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  1. Jairzinho

    The New Leader of the Labour Party

    Some bad nuances on here.
  2. Jairzinho

    The New Leader of the Labour Party

    Is that aimed at Howie's Egyptian heritage?
  3. Jairzinho

    Man Utd (H) Premier League - 19/1/20

    Yes, Gomez and Matip are both much better players than Maguire. Maguire is an absolute fucking shambles. I wouldn't swap him for Lovren. And obviously having Rashford ahead of Salah is utterly ludicrous. A mixed 11 would be 11 Liverpool players with the only debate about whether Gomez or Matip starts alongside VVD.
  4. Jairzinho

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    School of science.
  5. Jairzinho

    The New Leader of the Labour Party

    Sounds ace. The Labour Party can just be run by the Catholic Church and the Board of Deputies of Jews.
  6. Jairzinho

    Roberto Firmino

    Dave, I thought you said you were going to bin off this Scientologist loon.
  7. Jairzinho

    Boxing 2020

    Probably only £24.99 though.
  8. Jairzinho

    Jurgen Norbert Klopp

    Just bolted up in the 19:00 at Newcastle. Is there anything this man can't do?
  9. Jairzinho

    Boss music in games

    Really fancy buying a Playstation 2, firing up GTA, and cruising around in a Sentinel listening to Double Clef FM.
  10. Jairzinho

    January 2020 Transfer Thread

    Also, a mid table premier league club should sign Sofyan Amrabat. On loan at Verona from Club Brugge. 23 year old central midfielder. Strong, intelligent, decent passer of the ball (nothing flashy), and carries the ball well (uses his strength well to brush people off the ball). Not good enough for us, like.
  11. Jairzinho

    January 2020 Transfer Thread

    We were after this kid last year as well, apparently. I've been following his career since he was at Piacenza. Frankly, if we don't sign him Klopp should walk.
  12. Jairzinho

    Other Football - 2019/20

    What's Fred? A homing pigeon?
  13. Jairzinho

    The Nineties

    Hardly surprising we used to get bummed so often. Our current crop of batsmen would have been skittled for 100 in most innings.