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  1. DJLJ

    Daniel Sturridge - 2020

    So he had his dog stolen in LA, which is always a shitty thing, but wtf does his dog have its own instagram account for? https://www.irishexaminer.com/breakingnews/sport/footballer-daniel-sturridge-ill-pay-anything-to-get-stolen-dog-back-935691.html
  2. No pictures? Sorry but had to neg that, forum protocol and all that.
  3. DJLJ

    Summer 2019 Transfer Thread

    wtf is a 'transfer consultant'? BS artist in disguise?
  4. DJLJ

    Philippe Coutinho

    Are we seriously going over the Alonso v. Barry thing again? Fucking hell.
  5. DJLJ


    Carra is an absolutely terrrible pundit. Tyler and him is fucking ear aids.
  6. DJLJ

    Sri Lanka Bombings

    45 kids lost their lives sofar in these bombings. What a sad state of affairs this is.
  7. DJLJ

    Chelsea (H) Premier League 14/04/19

    Take that you absolute fucking pathetic plastic cunts.
  8. DJLJ

    Chelsea (H) Premier League 14/04/19

    Yup, constant rolling round.
  9. DJLJ

    Mohamed Salah

    Imagine how good he would be if he could use his right foot for anything else besides standing on. He becomes more predictable because defenders know he needs to get it onto his left foot.
  10. DJLJ

    Southampton (A) 5/4/2019

    What an assist for Bobby and then onto Hendo to score. He has been great going forward since coming on.
  11. DJLJ

    Southampton (A) 5/4/2019

    Take that you timewasting cunts. Now take your 30 second throw ins...
  12. DJLJ

    Southampton (A) 5/4/2019

    Get the fuck in
  13. DJLJ

    Southampton (A) 5/4/2019

    A fucking light show. Just fuck off.