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  1. Saintslfc13


    UEFA is a bunch of pussies aren't they? Nothing is gonna happen to City of anyone that violates their rules and when it goes crack down they'll slide some money to the CAS and walk about as if nothing happened.
  2. Saintslfc13


    Agreed, waste of time getting stick up my ass over FFP when CAS just turns it over anyway. The rules are a god damn joke. We're only playing by them because the model FSG uses doesn't allow for anything else. Makes it all the more sweeter when we win it again though.
  3. Saintslfc13


    That's fair. I thought the guy resigned maybe that was someone else or a false report.
  4. Saintslfc13


    What kind of power could he hope to gain that he doesn't already have?
  5. Saintslfc13

    Summer 2020 Transfer Thread

    England would be stupid to call for that. No reason to move someone that's already playing at his best in his position. Trent might want it but I would hope someone tells him how dumb that is. He can't win in that position with the way he plays
  6. Saintslfc13

    Other Football - 2019/20

    That's the guy. I didn't even really learn that until the other day, honestly never would've expected him to be Yugoslavian.
  7. Saintslfc13

    Other Football - 2019/20

    I wanted Brentford to come up once Forest missed out on the playoffs on the final day. I don't have any ties to either club (although apparently Dan Tana, who founded one of the more famous restaurants in Hollywood, used to sit on the board at Brentford), but I'm a fan of history and we've certainly got one with Forest. Brentford was just new, as I said last week I'm tired of Swansea and I don't really like Fulham either for that matter. Would've been fine with Cardiff I suppose. Having said that, I knew they were fucked when I got the stream on 14 minutes into the first half of extra time and Fulham were lining up that freekick. Just knew it was going in. Oh well.
  8. Saintslfc13

    Nike deal

    Made that mistake before, to be fair I didn't know it was a chinese knockoff when I bought it but I should've since the price was so low. Couldn't even fit the thing over my head. The credit company filed a dispute with them though so I didn't lose out on the money.
  9. Saintslfc13

    Other Football - 2019/20

    I think the games been fairly even that's why the straight red pissed me off so much. Took away their forward threat almost completely. I think they have a shot to go though still, but agree that Swansea will be more relaxed and certainly have the advantage.
  10. Saintslfc13

    Other Football - 2019/20

    Given how subjectively it's been used it probably wouldn't have made a difference but that was a terrible decision for me. Swansea 1-0 up now with Ayew scoring from open play.
  11. Saintslfc13

    Other Football - 2019/20

    I'm not sure, I just figured Ayew was their normal penalty taker. This ref's either on the take or a completely incompetent cunt sending that Brentford player off for that tackle. Straight red too. No VAR in the Championship right?
  12. Saintslfc13

    Other Football - 2019/20

    Anyone watching this playoff game? Brewster just won a penalty, I'm hoping Brentford go through though I'm tired of Swansea. Penalty saved, Ayew had a slow/walking run up.
  13. Saintslfc13

    Rudigers body check on Salah

    I've kind of felt like that too. Issue is it sets a precedent for them not giving us things they should and it show glaring inconsistency with regards to referees as whole. VAR itself has come up with some shocking decisions which, in my opinion anyway, is down to the VAR ref not wanting to upset his colleague(s) by over-ruling him. I think the people looking at the video should be independent of the other match day officials or they to adopt very clear standards that take most of the interpretation out of it.
  14. Yea I agree with that, Div should be playing through the middle or not at all.
  15. Think Klopp wants Minamino to understudy the Firmino role. Origi out wide is absolutely shit though.