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  2. John102

    Jan Transfers (Closes Thurs 25th 7pm)

    You're probably right, know wfanes MI, they will probably get dominated by central midfield pairings which include Mount, McKennie and Brandt.
  3. Ali Trent Nat Kabak Robbo Thiago Fab Bobby Mo Jota Mane Let’s cunt them in the bastard.
  4. No, Bobby 9 and Jota 10. Just feel Jota has more energy about him to press all day. We also have Jota’s ability to beat a man at pace, which I assume was the point of Keita last week. Whatever happens and whoever plays, it requires a super charged performance from everyone.
  5. Trojan1892

    Georginio Wijnaldum

    I’m not arsed about him going tbh, there’s a reason he’s been labelled ghost on here, if everyone in midfield is fit he’s not playing it’s that simple. There’s so many better midfielders for our system out there, the 200k a week he’s asking for is a pisstake. I like Gini he’s always gave 100% but it’s time for him to move on, same goes for Milner I’d keep him on back room if that’s an option but hes got to be replaced I thought him and Gini yesterday were woeful, so sloppy and luckily for us Villa were just as bad giving it away.
  6. m0e

    VAR Thoughts?

    I think that's his point. VAR is doing for football fans what Roy Hodgson did for Liverpool fans. Brought them all together, in full alignment, over the fact the everything will be better without it.
  7. Fuck me, Ive almost forgot how it is to be part of a crowd. Get it done on Wednesday.
  8. Jota in the 9 and Bobby in the 10 you mean surely? Bobby can put pressure on Kroos and Modric all day. As for Fabinho back in defence, it's a shout because we're less likely to get caught out the way we did first time round. I kinda like it.
  9. Klopp clearly doesn't. He puts Mane in the middle 90% of the time when Jota and Salah are on the pitch. Even when we played all 4 against City, Jota was on the right.
  10. Colonel Kurtz

    Cancel Culture

    Totally agree though there seems to be an inevitable career arc with opinion writers where they say more and more extreme things until they libel somebody and get sacked.
  11. AngryofTuebrook

    Real Madrid - Champions League (H) 14/4/21 - 20:00

    We're pretty bad underdogs here, but we've faced bigger odds and won before. Just get these beat 2-0, Reds!
  12. I’m not sure how I’d line up on Wednesday. Obviously Zidane did a number on us last week (rotating pivots, sitting deep, long balls, wingers not tracking to take advantage of the space our full backs) and it worked perfectly for them. When we did press, they were happy to lump it long in the hope they have the pace to get into it or were happy conceding possession, sitting deep and were confident we wouldn’t play through them. And let’s face it, as much as their plan worked, we still massively contributed to our own down fall and they didn’t create much else. I don’t see them doing anything different on Wednesday. So what do we do? Thinking back, the idea of playing Keita to break the lines was probably sound, just woefully executed. If we could get the 2018 Ox back, he’d be perfect but he’s as far away from that form as he could get. I’m not convinced playing all 4 strikers is the answer either, but it’s what I’m leaning to. Firmino at 9 & Jota as a 10. Have a double press on their centre backs and midfielders and disrupt the long balls & give us extra creativity up front. Hopefully. I also wouldn’t be against ensuring it’s 0-0 until the hour and then throwing the kitchen sink at them. I know this will be unpopular, but I’m leaning towards Fabinho back at centre half for this as well. I think Gini & Thiago should be able to measure up to their midfield, but I acknowledge it’d take a super charged performance from both of them. I’m not saying we will do it, but I certainly think we can. Scoring early would be preferable but not essential. Even if we go 1-0 up in the 85th minute, it’ll be frenetic finish. There is no point to mentioning the crowd, it is what it is. If the players can generate the power needed to overhaul these, it’s up there with the mentality monsters greatest achievement.
  13. Harry's Lad

    Dogs experts/lovers

    The most recent price hike is down to Covid, people off work thinking they'll get a dog for company. We bought a Cockapoo in May 2019 and paid £800, lovely dog, so my Mrs was thinking about getting another one last year. Checked the prices and they were all well over £2000, with one cheeky twat in Liverpool wanting £4000 for one. Fuck that. Hopefully the prices will come back down as we get back to some sort of normality, but I think there's going to be a lot of young dogs on the market with people trying to claw some money back, or in the rescue centres.
  14. waddy78

