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  1. Ronnie Whelan

    James McClean refuses to wear poppy

    Stupid knob. I was sympathetic regarding the poppy situation but that is ridiculous.
  2. Yeah this. It's a really poor second best decision, because I just want to complete the season. However, ultimately if they give it to us, the team and management and background staff will get the recognition they deserve. Not the way I wanted to win number 19 but we could lose all our remaining games 10-0 and still be champions. Everyone knows we would have been champions so who gives a fuck what dickheads say. Anyhow, I would be shocked if they don't find a way to complete the season. A lot of it is dramatic clickbait headlines at a time when there is no sport. Money and power talk and Liverpool, United (and Leeds) are not Liverpool South. I don't see football starting again until June but they can and will complete the season.
  3. Ronnie Whelan

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Speaking of potentially great sides; if there wasn't the war in Yugoslavia, I reckon they would have won a world cup in the 90s. Actually throw in the rest of the old yugoslav nations with croatia in 2018 and with say oblak and 1-2 added in, they could have won it.
  4. I did think that, but what do they do with all the other teams like Leeds? What do they do with the Mancs who were looking good for the champions league? How do they pay back sky,bt and all the other global companies that invest in the league who will expect their money back? The likelihood remaims imo that they will finish the season.
  5. If they were going to do what they did to to the poor lower league teams, they would have already done it imo. At the very worst for us, they recognise that this is not a decision that can be made easily. Money talks and while I hate that aspect of the modern game, we have money and power. Essentially fucking over one of the biggest clubs in the world, another if we include United and a very big club like Leeds is a very unlikely move. Throw in bt, sky and all the other huge businesses that sponsor the league. Then clubs like Wolves, Sheffield United etc who stand to lose a lot from such a decision. Then the midtable clubs who will want to complete the season when it can be completed so they are not hit with a massive bill.
  6. "Difficult decisions" could mean in fairness that they recognise that games will have to be played behind closed doors.
  7. https://www.premierleague.com/news/1649580?sf232019951=1 Nothing new in it really.
  8. Apparently Man United want the season to be conpleted. It might piss off Barry and Paul on redcafe, but their owners know that if the season doesn't get completed, United will be in a shitload of trouble.
  9. Yeah exactly this is the crux of it all. Clubs have spent their tv money so won't have it available to give back.
  10. Yeah fair point you make about the owners. Brady is an example of that. Though, I think a lot of them will recognise their club's future is at stake when it is written down in front of them. I think they could do a world cup style tournament where they complete a lot of games in a short timeframe at a certain location. It wouldn't be too hard to organise for clubs and tv companies with the money they have invested in the product. I understand that the heads of serie a, ligue 1 and la liga are really driven to completing the season. I'm not sure about the bundesliga.
  11. They don't care about us winning the league etc. What they do care about is their product forever dead in the water and countless lawsuits and big companies looking to get their money back and being bankrupted into oblivion. Already the chairman of one of the clubs impacted by yesterday's decision is talking about a legal challenge (south shields). Can you imagaine when it's liverpool, leeds, bt, sky, etc knocking on their door. The big leagues all seem to want to complete their seasons. Uefa have helped by cancelling euro 2020. It will be completed.
  12. They could run it like a world cup with teams playing a lot of games in a short space of time. They could even play it behind closed doors in somewhere like Singapore, which seems relatively safe at the moment. They have made a balls of what they did yesterday and while I think the financial might of the premier league, sky and bt will see the season finished, it is concerning.
  13. Agree with you. It's a disgraceful decision. The difference is money. It's not right but it's what the top leagues are all about these days. You can fuck over an eight tier team, but try doing that to Leeds, try doing that to Liverpool and oh yeah the red Mancs as well now they are chasing a champions league place, let alone a lot of other teams across the divisions. Most of all try fucking over bt and sky, as well as having to pay back all the fans etc... Yeah barry from redcafe or maggie from bluemoon might think it's a great laugh, but you can be sure the glazers etc won't agree. The country will go through hell over the next few weeks. However, at some point towards the end of May, the country will begin to operate again, albeit not at anywhere near it's usual capacity. Football will return at this point.
  14. Money talks here. The season has to finish for that reason and clubs will do whatever is necessary to get it over the line.
  15. Ronnie Whelan

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    On that Monday Night football discussion, the late 70s team got named the greatest English side of all time. Between dominating the league and then winning the Uefa Cup and then two European Cups in succession, that team were bloody special. It's like comparing three really beautiful women all with intelligence and great personalities.