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  1. No, he thought he was the finest. Many are, some are are not very good, some are overrated some would probably still be up there with anything else. I remember he was also a great interview back in the day. Definitely a very interesting man.
  2. Nothing should matter but apparently it does, because there are people constantly bringing it up for some reason, either as a joke or seriously.
  3. How many people voting do you reckon aren't white?
  4. Yes. I'm sure any Pet Shop Boys track is better than anything The Smiths ever did. And Bernard Sumner is the right man to take the piss of another lyricist.
  5. There is no Smiths without the "self philosophical" (whatever that is) crap. Morrissey was often considered one of the fines lyricists in the history of British pop music.
  6. Suedehead? Of all of his songs? Don't get it.
  7. SasaS


    Hospitalizations and deaths are still on a downward trend, since mid-September.
  8. SasaS


    I hear people posting videos of Townes and then NOT VOTING for him are still refused entry, I'm afraid.
  9. Is White Rabbit the Jefferson Airplane song Oliver Stone put in The Platoon to represent the music good guys are listening, to, whilst the villains were playing Merle's Okie From Muskogee? How times change. Now Merle is cool and the other one... not so much.
  10. I loved Shine On You Crazy Diamond when I was 13. I first heard it on some TV show, there was a dancing routine and it said, music by Pink Floyd. I was left completely mesmerized. After I saved enough pocket money, I bought the only Floyd album available at the time at our local behind the Iron Curtain record store, it was A Nice Pair first two albums reissue which, it truned out a) didn't include the track I wanted b) didn't include anything closely resembling the track I wanted and c) as my first exposure to proper psychedelic rock left me completely baffled, what the fuck was that supposed to be? I saved up for the next Floyd album I could find (it was not easy to check which album had the track at the time and I didn't know what it was called), then the next and by the time I eventually bought Wish You Were Here I had them all. Then I decided I shouldn't listen to the album too much, because it was too divine and I didn't want to make the experience too familiar, overplay it etc. Then I've gone off Floyd within a year or so and moved on. So, eventually, I didn't get too much for my buck with that band. But, at least there is a Wish You Were Here vinyl in almost mint condition going, for the right price.
  11. He went for the fake blind guy.
  12. I thought Mook liked old hippie stuff and sympho/prog rock?
  13. Shocking development. A song that would actually make it onto my list pops up. What is going on here?
  14. Thank you. This explains a lot.