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  1. JohnnyH

    Chelsea (H) Premier League 14/04/19

    Just in case you want to head up to match control. “The Voice” made a booboo on twitter....
  2. JohnnyH

    Tommy Smith

    I’m surprised by many of the posts here. His unrepentant views are horrific. They are so bad that I don’t think they can be divorced or ignored at any time from what he did on the pitch. Others do. Fair enough (although I obviously strongly disagree). I’ll not comment any more.
  3. JohnnyH

    Tommy Smith

    True. Lots of other people were horrific cunts too.
  4. JohnnyH

    Tommy Smith

    No. That’s the whole point. It’s not like he said stuff that was a bit off. It was absolutely horrific. I think it’s important it’s said now as people call him a legend and some ex Liverpool players call him a “great man”, although not many have said that. They all stick to him being a great player, which he was.
  5. JohnnyH

    Tommy Smith

    He said them in 1988 when everyone else in Liverpool was supporting our best player, John Barnes. They were abhorrent views at the time too
  6. JohnnyH

    Tommy Smith

    Just in case people are wondering what I’m talking about or think I’m being a twat (again) see below. Also his comments about Emyln Hughes after he passed away were shithouse in the extreme. I just think the comments below are too extreme to be ignored though . They define the man.
  7. JohnnyH

    Tommy Smith

    Nope. Do I need to have met him?
  8. JohnnyH

    Tommy Smith

    Just can’t bring myself to express the usual sympathies. He was an utterly horrible human being. Great player, but such an awful person that it just can’t be ignored.
  9. JohnnyH

    Decent Phone Apps

    Calculator. Helps to calculate stuff.
  10. JohnnyH

    Adidas Trainers

    She’d be right