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  1. Mil-ing Around

    Summer 2019 Transfer Thread

    Or maybe you're just stupid? What's he meant to say, "we've got loads of money and we can buy whoever we want" That'll work when trying to negotiate a fee. The market is fucked, Joa felix for £100 million is stupid money. Loads of other examples of over inflated fee's, Harry Maguire, £80 shitting million. I'm sure we said the same thing last year before we spent big. I want us to sign a top player, we need it, god know's if we will but if we are trying to, Klopp said the right thing there. It's basic business tactics "i like what your selling but i can't quite afford it, any chance of lowering the price a bit?" Anyway, why the fuck am i trying to explain this to a guy who said he doesn't love Klopp. There is literally no hope... Want to buy some magic beans? I'll do you a deal
  2. Mil-ing Around

    Summer 2019 Transfer Thread

    No chance that we are in for Joao Felix too? I haven't seen much of him but he looks a quality player and perfect for competition/rotation with Firmino. Not many players in the world have those kind of link up skills and calmness on the ball. He drops off and plays others in to play and he can finish. He would be absolutely perfect for us.
  3. Mil-ing Around

    Man City - the new bitters?

    Wait, so this is actually genuine?! Which City players are signing the songs? Its hard to see them in that video. I hope every single one of our players see's that video. Classless bastards rubbing our noses in it. I was worried about our motivation and ability to come back just as strong next season but i think if our players see that shit they will be rightly pissed off and come back ready for the fight! And who the fuck celebrates with Budweiser? Fucking tramps.
  4. Yeah ive noticed that too. He was great a while ago but that's because he played in a defensive team, with loads of protection in front of him and made his job easier. He is a great shot stopper but, for example, a Mourinho team always produces good keepers because of the above. He is absolutely shit with his feet and kicking. He got away with it for 4/5 years because Moyes, Lvg and Mourinho had him twat balls to the left wing where Fellaini was standing waiting for the flick on. Now the Gobblin wants him to play out from the back more and you can see just how shit he is with the ball (Wolves away springs to mind). Ederson, Oblak and Alisson are all better and more rounded keepers than him right now. You can't be the best in the world if you shit yourself on the biggest stage. He's done it twice within a year at the world cup and in the Champions league. The best stand up when it counts and matters. He turns into a complete pussy when he goes back to Spain, almost every time, weirdo.
  5. Mil-ing Around

    Tottenham (H) 31/3/2019

    I think it's more unlikely that we are still top of the league against this man city team. They are incredible, the best team the premier league has ever seen (imo) Klopp isnt perfect and neither is this Liverpool side but i think it's important to realise what they are doing before we say it's all down to luck, bad management or poor play. We just don't give up, and that's what football is all about sometimes. A champions league final last year, Top of the league, going toe to toe with a financial powerhouse, still in the quarter finals of the UCL this season. The development of this squad is brilliant and that's down to the manager. Sure we could play better and Klopp could make better decisions but they are obviously feeling the pressure just like all the fans. Fair fuck's to them to keep pulling out results with the weight of expectation and hope they are carrying around from millions of supporters around the world. Not to mention their own desire and ambition to achieve something (especially since they've lost 3 finals in a row) "Heavy legged" Klopp said in his press conference. That's pure pressure, nothing to do with fitness. Klopp's tactics or substitutions won't really effect that at this stage. Maybe a little but not as much as you may think mate. They are doing brilliant and it doesn't matter how they play now, just dig in and grind through it and hope it goes our way. We aren't going to walk to our first title in 29 years by playing amazing football and blowing teams away for 38 games. The first one will always have to be won this way. I'm immensely proud of this side and our manager, i just hope they can win it for us and themselves, they deserve it.
  6. Hahahaha Great news! He's done well with absolutely no pressure on him or the players. That'll change now. Tactically inept as the PSG, Spurs, Burnley and Wolves games showed. He's been totally lucky at times. If they don't get top four and end up in the Europa they are truly fucked. What top player will be drawn to Mike Phelan and the Sperm?! Why did they rush this through before the end of the season, they are absolutely mental and make stupid decisions all the time. I remember some manc mates saying "we will never do a Liverpool when we stop winning and Ferguson retires" Yeah fucking right. They haven't challenged for a top trophy in 6 years. Karma is a bitch.
  7. Mil-ing Around

    Leicester (H) 30/01/19

    Wow Kieta and Shaqiri in the same midfield? Thats a bit of a gamble. Hold on to your hats, could be a high scoring game this!
  8. Mil-ing Around

