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  1. Yeah, there was something quite depressing about the place in the early 2000s when I last saw it. High street like something from a zombie film.
  2. Not as far as I'm aware. My grandad died 20 years ago. Everyone else has moved away, sadly. Selby and Pocklington were the two places my old man grew up in the area. What is Selby like now?
  3. Jairzinho

    Christmas 2021

    All rolls here. They just don't eat sandwiches.
  4. They don't have the option at Bristol airport.
  5. Jairzinho

    Christmas 2021

    Yeah, they are massive cunts. Most of them think they're pretty much SAS rather than the fucking outdoor mall cops they really are. I got stopped by a couple about two years ago. One them was okay, the other thought he was Poirot.
  6. Jairzinho

    Christmas 2021

    Yeah, that's my worry too. I would be fucking furious.
  7. Cheers, and sorry. Where in North Yorkshire were you? My old man was born in Selby so I spent a reasonable amount of my childhood seeing family in that neck of the woods.
  8. Nice. I think the RHS are doing them all over the country. We were going to go to one in Rosemoor near Torrington. I spent fucking weeks looking for all this shit. Various Christmas markets etc (she's never been here at Christmas). She was only going to come to the UK for six days then go back and see her family while I stayed in the UK a bit longer. The new rules mean we have to isolate for probably best case scenario three days. Bit of a fucker.
  9. Took these from a moving (not very quickly) train a month or so ago. When you travel by train from Sevilla to Malaga you have two options. North to Cordoba, then south to Malaga. It's quicker, but a bit dull. The slower option goes through lots of towns of Sevilla and Malaga, and you're basically just south of the mountains. It's a lovely trip (mentioned it a few weeks ago as there was a noisy twat on the train for about an hour).
  10. Where is your second picture from, Stringy? I was looking at similar Christmasy walks (well, I was before the new isolation rules meant my missus couldn't come with me to the UK).
  11. Jairzinho

    Christmas 2021

    Fucking hell a top three would be hard work. It's needs a Tony thread - "Top ten things you miss about the UK when you're away". - People speaking at a normal volume. - Tea with fresh milk. - Roasts. - Fried Breakfast. - Decent loafs of bread. - Less detestable interactions with local government. - Relatively low levels of glass and dog shit all over the pavements. - Fewer "rules" regarding what and when you eat and drink. - Valuing punctuality. - The possibility of being punched in the face lowering the probability of people being a complete twat in public settings.
  12. Jairzinho

    Christmas 2021

    Yes, you can't use the NHS tests. Which I understand to some degree, it's our choice to travel. Although we are going to see family, not going on holiday. However, the prices are ridiculous and as most of these companies are about a fortnight old, or have only moved in to this sector very recently, the ability to discern complete fucking con artists from the genuine is very difficult. The state of the website is often a reasonably helpful giveaway. Some of them look like they were designed by a child, in about 1998. It's the entire system though. I obviously understand that the situation is changing constantly, but as the scientists point out once people have noticed a new strain somewhere, it'll already be in your country. The horse is already in a tesco lasagne. So people travelling from countries which have a tenth of the daily case rates are jumping through hoops while people in the country they travel to aren't bothering to wear masks on the tube. I suppose it's the problem with having a government that only really has two aims. One, make lots of money for themselves and their friends. Two, do whatever appears to be politically expedient at the time regardless of whether it's actually a good idea or not.
  13. Jairzinho

    Christmas 2021

    Wes Streeting (Labour weathervane) was saying "Why 48 hours? Why not much closer to the flight?" Yeah, alright mate. Presumably you'll be organising and paying for all these tests, no? Anyone getting a PCR test will probably need to wait 24 hours for the results. People have flights in the morning (mine is at 7am before the airport testing centre is even open). My nearest testing centre is 30 minute drive away. Wes will be paying for the time off work, I guess. They won't even fucking check the results at the airport. The locator form is four pages long, do you think Tim at customs is going read it for every person arriving at the airport? No-one at the airports has any fucking idea what is going on. Understandably so, the rules change every 20 minutes.