    Georginio Wijnaldum

    The squad is just starting to age players turning 30 or 31 over the summer and the start of next season although thats not classed as old in "normal everyday life" its that age were some players kick on (Messi, Suarez, Ronaldo, Gary Mac etc.) but its also were alot of players start a decline i think when you have 4 or 5 players turning that age all around the same time it starts to become a problem, theres no sell on value or its lower injuries / fitness issues for some i personally wouldnt give Gini the £150 -200k a week its reported he wants id use that cash to pay the wages of 2 or 3 younger players i know they would also come with transfer fees it just doesnt make sense to pay (in his last year of3 year contract) a 34 year old that kind of money, same goes for Milner £150k a week for a 35 year old doesnt make sense, Both really good players in the squad but time to move on from them and good luck to them wereever they end up (If Milner retired id keep him on the coaching staff).
  15. RedKnight

    Rate the last film you watched...

    God's Own Country - Drama about the burgeoning relationship between a lad struggling to keep his family's farm going in Yorkshire and the Romanian worker who comes to help out. As the title would suggest it's set in Yorkshire and takes full advantage of the bleak but beautiful surroundings. It appears to lean into cliché before switching around your expectations of where the story/characters will go and I really enjoyed it. 8 out of 10 Palm Springs - Groundhog Day but with more existential dread. It would be classed as comedy but it didn't generate a lot of laugh out loud moments for me. I did find it very engaging though, both leads were good, and it did ask, and answer, more of the questions that a film like Groundhog Day would generate. 8.5 out of 10
  16. that was weird. I think he must have known his partner is pregnant, and knew what he was going to do....?
  17. rb14

    The Space Thread

    What we're doing in space gives me massive bonk on. Four and a half inches of red hot tungsten carbide steel. Everything about space is mind boggling and unimaginable. We send bits of metal, plastic and tin foil, a trillion billion miles, land it on a bit of shitty rock, then watch - yes watch ffs - it shit out a helicopter. A helicopter. Mars. As if. We're still in contact with three of the five probes we sent out like two hundred years ago, all of which have exited the solar system. I love this quote: "Pioneer 11 – launched in 1973, flew past Jupiter in 1974 and Saturn in 1979. The spacecraft is headed toward the constellation of Aquila, northwest of the constellation of Sagittarius. Barring an incident, Pioneer 11 will pass near one of the stars in the constellation in about 4 million years." That'll be 4 million years then. And the best of it all? God created every last bit of it. We'd have been fucked without him, I don't mind telling you.
  18. halewood pete

    VAR Thoughts?

  19. Dr Nowt

    Prince Philip...

    ‘Do the royals get special treatment?’ Who knew Julia had such preternatural insight?
  20. Section_31

    Cancel Culture

    A bugbear of mine is when the likes of Mendoza are called journalists, same with Owen Jones. There's a big difference between writing and being a journalist, the latter have to serve their time learning a trade and part of that is being able to be dispassionate, objective and checking facts. Having your own mouthpiece isn't the same thing.
  21. Dr Nowt

    Prince Philip...

  22. Today
  23. Elite

    Boxing 2021

    He's being matched very well. I'd like to see him in with Avanesyan for the European, if he beats him then he's legit. He has improved loads though, got to give him credit for that. He's annoying as fuck when he's being interviewed though.
  24. AngryofTuebrook

    VAR Thoughts?

    There was an insane law change after last season, to say that handball no longer applied to any part of the arm (which would be clearly understood by anyone capable of drawing a stickman) to say it applies to the sleeve-line - whatever the fuck that is. Like you say, I've not seen any goalscorers benefit from that law change; it only benefits the fun-hoovers in Stockley Park.
  25. rb14

    Formula One...

    Fixed that for you. And yes, it's a really good series.
  26. Section_31


    Having had covid too I bet you've got antibodies out the ass now. You should sell some. Feel better Champ.
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