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  1. Didn't know UK selection was restricted to white male bands.
  2. SasaS

    Cat Pics

    Is that a live thing?
  3. We should have an alternative tournament with bands mentioned in this thread. Then a super cup tie.
  4. Not a dialogue, but while they eat in a restaurant, they just push food around the plate for a second or two and then leave almost everything untouched. How many times have you sat at a cinema fairly peckish and had to watch an entire burger left almost untouched or perfectly good steak and potatoes receive no love or even attention at all? I've noticed in the Sopranos recently how they all eat with a healthy appetite and really enjoy their food and still manage to mutter mahdohnnna or have a proper dialogue, so there really is no excuse.
  5. I have not, I only watched and listened to (almost all of) his recordings. I am not saying he is not good or well liked, but he has to be the only comedian whose rhythm gets regularly disrupted by his own laughter. He does like his own jokes a lot.
  6. He would probably be the first to agree with you as he seems to be the most entertained man at his own gigs.
  7. Well, they are no Tears For Fears. Another ridiculous tie. Draw should have been done by UEFA.
  8. Tindersticks. Used to listen to them quite a lot.
  9. SasaS

    Middle East Thread

    How many years before you can ask, OK, but what are you doing yourself to try and fix you country?
  10. SasaS


    You actually turned the sound on?
  11. SasaS


    The owner of the Independent etc.? Why? Because you hate Slavic immigrants?
  12. It would be hilarious if Oasis went out in the first round to a shit band you barely heard of. So...
  13. SasaS

    Racism in Southern America..

    I used to think all Hispanics were white.
  14. SasaS

    American Politics

    Herman Cain has died of covid.