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  1. Me too. Must have been 25 years since I read it, yet the scene in the book of the velociraptor chase to the power boxes to re-boot the park still sticks with me. I couldn’t get over how amazing the writing was to have me on the edge of my seat petrified solely through the amazing narrative.
  2. Not a massive horror film fan, but the 1st Halloween scared the bejazus out of me. The Jurassic Park films are great though. I loved the first 3, and am really enjoying the new incarnation too. So easy vote for me.
  3. I didn’t write it off as a kids movie.
  4. That's your opinion. For me the 3rd Thor movie was poor. The second Ant Man was terrible. The 2nd Guardians wasn't up to much. And some movies were just 'fine' like The Hulk. Again, in my opinion. But maybe Iron Man should be stand alone? Or Captain America? 3 movies in each case. 23 movies is ridiculous to all be bundled in together.
  5. If you're of an age, then the first 3 Star Wars movies to come out in the cinema were the most amazing visual moments there was. They were mind boggling. Great stories, great films. Obviously the next 3 were shite. But since then they've been pretty good. And I'm not a sci-fi fella at all
  6. Is "Marvel" not a bit of a broad brush? There's about 5,000 marvel movies so of course there's some really good ones. Should it not be broken down a bit more? Anyway, as a bit of protest, and also because I love T1 and T2, I went with Terminator.
  7. Hard one this. The first Jaws is one of the best films ever made. The book is even better. But after that they are turgid shite, with the Michael Caine one possibly one of the worst movies ever made. The Indiana Jones movies are Brilliant, Brilliant, Pretty Good, and watchable. So therefore they win.
  8. Monty Python movies were great, but some of the earlier Bonds at the time they came out were the very peak of excitement and brilliant filmmaking for whisking you away to a breathless place of gorgeous woman and amazing action scenes. It's all a bit formulaic now, probably naturally enough, and no one is ever surprised by a Bond gadget these days, but back in the day a car shooting guns or turning into a submarine was head exploding stuff. Again, Monthy Python were great, but Bond was sensational
  9. JohnnyH

    Do you have your own space

    Nope. 3 bed semi-d which I bought 2 years ago (an achievement in itself in Dublin these days), so all bedrooms taken by kids and our room, and downstairs is a big kitchen and decent size living room. The downstairs toilet is feckin huge though so maybe I could put a desk in there and a tv on the wall and shit my life away happily?
  10. I read that out loud and it sounded like a bad attempt at a Liverpool accent.
  11. It's fucking hard work is what it is.
  12. Hahahahahahaha Fucking Kraftwork won? Fucking Kraftwork? The best "Rest of the World" band ever is fucking Kraftwork??? None of you are ever allowed speak about music on this forum ever again. Delete this thread and lets never speak of it again.
  13. JohnnyH

    Harvey Elliott

    Bad hair.
  14. JohnnyH

    Greatest Movie Franchise Tournament?

    Dirty Harry Rambo Aliens Beverly Hills Cop Bill and Ted
  15. JohnnyH

    Greatest Movie Franchise Tournament?

    Lethal Weapon Halloween Harry Potter Batman Lord of the Rings Mission Impossible