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  1. JohnnyH


    I must have missed loads on here. Was Stringy one of those anti-Henderson weirdos? I knew Henderson was great since Soccer AM.
  2. I just can’t see anything other than a City win. I remember us playing the top sides in situations similar to this and we seemed to nearly always win? City will be ridiculously up for this. We will be up for it too, but I wonder if we might just be off it that 1% that makes all the difference in a game of this level.
  3. JohnnyH

    Summer 2020 Transfer Thread

    Barca do have a cunty arrogance. I hate this “you don’t turn down Barca/Real” thing. Their PR depts have done a hell of a job. The fans of both clubs are entitles pricks. But don’t ignore some of the incredible arrogance by our own fans to other clubs too when it comes to transfers. It rear its head often. Many could do with listening to Jurgan or Jordan. I fear as we get more successful that that cuntiness will become more prevalent.
  4. JohnnyH

    Sadio Mane

    I'm off to playschool to pick up my 2 kids. Should be a little less childish there.
  5. JohnnyH


    Any more on this? My wifes mum lives in Wrexham. Very old and very doddery with no family close by.
  6. The single worst idea I've ever heard in my life. And I wanted Aquilani.
  7. JohnnyH

    Nike deal

    Saw the new kit on a kid yesterday. It's awful. As bad a kit as I've ever seen.
  8. JohnnyH


    Same as it ever was - 7 games to go in the league and Liverpool have nothing to play for. Pathetic.
  9. Couldn’t give a fuck what the final score is. Matters not a jot. I’d like it that when halftime comes Klopp walks on to the pitch with a big bag of cans and starts passing them out to our players who sit down in the centre circle and have a few beers and a couple of tabs. Then, in the second half, each time Man City score we high five their players while roaring laughing. And then, obviously, at full time, more cans from Klopp.
  10. JohnnyH


    Ahhhh. That’s brilliant news. Well done Mary.
  11. European Cup and (soon to be) Premier League winning Captain - Coventry