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  1. BeefStroganoff

    An absolute fucking disaster of a season

    I agree. But you also have to acknowledge that for some reason he hasn't quite been at it this year. my ire is at the board mostly, for letting Jurgen down.
  2. BeefStroganoff

    An absolute fucking disaster of a season

    Another superfan who can't correlate between support and criticism. I could turn it on its head and put to you that for a supporter of this great Club your bar is set very low. We exist to win the big prizes. We aint West Ham.
  3. BeefStroganoff

    An absolute fucking disaster of a season

    What has that got to do with anything BTW? Why do people talk such nonsense? We are talking about a football team and venting at their disappointing car crash form.
  4. BeefStroganoff

    An absolute fucking disaster of a season

    With respect, the team Hodgson had is in no way comparable. This team is a recent CL and League winning outfit that is sitting in 7th, out of all domestic cups and is on the verge of a CL exit. I'd say thats pretty much disastrous for this bunch of players and coach. Wouldn't you?
  5. BeefStroganoff

    An absolute fucking disaster of a season

    Better inform Jurgen then. Seen a better standard of passing from a veterans team than what i witnessed last night.
  6. BeefStroganoff

    Real Madrid 3 Liverpool 1 (Apr 6 2021)

    I felt the same. I went into the match with low expectations and convinced myself that i didn't care what the outcome would be in the end. But the attitude on show just boiled my blood.
  7. BeefStroganoff

    Real Madrid - Champions League (A) 6/4/21 - 20:00

    Didn't realise there was a pandemic in the previous few years when we won the Champs league, came second and became runners up in the CL. Must have missed that. The investment in the squad has been frankly, pathetic.
  8. BeefStroganoff

    An absolute fucking disaster of a season

    We haven't won a match at Anfield since the end of last year and we've been beaten by some true dross like Brighton, Fulham and Burnley. We will have to be exceptionally switched on from the off. Every player will have to be on top of their game. I just can't see it.
  9. BeefStroganoff

    An absolute fucking disaster of a season

    Even for you thats pathetic. You seriously can't spot the difference? I hope I'm wrong and you are right and I'm eating enormous humble pie next week, but this team is not the same one I witnessed for two thirds of last season. In no way shape or form.
  10. BeefStroganoff

    Naby Keita

    hes fucking done and unfortunately sums up the current malaise at the Club.
  11. I REALLY HOPE this comes back to bite me on the backside if we turn things around next week but fucking hell, the Club couldn't have fucked up more if they tried this season. Its lurched from one mistake to another, one fucking disaster after another. Tonight was the crowning turd on the dog pile. Poor team selection? Check Half assed approach? Check Mistakes? Check Shit subs? Check Shit refereeing? Check You wouldn't believe this team won the league last year, they look absolutely shot. That Real Madrid side were strolling about with a couple of players in their mid 30's in midfield and 33 year old relic benzema up front. A side that are a pale shadow of what they were. When Mane got tackled by 35 year old Modric (and outrun) that just about summed up this season. The players What the fuck has happened to some of them? Firmino, Mane, Salah? Between them they can't control a fucking ball these days. Mane looked like he had two fucking giant bars of soap on his feet second half as he did his best Djimi Traore impression. What the fuck has happened to him? Wheres his skill? Sublime goals? Pace? All fucking gone. Salah too, good goalscoring record but the ball just bounces off him half the time. Tonight no one was running. I saw Robertson fucking WALK BACK in the first half when Madrid where attacking down his flank. In a fucking CL QF. Thats not Robertson. TAA all over the shop, making mistakes. Fabinho giving the ball away. Our over reliance on a a midfielder who has already said his goodbyes and the only one who can stay fit. We've also managed to turn one of the best Midfielders in Europe, multi trophy laden Thiago into Jay Spearing. Jurgen Again, too busy with his focus elsewhere first half of the season. Arguing for subs, moaning over fixtures. Meanwhile the team was getting badly exposed and the run just after Christmas was not addressed. He continued to persist in two Midfielders at Centre half until both got injured. Bizarre subs and bizarre team selections. Keita tonight. Just totally fucking bizarre all round from someone who is usually so switched on with a siege mentality. The board Where do you begin? We played a Champions League Quarter final tonight with 5th rate CB we've been loaning out for years from the ressies and a bargain bucket centre back from a nearly relegated German side we got on a temporary free. No vision, no planning. Cheap ass approaches in the transfer market. Not building on our momentum. We only got Jota because they agreed on a cheap structure to the deal. The guy in the street could see our injury woes coming (we've been on about them AT LENGTH on here), but no, not the fucking Club. And again we are back to scouring for cheap deals and being clever. Fuck off. Anyway neg away. Tonight tipped me over the edge. The lack of fight and intensity, the shite passing, shite subs, shite co commentator, shite ref and a shite stadium.
  12. BeefStroganoff

    Thiago Alcantara

    This aint the Thiago that strutted about the pitch at barca and bayern, this is some knock off version.
  13. BeefStroganoff

    Wolves (A) Premier League - 15/3/21 - 20:00

    Ill take the points, but boy are we poor. Never seen such shoddy passing and control. And that last few minutes were Traore walked around our players as they did their keystone cops routine...goodness me.
  14. BeefStroganoff

    Wolves (A) Premier League - 15/3/21 - 20:00

    Seriously...what the hell has happened to this team? Its like its full of imposters. Until Jota scored there, we were so lacklustre I'm just shaking my head in disbelief. Whats happened to the best goalie in the world? He looks like Mignolet at the moment. Mane used to slot those chances for breakfast now he's looking like Origi. Salah has hardly touched the ball or been involved. Both Trent and Robbo have been wasteful and slinging in hopeful ball. Thiago? This guy has always been world class. He currently plays like Fred. The only players to come out with credit that half are Jota, Phillips and kabak.
  15. BeefStroganoff


    Agree to an extent, however the only good thing about Sundays loss was that for the 15 minutes he came on, Fulham were penned in and couldn't get out. We've missed that. If thats 30-40 minutes of being pinned back, teams will crumble.