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  1. beejay

    Everton 2 Liverpool 2 (Oct 17 2020)

    What's this taken from?
  2. I just want to live in the moment. The manager and players will look ahead but as a fan I'm savouring every second, devouring all the media love and embracing these memorable times with all my fellow supporters and family. After hitting rock bottom under G&H and then with Hodgson as manager, to now see my team holding the Premiership, Super Cup, European Cup and World Club Cup is crazy good, we are believers again
  3. beejay

    Fuck off Frank Lampard

    I guess that all stems from the foul on Mane leading up to our 2nd goal when he had a right flounce. It was a foul ffs despite Tyler's & Carragher's ridiculous comments. We have had to endure Chelsea's arrogance for years so suck it up rent boys.
  4. beejay

    Liverpool 2 Bournemouth 1 (Mar 7 2020)

    Bournemouth are very average especially defensively yet we still struggled to create a host of chances. When we did open them up and got behind them, our cut backs as usual never seem to find a runner. Going back to the last 2 seasons, our decision making and judgement of passes on the break and high up the pitch were phenomenal,telepathic - yet with the same 3 forwards, they play like strangers now. Lost count of the number of dire passes and misplaced balls between them - Sadio gets an assist for the 1st goal but it was a calamitous pass yards behind Salah who did really well to turn and squeeze the ball through the defender's legs into the corner. Salah reciprocated by murdering a couple of opportunities on the break with ill-timed, wayward passes while Bobby's flicks & tricks are fooling no-one except his comrades nowadays. I can't explain it and still imagine each week that the 3 of them will suddenly click again and we will pulverise a few defences - Atletico and Everton would be a good time to start!!
  5. beejay

    Watford 3 Liverpool 0 (Feb 29 2020)

    There must be some stat-man on here who can analyse distances covered, sprints etc per player over the season compared to this game because it looked to me that there was a huge drop-off in the basics such as moving off the ball and running into space. And that's been the case over the last few weeks as well, mainly in the 1st half of each game when we have coasted before Klopp sorts them out at half time and we turn up the volume a bit in the 2nd half. Our playing style has changed over the last couple of years and we are much better in possession now but our threat comes from periods of fast interplay to release the forwards or to create overlaps. And then swarming all over the opposition when they have the ball. The worrying thing at the moment is we have lost that intensity. Klopp will be aware of this for sure and he may have to freshen up the line-up from now until the end of the season where key players are on empty - for example, Gini & Bobby. Fabs should be full of running but something's not right with him since his return. Having Milner back should help because he runs more than anyone else anyway so he can set the tone.
  6. I want Villa, Burnley & West Ham to go down. I'm sick of Burnley and their alehouse cloggers, West Ham because of their owners and Villa cos of their deluded scruffy no-mark fans. But it will more likely be Norwich, Watford and Bournemouth. Promoted - tonight's Brentford-Leeds game could be significant but my preference would be Brentford, Fulham & Bristol City to go up as I have no problem with any of them while Leeds & Forest have insufferable fans, Preston have shithouse management who like to have a pop at us and WBA are meh. Maybe Swansea with Brewster scoring a shedload in the run-in?
  7. I've forgiven him and glad to welcome him back. I was there in Cardiff to see him win the Cup for us on a day when we were battered by a superior side until he volleyed an equaliser from nowhere and then set off on that long sprint towards our end, making a complete arse of the invincible Arsenal defence before finding the net from an impossible angle to spark off jubilant mayhem all around me. I was pissed off when he left for Madrid so late in the window but I also recall standing on the Kop cheering when news came in that he had scored for Real, there was still goodwill then. It was clear as day that he wanted to come back but we were badly run back then and I blame Parry as much as anyone for somehow not clinching the deal. Signing for United was another nail in the coffin of his LFC support but since he retired he has been nothing but respectful towards our club and has now opened up on his feelings, so I applaud him for that. Any ex-player (especially if they have left great memories for us on the pitch) who goes on to support the club after he has finished his playing career is welcome so far as I'm concerned. Life's too short and bitterness is for others, he made mistakes but owns them so I'm with Carra and Chris Smith.
  8. beejay

    Liverpool 1 Shrewsbury Town 0 (Feb 4 2020)

    I went to the game also and it was a real joy. A lot of the regulars near me (on the Kop) weren't there and it was noticeable how many kids were in the crowd, the atmosphere was excellent with none of the usual moaning about a misplaced pass or someone taking the wrong option. Instead, there was nothing but unqualified support for the young uns and a universal recognition of their skills, courage and determination. Adam Lewis in particular was throwing his arms up urging the crowd and we all responded loudly, it was great. He's tiny, as were some of the others - Clarkson & Cain were dwarfed in midfield by their opposing Neanderthals yet they kept being brave in possession and taking the knocks. Brilliant night, loved it
  9. beejay