    Other Football - 2018/19 Season

    United aren't winning shit. It's only their fans saying Solskjaer might do a Di Matteo. They are fucking crap and are only winning games because they have no pressure on them. We will beat them convincingly at the toilet next month because their dickhead fans will want them to attack us and Ole will oblige and open up the game for us to counter them. Not worried about that game in the slightest. Klopp will out think him. Back to yesterdays game, i hope the rest of the Premier League managers were taking note. To beat city, go 5-4-1. Sit your striker about 40 yards from goal and stick all the defenders on the 18 yard line. Let them have possession and sprint out to the Centre Mids when they go side to side. You then need pace out wide to help you get out from time to time. Palace did this, Rafa did this and even going back to Mourinho at Inter, that's how he beat pep too. Hopefully all the other fucking shit managers in the Prem can see this too! Game on for us. We got this...
  9. Mil-ing Around

    Trent Alexander-Arnold

    Hahahaha Fucking hell, what a load of bollocks. You don't know that for sure do you? He's a good player, can pass well, has good recovery pace and a good shot/free kick too. Stop being such a hysterical tit and calm down, we'll be fine. Also if you don't think Clyne is shit going forward you probably need to watch more football. His first touch did slow the play down and his decision making on the ball is championship level. And he smokes weed.
  10. Mil-ing Around

    What did you expect?

    4/5 years ago, under Brendan Rodgers, we had a title defining game. Chelsea at home, with 3 games to go, in hindsight everyone agrees that we shouldn't have gone so attacking and chased the game. We should have played it a little safer and taken the draw and still given ourselves a chance to win the league. Yesterday, we played Man City, 17 games to go and a win would have put us 10 points clear BUT a draw would have kept us 7 points ahead. If we had gone all out attack and lost would people have gone mad, like they did with Brendan? And then say "we should have taken a point...we are still naive...when will we learn etc etc"? We clearly played for the draw yesterday, obviously Klopp wants to win but he definitely went conservative. We dropped off, marked space, filled in gaps and stopped Man City playing. They are a fantastic team, with great players and a top manager. They blew everyone away last year with 100 points, they have a style that no other manager has really found the answer to. Not Fergie, not mourinho, not Ancelloti, not anybody. Apart from Klopp, he's the only manager in the world who has consistently had Pep's number. Yesterday was two of the finest managers of their generation going toe to toe. Gaurdiola has won multiple titles in different leagues and Klopp has won titles whilst also getting two different teams to champions league finals. Something Pep has never managed to do. So did we get it wrong yesterday and did people really expect us to just go all out for the win? Should we have done that? In hindsight the answer is yes but after the Brendan/Chelsea game would people have gone mental if we lost by trying to go for the win? The problem we had was once we set up the way we did, is it's very hard to suddenly change mentality in the game. We worked so hard to stop them playing that we were absolutely shattered once we had to go on the front foot. City started the game so intense and aggressively but we didn't. That was the biggest problem for us, if we had started the game like rabbid dogs and made it an all out war i think we would have had a much better chance. It's very hard to suddenly start doing that DURING a game. They're tails were up and they carried that momentum and adrenaline throughout the game, it's very hard to stop that mid-match. I'm sure Klopp is sat at home today thinking the same thing. "we should have just gone for them" but hindsight is a wonderful thing and this was a game decided on fine margins. Lovren was a massive problem but not just because of his defending but because of his ability on the ball. He couldn't get us out and find clever passes into the midfield for us to start attacks. Once pressured he just kept on passing it back to Alisson and we had to go long. Don't get me wrong, City pressed us very well in that first half and made it really difficult for us to play out and through midfield but Gomez would have used his speed and ability/bravery on the ball to break the first press and then we are in business. Lovren just doesn't have that. Sometimes, and especially yesterday, the midfield has to receive the ball under pressure and still deal with it. That midfield of Henderson, Milner and Gini just doesn't have that ability or bravery. Gini is better at it but Henderson and Milner aren't cute or smart enough to take the ball whilst being closed down and get out of a tight space and play it forwards. They go safe and safe cost us yesterday. We know that about these guys and i think that's the biggest mistake Klopp made yesterday. I'm sure he regrets it already, but then again, Arsenal pressured Fabinho 5 days before and he didn't exactly look comfortable on the ball either. We still have no Modric/Silva type player and in these games it really shows. Just like it did in the champions league final. Klopp did try and buy 3 central midfielders in the summer but the Fekir deal fell through, so it's something he is obviously aware of. He has dropped Henderson enough this season too, so he clearly knows the limitations. Fuck it though, we have what we have and this squad has still got us to a champions league final 6 months ago and are currently top of the league. It's not bad at all. In fact it's brilliant. We have a top manager, who has assembled a quality side who are taking on the magnificent Pep and the unlimited money of the Man City owners. We are above them in the league and they think its all over? Fuck is it. No title is decided with 17 games to go and this one won't be either. NOBODY wants us to win the league, fans from all other clubs celebrated yesterday like they were in the title race. We are hated and people can't stand to see us doing well but we will. Soon. This team will not fall apart like the Rodgers team did, we are here to stay, I'm sure of that. Don't get sucked in to the media hype about us going 10 points clear or getting a draw to stay 7 points clear. Even with those two possibilities there was still always going to be 17 games to go. If we did have a 10 point/7 point lead....everybody would be saying "its over, hand Liverpool the title now"...that would have brought a different type of pressure on us. Now at least most people think City will win the league. It's way to long for yesterday to be a title decider. We are still in the hunt and there will be lots of twists and turns yet. We are still in this and we will be for a good few years to come.
  11. Mil-ing Around

