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  1. Slot is the coach of all coaches. Sounds pretty important.
  2. Why now? Because of possible no confidence vote?
  3. They should have kept Darren.
  4. A message surely to fall on deaf ears.
  5. Possibly, but I don't think many on here would be able to point at a manager loved more by his players than Klopp due to the simple fact we have no idea how much other managers are being loved by their players. I have no idea how much Feyenord players love Slot. So I would still say we are projecting what we feel onto the players. If you said, show me a manager who is loved more than Klopp is loved by Liverpool fans, that would be another matter.
  6. He previously spent about seven years with Mainz and Borussia Dortmund. With us almost nine. I think he would have left in 23 if he was satisfied with what he was leaving behind.
  7. He should get plenty games if he stays fit.
  8. Well, Virgil came here because of him, for Trent, Klopp is the only manager he has worked with in senior career. I really don't get this vibe from most others, from the body language after the game and substitutions, I am getting the respected boss vibe. I think all this unprecedented love fest is what we project into it. Doubt Salah loves him (if you analyze what he actually said on the Sky piece, it's just politely stating the obvious facts) Nunez I don't think was happy being publicly criticized and getting pushed down in the forwards packing order, Gakpo is being played in a position which may not be where he wants to play, Mac Allister also had to play the position he didn't come here to play, Szoboslai may think he could be utilized better, and like several others, he probably has not been here long enough to form a real bond, same as Endo and Gravenberch, Diaz does not strike me as having some special bond either. Tsimikas is mostly on the bench, Elliott probably thinks he isn't starting enough games and may hope he now would etc. Some may think their fitness may be suffering from Klopp's methods and stile of play. Kids probably like him a lot because he instills them with confidence and gives them the opportunities.
  9. At least we know he is still alive.
  10. I know it was a metaphor. And I am not sure people who actually work with the man would go trough brick walls for him, it's more like, the impression from the stands or from further away. Fans like him because he has charisma, knows what to say and generally improves the teams he works with, builds bonds, isn't club hopping all the time. Listening to the pod, I felt like when the recording was over you would spend 20 minutes crying inconsolably on Dave's shoulder, so that was a bit much, even it was a very emotional day for everybody. I mean, I know we all have to have a tiny part of our psyche stuck forever at age 12 to care that much, regardless of our success in life, like with Oliver and other celeb fans, but some of the adulation is a bit uncomfortable to me. Maybe I'm just too much of a contrarian.
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