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  1. 8, City is 4th... Leicester and Chelsea is 8 points down.
  2. He has been great, but have to disagree. Fabinho has been absolutely outstanding. MotM by a mile for me.
  3. DJLJ

    Fixture Pile up

    So we will field 2 totally separate teams / who is going to manage second team?
  4. DJLJ

    Arsenal (H) 30/10 League Cup 20:30

    Is Keita injured? He went straight down the tunnel.
  5. DJLJ


    I had expected him to get a yellow card, so he could take his suspension against Villa instead of risking being out for the City game.
  6. DJLJ

    39 people Found Dead In A Lorry In Essex

    Sounds like they are from Vietnam and not China.
  7. DJLJ

    39 people Found Dead In A Lorry In Essex

    The container came in from Belgium, not through Ireland.
  8. DJLJ

    Other Football - 2019/20

    By far the best player of that game. Atleast 4 world class saves from Schmeichel in that game.
  9. DJLJ

    Jurgen Norbert Klopp

    https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11669/11830663/jurgen-klopp8217s-first-liverpool-line-up-where-are-they-now One of the things we all hoped for was a total or almost total clean out of the players. Only Milner is starting now from the team he had out in his first game. One of the things that preceded him was his reputation for overhauling a team and squad when taking over and 4 years later, boy has he done. Very well done on his first 4 years, now we just need him tonstay 40 or so more as our manager.
  10. So we get 200k fine for this and Barca get 300 euro fine for tapping up Griezman. Sounds very fair split indeed...
  11. DJLJ


    I agree that Kante is very very good but for me he wouldn’t get into our side over Fabinho. Fabinho is 20 centimeter taller than Kante and one of the reasons we have been so dominant in scoring from set pieces over the last couple of seasons is because of the height we have as a team. Adding in a shortarse as Kante over Fabinho would be a very big step backwards on that.
  12. DJLJ

    Virgil Van Dijk

    They are separate now.
  13. DJLJ

    Alisson Becker

    Alisson win FIFA best goalkeeper. Another well deserved accolade for him.