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  1. UnwelcomeinPeru

    Man City - the new bitters?

    Isn't that because nobody really gives a toss about John Terry or Chelsea? Envy is the root of all the antipathy.
  2. UnwelcomeinPeru

    Liverpool 2 FC Porto 0 (April 9 2019)

    I quite enjoyed George's melodramatic (if erratic) VAR announcements. 'VAR Check - Penalty. VAR Check - Penalty.' (Men stare helplessly at the pitch. Confused children look up to anxious parents. Nervous pets whine and pace.) 'CHECK OVER. CHECK OVER.'
  3. UnwelcomeinPeru

    Premier League Round Up (Mar 16-17 2019)

    Why is taking your shirt off a bookable offence? Is there a reason?
  4. UnwelcomeinPeru

    Featured: That was the week that was (Feb 9-15 2019)

    I'm loathe to be tiresome but if Dortmund win 4-1 Spurs go through on away goals.
  5. UnwelcomeinPeru

    Featured: That was the week that was (Dec 15-21 2018)

    Solksjaer. Ferguson pulling his strings out of shot.
  6. UnwelcomeinPeru

    Premier League Round Up (Dec 15-16 2018)

    Southampton's manager post win
  7. UnwelcomeinPeru

    Featured: That was the week that was (Nov 17-23 2018)

    No, there was no dispute about that whatsoever from anyone.
  8. UnwelcomeinPeru

    Featured: That was the week that was (Nov 17-23 2018)

    Painful as it is, I do not think Ramos did 'fail a drug test'. He was given a glucocorticosteroid (a 'GCC'), which are not permitted in competition unless (a) they are administered in a certain way or (b) the player has a special permission (a TUE) to use them. It sounds like he was given a GCC but that it was administered in a permitted way (GCCs are often given in conjunction with painkillers to reduce inflammation caused by a painkilling injection). There are a number of different GCCs and it appears that the club doctor recorded one type on the relevant forms, when in fact he was given another. He did not break any rules, and WADA has confirmed this.
  9. UnwelcomeinPeru

    Premier League Round Up (Nov 10-11 2018)

    There was a Cardiff fan with a wig and fake tash pretending to be Vincent Tan, the club’s owner. Why was he dressed up as Hitler in that case? Although I don't think Hitler wore aviators.
  10. UnwelcomeinPeru

    Daniel Sturridge - 2020

    Yes, you wonder whether Bookies are above being involved in slipping out 'information' and cashing in as gullible people place what they perecive to be clever bets. In that vein I did read that Trump weighed in quite heavily on the Beckhams getting divorced, obvioulsy got burned and has had it in for 'fake news' ever since.
  11. UnwelcomeinPeru

    Red Star Belgrade 2 Liverpool 0 (Oct 6 2018)

    I watched that game with the same sense that (as Bill Bryson puts it) you might have if you were sent compromising photographs of a loved one.
  12. UnwelcomeinPeru

    Premier League Round Up (Oct 27-29 2018)

    What was the game where we were drawing 2-2, had used two subs, and Rafa brought Lucas on, leaving Robbie Keane on the bench? I remember putting my head in my hands and giving it the full Roy face-rub.
  13. UnwelcomeinPeru

    Michael Edwards

    And I am yet to see a photo of him sheepishly arriving at an event with an embarrassingly young woman on his arm.
  14. UnwelcomeinPeru

    World Cup 2018 Round Up (Final)

    Twat of the Tournament 1 Neymar 2 Antoine Griezmann 3 Patrice Evra Griezmann and Evra are fine, fine twats but they must feel like actors did when Daniel Day-Lewis released a film, come awards time there's not much point even showing up.