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  2. cloggypop

    Waterproof, Bluetooth headphones?

    A built in player does make sense like https://www.techradar.com/news/best-waterproof-headphones-the-best-swimming-headphones-to-take-in-the-pool Can't really be using your phone.
  3. lifetime fan

    Day to day items that can be ludicrously expensive

    Apparently it can help with cancer treatment/patients. I was paying £8 a jar for it 6 years ago.
  4. lifetime fan

    Have a rant thread

    Separated parents being cunts and using the kids to point score against each other. Especially over Chr*stm*s plans.
  5. Em City

    Donald Trump

  6. He can tell them to fuck right off
  7. Yesterday
  8. dockers_strike

    Project Big Picture

    Because there's an agenda being driven by fat cunt samuel that clubs should be free to emulate the manchester city model of bought 'success' rather than the history of success that makes clubs like us and, hate to say it, the mancs, as the 2 biggest clubs in the UK. Everyone has to have an equal chance in samuel's world which is all very laudible if done the right way, not the way he wants which is oil nations and mega wealthy owners pumping obscene amounts of money into clubs a very select few can do.
  9. This had me in stitches when i read it first time i read it George to Paul when he said he wanted off the Apple label after the split ‘You’ll stay on the fucking label. Hare Krishna.’
  10. General Dryness

    Boxing 2020

    Its box office to DanDan. 500 quid bet on Derek incoming.
  11. No2

    Project Big Picture

    And Chelsea were the ring leaders but not mentioned at all in any of the nasty headlines.
  12. This video is oddly beautiful and beautifully odd.
  13. Aventus

    Tory Cabinet Thread

    I do reckon this has gotten much bigger than he had expected. He probably just wanted to do a good deed and get some kids a few meals, now its snowballed into something bordering on revolutionary, fair fucks to the lad for fully committing to this.
  14. Hank Williams like some fella down at the Legion hall? That is like saying I am know a fella on the corner who can rap and he sounds like Jay Z.
  15. I think it's a case of each to their own. Hank Williams although legendary is definitely not for me and Ozzy although again legendary with Black Sabbath, was in my opinion never anywhere near as good solo. Seeing as this is for the best solo artist, I couldn't vote for either. That like listening to someone down the legion quip was pretty good though and the Toy Story one was hilarious!
  16. General Dryness

    Day to day items that can be ludicrously expensive

    Manuka, which is the plant that the bees that produce that honey feed on. Manukau is a suburb of Auckland. Yeah expensive shit. Supposed to have massive health benefits though.
  17. Creator Supreme

    Tory Cabinet Thread

    I really would like to kick his teeth in!
  18. Creator Supreme

    Tory Cabinet Thread

  19. Nelly-Torres


    I managed to do the box in two sittings. It took lots of willpower though. They're top tier biscuits.
  20. lifetime fan

    Rate the last TV Show you watched

    The West Wing box set is now available for free on 4oD.
  21. General Dryness

    The Space Thread

    The price of immortality.
  22. No - you may be thinking of Bill Haley (Rock Around the Clock), that was a few years before Buddy.
  23. Pardon if I've mentioned this before but didn't Buddy Holly introduce horns to his recordings after he left the Crickets? a first, he was alright. I liked that Santana cover of Well Alright, goodnight.
  24. Tony Moanero

    Pictures of Footballing Greats

    Zico and Socrates
  25. Conway Twitty, It's Only Make Belief? I know what you mean.
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