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  1. JohnnyH

    Sadio Mane

    He's staying!
  2. JohnnyH

    Sadio Mane

    Off to Bayern
  3. JohnnyH


    Given Klopps comments earlier I've now changed that figure to 99% chance he's starting.
  4. JohnnyH


    Yep, just seen footage of him in training. So positive news.
  5. JohnnyH

    PODCAST: Liverpool 3 Wolves 1 - Match Reaction

    Cheers for that Mr Chairman "The Arsenal Way" I never knew that about Pornhub. Interesting. If I ever start watching porn I'll be sure to check that out.
  6. JohnnyH


    There is literally zero chance Thiago is making this match. We'll just not admit it until the day of the game so Real have to at least consider it. But having Fabinho in full training for a few days prior to the game would be a huge boost.
  7. JohnnyH

    PODCAST: Liverpool 3 Wolves 1 - Match Reaction

    Nah, not listening to this one. The wound is still fresh from getting so close. I just wish City had scored early and shut their game down in the first half and then I wouldn't have cared as much. Hearing people rant against things will just put me in a bad humour again. Times like this I wish you could break the podcast into two - match report & upcoming match preview - so I can just listen to the CL Final preview. Anyone care to tell me at what minute the review starts so I can just fast forward to that? EDIT - "Fast forward to that" Christ, is it on VHS or Betamax?
  8. JohnnyH


    Still not in training. While it's lovely to hear everyone saying he's defiantly going to be back, at some point we have to start worrying that actually won't be.
  9. JohnnyH

    Go fuck yourselves FSG

    Facebook memories reminding me of John Henry meeting Roberto Martinez this time 10 years ago.
  10. JohnnyH

    Thiago Alcantara

    So he has a week to prove his fitness? Sounds like he'll be missing the Charity Shield so.
  11. Origi to start I reckon with Salah coming on at 60 mins regardless of the score so he can get game time in his legs, and Divock gets the big send off from the fans.
  12. “Now prove me wrong you shower of overpaid tarts”
  13. I genuinely forgot that today was the final day of the season. I was looking at my iPad in bed this morning and then did my usual check of news agencies and when checking sports remembered it was the last day. My conscious, subconscious, heart, head, and any other part you want to talk about are all absolutely at peace with Man City being 2-0 up within 15-20 minutes. I genuinely think we’re more likely to drop points today than Man City are.
  14. JohnnyH

    Other Football 2021/22

    Haven’t seen or heard any reports of trouble in Seville last night which is great news. Terrible quality game - almost as bad as us and Spurs in 2019 - but still enthralling. I didn’t really mind who won as I like Germany, and the fume over here from the always annoying Irish Celtic fans would have been enjoyable had Rangers won, but all in all I think I was happier with Frankfurt winning in the end.