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  1. Redder Lurtz

    Rate the last TV Show you watched

    Murder 24/7 Excellent. Smashed the first 7 episodes of Mindhunter last night. Very, very good.
  2. Redder Lurtz

    Rate the last film you watched...

    Rebecca Ferguson. Stunning.
  3. You'll know me. I'm the one oozing authority. * *Far more likely that I'll put staff on the bar and end up shitfaced.
  4. Redder Lurtz

    Who is the best Sherlock Holmes?

    Rathbone all say long. Brett decent but Rathbone takes it.
  5. Redder Lurtz


    I think the main issue here is that this is perfect side tit weather. I'm left utterly bereft of anything to perv on.
  6. Redder Lurtz

    Coronaviruspool 2020

    Peter Purvis John Craven Michaela Strachan
  7. Redder Lurtz


    More like it.
  8. Redder Lurtz


    Not enough puns lads. Come on, the coughing, wheezing population of a provincial yorkshire town are depending on you.
  9. Redder Lurtz


    Need some GF inspiration. A coronavirus playlist for the bar. I'm starting with This Chow Mein Man by The Smiths. Over to you GF.
  10. Redder Lurtz


    There would be fucking riots I'd they shut the pubs here. They've taken our football but they can't take our perrbs.
  11. Redder Lurtz


    Mrs Lurtz currently in Tenerife. They're shutting all shops and bars etc. Not allowed out to sunbathe on the apartment complex or even go out walking. No news on how or when she's gonna get home.
  12. Redder Lurtz


    Nicked. Ta.
  13. Redder Lurtz


    Already had Outraged of Yorkshire comment on fb that it's "discusting" to make fun of people who are "dieing"
  14. Redder Lurtz

    Rate the last film you watched...

    The Aeronauts. On Amazon. Very decent. 30,000 ft out of 36,000 ft.