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  1. Did he also debut grabbing the air and pulling it back?
  2. You think that global market wouldn't have embraced Elvis?
  3. SasaS

    Cat Pics

    Lives are cheaper in South America.
  4. You killed Spencer Davis, Smokey loving bastards.
  5. SasaS

    Cat Pics

    That's some longevity, even with seven lives. No wonder it's so large.
  6. It's when meeting turns to playing together and sleepovers at their ranch when the legal problems begin.
  7. Even Jerry Lee Lewis would wince at description of what Jackson (allegedly) liked as" young".
  8. We can only imagine Beck's surprise when he saw the result and what a bunch of Suppressive Persons did to him.
  9. I could never imagine anybody over 16 listening to Michael Jackson. That's why a little bit of me still believes it was possible he was only friends with all that kids accusing him. That he was really just some weird big child. Everything around him was childish, his music, his image, his taste, his ideas. How a child would see pop music, a life of a pop star.
  10. When I was a kid I traded Heroes for Computer World. Never looked back.
  11. Until they were sued by Boeny M. And lets not forget Baccara.
  12. SasaS

    The Latin America thread

    Or, maybe Bolivia can now enter the phase where you can win or lose power without running people out of the country, imprisonment and terrorism charges.
  13. Boeny M used to be very popular in the 70s too.