    Mohamed Salah

  10. Jon Moss the ref. FFS we seem to get the dregs every game now. OK, I do have major concerns about a few refs but for me, the worst are Atkinson, Lee Mason, Jon Moss, Anthony Taylor and Kevin Friend and we seem to have one of this lot for a disproportionately high number of our games. EDIT In fact, just checked and there are TEN referees on this season's Premiership List who have yet to be given any of our 25 games (up to and including Southampton on Saturday). Thankfully, Mason is one of them. Oliver has the most (5 out of 20) but is the top ref in the country so gets his share of the bigger games. Atkinson/Moss/Taylor/Friend have 11 between them. Dean has 1 (Everton due to location) as do Pawson/Tierney while Marriner & Kavanagh each have 3.
  11. beejay

    Shewsbury Town 2 Liverpool 2 (Jan 26 2020)

    Dave is 100% right in singling out the centrebacks who were laugh out loud awful. Lovren was in full-on Coco mood, complete with clown shoes and red nose. We've seen this from him before and generally speaking, he starts as he means to go on - so sure enough he got progressively worse until he gifted them their 2nd goal by stumbling over his oversize boots. Spent much of the 1st half with his hand in the air like he was a schoolkid caught short in the classroom while their forwards ran through on goal unchallenged and the 2nd half he looked like he had just got out of bed, I swear he was yawning at one point although that may just have been because his mouth was open in shock at his own dismal performance. Alongside him, Matip gave a pretty good impression of Billy the Brontosaurus, slowly lumbering around the pitch with a complete disconnect between mind and body. Every time the ball was in the air, his long neck catapulted his pin head in the general vicinity of the ball but the aim was poor and he either missed it completely or the ball skimmed off in an unlikely direction. Dozy, gormless and totally oblivious to danger he was eaten alive by a T Rex in the form of their sub. Just goes to show once again how awesome Virgil Van Dijk is because either of these jokers seems to play great alongside him.
  12. beejay

    Takumi Minamino

    Looked lost and couldn't get into the game but it will take time to settle into the side and as much as anything, time for his team mates to know his game. He showed for the ball a lot but we don't tend to pass the ball short to a marked player in a crowded zone ; our game is more about players finding space and receiving, then recycling quickly - pass and move. Minamino was trying to play on the shoulder of a defender but our midfielders saw the move then opted to pass elsewhere - understandable when we were playing against a very good counter-attacking team. From what I've seen of him at Salzburg, he likes to run with the ball from deep and pop up all over the pitch and he doesn't yet look suited to the wide role that he was given last night or as a lone central striker as for the Everton game. He will adapt and his team mates will learn how to use him better, next season we will see what he has to offer but I still think he is much more of an attacking midfielder than a genuine forward.
  13. beejay

    Tottenham 0 Liverpool 1 (Jan 11 2020)

    Top report Dave. We keep hearing about all these other club's injuries as their excuses pile up and then the conspiracy theorists point the finger at our intensity and so-called luck with injuries suggesting our lot are all on performance-enhancing drugs blah blah. What seems to escape them is the backlog of injuries we have suffered this season with 8 players missing for chunks. I even heard that clown Durham on Talksport dismissing our injury record because it didn't include "long term injuries to key players" - huh? Alisson missed all but 37 mins of our first 8 games, we have been down to 2 fit centre backs for the last 6 games and we have had no less than 7 of our midfielders injured so far. That said, who cares - we are unbelievable this season, just keep going reds.
  14. beejay

    Liverpool 2 Monterrey 1 (Dec 18 2019)

    I'm over there now and their fans seem to outnumber us 10-1. The stadium for the Monterrey game was all red but most of them were just there for Salah and were silent except when the ball went anywhere near Mo. Our lot seem to be dotted around all over the ground while the Mexicans only had about 200 but were seated together and made a right din. Fucking crowd even did the Mexican fucking wave. I'm praying we win because it's gonna be tough hanging around the hotel here for the next couple of days in the company of thousands of Brazilians.
  15. beejay

    FIFA Club World Cup 2019

    I'm going to Qatar for the tournament and have tickets to both games. I can post up a report on the games and the stadium etc if anyone's interested? Won't be in Dave's league but I will do my best. I actually believe that winning a World Club title will in future years be seen as massive, on a par with European Champions or higher in status. Not at the moment obviously but in 5 or 10 years - FIFA are already making plans to revise the format and turn it into a big deal. I'm desperate to see us win this title and I think the club and Klopp feel the same - although not at the expense of the holy grail this season. Anyone else on the forum going?