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  1. Well that's going to require me travelling a bit further then I planned....
  2. Fucking autocorrect - *patience
  3. I'm off the Lisbon for a few days this week for a conference so have a few questions for anyone who's been there recently: 1) I'm staying at a hotel right beside the Metro stop 'Praca de Espanha' on the blue line so I was just going to get a Metro from the Airport to the end of the red line and then it's one stop up on the blue line. Are the Metro stops easy to navigate or am I better getting a taxi? 2) What's the best Metro stop for the main town? 3) Any recommendations for pubs to watch the matches in? I'll get there just in time for Portugal's match tomorrow night so I'd like to see that. 4) Any other evening advice? I've literally only got 2 nights there. Gracias
  4. I think the only weird behaviour is on this thread. Why does anyone care about the banal platitudes he'd give when he's initially first spoken too? You're not going to learn anything about him or his plans in any depth whatsoever while everyone is off or at the Euros. The only thing we'll get in a press conference is a bunch of questions about VVD, Salah and Trent contracts and whether or not he's going to play Trent in midfield, and the press will negatively spin any answer to "Slot in the dark", "Slot rages at owners lack of action on contracts", "Slot wants Trent out" and all the story creating nonsense they love that no one can do anything about until the Euros is over. It benefits no one. Stuff will come out when he/the club are ready, and it will have zero impact on the season, because it's just nonsense talk. And if anyone is forming a negative opinion of him now then they're as bad a bellend as all the other internet 'now now now' gobshites. Have some patients you fucking children.
  5. I thought it was me as on my Ipad I'm struggling to get in these last few days as it's very temperamental, but on my laptop (like now) I've no issue
  6. Sorry, that was for the hockey positivity thread
  7. Turning the volume down on the tv and having a quiet wank watching the girls hockey game out my mothers bedroom window.
  8. “You fraudulently elevated the value of key assets, you fraudulently elevated the value of key assests, you fraudulently elevated the value of key assettttttttsssss, and refused to hand over relevant documentation”
  9. I quite like how we're keeping our council while all the players are either on holiday, or in the vast majority of cases, involved with their International teams. The desperation for an interview where he just spouts the usual platitudes about the Kop and our history and then some little dad-joke that will have LFC twitter telling us how he 'get us' all seems a bit desperate. I'd rather we left it until the first day of pre-season training and we can have all the interviews then, and him meeting the first players back, etc. There's no rush.
  10. George Sephton now saying it. Looks like he is very ill.
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