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  1. dirk grout


    This is exactly right. The government has been reactive all the way through so has been permanently 1 step behind. Its inevitable that more areas will need to go in tier 4 shortly so why not do it early and try to get 1 step ahead? Clueless the lot of them.
  2. dirk grout


    Does that invalidate his opinions on the best way to manage a health crisis? Just such a pointless and unhelpful contribution to the debate. Genuine question here, do you think the country would be in better hands if Blair was in charge now?
  3. dirk grout


    Best of luck mate, hope he pulls through.
  4. dirk grout


    Regardless of ones opinion of Tony Blair, (for the record I'm not his biggest fan), it is completely foolish to refer to the man as an idiot.
  5. dirk grout


    Cheers pal, i've been doing all that. This virus is fucked...
  6. dirk grout


    Hello Mate. Ive had covid for about a week now, still feel like shit. Any tips?
  7. dirk grout

    Lewis Hamilton - where do you stand ?

    No offence mate, but thats one of the most stupid things I've ever read.
  8. dirk grout


    Yeah, but they have way less deaths than the UK so we should just do what they done...
  9. dirk grout


  10. Nah, perfectly acceptable way to refer to someone who sings other peoples songs. Certainly more accurate than solo artist.
  11. Has Elvis ever actually written a decent song? Can he actually play an instrument to a decent level? Hes up there as one of the greatest karaoke singers of all time, but this competition is about the best solo artist...
  12. dirk grout

    Racism in Southern America..

    He was allowed to murder someone? What does that mean?
  13. dirk grout

    Racism in Southern America..

    This is exactly the kind of case the BLM movement would champion, which is a problem. All US sport has been cancelled!
  14. Morrissey on Nigel Farage: “It’s obvious that he would make a good prime minister”
  15. Would genuinely rather listen to myself play than either of these. Shite.