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  1. Having been away from pc gaming for a good ten years l decided to get myself a decent spec pc and get back into it. Bought Elden Ring in mid April and I've put around 240 hrs into it so far. I'm still only level 70 and l haven't beaten Radahn or Mogh yet so l'm nowhere near being able to play the dlc. No rush though, I'm having a blast so far, I only just made it to the royal capital last night and l'm getting my arse kicked all over the place. Fantastic game, happy l made the decision to get back into pc gaming.
  2. So after swanning around on holiday the first thing he does is saunters into the office and sits down.
  3. Thanks for everything Jurgen, a world class person and a world class manager. Still can't believe the day you leave us has arrived :(
  4. Seems like you can bank on our forward line giving me an easy ride just lately, I thought about posting gifs of our missed chances but then I saw sense haha.
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