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  1. SasaS

    General Election 2019

    The initial point (of this discussion) was that the entire political system is just a binary choice between more or less fascism and whoever runs the Labour Party and where ever they take it.
  2. SasaS

    General Election 2019

    Boo fucking hoo is exactly the right answer. To all options arguing it's a binary choice, because you made yourself unappealing to floating voters or potential coalition partners.
  3. SasaS

    General Election 2019

    But that's not the same is it? Clinton and Sanders went against each other and Clinton won, it wasn't a 3-way where Clinton pressurized Sanders voters to vote for her and not for Sanders because otherwise they are letting Trump in. Labour has moved considerably to the left since Corbyn and now has a number of policies and positions that are probably unpalatable to Lib Dem voters. So it's their job to convince the electorate that these policies are a good thing. You can also say to Green Party voters, why would you not vote for Labour, you are enabling fascists, or to SNP, or Sinn Fein, parties that are ideologically much closer to Labour than Lib Dems. That's just political bullying.
  4. SasaS

    General Election 2019

    And if some liberal, centrist party was traditionally the strongest opposition to the Conservatives, as in Whigs and Tories, they would be saying to left wingers, you are just enabling Tories with your talk about democratic socialsim and voting for some "social democracy"?
  5. SasaS

    General Election 2019

    So, in a nutshell, if you don't like where Labour are going since the left wing of the party took over, you must vote for them anyway or you are enabling fascists.
  6. SasaS

    General Election 2019

    It's this fucking place.
  7. SasaS

    General Election 2019

    Rachel Riley is much more important than both then, since she has more than twice as many as the NS i NM combined. There's also a lose-lose over Brexit, political crisis or dealing with all the negotiations, problems, economic aftermath. Fighting to keep the nation's boat afloat only to be rewarded by thank you and good-bye from the electorate at the next elections, like Syriza.
  8. SasaS

    General Election 2019

    Not winning this election may be a blessing in disguise for Labour.
  9. SasaS

    Your Greatest Contribution to TLW?

    Kept it to lurking for the first ten years or so.
  10. SasaS

    Intellectual Dark Web

    To be fair to them, as I understand, he renounced his past and is not in the running to become a PM.
  11. SasaS

    General Election 2019

    That's Rachel Riley you were thinking of.
  12. SasaS

    General Election 2019

    That's true, but they were not the target audience anyway.
  13. SasaS

    General Election 2019

    They did promise a lot, which can backfire with voters that have been around a bit longer.
  14. SasaS

    General Election 2019

    That's really unexpected. I thought Chomsky would be endorsing UKIP.
  15. SasaS

    Lib Dems

    That may be true, but the system, zeitgeist and overall political trends have all been in place before the slump in popularity in the polls. Tories have been picking up votes from the Brexit Party, which now seems to exits solely for the purpose of attracting Labour Leavers who may be uncomfortable voting for the Conservatives, Labour has been getting back votes from the Remainers previously opting for Lib Dems.