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  1. Redder Lurtz


    Yorkshire Evertonians. They still sing songs and rattle on about knocking man u out of the fa cup nine years ago as if they'd won a fucking trophy for it.
  2. Redder Lurtz


    I'm busy already when Leeds are on TV. It'll be busier still if and when they hit the premier League I guess. Most of the fans are decent but that's rather a reflection of my clientele than the archetypal Leeds fan. The gobshite arrogance will go up a few notches once they're promoted though.
  3. Redder Lurtz


    Right, Bielsa is hilarious etc. Now can someone please deduct 20 points from the fuckers. We're in real danger of this horrible fucking club being in the PL again next season.
  4. Redder Lurtz

    Other Football - 2018/19 Season

    Has Bielsa gone yet? I really want to see their promotion ambitions come crashing down around their ears. The arrogance of fucking Leeds fans lately is intensely irritating.
  5. Redder Lurtz

    Nairobi Terror Attack

    The best Iman can get
  6. Redder Lurtz

    Naby Keita

    You need a bit of that.
  7. Redder Lurtz

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    38113 of their 39000 capacity to be fair.
  8. There are some American firms involved in that shit. I'm in the middle of sorting it though, just got off the phone to the FBI and I'm on with the CIA now.
  9. Redder Lurtz

    Shite things about Winter.

    Fucking dryanuary cunts. We sold xmas gift cards at the pub, expiry date end of Jan, as part of an effort to pull in extra trade in January. I've had dryanuary wankers asking me to "extend" their voucher dates into feb. They can fuck the fuck off.
  10. Redder Lurtz

    Brighton (a) 12/1/19 EPL

    We'll have 89% possession, 38 shots, 25 on target and their nobody keeper will save them all, never to be heard of again. 0-0.
  11. Yeah, I love it when we get knocked out of domestic cup competitions, me. It's great watching Chelsea and city picking up trophies every season. Feel like a right winner after that shitfest of a line-up and performance. Go us.