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  1. JohnnyH

    Naby Keita

    Aquilani without the talent.
  2. JohnnyH


    Surely such an infinitesimal amount of reinfections tells us virtually nothing? Out of millions and millions of people, there are a handful of people reinfected? Is that not just a statistical anomaly?
  3. JohnnyH

    What Country Would You Move To?

    I've lived (Anything over 6 months) in Sweden (Stockholm), Austria (Graz), Italy (Bologna & Rome), UK (Glasgow & Liverpool). I spend a lot of time in Germany. Out of those I'd happily live in Germany.
  4. JohnnyH

    What Country Would You Move To?

    Next door. He's cut his grass and mines a disgrace and I just can't face it.
  5. JohnnyH


    I'm all for Stephen Rae getting some acting jobs again. We can invade, and boost Irish Arts employment figures at the same time!
  6. JohnnyH


    At first glance that seems to be the case. But if you look at it with a more studious eye you'll find it's a lot worse than that.
  7. JohnnyH


    Ermmm, hello! Can we not have first dibs? Feels like we feckin' owe yis and all.
  8. JohnnyH

    Thiago Alcantara

    “Iceberg ahead!”
  9. JohnnyH

    Slagging off Liverpol legends

    Surely it's ok to not like someone but still consider them a club legend? I've no issue with Carragher (although the spitting thing did knock my view of him, as it would anyone who did it) so I don't mean him. But there's a number of ex-players of ours who I wouldn't like who have done amazing things for us as a team. That's ok isn't it? I don't have to automatically like someone just because he was very good at football for us?
  10. JohnnyH

    Summer 2020 Transfer Thread

    Talksport is now just a "discussion" creating shock-jock nonsense talkshow. They take a contrarian view and spout it to create shock-content and therefore, clicks. It's just there to create revenue. And I'm not saying that as an upset fan of one of the teams they've spouted nonsense about, I follow them for the comedy element. Day after day they take the vastly over the top view. People react. And that's all they want. I wouldn't pay them any attention.
  11. JohnnyH


    It'll be grand.
  12. JohnnyH

    September Spiders

    My wife is petrified of spiders. She has a ficus she adores. A couple of days ago we came downstairs and the ficus was like something from the film Arachnophobia. I could not stop laughing. It now lives down the back of the garden.
  13. JohnnyH

    Thiago Alcantara

    Real are shite. A couple of half decent signings by Barca and they’ll win the league. Gini could be one of those. Its either a last big contract, or a last big move. He’s won the league and European cup here. I kind of find it hard to understand why he wouldn’t move? He’s not a boyhood red. He can go to Barca for 3 seasons and almost certainly win a league and Copa del Rey. And then off back to Holland to finish his career. More power to him I say. I want him to stay. I’d rather we kept him then signed Thiago (I’d like both) but I wouldn’t begrudge him that move at all.
  14. JohnnyH


    I can’t be a racist as the last time I tweeted about Kieta I was wearing black face. So there.