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  1. beejay

    Tottenham 0 Liverpool 1 (Jan 11 2020)

    Top report Dave. We keep hearing about all these other club's injuries as their excuses pile up and then the conspiracy theorists point the finger at our intensity and so-called luck with injuries suggesting our lot are all on performance-enhancing drugs blah blah. What seems to escape them is the backlog of injuries we have suffered this season with 8 players missing for chunks. I even heard that clown Durham on Talksport dismissing our injury record because it didn't include "long term injuries to key players" - huh? Alisson missed all but 37 mins of our first 8 games, we have been down to 2 fit centre backs for the last 6 games and we have had no less than 7 of our midfielders injured so far. That said, who cares - we are unbelievable this season, just keep going reds.
  2. beejay

    Liverpool 2 Monterrey 1 (Dec 18 2019)

    I'm over there now and their fans seem to outnumber us 10-1. The stadium for the Monterrey game was all red but most of them were just there for Salah and were silent except when the ball went anywhere near Mo. Our lot seem to be dotted around all over the ground while the Mexicans only had about 200 but were seated together and made a right din. Fucking crowd even did the Mexican fucking wave. I'm praying we win because it's gonna be tough hanging around the hotel here for the next couple of days in the company of thousands of Brazilians.
  3. beejay

    FIFA Club World Cup 2019

    I'm going to Qatar for the tournament and have tickets to both games. I can post up a report on the games and the stadium etc if anyone's interested? Won't be in Dave's league but I will do my best. I actually believe that winning a World Club title will in future years be seen as massive, on a par with European Champions or higher in status. Not at the moment obviously but in 5 or 10 years - FIFA are already making plans to revise the format and turn it into a big deal. I'm desperate to see us win this title and I think the club and Klopp feel the same - although not at the expense of the holy grail this season. Anyone else on the forum going?
  4. beejay


    Lee Mason - fat cunt Jon Moss-side - even fatter cunt Howard Webb - S Yorks police uber cunt
  5. beejay

    Liverpool 1 Napoli 1 (Nov 27 2019)

    Yep, that was a frustrating evening and a big missed opportunity. I don't think Klopp got this one right, we knew they would be shithouses and play for the draw so why have a midfield of Milner, Fabino and Henderson who for all their qualities are not likely to unpick tight defences. Two things are doing my head in at the moment - firstly, why can't we keep a clean sheet anymore? I can't put my finger on a reason because it's not individual errors, we just don't seem to be shutting out the opposition as consistently as last year. Secondly, why oh why are we coasting through every first half playing at a slow, ponderous tempo that eventually invites the other team to have a go at us? We only seem to pick up intensity when we are a goal down or have managed to reach half time without conceding. I don't believe it's a tactical decision to start so poorly, sure we may be playing the ball around to wear down the opposition's legs but that doesn't excuse the disjointed displays and the lack of urgency that characterises so many of our recent games, especially away from home. Klopp may have to shake up the team and bring in some fresher legs but then there's a danger that we drop off in the mentality monsters stakes
  6. beejay

    Liverpool 2 Genk 1 (Nov 5 2019)

    It's true that Keita is playing within himself and just doing the basics but I'm still allowing him plenty of slack because it's clear he can play. I have written so many players off over the years only for them to turn out great and equally as many who I was convinced would be brilliant from the start only to flop. I'm putting Naby into the first category for now, there's enough on display to indicate he can be ace once he has fully settled in.
  7. beejay

    Naby Keita

    To be fair to the system he plays in, Gini does get forward and into some great positions but boy, has he missed some sitters in his time as well as the spectacular.
  8. beejay

    MK Dons 0 Liverpool 2 (Sep 25 2019)

