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  1. The Boss of course. By a mile.
  2. And we gave him a £5m signing on fee.
  3. aws

    Klopp - Specs?

    They're gone. Get over it.
  4. I agree but I think we're going to be extremely reluctant for Virgil and Joe to play twice a week over the next few months. Particularly when there's only two days' recovery between games. A long way from ideal but better than risking one of them breaking down.
  5. Agree with Dave U 100%.
  6. VVD and Konate I reckon. With Gomez and Konate at Norwich.
  7. aws

    Man City - the new bitters?

    Small club, big wallet.
  8. I think Origi would be decent enough if he was playing for a lower level club week in, week out. He's got a lot of talent but his form and mentality is streaky. He needs to be starting regularly somewhere.
  9. Are five subs allowed? Maybe we'll be doing a bit of rotating early in the second half.
  10. Consequences matter when it comes to offences. Hundreds of drivers speed through towns every days. Mostly nothing happens. Sometimes they'll get a speeding fine. Occasionally they'll kill someone and maybe end up in prison. The same offence but vastly different outcomes. It's a risk you take if you break the law. If you lunge into a tackle without full control of what you might do to the opponent then mostly you'll get away with it but don't complain if you hurt him.
  11. I expect it was rejected because the rules of the game are clear enough.
  12. Only if they decide it's a frivolous appeal, I think.
  13. aws

    Mohamed Salah

    Never doubted him.