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  1. SasaS

    Most Exhilarating Sports Moments

    vlc-record-2021-01-15-23h37m48s-Tour De France 2020 - Stage 20 Highlights (19 Sep 2020).mp4-.mp4
  2. SasaS

    Most Exhilarating Sports Moments

    This one was better than Seoul.
  3. I think it is the number of votes they are getting from people. And that one late vote that always pushes them over the line.
  4. Come to think about it, yes, they did stand out a bit with their attitude, I can see that, whilst other big Brit pop bands looked like they belonged, Oasis were more like the people who were not supposed to amount to anything but they made it big, huge, through music, whilst retaining the fuck you attitude. Plus I guess successfully reworking the heritage, already in public's "collective consciousness". Brazen, arrogant, sounding like the new Beatles.
  5. OK, but I don't quite understand this void of guitar bands, admittedly I was not that much focused on the mainstream British scene at the time, but if someone asked me, without checking, I would have been certain there were more than enough other successful guitar bands at the time.
  6. AC/DC look to be squeezing through again by a single vote.
  7. That is pretty much the history of rock (or all pop music for that matter). Don't quite understand why would all those would be musicians have to wait for Oasis to suddenly see the light.
  8. That's unexpected. Kraftwerk crushing U2.
  9. SasaS

    Greatest Movie Franchise Tournament?

    How about, Schulmädchen-Report (Germany) Mazurka på sengekanten (Danish bedside franchise) Emanuelle (France)
  10. One vote, yes. One very suspicious vote.
  11. SasaS

    Greatest Movie Franchise Tournament?

    Read any of the books? I read Guillous Crusades trilogy and that was brilliant.