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  1. No except for the fifth CL entrant from a country (I think).
  2. I don’t think it does,
  3. It’s just a seeding system so each team gets a theoretical fair spread of opponents. Whichever pot you’re in, you get two opponents from each pot.
  4. A bit ironic that, now we’ve worked our way back into Pot 1, it ceases to have any advantage.
  5. Dave doesn’t realise we can barely understand a word they say.
  6. I can’t see him managing a club again as he’s obviously burnt out and it’s a really big ask to just have a break and then find the energy levels and enthusiasm again. Maybe managing Germany but my bet would be that he and Ulla will throw themselves into some kind of charity work.
  7. We don’t need no stinking badges.
  8. It’s bad enough that they miss important games while on fantastic money to be present at the birth without rubbing our noses in it a couple of years later.
  9. The clubs should have a vote on getting rid of PGMOL.
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