    I thought Lallana was excellent and I'm a long way from being a fan of his. He & Milner were easily the best of the seniors, Keita was OK as well but played within himself and kept it very simple, so you couldn't say he influenced the game enough given his reputation and talent. The other seniors were out-performed by some of the kids. Personally, I was seriously impressed with Hoever - not just the goal and his general play but the fact he competed so well for every ball, even in the air against much stronger opponents he was fearless. He has the talent, that's obvious but he also looks to have the right attitude. If he is to make the grade as a centreback then he has to have that edge. Sure he needs to develop and put on some strength so he won't be out-muscled, that's all about growing into his frame, but if at this stage he is throwing himself whole-heartedly into challenges against big, experienced pros then that is a great sign. Elliot - wow! Curtis Jones - some classy touches, he has quick feet and I hope he kicks on from here. Brewster meh, didn't seem to have much positional sense and he touched the ball so infrequently it was not the game to draw any conclusions, just has to play more but he didn't make a case for breaking into the first team yet as we all hoped from pre-season. Kelleher, very promising - his distribution is already streets ahead of Mignolet and one of his saves from point blank range was stunning, so he well deserves being our #2 even for a brief period. Roll on Arsenal, then Crawley or Colchester please!
  9. beejay

    Martin GOBSHITE Tyler.......

    100% agree with all these comments - listen to the difference when Trent scores his screamer v the Kante goal. It's become more than just a minor irritation now, his ridiculous bias colours Sky's whole commentary. How about Dave U calling him out in one of his blogs?
  10. He was well sound anyway. Bit older than you if your profile is up to date!
  11. Well that scuttles one of our stories from Madrid. This big, shaggy long-haired dude came walking towards our group in the fanzone on Saturday morning carrying a supermarket bag with dozens of tinnies and my lad shouts out - hey, thats Dave Usher! Now Ive seen this guy loads of times over the years standing outside the Kop selling fanzines and as he reached us he never denied the Dave Usher thing and he stayed with us for half an hour talking about how him and his mates made the journey and where to watch the game as (like us) they had one lad with a ticket and the rest lost out in the ballot. We took the 24 hour ferry back after the game and only arrived home in the early hours so I opened Daves report intending to post about how cool it was to meet him - except it wasn't cool it was fucking baking in the Felipe II Plaza - only to find the real DU watched the game in Liverpool! So who is that fella who sells the fanzines and looks like a hippie from some rock band?
  12. beejay

    Summer 2019 Transfer Thread

    Tielemans for me, very hard working and a great engine plus he can make killer passes and score a few screamers. Only on loan. Madison a good prospect but he would cost a bomb, same applies to Jimenez but he would be awesome to alternate with Firmino.
  13. beejay

    Fulham 1 Liverpool 2 (Mar 17 2019)

    This is such a weird season, record points yet some really slack play in so many games. We've been saying since the start of the season that just wait until we click but it's never really happened other than the odd game. I watch the warm-ups when the full backs get to the bye-line and cross for the forwards or have a shot and 9 times out of 10 they miss, so we shouldn't be too shocked when they do the same in the match. But it's so annoying - we hit the first man again and again and again or hit it straight at the keeper again and again and again. Every other fucking side manage to put it through the defender's legs to put it on a plate for their strikers so why the fuck can't we!!! Dave's right that if we had 2017-18 Salah we would be walking the League but the same applies to Firmino. The 2019 version is a pale shadow - there was one break in the 1st half when he had about 3 different team mates available to put through on goal and he passed it straight into touch for a goal kick. "WTF was he thinking of" I bellowed at the mrs.
  14. beejay

    Liverpool 5 Watford 0 (Feb 27 2019)

    Fair play to Klopp, I can't imagine a single punter would have opted for Mane up front and Origi on the left wing but calls like that distinguish the best managers from the pack.
  15. beejay

    West Ham 1 Liverpool (Feb 4 2019)

    Great report DU. My main gripe at the moment (other than Bobby's dreadful displays) is the lack of fight in the side. West Ham have nothing to play for, same as Leicester, yet they were first to every ball while we were passive and disinterested. This is the fucking title we are going for - why aren't the players battling for every ball, straining every sinew, running the extra yard? Have they hit the wall and can't give anymore than they are doing? Or are some of them freezing with the nerves? Surely it can't be the former because we have chopped and changed throughout the season and having gone out of 2 cups early, we have enjoyed more breaks than our rivals. But there just isn't the energy, the drive, the relentless pressure that we have become accustomed to under Klopp. I would love to see the running statistics this year compared to last, we must be way, way down.