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  1. Yep I apologised to Wolves fans for our owners shithousery and they can very much shove "we told you so" down our throats. We saw how the managers "supported VAR" when we got screwed then moaned like fuck when they get done. Reckon they will all hold it in for a couple of weeks of new season but by week 4 it will all be kicking off...
  2. OK then. 21 domestic trophies last 7 years City 12 LFC 4 UTD 2 Arsenal, Leicester and Chelsea... Cheating twats
  3. Said it loads on twitter assuming the 115ers spank utd then in the last 7 seasons 21 domestic trophies they will have won 13, LFC 4 1 each for Arsenal, Utd, Chelsea and Leicester Cheats never prosper? Twats.
  4. In May 22 we drowned our sorrows after missing out by one point to the cheats (again) and battered Madrid but contrived to lose 1.0 The effort, commitment, thrills and spills.. proper rollercoaster. Fast forward 15 months Hendo, Fab, Gini, Sadio, Bobby, Naby, Ox, Taki, Millie, Div. all gone .. then add in season long absentees Joel, Thiago. We also lost Stef B to a season long Injury after looking superb in the close out of the 22/23 season, a real find. The good news was, unbeknown to us, there were more “finds” to come. 12 first team/squad players, tons of experience gone, fans wanted a clear out and we got one. “Fresh legs, that’s what we need “ “get Trent in midfield” Twitter in meltdown We entered the summer of 2023 with a small squad, no hierarchy above Klopp, a departing Director of Footy, then in came some sun worshipping German on a short term contract, we had the Caicedo, Lavia dances as we screamed out for a new Fabinho. We had looked like we were all in on Bellingham (I did comment on the threads, jokingly, maybe Bellingham was tapping up Trent to meet in Madrid…) but once the merry go round stopped, we ended up with MacAllister for a snip, then Dominic Szoboslai (who the fuck is he...you tube). We get Endo from the basement of the Bundesliga (ffs) Then we shop at Bayern Munich sales rail and pick up Gravenberch. With Gakpo added earlier and Diaz the season before, we had 6 new players where 12 have gone before…A new way of playing and a bunch of LFC virgins as our new midfield. Put that along side the moaning that “Diaz is not as good as Sadio”, or “Gakpo isn’t Bobby”, “Jones is shit sell him” we should not have had any hope whatsoever. But we had Jurgen, he would sort this lot out and get a real tune out of them, but will take a season or so…As if building a new team wasn’t tough enough · Just about every single 1st team squad player missed games through injury. · Blooding kids in key games and the Cup Final! · Mac Allister playing out of position for 30% of the season, our star buy. · VAR horror show, we all know which games were impacted the most. · The lads had to deal with Luis Diaz father being kidnapped! · We lost Mo to the Afcon, came back injured! · Jurgen then tells us he is knackered and is off at the end of the season.. · Surely we were doomed? 23 points in first 10 games 25 points in the next 10 games 22 points and top of the league after 30 - superb consistency 12 points in the 8 games. 82 points. 82 fuckin points after all that, and we won a trophy, one that will live long in the memory given the side that finished the game We scored a record amount of goals in the PL era, but none of our forwards are good enough. Kelleher, Bradley, Quansah, Chambers, Beck, Doak, Clarke, McConnell, Nyoni, Gordon, Danns. Names we all can identify with as real talents and with a real shot at making it We are all focused on the last 8 games, when the wheels fell off Terrible results v Man Utd 3 times Awful performance home to Atalanta Weak performance away at Everton, and giving up a 2 goal lead away to Villa. Only 10 clean sheets in the PL season. Yes we fell away, the Klopp leaving pressure, mass substitutions, persistent injuries, Mo lack of form since coming back, the pressure of an LFC title race v the 115ers, likely trying too hard, wanting the fairytale “too much” that we lost composure, control… Despite all this I feel that individually every one of the players has actually been decent with a few exceptions. Macca – great at 8 shit at 6 Endo – slow start but became a cult warrior Szobos – brilliant start, carried us, the new Stevie G, lost form once Hungary qualified for the euros Gakpo – steady start, flourished better second half of the season VVD – Back to his best most games, Konate - I love Ibou, going to be a superstar alongside Quansah, lost form and injured but class over form Robbo – Injured but was our best player in many games JoeG – just superb in every position Trent – injured but for me overall a poor season, new gaffer, midfield? Talent Jots – if he could stay fckin fit….. Harvey – Superb season for him, more playing time Curtis – lets remember back to last season when he became a regular in that shit fest, he was the catalyst