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  1. Sounds boss that. Pity we have to rely on Arsenal though. Would rather it be Sean Dyche's stubborn orcs than those shithouses.
  2. De Bruyne and Rashford look like All American good guys. Vardy looks like a lager lout in Magaluf denied entry to happy hour in a strip club. Captain Harry looks like he's half way through learning his alphabet. Jiminez looks like a good guy capable of doing bad shit to get the job done. Mo looks villainous as fuck.
  3. Ronnie Whelan

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    I used to like them. The mad thing is that I feel things only changed in the 90s. I don't recall too much anger from them in the late 80s when they were a proper football club about Heysel. They were still relevant. They got shit and got bitter. They then became a prostitute playing up to shitty clubs like Chelsea and City who weren't previously in their class either on the pitch or off it, in order to get the pat on the head that they're not like Liverpool and are sound Scousers from the same fans that sing all kinds of shit about the city. Fuck they even played up to the red Mancs when a few years previously, United-Everton was possibly the biggest football security operation outside of the old firm in britain. Most blues of a certain age are sound talking about football. They have a civic pride in seeing the other club doing well because they remember when the city was on it's arse. However, some previously sound blues are becoming bitter and that saddens me. No point talking about their younger fans because they are a breed apart.
  4. Ronnie Whelan

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    They had (have) one of the most feared firms in Britain. The Merseyside and Manchester old bill used to be genuinely shitting it every time Everton and United played each other. As they became shit on the field, they revelled in their off the field reputation. Yet, a few Liverpool supporting scallies throw bottles at the Man City bus and suddenly we are a disgrace to the city.
  5. Nice one! On a separate note, has bluemoon locked their liverpool thread? I occasionally go on there for my fix of wisdom and footballing knowledge from the lovable scamps that they are.
  6. Club doctor: "Do you want the good news or the bad news first?"
  7. Kyle Walker, Hudson Odoi, Grealish, Mosie Keane are definitely four of them.
  8. Ronnie Whelan

    Summer 2020 Transfer Thread

    Think if they fail to get Champions League, he won't go there. My hunch is that Dortmund will be looking to keep him another 12 months - they are a wealthy well run club and don't need a firesale like say Villa with Grealish. If United think they get him for anything less than his market value, they will be told to get fucked fairly fast. If that happens, I think Sadio goes to Real in 2021 and we sign Sancho. Werner seems to have his heart set on us so my gut is that he comes here, either this summer or in 2021 - could be another Virgil. Would love Havertz, but think Bayern will push the boat out for him. They love a German core and he is going to become on of the best players of his generation. With Jurgen, not many German players will turn us down though. I actually like Naby and want him to succeed here, but I can't help but think he could be used to get one of these three lads to bring the price down.
  9. Ronnie Whelan

    Summer 2020 Transfer Thread

    Would love us to get a top class 2nd goalie. Romero is really good and someone of that ilk for us would be class. Hard to get someone who is happy to play second fiddle but cup games and possibly a few league/cl games at the best team in the world should attract. I have this gut feeling Sancho will end up here in a year's time. Sadio will move to Real in the summer of 21 and he will come here. Think we will get Timo in the coming months. I think Jurgen will go all out to get Havertz as well as he looks to build another great team. The owners balance the books and will be looking over their shoulders at the economic situation inside and outside of the game. They are shrewd business people, but to be fair they aren't naive. We can't stand still even if it is Jurgen at the wheel and they know that, especially with Newcastle now on the scene possibly in the coming years. I've grown attached to the current team that I will hate when they move on one by one, but if Jurgen is building another great team with some serious talent, it could be worse.
  10. I don't see a problem with it. Some of the players are acting out of self-interest like Murray and some out of spite such as sterling. Deeney has a genuine concern. It does highlight how lucky they are though. Troy Deeney the office worker or Troy Deeney the builder doesn't have that luxury.
  11. Yeah we were really good. Should have qualified for the qf in 90 mins. Hate pointing the finger at players, but if Ali was in goal and for the Chelsea FA cup game, I think we would have been on for a treble still.
  12. To be fair to him, I completely understand his decision. He mentioned about forgoing his wages too. He's lucky he has that choice which most don't. My big issue is that Watford and other clubs will suddenly use this as a reason to not play.
  13. Ronnie Whelan

    The Nostalgia Thread.

    Great player. I said in the Souness thread that he made great players like Terry Mac, Ray Kennedy and Ronnie Whelan look ordinary. That's no slight on them. Souness was just different class.
  14. Haha I've been like that the last few days. Suddenly Palace at home are AC Milan 89' and Villa at home are like Brazil 1970. I think there could be some mad results during this. I always felt the season would be completed, though there was always that risk of ppg. Thankfully, for once our horrible government are on our side, even if their reasoning is to make the masses forget their shambolic handling of things. Would love if next season we got the two Mancs, Chelsea and The Ev away in the autumn and got to play them in front of a packed Anfield in 2021. The fume on Bluemoon!
  15. Not right but when we win the league the same thing will happen outside Anfield. Glasgow would be the same raw passion as Liverpool and in our case, it might be worse because for many it will be the first time we would be champions in their lifetime, whereas for Celtic it's more like a yearly party.