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  1. Exactly. We are so poor in such situations although I would have preferred the player today to go and score than go down although they are now playing against 10 for most of the game.
  2. Worra cunt. For £2.5m a year, he could at least run around in the training ground.
  3. If we find our shooting boots, we might score even 4. But we will also concede - how many is the question.
  4. Players will atleast know how many chances they missed, how many shots got blocked etc.
  5. Plus he is an ever present in the team. Yet he gets criticized for simple little things.
  6. I agree Barry, which is why I will be hoping to beat Atalanta 5-0 this Thursday and then Fulham. Fucking football.
  7. Potato/Pottaaaato...I think he should have scored there. Like the 2 sitters against the Mancs, which you don't want to talk about. Like I said though, he is not alone, he is with good company of forwards who miss chances every 10/15 mins.
  8. Agree. I was hoping that Virgil will stand up and instill some intelligence/thinking into this team but we have not seen it. To concede first in 22/23 games out of 32 is taking the piss whichever way you look at it. The football intelligence in the team is lacking and has been for a while, the determination & steel can only take us so far.
  9. Pressure is not off though is it? We are not 6 points behind, we are 2 points behind with a similar (ish) GD to City. The pressure is well & truly on because we cannot seem to be able to score now. I wish I can share your optimism, I just cannot see us winning the next 6 - we have drawn 2 and lost 1 in our last 5 games.
  10. Excuse or no excuse, they do look tired. I said it several times in the match thread - why no Danns? No Clarke? If they can play in a cup final, surely they are good enough to play some minutes against a shite Mancs or Atalanta or Palace? I include Klopp in this - squad management has been poor. We cannot say we have wonderful young players and not play them. Especially when a lot of players look absolutely goosed.
  11. Agree. I said this in the match thread yesterday, we are too fucking narrow and hardly any crosses came from the right side. Robbo's crosses changed the game against Sheffield United (Klopp said it too in the post match interview). Harvey has been fantastic in putting some wonderful balls in the box and yet he was on the bench for 80+ mins - I still do not understand that. Trent was looking for the hollywood pass everytime.
  12. As much as I love Salah, its a bit silly to argue he didn't miss sitters. He missed 2 sitters against the Mancs and at least 1 yesterday. The whole forward line is missing sitters so he is not alone.
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