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  1. More action then I'm getting at home so I'll give it a try.
  2. If it's official do I get some sort of a badge or tick?
  3. Ah rite, so because some of us are working from home while also looking after their 2 year old and 1 year old and so only got to see it 3 MINUTES and 3 SECONDS after the random closure time my vote doesn't count? Fucking Jim Crow wankers.
  4. Proper weird that people are saying they're not voting Fraser because it hasn't dated well when it's been compared to a show from now and not the same time. That's comparing apples with oranges. It's only a relevant metric when the shows are from the same time period. P&R is very much of a stock type of comedy for now. I really enjoy it, but I'd say it'll date poorly. Weird. Simply put, Fraser is just better writing and acting all round. Parks is very good (Swanson is great), but not as good as Fraser. And that's a FACT* *not a fact
  5. JohnnyH

    James McClean refuses to wear poppy

    Updated your post as in modern times it's important we report all history correctly.
  6. JohnnyH


    Well yeah, but discretely and with objective fairness.
  7. JohnnyH


    I think the need of Liverpool fans to abuse people who are not associated with the club or city about the Sun is wrong. There is a massive issue with a rag like the Sun being the biggest selling paper in the UK, but abusing or angrily lecturing people with no association with the city or club because "I'm a Liverpool fan" just doesn't wash and I think just winds people up and does more harm then good. As the poster here is from Liverpool I think it is perfectly reasonable and right for him to point out the harm that paper did to his City and say that he won't morally buy it. That's fair. Abusing him, or lecturing him because of it won't achieve anything I don't think. I'm Irish and hated the Sun well before Hillsborough due to its anti-Irish sentiment, and general evilness. I put the Express and the Mail in the same category as it and wouldn't allow any of those papers in my house. But I'd never say I won't buy it because I'm a Liverpool fan. I'd say I won't buy it because it's a disgusting lying rag and morally I help fund the hate it spreads. I wouldn't buy it for someone either, and I'd explain that as the reason. Abusing or screaming about being a Liverpool fan, especially from non-locals, I think just turns eyes to heaven from people not into football or with anything to do with the City. So yes, don't buy it. But explain it reasonably and logically. If he's an old boy ask him would he be happy to go and buy the "Gay Times" for someone or something like that. As the way he'd feel buying that is how you feel about the Sun. Don't abuse him, and don't lecture him about football, detail the pain it caused your City, or if it's a non Liverpudlian, detail the hate, xenophobia, racism, homophobia, and the Hillsborough lies as your reason. Al just in my opinion of course.
  8. One thing we are seeing is how important sport is in general to peoples need to be able to switch off from the toughness of life and just enjoy something. Having no sport is making this lockdown infinitely more difficult. If I'd a match to look forward to tonight I'd be a lot less likely to murder my entire family which I really want to do.
  9. Voted Happy Days as Parks should never have been there in the 1st place.
  10. JohnnyH

    The GF Parenting Thread

    Oh Blippi is a staple in our house. The 2 year old loves him. Blippi at the zoo, or collecting eggs in the playground, or dancing around a fucking bus.... Actually google his back story. Fucking weirdo.