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  1. Gnasher

    Boris Johnson

    The nurses were at it as well, dunno why we bothered clapping,
  2. Gnasher

    Boris Johnson

  3. Gnasher


  4. Gnasher

    Another US Shooting

  5. Gnasher

    Another US Shooting

    I'm suprised the politicians don't solve the problem by closing down the schools.
  6. Gnasher

    Boris Johnson

  7. Gnasher

    Russia v Ukraine

    United States request, hmm.
  8. Gnasher

    Boris Johnson

    Conservatives still odds on to win the next election with the bookies. If you are optimistic/brave/stupid enough to think Labour can win they are shading odds against.
  9. Gnasher

    Boris Johnson

    Ah sorry.
  10. Gnasher

    Boris Johnson

  11. Gnasher

    Boris Johnson

    Low life cunts;
  12. Gnasher

    Boris Johnson

    It will and he's not going anywhere.
  13. Gnasher

    Boris Johnson

    Ther were no parties, https://twitter.com/PippaCrerar/status/1529414382840586240?t=ziL9uVi3x6A5eUextKpTnw&s=19 Ambused by cake,
  14. Gnasher

    Boris Johnson

    Broken clocks and all that but Desperate Dan's on the money with this appraisal, Although he missed out the incompetence of British journalists bit.
  15. Gnasher

    Boris Johnson

    Only 9.30 in the morn and Peston's already making a cunt of himself.