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  1. Worst champions in living memory. Utterly atrocious.
  2. Not FSG material mate as he's too old and past it by their logic
  3. Never liked Mcmanaman even when he played for us. Always thought he was a snide cunt and he proved it when he fucked the club over. Typical bitter blue cunt.
  4. Andy Carroll use to put more of a shidt in than Naby does.
  5. So which one of our players have a concussion this time?
  6. We're going to get hammered here. Klopp needs to change it.
  7. We can't even pass the ball ffs.
  8. Looks like Southgate had a point.
  9. Terrible indictment of the defence. Long ball between two defenders.
  10. Win tonight and we're only 2 points off top four. Must win game
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