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  1. If they get their points deduction overturned how can their fans look their kids in their eyes and tell them "it's OK kids to cheat but if you whinge enough and stamp your feet long enough it will eventually get overturned". They've ruined football for everyone. Bot even a sport anymore.
  2. What a player Brehme was. Sad news that. The three Germans at Inter were great. Used to watch grainy footage of Serie A on Sgorio before football Italia came along.
  3. Had a weird one the other night about being on the LA Metro with my daughter. We were going to see Micheal Myers's house which is next to an overground station. The station before is Eagle Rock and we heard gunfire. Mr White and Mr Orange from Reservoir Dogs got on and sat down opposite us. Mr Orange was still bleeding but just sitting there casually. Mr White just walked up and down the carriage smoking and telling everyone to mind their own business. Both of them just get off at he same stop as us then walk into Starbucks. The road next to the Eagle Rock metro stop is where Mr Orange gets shot in the stomach in the film. They obviously didn't shoot a woman and rob her car.
  4. Even more corrupt. And the cheating twats still think everyone is against them.
  5. Yep. A 62k capacity stadium with the highest fan spend per head that has held NFL games, numerous concerts and boxing matches since it was built wasn't able to get naming rights but one that hadn't even been built was able to get a £30m deal off Moshiris mate. Not dodgy at all.
  6. Exactly. He wasn't the owner but put a lot of his own money into the club and even interviewed managers. Ancelotti and his son said they were interviewed by him who discussed bonuses with them. Pretty strange considering he was just a sponsor. Ancelotti ended up suing the club for the money. They are just dodgy cunts who deserve everything they get.
  7. What they can't seem to grasp about the war in Ukraine ending their sponsorship deal is that they were funded by a mate of Moshiri who seemingly wanted to put a lot of money into the club without ever owning it. Their fans were all laughing about him being the real owner and just using Moshiri as a front man. They've always been cagey about him being involved yet what company would offer £30m naming rights for a stadium that had had yet to even be started?. It also conveniently appeared when the club were that amount short of meeting ffp and they announced it at their AGM with a straight face. So he blagged his own money into the club with inflated sponsorship deals which no one else would pay. Since then they've been unable to get equivalent deals or even replace them with anywhere near what he put in. Spurs despite being based in London and using the stadium for other things like NFL and concerts still haven't been able to secure naming rights a few years after they built it. If AXA or Standard Chartered got liquidated Liverpool would still be able to get a similar deal from another sponsor yet Everton want you to believe that they lost all their funding from one dubious source because of the war.
  8. Loads of them just base their entire personality around hating us. They are geographical rivals only and we only know they exist to laugh at them. We haven't competed against them since the 80s yet they still think they are relevant to us apart from comedy value, i genuinely dont know any reds who care about them apart from pissing themselves laughing at them on a daily basis because they make themselves look stupid almost every day. Why are they fucking bothered about us being 4 points clear at the top?. They should be more arsed about what Luton, Forest and Palace are up to or avoiding going into administration. They tie themselves in in knots over hating us and we genuinely destroy their lives. The only joy they get is from us getting beat in finals and cheer on teams they claim to despise who are part of the Sly 6. They've genuinely lost their heads this season. If we win the league it will fuck their tiny minds up even more so they'll just invent another conspiracy theory as a coping mechanism.
  9. Just remember lads. They aren't a small club. They were the first club to sell tickets via text message.
  10. I cringe every time they refer to Goodison as "the Grand Old Lady". Couldn't they have come up with a more original name than just robbing one off Juventus?. It's only become a thing the last 4 or 5 years as well.
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