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  2. Just seen the latest episode now. Really depressing when they have these episodes with people suffering with mental health issues, who may have avoided these crimes if given the right support. Reminds me of the Justice McCann episode, who got 20 odd years when he shot at someone. He too had been failed by the system if i remember correctly, trying to get support for his deteriorating mental health prior to the shooting and not getting any.
  3. "Turkish Delight! Who the hell eats Turkish Delight?" Belfast I thought that was very good. If Branagh wants to churn out Agatha Christie remakes in order to fund more like this (if that is indeed what's happening), I'm all in favour.
  4. “Why am I here? It’s embarrassing really. My dick is so big it gets me down sometimes”
  5. The stuff about immigrants is beyond insane. The care sector is already fucked..his solution..make it harder for people to work there. Just fuck off you bog eyed cunt.
  6. Cunt has already been leaking to the enquiry what he is going to say.
  7. Heat for about the 9th time. Fucking phenomenal film Love the bit near end where Chris's bird warns him it's a trap. Wayne grow is a massive cunt. 9/10
  8. Rubbish finisher but I'm definitely keeping him. As long as he's helping the team to create goals and win matches, I can live with him missing chances my nan would bury.
  9. But, but, but..... Only 15 months ago they beat us in Thailand in the Bangkok Centenary Cup and were destined for World domination. Us! The team that had just played every single game we possibly could in one season. The team that just fell short of the quadruple no less. Oh for those halcyon Siamese evenings again....
  10. Nah is was that crank woman,the black widow? Whi kept fainting to avoid getting nicked. It used to be a series but they just seem to do one offs now. Great show
  11. I don’t think we’re far apart in our views on Nunez then. I just think your last sentence here is the main issue (especially against weaker opposition that tend to play compact, low-block football), and Nunez is a big factor in that. We would have had similar issues if Haaland played for us, but he’s so physically imposing that he would possibly have freed up a bit more space for our other players to take advantage of (pure speculation). I guess it’s the Firmino factor playing into it for me. Hard to go from a player whose biggest qualities were neat touches, interplay and pressing to basically the opposite. I love Nunez for his workrate (even if it should be a given at this level, it isn’t - ask any Utd supporter today about their forwards…), and his movement. His touch might have improved, but that and his ability to get in front of a defender to keep the ball will still have to improve lots for us not to get countered on repeatedly. Salah was even worse for this yesterday, but he’s normally good at it so will get the benefit of the doubt from most supporters. I wholeheartedly disagree with those saying finishing is mostly down to luck and not technique/ability though. That’s doing an huge disservice to those possessing that particular skill. We’ve not been blessed with too many of them lately, which might influence the opinion of our fans perhaps. With some players (Gerrard, Barnes for us, Henry, De Bruyne for our rivals) you just know they won’t miss from 10-18 yards out. They’re experts at creating angles as well as having the required technique to strike the ball properly. Anyway, I think most on here and in the ground really take to Nunez, which can only help him in terms of confidence and self-belief.
  12. Tsimikas has been absolutely brilliant since Robbo got nobbled. I'd totally given up on him, fair fucks to him. Also, how fucking good is that riff at the end of 'holy revelation'?!
  13. Today
  14. Those stats mean absolutely fuck all. He's a toe nail offside away from having one more goal, which changes those numbers, plus he's been inches away with shots that have hit the woodwork. If the shot yesterday is two inches lower it's a goal and those stats suddenly look a whole lot different. You can make stats tell whatever story you want them to. Ask Ten Hag and his second best keeper in the league. I'll die on this hill, Darwin Nunez is fucking boss.
  15. 13 v 10. The video operator was on our side, they just ignored him!
  16. I reckon it was. He was going for the toe poke finish and it hit the outside of his foot instead. His immediate reaction gives it away, his body language after he plays it screams out "ah shit".
  17. Still don't understand the people who want us to fuck off the inverted full back system. Would they we rather go back to the 433 which had been worked out by opponents? The merits of the 3 box 3 system are clear to see. It was discussed in that video I posted here in the thread. Sure, occasionally we would get exposed because every system has weaknesses, but this current system has been our most balanced since that dreadful run earlier in the year. Evidenced by the results we've picked since we started using it.
  18. Song 2 was apparently written as a pisstake of banal Grunge lyrics. Which is fair enough.
  19. Ah, my comment about the assist not being a mis-hit shot was in response to Dave claiming it was. He said so in the first comment after the article here. "Trent's assists was a proper one, as was the Gomez one on the opener. Mo gets one for a mishit shot though, which is a little sketchy but I wouldn't completely dismiss it"
  20. Yea if that doesn't hit the keeper it's coming back out for Nunez to swing his cock at it and send it to Old Swan.
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