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  1. Mil-ing Around


    What i can't understand is the allowing of amateur sports to still take place?! Lockdown, don't go near people, wear masks, virus is spreading. Yet goals, powerleague and grass roots football teams are still playing every weekend. 22 random people, not from the same household, many untested are sweating, breathing, and all over each other for 90 minutes but no no that's not helping spread the virus. Meeting your friends in groups of 7 is definitely making it worse. The fucking logic this government applies is stupid. Just lock it down again properly, have they not learnt anything from the first time around. Complete idiots running this shit show.
  2. Mil-ing Around

    Timo Werner

    That's my point mate, I'm saying he would have "ONLY" been able to play in Firmino's position eventually because he just isnt good enough to play anywhere else, for us. I don't think he would have been good enough in that position either but he would have been here on a 4 year contract and where else could we play him? He was lorded as this versatile forward who could play anywhere across the front three, but at the highest level when your going for the champions league and the league every season? Not for me Clive
  3. Mil-ing Around

    Timo Werner

    I know its only two games in and it's a new league, new country bla bla bla but what are people's initial thoughts on him now? There was quite a lot of rage on here when we didn't get him and lots of people saying we missed out on a great player who was perfect for Liverpool. I was quite vocal on saying i really really didn't want him and nothings changed my mind so far. Jamie Redknapp said he looked absolutely class yesterday?! Carra and Ashley Cole were stunned into silence. What am i missing here. He can't beat a man and he has no trickery/skills. I just don't see how he would have been perfect to replace or supplement our front three. Fabinho had a great game yesterday, but he's pretty slow and not a first choice CB. Werner had him 1 v 1 three or four times and he didn't beat him once and didn't look like he had a clue how to beat him either. It was the same story against Brighton (personally i think he's always been like this in Leipzig and for Germany) When Moe & Sadio go to Afcon (or if either is a sold at some point) the player replacing them needs to be quick, skillful and a good dribbler. If we had Werner coming in to do their job we would have definitely lost something and instantly become easier to defend. I'm not saying he is shit and won't score goals, he will, but he definitely isn't the player to take us to another level when one of our front three needs replacing. We would have lost something by signing him and he would have only been able to play Bobby's position eventually because he isn't good enough for us out wide.
  4. Winning 3-1, Crystal Palace brought on a guy called Eze Taking the piss!
  5. Mil-ing Around

    Diogo Jota

    7 pages, two new signings, and not a single post from Beefstroganoff? Same guy spent the last three months slagging the club off, everyday. Hmmmm. Certain people on here lept to his defence when i called him out before. He's not a Liverpool fan. Agent Mil-ing, work complete.
  6. Mil-ing Around

    Thiago Alcantara

    I think if Fabinho is at CB and Thiago is ahead of him that would leave us seriously lacking pace through the spine of our team, especially with Bobby up front. Fabinho and Thiago next to each other, like you suggested, might work nicely but i'd say Thiago deep with the legs & energy of Henderson + Wijnaldum either side of him would be our best midfield three (on paper). Will be interesting to see how we use him. He'll shine against low block teams but i wonder how we will play him against high press teams or fast counter attack teams. I think we are going to see another progression in Klopps tactics here and that's just what we need this season. Wonderful signing and I'm really happy we have added another world class player to our squad.
  7. Mil-ing Around

    Other football - 2020/21

    Still don't see the fuss with Werner. I'm glad we didn't buy him. Zero trickery and can't beat a man. All the things we need to replace/supplement our front 3. He's a functional striker, good but not amazing. Sancho 2021, make it happen!
  8. Mil-ing Around

    When was the league won?

    The day we beat the Mancs. Hearing the whole stadium sing "we're gona win the league" is something that will live with me for a long time. Now you're gona believe us you fucking cunts. After the years of ridicule, from their fans, having them in the stadium was a special moment. Karma is a bitch!
  9. Mil-ing Around

    Thiago Alcantara

    It's a strange saga but i don't think we are really in for him. Klopp likes his players in early and recently we haven't dragged things out when we want a player. Look how quickly we changed left back targets. Minamino was done swiftly too. But, we need him, we still struggle with ball retention at times in the midfield. Gini is great, but he's not Thiago and Kieta's passing is not up to scratch. Just abandon the structure and fucking sign him, he won't be 30 until towards the end of next season and he'll be boss at least until he's 33/34. Think of the experience and calmness he can pass on to some of our youngsters too.
  10. No one in the family can defend!
  11. Mil-ing Around

    "Luis Suarez - intentionally diabolical"

    His body is shot, i've watched loads of Barca games and he hasn't been the same player for a good 2 years now. Bringing him back would be crazy.
  12. Mil-ing Around

    Summer 2020 Transfer Thread

    I agree with this 100%. He fits our profile of player, i've watched him a fair bit and he's not just skills and tricks. He has a good football brain and passing ability. I'm genuinely gutted we aren't in for him and he will make the mancs much stronger, we will regret not getting him here. It's such a shit situation this virus, the uncertainty is holding us back and stopping us improving the squad. I know people are slating the fuck out of the owners and i hope they put their hands in the pocket and dig something out for us. I'll stop short of losing my shit over it though because i think the gap between us, United and Chelsea was always going to get shorter even with investment because those clubs will just keep throwing money at the problem until they fix it. United have spent over a £billion since fergie retired, they have fucked up almost every transfer, but here they are still spending big. Same with Chelsea & City. Our manager is the only reason we are up there but that bench does look weak and next season will be much tougher.
  13. Mil-ing Around

    Summer 2020 Transfer Thread

    (insert face palm emoji) You don't have to try and scare me lifetime fan, you did that with the picture of you in a hot tub years ago
  14. Mil-ing Around

    Summer 2020 Transfer Thread

    Want more yes, think it'll cause a shit storm if we don't? Fuck off That's what I replied to Wanting us to do it all again and acting like a baby if we don't are two different things. Only a fucking dickhead could get lost in the context of such a short post.
  15. Mil-ing Around

    Summer 2020 Transfer Thread

    Of course we should but if there's no money, there's no money. We need to sign a player or two but i won't be acting like a spoilt fucking baby like Beef if we don't and then we don't win the league again or have a shit season. Klopps here for another 4 years, he'll get money eventually and he'll build another great side and win loads more before he goes. I'm not going to slam him, the club or the players if they have a bad year next year. It's just football and nothing lasts forever. They have all done an amazing job up to this point.