    Summer 2018 Transfer Thread

    Its our 5th preseason game (he's played in all of them) and he's been at the club since he was a kid. He also played for Gerrards u18's most of last season. For a guy who goes on like he knows something what the fuck are you actually watching you whopper
  12. Mil-ing Around

    The ‘Buy Nabil Fekir’ Campaign

    Didn't know much about him but in the few minutes he got at the world cup and in the friendlies before he did look good. Great technique and strong on the ball. It's a shame we won't get him but after Oxlaides year off with a knee injury you can totally get why we walked away. Still feel like we need another passer in the midfield, Kieta looks world class, Fabinho looks more of a ball recycle type player than a creative forward passer to me so far in the preseason friendlies. After what Madrid's midfield did to us in the final you can see why Klopp was in for Fekir, with him Kieta and Fabino we would have a midfield capable of dominating tempo and having composure on the ball. Non of our English lads have this. Milner looks woeful as a dictator. Henderson doesn't have the composure, Ox is fucked and Lallana isn't what you'd call a passer. Neither is Wijnaldum. Definitely one short but fuck it, you can't moan at the summer transfers we've had, it's been great.
  13. Mil-ing Around

    Alisson Becker

    People that question the price tag or ability need to ask themselves a few questions i think. You want an Upgrade on Karius? A goalkeeper that doesn't fuck up shots straight at him? Somebody that can kick a ball properly? You want a goalkeeper that has played in high pressure games and not made simple mistakes? This guy has played at a top club, in a league which has a high percentage of set piece to goal ratio, he's played champions league football and he's played in a world cup, for Brazil. The simple mistakes Karius and Mignolet make are what costs us cups, titles and points. It's not so much we need them to pull off world class saves every week. We just need a keeper who can deal with the simple stuff in pressure moments and kick a fucking ball properly. Not a Pickford hoof but someone composed, who saves stuff right at him, pushes it away from danger, has character for the big games. Sets up his wall properly, punches or catches shit corners into the box, has the balls to distribute quickly or the brain to slow things down. If people think you can buy all that for half the price, I'd like to hear the names? Personally, i think its the right signing. His reputation is good. He's 6ft 4, he's played at the highest level for club and country and he's young enough to be agile for years to come. He doesn't make obvious fuck ups and he can deal with pressure moments and won't shit himself if the defenders give him the ball.
  14. Mil-ing Around

    Tottenham at Anfield, February 4th 2018

    The 2nd one is a blatant penalty. It's not even a close call or 50/50. He kicks him and he kicks him pretty HARD actually. What people "think" they are seeing is Van Dijk go to kick the ball and then suddenly pull his foot away is actually the force of him kicking his leg. If you wound your leg back and tried to kick a solid object, your leg/foot wouldn't just flow through in motion it would obviously stop dead. The camera angle makes it look like he pulls out but he kicks the fucker with quite a lot of momentum I've done the same thing when playing football and i'm sure other people on here who play have done it before too. It happens. Whats more worrying is that Van Dijk should have seen him and not bothered trying to kick the ball, the lack of awareness and poor/panic decision making is not what you expect from a top class player. As soon as he fucked up the first header i was thinking "DON'T GO FOR THE FUCKING BALL" it was so obvious it was going to happen. I also don't understand people being worried by our midfield today. Henderson, Can and Milner have always been shit together and they always will be. Milner is too old and lacks composure on the ball. Henderson is young, fit, but shit on the ball and Can is too fucking slow. Of course they were going to struggle, they have done it before when the chips are down and they will keep doing it. But Can will go and Kieta will arrive, that's an upgrade. We just need an upgrade on Milner/Henderson too. We better buy another CM who is good on the ball in the summer or we will just continue to see this shit. We need a passer. The more worrying one is Oxlaide. We spent big money on him, so we won't just sell him. I just don't know if Klopp will be able to improve him enough for him to be valuable as a squad player. Because sometimes he is a complete fucking liability when we throw him on. It's off the ball that he worries me the most. He's just switches off and is brainless about where he should be and what he should be doing. Quality players will have a field day around the spaces he vacates.
  15. You're a complete wanker You are the typical throw your toys out the pram cunt who could not wait for us to lose a game so you could slate Klopp. It must have been a miserable 3 months for you We were shit today, not as bad as some might think, we missed 3 or 4 really easy chances. They got a bit of luck and scored a scruffy goal. I know it's happened to us many times before but we haven't lost a game since October. Slating Klopp or the players today is just stupid. All unbeaten runs come to an end. Just ask Man city. Gutted we threw away 3 points but this happens in football sometimes.