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  1. Wouldn't say that's entirely true, it does get mentioned as being on that level, I for one certainly think so.
  2. Show Me a Hero didn't quite work but it was a valiant attempt, Treme I liked very much, admittedly no one I recommended it to did. I have not seen this documentary, was that one of his? Don't see Simon listed among the makers of it.
  3. If David Simon took minutes from a district council meeting and made it into a mini-series, I'd watch it. Actually, I already did. The man is a genius.
  4. It does feel a bit like that at first, but overall, it was a pleasant surprise for me, once we got rid of old Gabriel. To be fair, my expectations couldn't have been lower and I was certain I'd bin it after a couple of episodes but it got me sufficiently interested to stick with it for three seasons and will probably return to it for at least one or two more. It's between 6 and 7 /10 for me.
  5. SasaS

    Rate the last film you watched...

    Ready Player One. 6/10. Dark dystopian future where people live in a world so grim that Duran Duran are considered cool.
  6. It's not all that grim if you root for the patriarchy.
  7. It couldn't BE more different.
  8. SasaS

    Rate the last film you watched...

    So it was more like Benevolent Seven for you?
  9. SasaS

    FSG are not shit

    It sounds like a boss deal.
  10. As G said, there seems to be a new release out, which people without moral compass sometimes rip and then even worse people search for and download. Despicable. It looks like a great transfer too.
  11. SasaS

    Self Defence at Work.

    Oh, so Tier 2 is a necessarily a man.is he? The fact you allowed Tier 4 to be either he or she won't save your. Sexist!
  12. SasaS

    Self Defence at Work.

    Yes. As in great white hope.
  13. SasaS

    Self Defence at Work.

    Didn't they refer to a number of black athletes, models, actresses throughout the past decades using a word with positive connotations predicated by "black"? Is all that now offensive?
  14. SasaS

    Self Defence at Work.

    But the other word makes it "pejorative". You black beauty isn't offensive..
  15. SasaS

    Self Defence at Work.

    I agree, but if you are going with asterisks, at least hide the offensive part.