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  1. ‘Conference call with Cowboys defensive coordinator Mike Nolan has been put on hold because he had Tabasco sauce on his finger and it got in his eye.’ ouch...
  2. Seems to be happening to the sausage also. Did they use a candle to cook them?
  3. DJLJ

    Ajax 0 Liverpool 1 (Oct 22 2020)

    Yup, I am ot sure why he isn't talked about more. He has been almost in Firmino territory, bad bad dip in form. He is only young, so he'll get back to his best, but he is a worry, I agree.
  4. DJLJ

    VAR Thoughts?

    He should be fired and investigated by the police the corrupt cunt.
  5. DJLJ

    Everton 2 Liverpool 2 (Oct 17 2020)

    Of course he is corrupt. No other explanation.
  6. DJLJ

    Everton 2 Liverpool 2 (Oct 17 2020)

    You weren't going to put it into words but I will. He is a corrupt cunt. He should be investigated by the Police for corruption. Nothing else about it. Fucking cunt. Him and his fucking masters, every single one on the take. Fuck them.
  7. DJLJ

    Other football - 2020/21

    Here is a novel idea, deal with all of it, whether big or small. The thing about it being done to a bloke it would be nothing, is neither here nor there. It got done to a girl deal with those facts, not what would or could or might have happened if it was done to a bloke. He shouldn't touch any referee or assistant, it should be a straight dismissal. And that is before we even go into the whole Harvey Epstein side of things of what is acceptable. To me he overstepped the line massively on what is acceptable.
  8. Absolute fucking thugs. Assault on 2 of our players. Straight up from both of them. Noone can tell me they weren’t done on purpose either. Absolute thugs.
  9. Both fullbacks was poor on that one.
  10. Jota coming on. And this cunt that shouldn’t have been on makes a world class save. Fuck this.
  11. Fucking cunts, taken out Robertson now also.
  12. Sorry to hear that. Hopefully there will be a win here to ease it a small bit.
  13. Nothing to do with a ‘tackle’. Assault.