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  1. Which is no doubt why the Prem bosses have agreed not to refer to voiding the season but to talk about curtailing it. It'll get finished one way or another unless the crisis takes a big turn for the worse.
  2. aws


    I agree that they look shitter than ever these days and I can't remember the constant stream of changers happening 20 years ago.
  3. UEFA don't determine when a season begins or ends in the individual countries. Even if they insisted on starting the CL and EL for next season on time (good luck with that) we'd only have to forfeit the seventh place EL slot to be be on time to compete in Europe by finishing this season by early September. Also there may well be a big difference between saying the season is "lost" and saying it's voided. I read somewhere that the PL decided at their last meeting that they were all going to stop talking about the possibility of voiding the season and to refer to curtailing it. This is probably why Brady has changed her tune.
  4. aws

    Tory Liverpool fans

    On the whole I prefer it when party politics is kept as far away from football as possible.
  5. aws


    Bearing in mind modern training methods, better pitches, increased levels of fitness, more scientific coaching and the fact that keepers are generally taller and more powerful than the keepers of 20 years ago, I find it difficult to accept that they've just become shit for no reason. So I put it down to the pass back rule and the lighter, quicker, swervier ball.
  6. At last. A good reason for wanting West Ham to stay up.
  7. aws

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Who do the angels laugh at then?
  8. aws

    The Godfather

    Godfather 3 was certainly missing a certain something.
  9. aws

    Other Football - 2019/20

    Emlyn Hughes should still be in any greatest ever team. At left back if he's not in midfield.
  10. Extraordinary times require extraordinary measures. You could draw ballots to settle any CL qualifiers there was no time to play.
  11. As we've already qualified for the CL next season I would say we're the only club who can't be accused of looking small time because we've nothing to gain from them being suspended.
  12. You could probably reduce next season by a month by cutting out international friendlies as well. You could also gain the best part of a month just by finishing it in early June. There's no reason at all why you couldn't have a meaningful season starting in October. The CL and EL could make up lost time out of their winter break.
  13. aws

    This is not a drill

    Any chance of a link?
  14. aws

    Joe Cole and Coronavirus

    I've no idea why anybody would seek to preserve a season which hasn’t even started at the expense of one which is three-quarters completed. There's plenty of scope to have a meaningful next season even if this one doesn't complete until Autumn.