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  1. Ronnie Whelan

    Anybody else fucking despise international football?

    Part of the problem is the lack of competitiveness. The Czechs are shite, bulgaria are shite, romania are shite etc. The Republic are shite, scotland are shite. All countries that had top players in the past. Ten years ago, the czechs would have beaten England home and away. Now they get smashed 5-0. Fuck it even Finland used to have Litmanen and Sami. To be fair, England are developing into a damn good team. Pains me to say that Sterling is world class.
  2. Ronnie Whelan

    Tottenham (H) 31/3/2019

    The next three games could decide if we win the title. Three horrible games one after the other. I know we should smash southampton but they are an awkward bunch. Think we will beat Chelsea as the way they are set up we could smash them. Tottenham could take points off us though. The games afterwards don't worry me at all. Don't like Wolves on the final day but hopefully they have eyes on the FA cup final the following weekend and if a win gets us the title, i think we will do it. I would be amazed if City won all their games and if they do, then they deserve to sit with the great Liverpool, United and Arsenal teams from the past. It pains me to say that, as they are financially juiced up but as a team they are fantastic.
  3. Ronnie Whelan

    Other Football - 2018/19 Season

    City's game against Cardiff could be moved to the midweek before the end of the season. Potentially good news for us. They will still win against Cardiff but could leave them tired for final league game at Brighton. I can't see them winning all their league games. They have only dropped 3 points since christmas. Were they to do that, they would go down as a great side. Grudgingly admittedly because they are juiced up. Anyhow, i still feel we just need to keep putting points on the board and 95 points will probably do this. As yesterday showed, no game will be easy.
  4. Ronnie Whelan

    Fulham (A) 17/3/19

    Mo looks very poor right now and maybe him playing the Seychelles or Mauritania or whoever the fuck egypt were due to play might have given him a bit of confidence. Heaven forbid sadio comes back injured.
  5. Ronnie Whelan

    Other Football - 2018/19 Season

    Firstly, Wolves are a good side. Hillarious that the mancs would look down on the likes of neves and doherty as players but they would massively improve them because they need the hollywood galactico signing. We don't need doherty because of trent but neves would be a good signing. I like a lot of their players. They will be an awfully hard final match potentially. Glad they got through and hope they make the final ideally against Hughton's brighton, because he's a nice bloke. Secondly, ole is potentially their roy evans. He has the link to their glory days and is popular with players and fans alike. However, shithouses like pogba will do the dirt on him just like the spice boys did for us. Here's hoping.
  6. Ronnie Whelan

    Other Football - 2018/19 Season

    City winning is better for us. They will have a semi final and whoever they play will be bang up for it. The more games they have the more chance of injuries and suspensions. Swansea taking them all the way shows they aren't a complete monster.
  7. Ronnie Whelan

    Last 8 Draw

    True about bdt but he has that kind of face that can do a horrible villainous cunt like Ramos.
  8. Ronnie Whelan

    Last 8 Draw

    Haha sounds like an epic blockbuster. Luis suarez would be your contact on the ground. He'd be played by the lad that was Pachanga in carlito's way.
  9. Ronnie Whelan

    Last 8 Draw

    Was she planning on taking Ramos out with a sniper rifle from the hotel room? In the film, you would be pierce brosnan and your mrs would be helen mirren. Ramos would be benico del torro obviously. You wanted to bring Ramos to justice via Uefa, but your wife feels disillusioned with them and wants revenge. She's still angry with you for finding out and forcing her to abort the mission.
  10. Ronnie Whelan

    Best Liverpool XI 2000-2019

    Finnan was a terrific player who would have got into any team in the league at his pomp. He was a 7 in pretty much every game. If i was judging it right now; then i'd have him ahead of taa. Having said that in terms of ability, taa has it in his locker to be the best in the world. Finnan was never world eleven good.
  11. Ronnie Whelan

    Bloody Sunday Trial

    Horrible corrupt establishment. They and the Hillsborough families have close ties and formed a close friendship. Was in Derry last year and found the people lovely. Got told they are mass bouycotting the s#n and found this. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.theguardian.com/media/greenslade/2016/oct/05/could-derrys-hillsborough-vote-on-the-sun-start-a-ball-rolling
  12. Ronnie Whelan

    Last 8 Draw

    Was on a stag with twenty scousers (mix of red and blue) the night they won that and we were all cheering for the German lads. The pub was rammed with chelsea fans. Horrible bastards they were who then started with the unfunny scouser chants.
  13. Ronnie Whelan

    Joel Matip

    I like him. He's done well when it could have been a disaster without Joey.