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  2. City will win their remaining games, today was the nail in the coffin. Makes you want to just wash your hands of the cunt game. Hope pep chokes on one of his turtlenecks the fucking prick.
  3. I agree. They lose because we did before them, so I'm not getting too beat up about our surrender because if we had won today I'm almost certain Arsenal would have been more focused in this game.
  4. If some of these clubs want to give back to their fans and keep tickets prices where they are, perhaps they could pay these fucking agent leeches less. Our 2% which will hurt many in our fanbase, raises just 2m. Yet we blow over 30m to these cunts. More than 400m spent across the league in just 1 season.
  5. Don't do it to yourselves. Just take consolation that the Gooners are on the same pain train as us.
  6. Pinning the blame on nunez for Atalanta is insane. We were shite all over the park. Even today..Palace could easily have had 3..is that nunez's fault aswell?
  7. Seems like you can bank on our forward line giving me an easy ride just lately, I thought about posting gifs of our missed chances but then I saw sense haha.
  8. It's actually a perfect example of bottling it. There's no way they drop points had we not lost before them. That's the way the universe works. Unai sinking them is very funny, to be fair.
  9. Read my first paragraph again. Or the other posts where I’ve pointed out that Arsenal’s sudden success can be attributed in no small part to the shitloads of money they’ve spent.
  10. Udinese v Roma game paused for what appears to be some chest/breathing problems with Ndicka. Eerie atmosphere in the ground.
  11. Even a draw for us today would have been useful, but our spineless and usesless attacking players bottled it again. A new treble for Abu Dabi coming up.
  12. It read like it was gonna end with AoT having his bank account emptied.
  13. I hardly think we could have beat 15th placed Crystal Palace at home, it was asking too much. Well done Manchester City - talent, tactics, and a dozen years of breaking over 100 rules of the game has brought you here. Fairytale stuff.
  14. Exactly. Plus dodgy officiating along with that has cost him 2 additional titles (could be 3 yet)
  15. Gooner then aye? They have a £550m net spend in the last five years you fucking moron, hence they’re competing.
  16. City got Brighton,Forest,Wolves,Fulham,Spurs and Westham cant see too many dropped points there i think we are more likely too at the moment
  17. The good news is that we can all get behind Arse being dumped out of the CL this week.
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