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  1. We’ve heard more from this dipshit. since he’s left. I regret him not leaving earlier in fact I regret the signing as I did at the time.
  2. J-V

    Sterling / Gomez - 'clash'

    He was probably pissed the other day the thick cunt.
  3. J-V

    Sterling / Gomez - 'clash'

    Fuck Sterling the little rat. As other have said his PR team kicks into overdrive and he comes out smelling of roses whilst dipshits lap it up.
  4. Shearer was creaming himself over us. Silly twat was making all sorts of noises to the deliveries into the box.
  5. J-V

    VAR shit show 19/20

    Oliver didn’t need to use the monitor regardless he was correct in allowing play on. Good lad, Oliver.
  6. Nah they didn’t say that according to whoever does MOTD. Basically as Silva’s handball did not lead to a City goal and was not intentional the pen should have stood. Absolute shit,
  7. They were saying PGML of whatever the fuck said hitting Silva's hand does not count due to it being a seperate thing and not leading to the goal or some shit. To be fair to the twat he said it was a handball from Silva. Mind boggling.
  8. Fuck me listen to this bullshit on MOTD. How could they take Silva's hand ball out of it if it went that height and direction because it hit the cunts hand.
  9. J-V

    Other Football - 2019/20

    What a cunt.
  10. Keane talking sense once more. Is it wrong to like him.
  11. Fucking hell Souness shut your mouth
  12. We will not find a RB as good as him, certainly not one that will provide what he does attacking and assist wise. He's pivotal to how we play.
  13. Kenny getting a massage in the stands. Good lad.
  14. Salty bald fucking rat ahahaha
  16. Class from VVD fuck off Sterling you scum
  17. Gini's been MOTM. Beast of a performance.
  18. Hahaha the little fucking gimp.
  19. I think he and LeSaux are reading from the same script.
  20. Alisson's goal kick was like a missile. Low and straight on target.