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  1. Mil-ing Around

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Can't believe he's the Everton manager. Makes you wonder, would Rafa ever go to United if they offered him a job? Fair play to some of you for not caring but Rafa has ruined his legacy with Liverpool now for me. Fuck him, he just wants a pay day and doesn't care where he gets it. He's a good manager and he'll do well there with that squad and money (which they have) for new players. I think a few people are in for a suprise when Everton are in and around the top 4 come the end of the next few seasons.
  2. Mil-ing Around

    Summer 2021 transfer thread.

    Yeah i was surprised by that at the time too. Once there were reports of him being shown around uniteds training ground i thought he was nailed on to go there. I guess he chose Dortmund because of playing time. I still think he'll end up at united though which is a shame because he looks like a real talent.
  3. Mil-ing Around

    Summer 2021 transfer thread.

    I've played football with his dad loads of times, massive man united fan. He'll never come here. I think he'll end up at United at some point sadly
  4. Mil-ing Around

    Summer 2021 transfer thread.

    Of course he's getting to that level. With the right manager and coaching behind him, he will only get better. He's playing in a top league, and is starting to show it at international level too. By people wanting Sancho or saying we should buy him doesn't shit on the achievements of the current squad. Our front three have done great, but can we really hope to drag another 2 or 3 years out of them? Salah and Mane are pace players and they are approaching 30. That pace won't last forever. We need tricky forwards who beat players to open up defences and spaces for us, and we have to look to the future. Evolution is buying a player like Sancho, he's young, gifted, quick, great passing ability and a better football brain than he gets credit for. People just don't see it or don't want to see it mate. Somebody also asked if he can do it in England and the prem? I mean the kid played here all his life and was brought up on the English game, to think he won't come here and be a huge success is crazy. Klopp has already put Salah and Van Dijk in the running for the Balon D'or, if he coached Sancho over the next few years he would absolutely get him to that level. His record with forwards is amazing. Our only hope is the Manc Goblin has no clue and Sancho doesn't progress under him like he would under Klopp. Yeah i agree, players like him don't come around very often and working under Klopp for a few years would put us in a great position going forward. You can't just sit on what you have and run it into the ground and re-build from the bottom up. Sancho would work his way into our team and in the coming seasons be ready to take over from Mane or Salah. I have backed the owners over the years but i do agree that they have the easiest of lives (compared to the other clubs). While i don't want our supporters protesting like those Manc dickheads, i do think they should spend money from their own pockets every once in a while. This is one of those times they should. They won't of course and we will miss out on the chance to sign an absolutely brilliant young player who would probably come to us if Klopp came calling.
  5. Mil-ing Around

    Trent Alexander-Arnold

    How can you not find leaving Trent out as significant? He has absolutely smashed the assists record from right back for 2 years and completely changed the way the position is played. His vision and passing range/ability from that position has never been seen before. Of course it's significant if he's not taken to a major international tournament.
  6. Mil-ing Around

    Ozan Kabak

    He's shit, it would be totally crazy to sign him. He's not good enough on the ball to play for a top side. That's why we did much better once we put Rhys Williams there, who is miles ahead of him in terms of passing and composure. He wasn't even that good a defender either, he was a liability and had bad positioning many times. Fuck him off and buy somebody else.
  7. Mil-ing Around

    Thiago Alcantara

    When the dust has settled and this season is over, with a good preseason behind us, i think we can all agree that you 3 will still talk a lot of shit
  8. Love Gini and he was our best player by a mile up until January this season but he looks burnt. Our midfield is aging and looking slow. Thiago has no pace, Fabinho was never quick, Henderson injured a fair bit and hitting 30, Gini hitting 30, Milner is 35. If we don't replace that midfield with quick young players this summer we are going to fall behind the other clubs quickly. We need legs in there, sign him up.
  9. Mil-ing Around

    What constitutes the perfect cooked breakfast?

    Yeah, i like him too, seems like a genuine fella. Doesn't give a fuck when he goes to these places, sets up his own table right outside and films on a main road haha. I thought that too mate. Adam Richmond (man v food) started to get serious health problems after years of eating all that food and that's why he stopped. Hopefully this guy looks after himself at some point. Seems like somebody was looking down on him, its damn hard to get the youtube algorithm to bump such a small content creator on to the home page of such a big platform and into 1000's of peoples recommended lists. He will be a millionaire inside 2 years with his current growth on youtube though. His viewership numbers per video and subscriber numbers are crazy high and gaining at a rapid rate. Nice story, hope he makes it big for him and his kids.
  10. Mil-ing Around

    What constitutes the perfect cooked breakfast?

    It's funny that you posted this mate. This guys videos popped up on my recommended on YouTube last week too. His growth is crazy. Started off on 24,000 subscribers when I saw him last week. Today he's on 117,000! He did a live Q&A today and said his wife died 3 months ago leaving him alone with 3 kids. Awful news. He's about to become a very rich guy with his growth on YouTube, he deserves it.
  11. Mil-ing Around

    The Snooker

    He's a fucking cunt. The José Mourinho of snooker. 5 snookers he needed in that last frame. FIVE. It's just deliberate anti snooker tactics. He slows the game down to try and play mind games, fucking boring twat. He's the most boring world champion there's ever been. Hope Bingham slams him tomorrow.
  12. Mil-ing Around

    Summer 2021 transfer thread.

    We should buy Kessie from AC Milan to replace Gini. He looks like an absolutely brilliant player
  13. Mil-ing Around

    Our CB situation.

    They have played well last few of games and helped us to much needed wins. Both are shit though and I hope we don't sign Kabak in the summer. Neither are good enough on the ball and it really hinders the way we attack and build up from the back.
  14. Mil-ing Around

    January 2021 Transfer Thread

    I fear we HAVE to buy him in the summer. I know all the journo's and ITK twats are saying option to buy, but lets be honest, they don't know fuck all about our deals. Like everyone is suggesting this deal makes no sense for Schalke, they paid £18 million for him in 2019. If we have to buy him and he's our long term solution for CB, then i'd be pretty underwhelmed. I think Upameancano is perfect for us, he has the right amount of composure/arrogance on the ball and he's quick & strong. Plus he's also used to playing a high line and defending 1v1 (i don't know much about Konate but other's seem to rate him on here) Let's see what the club announces when this deal for Kabak goes through, im praying its only for 6 months!