of people want us to buy somebody a bit different, who can act as a plan B for when we struggle to break teams down. I'm in the camp of wanting us to double down on plan A, it's what we are good at, and it's what we are even better at when we have a front line that is healthy and 100% fit. This is why I was excited about the Shaqiri signing, a bargain player who slots in most of the attacking positions and does a decent job.
  10. Aventus

    Burnley (A) 5/12/18

    Love Alisson, he isn't just ace in goal and stops us conceding, his distribution directly sets up goals. I don't think I breathed or blinked in the entire time it was bouncing round our box to when it was bouncing round inside their net. When you get to the top teir players their price becomes irrelevant, there's only a handful of players at his level, only a handful of VVDs level, they become priceless. Started to see a bit of a glimpse of how we were playing last year, once it was 2-1 they seemed like they were having a bit of fun up front and could have scored more. More Shaqiri less problems.
  11. Aventus

    Burnley (A) 5/12/18

    Unlucky Naby. Found himself in the right place 3 times in quick succession, good sign of things to come. Won't be long before he buries those.