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  1. beejay


    We will be there Friday afternoon, any fanzone meeting places that evening? Madrid was great on the Friday night, so was Istanbul , Saturday was memorable obviously but centred around getting to the game or a bar to watch it while the night before was the craic
  2. Big pitch, makes it more difficult for us to defend the high line as we saw in the League Cup final when they broke through one on one too many times. Picking the right combinations is so important, we have more firepower than Chelsea but their system gives them overloads out wide while we should have more control over possession. We don't have too many options in midfield unfortunately, as much as Ox has underperformed when in the side, we could really have done with him knocking on the door with more legs than Milner. Otherwise the 3rd midfield spot now is Keita, Jones or Milner and none of them inspire confidence. Still fancy us to win because of Klopp, he will find a way
  3. beejay

    Liverpool 2 Everton 0 (Apr 24 2022)

    First half was a farce, mainly because Stuart Atwell is hopelessly out of his depth and his weak officiating gave them free rein to stop the game every few minutes. The way he allowed them to surround him with every decision, then chat constantly to them again and again and then give TWO minutes added time? I guess we have to be thankful he didn't totally let them spoil the game by falling for Gordon's diving but a stronger ref would have stopped their shithousery much earlier
  4. beejay

    James Milner

    Had a shocker last night but shit happens, so did Fabs on Sunday. Big Game James still has plenty to contribute
  5. beejay

    Kostas Tsimikas

    Brilliant last night. Gives everything he's got, but not just a trier he's very efficient in all facets. Great signing given we were supposedly after the Norwich lad who then bombed at Newcastle as first choice
  6. beejay

    Man City 2 Liverpool 2 (Apr 10 2022)

    Great to see your report again Dave, top man. Agree with just about everything as usual including what a horrible give away of the points against Leicester when they had basically given up but we just couldn't come up with a professional performance. We showed enormous character in this game and I fancy us to turn them over on Saturday, our fire power will do the job
  7. West Ham or Arsenal. Neither will challenge us next year but Spurs under Conte may improve massively with Champions League status
  8. beejay

    FA Cup draw

    Ours were £45 each. 18000 in the queue before me and ended up high in 529
  9. beejay

    Liverpool 2 Watford 0 (Apr 2 2022)

    I didn't get that the crowd was especially nervy, the Kop was in good voice and supportive with none of the loud aahs and sighs when someone made a mistake or getting onto the back of someone having a mare, like happens sometimes. Henderson was the only one losing his cool, booting the ball away aimlessly a couple of times in the 2nd half and having some major rants at others (Thiago and Gomez in particular).
  10. All about opinions but fully agree that Gomez was good on any scale bar TAA, Keita was tidy in the Gini way and Kostas was involved throughout but not always in a good way. Harvey was disappointingly poor, not helped by Ox at his worst, trying to force the play or holding on too long. Really want Ox to do well but it's yet another opportunity blown, he is a frustrated member of the squad and we don't need that at such a crucial point in the season. I do wonder about our rotation, we either make no changes or loads. Going into the crucial April period would it be better if we made just a couple of changes each game? I reckon some of the so called fringe players would adapt much better if the core of the team is alongside them
  11. beejay

    Other Football 2021/22

    It's been reported elsewhere that Chris Kavanagh's brother and other family members are Manchester City season ticket holders.
  12. beejay

    January 2022 Transfer Thread

    It's about lack of legs as well as tactics. We are playing differently this season and that was more noticeable early on when Harvey Elliot was playing high & wide up the pitch with a triangle going between him, Salah & Trent overloading our right side. Elliot was able to fill in out wide and Trent has moved infield much more than previous seasons - in many games he has become virtually a midfield playmaker, leaving the right back position for others to cover. Elliot was very effective in holding the ball up and also tracking back but we have lost that control since he's been out. Henderson just doesn't have the legs any more to cover our right side, where we leave Trent & Salah in high positions, as well as maybe he could a couple of years ago. Everyone talks about our high line but when we have been exposed by a through ball it's mainly where we have left a gap in midfield to allow the space for the through ball. We have been wide open far too often and it's been too easy for a player to get on the ball, look for the runner and make the pass. The system we play needs our midfield to be box-to-box so if we lose the ball there is cover. But our midfielders have struggled to do that job as the season has progressed and we have been short on numbers in the central areas leaving us susceptible to the break. Fabinho & Thiago are quality together but the others have not been as good. It will be interesting to see if Klopp slots Harvey Elliot back in the team when he is fit again, or even if we start to use our forwards in similar positions - to overload one area of the pitch and keep 2 central midfielders patrolling the middle. I can definitely see the potential in some games for 4 forwards now that Diaz is in the squad but it does put pressure on the deeper midfielders to cover for them and that's where we lack the legs, a priority in the summer is a mobile, athletic presence in centre midfield.
  13. beejay

    Welcome to Liverpool Luis Diaz

    So did Lovren, scoring at Anfield and we signed him the following season.
  14. beejay

    Crystal Palace 1 Liverpool 3 (Jan 23 2022)

    Man City have a huge PR dept feeding stories to the media and it's curious that a few Saudi friendly puff stuff has started to appear now as well. Wasn't a penalty but the same ref on VAR was the one who didn't give the Ederson charge out of his goal that wiped out Ryan Fraser of Newcastle for the most blatant penalty you could ever see.
  15. beejay

    Liverpool 0 Arsenal 0 (Jan 13 2022)

    Klopp picked a strong, experienced side who then played like headless chickens. The leaders in the team all played like boneheads - VVD, Robbo, Hendo and Milner were awful. Trent and Jota as well, shockingly bad. Minamino is normally a headless chicken anyway so no surprise there. We were crying out for some creativity and missed a great opportunity to bring on Kaide Gordon to overload the wide areas and box them in. Instead we just passed the ball sideways slowly all night. Kostas, Kaide and Curtis should all have been on at HT to inject energy into the side, like Dave I will be raging if we blow this chance to go to a cup final