that got our form back on track, much injured, still love him Darwin – he is fckin boss, no he is shit, no he is great, no get rid…. (loads Goals & Assists) Others as well, not all were brilliant but few were really consistently shit 82 points with what we have been through…and a Cup. We were 10 points from a title win! Klopp mentioned on a recent pod that the issue he had with the run in was that all the big hitters were coming back, he needed them back, the young lads had done great, however they were not match sharp…. He had to juggle that, and it did not work as well as he had hoped. – That to me is really telling, and underpins the fall off. We all wanted the dream, the quadruple, Joe G scoring the winner in Dublin v Leverkusen... We wanted that so much that we have completely lost sight of what this season was, a transition, new players, newish system, less full backs bombing on, more control. It took Jurgen best part 2 seasons of progress to build to that super team. I have said it before, Jurgen will be more disappointed for the players and the fans that we did not get over the line, but our future, well it looks fuckin brilliant from where I am stood, abundance of talent. Looks like there is a better hierarchy and structure now, we just need these lads to crack on, stay fit, we have a squad whose average age is about 24 and get that team structure right and oh my god we could take off…. Arne is getting some real Raw Materials to work with, world class experienced players, Ali, Trent, Robbo, VVD, Mo, Joe all he has to do is organise them and let them loose. This squad was 10 points away from being Champions. Chelsea £1bn finished 28pts behind the Cheats, Utd 31pts and what a mess they are. Thank god we are not, thank god we are us and thank god for 9 years of Jurgen Klopp.
  5. One of the issues about late goals getting points for us, making life hard, games on edge. Did a bit of digging, hope this is right because it doesn't for me reflect what I thought. We scored plenty of what I call "settlers" that second or third to kill the game but actual game winning/saving goals in last 10 mins Only 8 games in all, 7 away Fulham Home. Of the 7 away 4 wins and 3 draws. Wins Newcastle Wolves Palace Forest Draws 115ers Luton and Man U. Games have been tight but only 8 from 37 really last minute. Issue for me is the opposition are broadly shite! City draw and Newcastle win were decent but the rest.. Key is these youngsters learn but keep that mentality to go to the end. Thought worth a note (maybe not)
  6. One other thing and on Klopp really, ad you mentioned the multi sub thing is one but the other is, that match was a near replica of the cup tie at OT. We are in control its getting late we are strutting around passing to each other, have it in opposition half then 10 secs later its at our Keepers feet, the opposition are camped in their own half then they think fuck this, get after us and we shit the bed, only the Ali save got us a point. This is what I mean about the structure we are not set up for that, Arseholes and the 115ers are. We, no shit Sherlock, need a new identity and one that suits the players, but we don't do great strutting!
  7. We need to be careful to throw everyone under the bus. Said a few weeks ago resigned myself to a weak end. The stats for the PL tell us that we got 23 points 1st 10 games 22 second lot of 10 games 25 third batch of 10 and (assuming we beat Wolves) 12 in the last 8. We know what went wrong, we have seen all season, 9 clean sheets... we know with our eyes.. Then we look at them individually, VVD back to his best, Gomez been brilliant Quansah what a find, Trent not great but like others been injured, Macca pretty poor at 6 but at 8... Endo is a warrior and was brilliant, Curtis we miss his control, the people want to sell him...Mo flashes, injured, shit. Everyone has been OK generally, loads of adversity, decisions, Klopp going, injuries, kidnapping. This is a new young team finding it's way. Transition means be patient... For me the crass openness we have is a tactic and structure issue. Fab, Hendo and Gini were perfect with VVD Joel and the red arrows with the best 2 full backs in the world. Then Klopp wanted more control of the games, but did not change the structure other than the inverted full back. These new lads need a change of system and highlights how fuckin superb the PL/CL winners were. So a change of coach, style and a squad of really talented players That somehow after 30 games had the title in their own hands in their 1st season is something to be excited about. Remember last season, some have very short memories. Over to you Arne, don't let us down
  8. Thought there would be more on their game for us to revel in. Onana, Casemeiro, Mainoo, poor old Jonny Evans (cunt really)... And Ten Haag 67 injuries... Reckon one of those was the kit man's assistant with a headache Still fans shouldn't moan 2 fa cup finals in 2 years......
