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  1. Dave will put it in at the last minute.
  2. I think it's mostly the snidey after-match interviews.
  3. aws

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    They need to forget about us, accept what they are instead of thinking about what they were 35 years ago, adopt a sensible business plan and aim to be in Europe in 3-5 years, stop buying washed-up players from "Big Clubs" and stop employing big name managers on the way down. They won't though.
  4. aws

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Are they walking back in again once they've walked out?
  5. aws

    Last-Minute Winners

    My favourite of that lot has to be Div's header. But close competition from Gary Mac, Mellor and Ali.
  6. aws

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    All but one man died There at Bitter Creek And they say he ran away Branded!
  7. aws

    Would you swap Origi for Traore?

    We could always have both I suppose.
  8. aws

    Everton 1 Liverpool 4 (Dec 1 2021)

    I thought the ref was good overall and kept control but he did give them a series of cheap free kicks.
  9. A bit risky to sell him in January unless it frees up money to do something immediately. Joe seems not to have recovered yet and Matip keeping fit is always a worry.
  10. aws

    January 2022 Transfer Thread

    Ramsey struggles with pace, pressing and stamina these days so I think it's unlikely.
  11. aws

    Diogo Jota

    Whether they miss the Leicester and Chelsea games will depend on whether we can persuade their countries to call them up a bit later for pre-tournament training. They could play both games and still have the best part of a week to prepare out there.
  12. It's to remind them of those halcyon war years when they were unbeaten and nobody finished above them.
  13. They surrounded the ref all night. And judging by the series of soft free-kicks they got it seems to have worked. We had twice as much of the ball but seem to have committed twice as many fouls.
  14. Strongest side, twat them, worry about rotation afterwards.
  15. On the 3/5 subs question, you'd have thought they could reach agreement allowing two extra subs if they are home grown and under21 or 23.