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  2. So painful you couldn't even say 'dropped.' I feel your pain brother.
  3. Ruth Negga is awesome. Watch her in Passing, Loving, and in Preacher, just a fantastic actress.
  4. If give it a 6.5 Thought the ending was flat and the very last scene hugely disrespectful.
  5. Taking a picture on your phone and accidentally turning the camera back to face your own gurning fizzog.
  6. I had no idea that Pamela Stephenson was the blonde in Superman 3.
  7. He should of said that. The era of respect has clearly been lost in the gutter. They should be ripping the piss out of Trump for the clown he is. The Democrats keep treating Trump as a serious figure because by right he should be but then you hear him speak, humiliate him he's a grade A Narcissist.
  8. Did Biden say he would only pick a female VP of colour. You just can't believe a single fucking word anybody says anymore. Okay politicians have always lied but it's gone off the scale since Trump first entered the stage, the lies have become unhinged, no standards, no one gives a shit anymore anybody who tries to play it a bit more civilised gets lost amongst the shite. You can bet if the Tories weren't so biblically incompetent Starmer wouldn't of stood a chance at PM.
  9. twitter_1816053192376885521__1721845235597_Filter is OFF The next few months are gonna be fun https.mp4
  10. No way Vance allows his wife to have social media. I bet he has locks on the pantry to stop her snacking and getting chubby.
  11. Feels like a really stupid situation the club has put itself in. Maybe they tried earlier but the players wouldn't entertain the idea it just seems to often we've let players leave for free and it doesn't quite work for a club with owners as frugal as our when it comes to the budget.
  12. Hahaha. That was a brilliant false story, up there with Jo Swinson killing squirrels for kicks. Hope it er, sticks, as well. https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/jd-vance-couch-cushions/
  13. We will sell Salah now, Trent will run down his contract to leave on a free and VDV will stay with a new deal.
  14. They’ve allegedly already offered 2/3s of what we paid for VVD in 2018.
  15. They'll probably give him a job as a warden.
  16. I think they're making an exception for professionals who want to keep up their accreditations, doctors, nurses, possibly barristers. Which is fair enough, especially for MPs who might be in precarious seats.
  17. Haha, I don't even know why you're so bothered about me. I often end up leaving these threads after a bit anyway, fucked if I'm spending most days of this gov ranting about all of the stupid shit they're doing. I guessed someone would say that at some point too. I've posted in those threads sometimes but I've never been under the illusion that Tories gave a fuck about me and it's obvious they serve the rich more anyway. Labour on the other hand are supposed to be the opposite and I get a lot more bothered about that. I actually felt like there was some hope when Corbyn was leader, that things could genuinely change for the better. This current PM and his mates have often looked obsessed with undoing as much of that as possible though. Last night's suspensions removed several MPs that supported Corbyn too and you can bet some of the current idiots in Labour loved that they went (and will want to find reasons to make them stay out). For that reason Starmer bugs me more than many others and I still think he's a fraud for the most part. I really think Davos is more important to him than socialism. I don't think you're bothered about what I'm saying either, partly explaining the Tory vs Labour thread thing though.
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  19. Now I’d quite happily jump on that racist little cunts head
  20. It’s quite mad isn’t it. You’ve got some of them cunts with two jobs getting subsidised food and people with no jobs who can’t afford food. Society in 2024
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