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  1. Yeah fair enough Cloggy. I meant the general public wouldn't take that much notice, although they should.
  2. But their is no main party in this election standing on a platform to take us back into the EU.
  3. Deny what? I don't know what you're on about. I think you might be referring to a comment I made about I vote remain to help the NHS because of staff shortages I would.
  4. You telling me to go fuck myself. Show me a party in this election promising to overturn it?
  5. It's not fuvking nonsense at all. People couldn't give a fuck about the Panama papers. Brexit got rid of Cameron/Osborne in one swoop. Plus it's fucked the Tories up ever since. Like rats in a sack. They've never been in the mess they are now. That's through Brexit. Cameron and Osborne and the Tories were bomb proof before that vote.
  6. I didn't agree no such thing. I said I was concerned abouts NHS staffing which may have swayed my vote. I didn't vote in the referendum.
  7. Not at all. The Conservative Party was a well oiled machine until Brexit. Their downfall is all to do with the referendum Cameron thought he'd win. If we wouldn't have voted out it would have been carry on as you are for the Tories. We'd probably be living in a land where someone such as George Osborne was Prime Minister.
  8. It ain't propaganda kid. Just a throwaway story. Chill out.
  9. Once brought a £10 draw of black hashish at Glastonbury that turned out to be a strip a tar of the motorway in the 1980s. Im with the Dutch, i feel their pain.
  10. For Cloggy. I'm on his side.
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