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  1. aws

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Jack Ruby was a Red.
  2. I wouldn't be surprised if the number of decision makers at major companies who support the Mancs far exceeds the number who support us. They had 10- 15 years of more or less complete dominance while we could only point at the past and people love to attach themselves to winners. If we continue winning titles for another decade the situation will probably be reversed.
  3. aws

    Naby Keita

    Surely we can completely rebuild him for $6m?
  4. Matip and Hendo seem to be fit so the side we're likely to pick will be better than theirs. No reason why we can't get a result.
  5. aws

    Naby Keita

    When is the next African Nations?
  6. Shame the Hammer movies are out -they were seminal in more ways than one.
  7. aws

    Other football - 2020/21

    I'm fully expecting Burnley to concede at least three in their next game.
  8. aws

    VAR Thoughts?

    That Kane penalty situation was itself an extended interpretation of the offside law which said that the striker was onside if a defender played the ball. That was supposed to mean deliberately passing or kicking the ball (I.e. Something clear, understandable and in accordance with the spirit of the game) but was now idiotically ruled to mean any touch by a defender except a purely unconscious deflection. The City decision extended the idiocy to allow an attacker to chase back and pressure a defender from an offside position on the basis that he wasn't seeking an advantage if the defender then misplayed the ball. The decision was wrong but rather than admit it they've now changed the interpretation again. But Kane would still be onside if it happened again as he was just goal hanging rather than closing a defender down.
  9. aws

    VAR Thoughts?

    Interesting change of tactics from the authorities. Usually they wait for us to be stiffed by a stupid rule/interpretation/campaign before quitetly changing it. Now they wait for cIty to benefit before openly changing it.
  10. aws

    Fuck off Frank Lampard

    Everton hopefully.
  11. aws

    Utd (A) FA Cup - Sun 24/1 - 17:00

    Hopefully just making sure both are fit for Spurs.
  12. aws

    Premier League Round Up (Jan 16-20 2021)

    Agree with all that, Dave. This run will come to an end soon. It's not just that statistically it's next to impossible not to score from the number of chances we've created (even thought we're not playing well) but the way we've conceded from the very few chances we've allowed is freaky too. A header which hits the woodwork, bounces out and then spins back in; a speculative backwards lob which loops right into the top corner; a soft pen when a similar, if not worse, challenge was completely ignored a few minutes earlier.
  13. aws

    Utd (A) FA Cup - Sun 24/1 - 17:00

    I think we'll pick a strong side but I expect Milner and Jones will get a run out.