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  1. I did leave, then I came back. I've not ruled out leaving again, but since there's an election on, I'll probably stick around for a bit.
  2. They should bring back National Service, but for pensioners. There's a policy I could get behind.
  3. Something it has in common with every single miscarriage of justice in this country's history. Regardless of anything else, "she's guilty because she was found guilty" is circular logic.
  4. I believe you're looking for the QAnon thread, Howie, or wherever Pizzagate-level stuff goes now.
  5. My sister was standing next to my nan's bed when she died. Just on the phone to the bizzies now.
  6. I can assure you I have not been beating off any boys, underaged or otherwise. So as usual, I have no idea what you are banging on about.
  7. The Pope has gone from beating off 15-year-old boys to beatifying them. Progress.
  8. Super Size Me was an extremely well made and extremely dishonest documentary. I suppose it would have been harder for Spurlock to blame McDonald's for his fatty liver if he had come clean about being a raging alcoholic at the time.
  9. He's got at least two fundraisers on the go, one has raised £38k and the other £27k. He'll only be allowed to spend about £14k due to constituency spending limits. Nice little bunce for someone.
  10. Cannot fault his ability to find a pass.
  11. Something appropriate about it ending with a narrow victory over 10 men after creating 8 billion chances in 90 minutes.
  12. Only the 30 euro price tag stopped me buying this cushion in Mallorca
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