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  1. Ronnie Whelan

    Euro 2020(21)

    When Murphy said England wouldn't fear Spain, I thought you arrogant twat, not like the Spanish would be shitting themselves playing Ingerlund on their showings thus far. To be fair, the worst Spanish team I can remember in donkey's years. Was great seeing Germany come good today. Listening to some pundits on these shores, you would think Germany were a shit Scunthorpe. You look at their team and full of absolute winners like Muller, Neuer, Kimmich and Kroos.
  2. Ronnie Whelan

    Euro 2020(21)

    My mate told me about two years ago that Italy had boss young players and would be a major force by the next world cup. Mancini seems to have them well ahead of schedule. I think the nous of Chiellini and Bonucci could be important for a young squad and all have them will have the world class shithousery and gamesmanship which is vital in knock out games. Linekar and all the other lionhearts will no doubt have all the Italian cliches when they do the shithouse stuff in the latter rounds while applauding Harry and the lads for smart play if they did the same. Fuck the self-righteous bastards. At least the Italians wear it proudly and don't make out their all wholesome. Well done to Wales today as well.
  3. Ronnie Whelan

    Euro 2020(21)

    Happy to see Italy strong again. They look a lovely side. I reckon they will definitely win a tournament in the next few years, if this one is too soon for them.
  4. Ronnie Whelan

    Euro 2020(21)

    I just stuck a tenner on Phil Foden being top scorer at 50/1. My patriotic duty done. Here's to a glorious semi-final defeat on penalties to Italy with a team of Chelsea, City and United players knackered going into next season.
  5. Ronnie Whelan

    Euro 2020(21)

    Couldn't give a shit about England, but looking ahead for next season, I hope they go far, purely to have City, Chelsea and United players a bit more fucked for next season. Same reason, I want Portugal and France going far.
  6. Ronnie Whelan

    Summer 2021 transfer thread.

    Not sure Butch. If Mbappe runs his contract down, we could get him for relatively speaking fuck all given how good he is. They know that they could sell him on for a gigantic profit to say Real two or three years after buying him. Very possible we sell Sadio or Mo next year to fund the deal anyway. The wages are the piece that would impact on it. Grealish, Haaland and Sancho rightly or wrongly cause issues within the squad with the likes of Sadio or Mo. I actually think Mbappe is so good that there wouldn't be the same tension within the squad. I think this summer will be Tielemans/Neuhaus/Ajax kid and possibly someone like Daka.
  7. Ronnie Whelan

    Summer 2021 transfer thread.

    The likes of Sancho and Grealish are lovely players but not a hope they come here. It's not just the cost of them, it's their wages. Sancho would be demanding more than anyone else in our team or at least the same and I can't see that going down well with players that have been winning the biggest trophies and among the best in the world. Whatever about say Virgil, Mo or Sadio would be throwing toys all over the place. I actually think there is a bigger chance we sign Mbappe next summer especially with his contract winding down. Say he wants to become the best paid player at the club which he undoubtedly would become and probably by 100k or more. Virgil, Sadio or Mo will all be far more okay with the best player in the world getting more than them than a Sancho. FSG will know that they can sell him on to Real or whoever in a few years for a huge profit anyway. Can't say I have seen much of Neuhaus, but not many shit players play for Germany. He's young so good to see the age profile coming down whether it's him, Tielemans or the kid at Ajax.
  8. Ronnie Whelan

    When are we likely to get definitive stadium news?

    I think this might be it for a while but in the next 10-20 years, I could see them trying to get capacity past 70k.
  9. Ronnie Whelan

    Summer 2021 transfer thread.

    I'm still not sure he will go to United. He didn't act the knobhead last year to force a move which made me think he was hoping for another club to come in. He's obviously a bright enough lad and/or has good lads representing him. Certainly, he went up in my estimation and Jurgen will have noted how he conducted himself. Has United's stock gone up this year? Not for me. Losing to the 7th best team in Spain and finishing above an injury raveged Liverpool and a Chelsea team managed by a pub landlord level coach for 4 months isn't a good return. Think I heard he's a Chelsea fan, so would not be shocked if they bought him and Haaland this summer. Say 150 or 160 million and Werner would be very tempting to Dortmund. From our side, I've no doubt we would be all over this, but it would probably involve selling Mo or Sadio to fund it, unless we sell about 5 or 6. I just can't see us buying him and making him probably the biggest earner at the club, when we have others with contract negotiations coming up.
  10. Ronnie Whelan

    Summer 2021 transfer thread.

    Kev will be like Rocky at the end of Rocky 4. The Rangers mob will love him at the end of his loan. Shaq would obviously be Paulie.
  11. Ronnie Whelan

    Summer 2021 transfer thread.

    Without getting all Liverpool Echo here, Kelleher just like Jones and Elliott could be genuinely top players in a few years. I agree with you, we need a genuinely decent number 2 like Foster or Romero if we loan Kelleher. Maybe one of the young lads and a goalie of that experience as number 2. For the long term, Kelleher having a season on loan in the premier league or one of the top European leagues would surely make sense, but if we are stuck with Adrian as number 2, then that's a serious worry for next season. I'd like to see Kelleher make a mistake or two and recover from it elsewhere, because that is the difference between a good/very good keeper and a great one like Ali. The players and management clearly like him a lot and I think he could be top class but a goalie's attitude and ability to come through a rough patch is probably more important than any other position on the pitch with the exception of maybe a record signing striker.
  12. Ronnie Whelan

    Summer 2021 transfer thread.

    Yeah agree with that. Romero would be another I like. Someone that can do a job and you would feel reasonably secure in them. Last thing we want is a goalkeeping crisis next year with Ali out injured for say two months - the one time we would get a bit of luck with our outfield players and Adrian costing us points in a tight title race. Adrian seems like a good lad and he would have fitted the profile before but his confidence looks shot to shit and that's a dangerous place for a goalie at a club with our hopes and pressures. Curtis Jones, Kelleher and Elliott were the few bright sparks last season and if we could have players of their quality coming into the first team on a regular basis, it would be a good position to be.
  13. Ronnie Whelan

    Summer 2021 transfer thread.

    Would like Kelleher to get a good loan spell. He is a very good talent, but a season on loan like Henderson got at Sheffield United would stand to him big time. With Ali being injury prone, it definitely makes sense to have him easily recalled though because a few weeks with Adrian could derail a season.
  14. Ronnie Whelan

    Other football - 2020/21

    Trent pretending he's gutted here. Really he's thinking two weeks in the sun, birds and catching a bit of the Copa America and some quality games like the France-Portugal-Germany group from the Euros.
  15. Ronnie Whelan

    Champions League Final - who do you want to win?

    I'm going to assume that Trent isn't that arsed about England. I could be completely wrong but just going on the basis that most lads his age care about Liverpool or Everton a million times more than England. Still no doubt he would want to play in a major tournament. I think for us it's a good thing. A nice rest and taking his form of the last few months into a new season would be great especially if Walker or James are a little wrecked come August.