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  1. Always thought that retaining Rangnick was to put in another layer between football and business management and allow him to take some flack off the owners. He'll be first to go next season when if any improvement predictably doesn't meet fan expectation.
  2. Ashberry

    Mohamed Salah

    If the rumours are true then brilliant. I don't trust the likes of Barca not to have been on contact with his agent and their ability not to sign players but still sign them on huge wages. A longer contract for a smaller wage works well.
  3. Ashberry

    Welcome to Liverpool Fabio Carvalho

    Hopefully with Neco Williams there on loan he can be the voice in the player's ear and put in constant good words about the club. Not too dissimilar to when we sent Joe Cole on loan to Lille except he managed to convince Hazard to join Chelsea and not us. I think we are going to face competition for him in the summer as other clubs will want to steal him under noses as a real coup and to appease their own fans. Could imagine Levy being desperate to do us over for this considering the Diaz deal, not sure what they can offer though. Hopefully Man united are waiting on their managerial future otherwise it would not surprise me if they offered twice the wages we have offered just so that they can appear to compete in attracting players that are linked to their rivals, which has been somewhat their scatter gun transfer policy.
  4. Someone from here must have infiltrated redcafe to suggest Ronald Koeman as caretaker. Even stating he always wins a cup wherever he goes.
  5. Ashberry

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Hope he parts ways claiming to be a hero, their most successful manager in recent years and having taken them as far as he can. For every bit they would fume, it would be completely true, he won them a derby. Depending on when they manage to achieve that again, there is every chance they will have a banner for him.
  6. Ashberry

    Other football - 2020/21

    Ole's cracking up.
  7. Ashberry

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Marco's first words to me were 'I'll get you the Algarve Corner Cup'
  8. Ashberry

    Russia World Cup 18

    The system needs fine tuning, I'd rather keep the match referee out of video replay because many of the decisions are so contentious. I'd say have a jury of three video referees and if all three agree then they overrule the match referee's call. This way the referee has authority unless there is something clear that he has missed, there won't be the breakup of play and there also won't be the teams begging the ref to review VAR
  9. Ashberry

    Is Chelsea’s bubble about to burst?

    While Abramovich is tightening the purse strings I'm not sure that he is becoming fed-up as such. It was only a season ago Conte won the league. He always intended for the club to be self sufficient and in recent seasons investment has reduced with the sale of players to help balance the books. It will help our chances of continued CL presence if this continues to be the case but with Abramovich he could decide to go get yet another top manager and buy another title. While it would be good if Chelsea's period of success is over, I won't be counting my chickens.
  10. Ashberry

    Buvac gone?

    People saying it would be a similar appointment to Wenger forget that Wenger won the french league with Monaco.
  11. Ashberry

    Champion League Draw - 13/04/2018

    Arsenal have United between the two legs. Unbelievable they get to play both City and Arsenal at times when they will have other priorities.
  12. Ashberry

    Firmino Racism Allegations

    Well considering suarez'name was tarnished through the FA's 'balance of probabilities' I would say on that balance, that considering nobody else heard anything then he was making it up to avoid a red card and he did act maliciously.
  13. Ashberry

    Firmino Racism Allegations

    The entire Suarez situation was a farce. The FA with their kangaroo court deciding to do something because they were too scared to do nothing and be seen to condone racism. They were only ever going to find Suarez guilty in order to save their own backs.
  14. Ashberry

    Dejan Lovren

    I have no idea what he get's by revealing this to the media. An easy ride when he fucks up next?
  15. Ashberry

    Dejan Lovren

    The infuriating thing is that there is a highly competent centre back somewhere in him. He shown that when he was at Southampton. 2013/14 season there was a lot of talk about using the services of Steve Peters, a leading sport psychologist. Typical we stop using him when we bring Lovren in.