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  1. magicrat

    The Open 2019

    I've been playing for forty odd years and never got better . Now my putting has gone to shit it's on a downward spiral. Shot ninety fucking six this week on an easy course missing at least 5 putts inside 4 ft. Desperate. Anyway good luck getting it down the clowns mouth and through the windmill. I'll be joining you soon.
  2. magicrat

    The Open 2019

    He's a rabid Manc. Lots of Irish people are which is a pity . I don't like him for it and even less for playing with Trump but I can appreciate he's a fantastic golfer . Anyway he entertained me for a couple of hours earlier and you won't have to watch him over the weekend Stig. All good
  3. magicrat

    The Open 2019

    There are squliions of bigger prize cunts in the news than Rory McIlroy . At least he is good at what he does. What I saw earlier was him responding to the supporters and him being very courteous . Personally I'm no fan but he's not on my cunt list yet
  4. magicrat

    The Open 2019

    I was saw it earlier. Those last few holes he played were great to watch with the galleries packed right to the end. I'm not that arsed he missed the cut either but for the locals it would have nice to see him over the weekend
  5. magicrat

    Should the UK remain a member of the EU

    Whether or not you believe all this or even whether its all true why would you entrust Johnson, Farage and their ilk to make things better if we leave the EU. Saying the EU is shit when the alternative is catastrophic is just nonsensical.
  6. magicrat

    The Open 2019

    Koepka looks very dangerous. I reckon anyone that finishes above him will win
  7. magicrat

    Boris Johnson

    Someone said yesterday Boris Johnson is what you get when you send Donald Trump to Eton. Bang on
  8. magicrat

    Big Events That Haven't Been Made Into Films

    Been done Could have Trumps election. "Scumdog Millionaire"
  9. magicrat

    One change you'd make to improve town

    Send them home. Trump knows
  10. magicrat

    Should the UK remain a member of the EU

    Exactly the "nothing else to lose sentiment" that drove millions to vote leave in the first place. We will find we have if we crash out.
  11. magicrat

    One change you'd make to improve town

    Of course but it brings it home to you seeing the money spent rejuvenating the city and there are homeless everywhere.
  12. magicrat

    One change you'd make to improve town

    In all seriousness I would like to see the poor sods sleeping rough everywhere found somewhere to live,
  13. magicrat

    One change you'd make to improve town

    Sorts cunts out chucking litter and shite all over the place.
  14. magicrat

    Philippe Coutinho

    How you getting on with the new Labrador mate ?
  15. magicrat

    Philippe Coutinho

    My Gran wouldn't have been seen dead in that clobber
  16. magicrat

    The Open 2019

    McIlroy in at +8 and out of it . Anywon backing Woods can tear up their betting slips. Playing like a twat and obviously not fully fit.
  17. magicrat

    Donald Trump

    Trump is a one trick Pony . Stirring up his power base again and again. Expect more of this shit as the election gets closer. It's his best/only chance of winning
  18. magicrat

    Area 51, UFO's, US Government and all things alien.

    The Aliens are in the White House
  19. magicrat

    Summer 2019 Transfer Thread

    Don't like to see Spurs improve their squad
  20. magicrat

    The Who vs Led Zeppelin

    Fair enough
  21. Maguire will improve them but nowhere near the Virg effect. I'm loving the Pogba saga which as predicted is screwing up their whole window