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    New Jersey

    Kind of feel I’m not getting the answers I need here....
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    “Woooooooooooooo *waves effeminately* I don’t like her face”
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    it does not. No.
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    New Jersey

    Lads. Last minute work trip to New York next week. Flying in Tuesday, working Wednesday and flying back Thursday. So I’ve only really got Tuesday and Wednesday evenings for a meal and few pints. I’m in Manhattan on the Wednesday evening meeting a few people for a drink, and am there quite a bit anyway, so seeing as I’m staying in New Jersey I thought I’d head down to Hoboken on the Tuesday evening for a pint as I’d heard it was ok. Is that true? If so, suggestions please. If not, other suggestions, ideally near where I’m staying which is the Sheraton in Weehawken. Cheers
  5. We’ve seen what mega State controlled investment has done to PSG and Man City. Turning them from relegation threatened, in PSGs case, and actual relegation fodder in Man City’s case, into record breaking domestic champions and Champions League challengers. But the obvious issues of major financial cheating that is only being held back from significant bans by State pressure, and the human rights abuses within these States that make it a humanitarian horror show to have support from them, asks a lot of questions. Indeed both clubs are mainly only ever referenced when talking about the problems with modern day football. Man City did the Domestic Treble last year, an incredible achievement, and all they got was negative press in the main. This has resulted in Man City fans (a fanbase we are familiar with) mainly burying their heads in the sand and refusing to accept that there is any irregularity, illegality or, in humanitarian terms, abuses to answer from their ownership. I’ve long said that I think football fans regularly demonstrate the worst and best in people from a day-to-day viewpoint. They’ll blindly back their club or player in just about any circumstance while slaughtering a player from another club for the same thing. The group mentality can be disgusting and the blind support terrible at times. But the group think has also seen brilliant things like “Fans supporting foodbanks” which has been an amazing humanitarian collective initiative by football fans and has, no doubt, saved actual lives. And from a sporting viewpoint, the half time in Istanbul in 2005 is still spoken about in revered terms from the non-LFC people there. And all reports of how sporting and supportive Liverpool and Spurs fans in Madrid were to each other both pre and post-match was great to see. So we can see and do good also. But my question is regarding ownership. If one of the Oil rich states were to take us over and start pumping hundreds of millions into us through dodgy payment schemes to bypass FFP, would you be disgusted by it and let it affect your support of the club? Or would you just massively go on the defensive and ignore it like City fans and just enjoy the stream of Cups arriving in? Be honest with yourselves now. It’s easy to say we’d be horrified and boycott the club, or something like that, when we don’t have to deal with it. But how do you think you’d genuinely feel as you watched a £250m, £600,000 a week, Neymar lift the longed for league title for us in front of the Kop, while about another 3,000 people died building stadiums for an illegally won World Cup bid in the country of our owners and minority groups were purged? Would you bury the head like City fans? Or would you take a personal stand?
  6. JohnnyH

    Fanzine Summer Issue captions

    "So just hold my hand walking out on to the pitch and then follow the other mascots back to the sideline when we saw so"
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    Fanzine Summer Issue captions

    "I don't know why people keep writing in mildly xenophobic Scottish accents? I'm quite well spoken actually"
  8. JohnnyH

    Fanzine Summer Issue captions

    "You're surprised?!"
  9. When the ball dribbled out for a goal kick after the 93rd minute. I’m in my late forties so while that means I was lucky enough to enjoy the entirety of the 1980s as a fan with all the success that brought. It also means I’ve suffered every moment of the crushing pain of consistent failure since then. If Spurs had scored with a minute to go, I’d have shat myself that they'd get another. So when that ball went out for a Spurs goal kick with about 30 seconds to go, only then, (and still with a tiny back of the head bit of worry) did I think to myself that we were European Champions. I cant get my head around “knowing we had it won” half way through a a game that wasn’t even the final. Seems alien to me.
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    The Twitter Way

    I’ve no idea what the fella driving the car said, but I do no he’s a cunt.
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    Desperately sad. Even when I saw the thread had been bumped I feared the worst.