  9. Sadly difficult to learn stuff in the treatment room!
  10. On the pics thought Mo giving off Charlie Chaplin vibes...
  11. Huge reaction to an incredibly disappointing performance but did anyone really believe these guys were capable of this after recent weeks, I was putting up the white flag after Sheff Utd. This is a new young team. Different style of play, injuries, officials, Klopp leaving pressure... we are all forgetting that this team always found a way to win.. until they couldn't, they had us believing in the fairytale ending ...until the pressure got to them. Let's not kid ourselves only a few of these lads "have been there before, The red arrows" yes they have and despite their efforts we still came up short, yes they were a better team but had been together longer, but both versions of Klopp team were chasing the 115ers. So yes they buckled but we have had a real ride and believed up until then. On the pod admiring Arsenal this season , 16 clean sheets, they shit the bed v Villa and likely will lose out again to the cheats Last season they buckled under that pressure they had no other distractions as I recall and couldn't hold on. They have learned, dug in, responded well to setbacks and possibly will still be short. Last season and parts of this AFC fans wanted Arteta out, "we can't score, we need a striker...". Seen their goal difference? Appreciate loads of other Different circumstances and issues, but this team had us dreaming of a quadruple AGAIN. We also don't play the same way, under the red arrows it was the draws that killed us despite how fckin brilliant they were. Thiago was brought in for more control, not a six really as his game was half way line control, us camped in the opposition half, ala Barce/Bayern. Now we have the inverted full back, all in a bid to NOT be City but be a hybrid Klopp and City. We need a sense check on these lads. Questions for the new coach are What in reality?. Mo stick or twist? Diaz good enough quality? Virgil can he continue his form overall? Darwin can you coach composure? So are we saying that these lads are shit and don't try? No they have hit a wall, look out of ideas listless every one of them. So whilst it is them " Daddy" leaving is affecting all of them. If we think back to last season we're were dogshit for 1st half of that season. My theory is that Klopp was off at the end, the players sulked he changes his mind and the second half was better.... This feels like a repeat they had no idea until it came out, we rode the emotion until we couldn't. Klopp did not deserve that but the players look like him, tired, accepting of fate. Take a breath. We have Ali, Trent,Robbo, Konate, Quansah, Bajetic, VVD, Macca, Szbos, Bradley, Kweev, JoeyG, Endo, Danns McConnell Clarke, Doak, Jota. Some still WIPS Darwin, GravenB, Diaz.Cody Maybe Mo... Despite recent weeks Klopp believes in his squad, so why don't we? Klopp 1.0 made us dream, believers, fell short, then delivered, then fell short.... You can't teach adversity you can only experience it. Up to them now along with Arne to use this recent run to make you stronger. If they can't then they go, but they deserve our trust, faith and understanding now. They need us to say its OK, let's go again but next time get it done. They need the belief that we believe in them Farewell to our greatest manager in a generation. We will always love you. Welcome Arne, the floor is yours.
  12. As my last post on here reflecting on the season etc I am pissed off re individual game performances and this was a stinker. This was on paper our proper first team all the big dicks were back and we were completely outfought where it mattered. They chased and harried and pushed and shoved and I thought they can't keep this intensity up, but guess what we sat on the ball side to side, that gives them rest and time to refocus, when we did step up the tempo it was the desperate blocks and shut outs that we have seen at Palace and Man U. Fulham bully no one and that is my one fear (excluding Jota making Keita look like a marathon man) is that they are easily bullied. Then there is Mo. Really looks like his race has run. If we sold him many will go great take the cash, hard to disagree as since coming back injured been utter shit. I was shouting for Gakpo then realised he wasn't on the bench either. I was wanting us to give JK moments to remember on the run in as I had passed on us winning the league. I meant good moments and in sll the years he has been here that is one of the worst. We seem keen to shit on his legacy and lose or draw against all our shit and bitter rivals... Just end the season now. Regroup get fit and let's see what Arne can do with them because this squad is huge on talent, just need to get huge balls as well. In the last 4 games please give him some proper performances that's all I ask. Dave spot on report.
