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  1. Exactly. Plus our fanbase actually did things to make it as difficult as possible for the owners whereas they just get the Norwich scarves out every time there's a bad result. Imagine us all protesting against the two cowboys about the debt, the non existent ground and no direction to the club then they buy an ageing player and pay him 500 grand a week. I doubt our fans would have ran down to the ground and spent a fortune on shirts. We'd probably kick off even more for putting the club in more debt and paying ridiculous wages.
  2. Harry Squatter

    When are we likely to get definitive stadium news?

    Looks like that hotel which was supposed to be built behind the main stand hasn't materialised. Would be more convenient to use for hospitality that Aintree and the Hilton in town. Plus more jobs for the local area.
  3. He wanted the players to relax, to get out of the prison that hotels can become. United’s own security, who travelled with the team, suggested that it wasn’t the best idea because we’d instantly be recognised. David just replied that he’d been to the beach with Everton and that there were no problems because no one had a fucking clue who they were.
  4. Sunderland Arsenal Chelsea All through tonight. Tomorrow: West Ham V Man City Preston V Liverpool Wolves V Spurs Stoke V Brentford Leicester V Brighton Draw for the next round is on Saturday. Personally I like the League Cup as it gives me a chance to go to games where I wouldn't normally get a ticket (bigger allocation for cup games). As long as we play lower league or shit Premier League teams it's a good chance to see the younger players. Luckily I'm going tomorrow as will 5000+ others who will get behind the team. Don't know why our fans constantly turn their noses up at the domestic cup games. Unfortunately the club does and gives the likes of Chelsea and Man City a free run at trophies. Went the Leeds game a couple of years ago and although Ben Woodburn scored it was Trent who impressed the most. Had some good trips to Derby, MK Dons and Norwich the last couple of seasons.
  5. Harry Squatter

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Absolute myth that they are all local fans. Loads of evertonians I've known are from Formby/Southport/Preston/St. Helens and loads from the Wirral. Worked with ones from Blackpool, Leeds and Swindon. Yet another thing they constantly lie about.
  6. Harry Squatter

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    And we got better without PEDS
  7. Harry Squatter

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    It was probably "Gary from Bootle"* on that Radio Merseyside phone in. *Gary from Little Sutton
  8. Harry Squatter

    Walter Smith

    Sad news. Always respected him and he took over Everton at a very difficult time. Was always a gentleman and never got into the pettiness of Moyes playing to their fanbase. His record in Scotland was fantastic, whether you think Scottish footy is a joke or not.
  9. Harry Squatter

    January 2022 Transfer Thread

    Apparently that Stefan Bajetic who we bought from Celta Vigo is another potential first teamer. Bought as a centre back put has played in midfield a lot recently. Not sure whether he would be classed as home grown though.
  10. Harry Squatter

    Other Football 2021/22

    He had a go at that knowledge Rob Shepherd from the Daily Express in a press conference and he wasn't impressed. They are OK giving it out but can't take any shit back.
  11. Harry Squatter

    What's the story behind your username?

    Yes. Another one of my mates lived in there before it was closed. It was like the seventies inside it. Even up by the Saltbox and Ma Kents is rough as fuck. I used to go to College in Bootle and its barely changed since the mid nineties. Plus it looked 20 years behind the times then!
  12. Harry Squatter

    What's the story behind your username?

    They had a Spiderman dummy attached to one of the outside walls. It was a proper spit and sawdust pub when I went in. The good old star of the sea and their paedo priests. There seems to be tons of ratboy scalls round there. I drove round there a few weeks ago and literally nothing has changed since I lived there about 15 years ago.
  13. Harry Squatter

    What's the story behind your username?

    It used to be a dog racing track years ago. Think it closed in the seventies. Good to see the tradition being kept up by letting dogs shit everywhere on it. Loads of people seemed to dump their old sofas on it. Pity that International pub has been closed for 20 odd years. The building g itself is actually nice. Went the Caradoc a few times and that Gateway hotel. Both were pretty awful but funny. The other side of Rawson Road was bad. I can remember walking back from the Doric and looking at the houses on the left and they all looked like some run down US Town that has had it's manufacturing closed down. My mate lived in those high rise flats and we walked through the kids playground which was full of discarded smackhead needles. My mate took a 20 grand hit on his house to leave Seaforth. His road was absolutely awful and he was relieved to move. The woman opposite was some single mother in her 40's who used to shag teenage lads in return for storing guns in her kitchen and loft for them. One fella 2 doors down got arrested for raping a woman after helping her into her house with her shopping and the rest of the street would sit out on stools robbed from nearby pubs smoking weed and drinking til all hours.