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  1. I am very annoyed that everyone doesn't have the same opinion as me on all of the players.
  2. Yeah, definitely a cunt but his contributions on TMS were excellent. If someone needed slaughtering he'd do it. Cricket commentary and punditry appears to be utterly devoid of any criticism now, it's really shit. We've gone from Holding, Willis, Lloyd, Gower, Cozier, Benaud, Atherton, et al to fucking Kevin Pietersen, "Daggers", and Ebony Rainford Bants Brent.
  3. But can you really put a price on watching Oxford and Plymouth Argyle?
  4. £37 a ticket and you have to commit to all of them. What a time to be alive.
  5. £850 to watch Leeds in the second division.
  6. I think it depends when we sack Slot. If it is before Christmas we can finish top half.
  7. Salah couldn't score against Preston?
  8. Hope they concentrate their efforts in destroying all golf courses.
  9. If we win, the game is meaningless. If we lose, he surely has to go.
  10. Hoping it's Mankind, personally.
  11. Some really wild shouts on here. People eating toast,? Jacket potatoes? Whatever next? Someone enjoying an ice-cream on a warm Sunday afternoon? Someone drinking a cup of tea?
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