  13. Oliver going to the Euros Will be interesting to see what he does give if any of your noted incidents occur out there. If he gives the same verdicts what UEFA do to him. Also taking Coote and Attwell on VAR and Taylor is the other ref going. Best of the best eh !!!
  14. At my age watching my reds since 1971 i can get very reflective quicker after losing my shit, or worshiping at the Anfield Altar. For me the Title race is run, we will finish 2nd or 3rd. I will enjoy our run in and hope that whatever happens we give JNK something to enjoy, more moments he can look back on. Some will only want to reflect on the season once its over, for me personally that's too late,, Why? because he will be gone by then. Don't get me wrong i want us to win out and see what happens, I want to win the PL for him as much as the next fan, i am just relaxed about it whether it happens or not I look on it like this. Imagine just for a second Klopp was staying to see out his contract. Expectation and the desperation drops, we don't chase the Fairytale or the Hollywood ending, and after last seasons debacle he and the lads had to endure then deliver this: Much changed Squad, New Midfield additions Bajetic, Matip Thiago out all season. Literally EVERY player be missing through Injury for significant periods Encounter countless officiating errors that are beyond belief in key games Consistently give goals away either first or equalisers Only keep 9 clean sheets in 33 games..... Lose one of you strikers because some cunt kidnapped his father! BUT Win a trophy. You will flutter around at the top of the table, possibly winning the League, at least going close. After 33 games you will have only lost 2 Morally Discover that Kelleher is a really top class back up keepe See who this Quansah lad is that none of you had heard of, and how fckin good he is Emergence of Bradley which will see twitter virgins want Trent sold! See Dom look every inch the new Gerrard for a portion of the season when he carried us very early on. huge potential Endo after a shaky start work it out and became a cult hero and looks a fckin steal Macca at 6 now at 8 now doing what we expected him to do even though he looks knackered after a warm up! Joe Gomez being Injury free and fucking sensational every game wherever he played Robbo and Virgil getting their Mojo back The development of Danns, McConnell, and Clarke....... Just because we shit the bed twice v Man Utd (no lack of effort, just Composure and game management) and Palace at Home ("one of those that even City get") we are moping and groaning why? because Klopp is going. That is the only reason. The pressure and emotion we are putting on ourselves, its actually impacting negatively on the atmosphere sometimes when we want to celebrate a generational manager Klopp will be disappointed at the end of the season if we don't win the title, not for himself, but for us, the players, everyone he holds dear, which is why we are so desperate to win for him. I am trying to look at it from HIS perspective. If this very young squad can develop as they should, we are going to be in for a fantastic next few years, they are Klopp players he will get all the reflective glory and deservedly so. I for one am proud of the lads (still 5 to go) despite what happens, as i look around at the other Squads in the PL there is none as powerful and talented as ours, (when they are all fit). We are challenging them on their "Mentality" but they love Klopp as much as we do, we are ALL trying too hard, human nature. Take his departure out of this and what a fuckin squad we have, and what a season we have had given last season and the adversity this season. Look how thin City Squad is now, Chelsea's full of kids and big time knobheads, Arsenal, relatively lucky with Injuries but thin as fuck... We have world class players, we have young players who will be world class players. The sooner we get off the Fairytale train and get on board relishing and celebrating the young talent that is Klopp's legacy the sooner we can enjoy the last few weeks of him. We all want it for Him, but lets look at what we have achieved this season despite all the setbacks, Injuries, Officials, Finishing, Conceding... but lets celebrate what we have done, and relish what they could do in the next 5 years..... and go out celebrating the Man we will miss
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