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  1. JohnnyH

    Definitely Maybe - 25 Years Old

    Never realised the Tim Lovejoy wannabe unfunny twat Noel Gallagher actually used to write music? All I ever see is the celebratory Citeh fan who'd turn up at the opening of a tin of beans.
  2. JohnnyH


    Belfast is great. I can’t really give you any good advice in where to go. But it’s great......now. I used to go out with a girl up there around 1990, and so used to visit then. It wasn’t as great then. It is now.
  3. JohnnyH

    Rank the trophies

    I think such a question is always dependent on what you've recently achieved. As won the Champions League last season I’d now have winning the Premier League absolutely streets ahead of winning the Champions League. Last season I’d have had the Premier League streets head of winning the Champions League because of how long it’s been since we’ve won it. However, had we won the league under Rodgers that season, then I’d have the Champions League ahead of it. So it all depends on recent history. If I wanted to give a genuine answer on where I rank them then I think the question would suggest that we had won the league and European cup last season and so what do you want to win now. And the answer then would be: European Cup League Title FA Cup League Cup Club World Cup Super Cup Charity Shield.
  4. JohnnyH


    Are you saying I called for a ban?
  5. JohnnyH


    Nope. Wasn't saying you're racist. Wasn't even hinting towards that. Now I see you desperately want that though don't you? You're really trying very very hard aren't you? But no one is really paying you that much serious attention other than a few comments just basically laughing at you. In the end you'll resort to something daft though. They always do. As a matter of interest, which forum will you go back to to say you got banned from the TLW?
  6. JohnnyH


    Ah, you're one of those. Ok.
  7. JohnnyH


    Have I accidently opened the Daily Mail comments page? Embarrassing, Katie Hopkinsesque, chip on the shoulder, utter nonsense. As bad as the gobshites who say "You can't say anything these days". When what they actually want to say is racist/homophobic/misogynistic/xenophobic crap.
  8. JohnnyH

    Boris Johnson

    Pure Donald Trump that. They know he’s incapable of stringing together coherent sentences on the hoof so block it altogether
  9. JohnnyH

    Revenge Neggers.

  10. JohnnyH

    Summer 2019 Transfer Thread

    Wow. Couldn’t even get a Championship Club.
  11. JohnnyH

    Summer 2019 Transfer Thread

    If one of Mane, Firmino or Salah is long term injured and Origi has to play most games then watch his cult status change to a word very similar to cult quite quickly with the knee-jerk bunch. He’s had a dream few games for us. Career defining in fact. But he’s no front man in a team looking to consistently challenge. In fact, he’s no back up front man either.
  12. JohnnyH

    Summer 2019 Transfer Thread

    I think the club taking shit for years for not bringing players in is probably fair enough, given our record over those years. Not now though obviously, but people still having a few scars from the horrendous transfer windows we saw in the recent past have fair comment. But I think people are claiming "cry-arsing" when it's not "cry-arsing". You see it on twitter loads. A person says something like "Jesus, we're in the best shape we've been for years. Get a top notch striker/midfielder and we can finally win the league". And he/she gets hounded for it. That's not cry-arsing. That's a genuine, fair comment. Really good back up could see us stay the course for that extra 2 points this season. That's wanting to finally take that last step to win the league. That's not cry-arsing. Of course the ones who respond to every single Liverpool FC post with "Sign players" need to grow up. That's just boring. But it's hardly hammering the club. Your last paragraph I think is a bit of a shocker. They received a massive cash boost when selling Coutinho so I've no idea what "taking stock" they need after last summer. The transfer window opening doesn't also coincide with LFC owners and execs minds opening to thinking about what they did last summer. They will have taken stock when doing the buying. Not a year later. I actually also think they'd probably spend if Klopp demanded it anyway. That's why I'm calm about it. The rest of your final paragraph is extremely defeatist. Certainly Klopp ands the players wouldn't entertain that type of thought.
  13. JohnnyH

    Summer 2019 Transfer Thread

    We are now properly talking about what we need to win the league and retain the European Cup. We're now genuinely back at that top level. We go into the season with achievable goals of a level we've probably not had since summer 1984. I'd rather we had spent a bit and got in proper forward cover as we are light there. I'd have liked to have seen a really good creator for the middle of the park too. And a decent back up goalie. But that's very much easily said, but very hard to do. I trust Klopp more than I've trusted any manager since probably Rafa. I believe that if he wanted someone then the club would do their best to get him. I also believe that given how good we've been at transfers over the last few years, that the effort from the club would be genuine and thorough. So in that way I'm happy enough to see what happens. And if we don't sign a first team level player then, while I'll still be concerned about what we do when Salah, Firmino or Mane get injured (and it is when, not if), I'm still happy to trust in the club. However, I don't get people having a go at folk who are concerned. People calling it "cry arsing" because fans are nervous of what happens if those injuries to our top 3 come at the same time or are long term are out of order in my opinion. We've seen this moaning at fans who are concerned before. And it's usually followed by a big drop off the season after a good season such as 2008/09 or 2013/14. We made an art of adding top talent and bringing them into the team after a great year. After doing the treble in 1984 we signed Molby from Ajax. We all know the talent we brought in after finishing second in 1986/87 season. After that amazing season we brought Rush back. Sitting on your laurels can be dangerous. So if you are having a go at folk for being nervous with no signings, then stop it. They're allowed. Laughing it off or calling them names just shows your ignorance. Also, if you are justifying no signings by saying "We've just won the European Cup for goods sake" then please jump off a high building. That was last season. It's done now. Ronnie Moran would be spinning in his grave at comments like that.