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  1. Quick trip to the hairdressers.
  2. Not sure where to start with this one. I bet she'll be gutted. Probably write a couple of songs about the deluded old fool. This sums it up, an people curse twitter....
  3. Oh I understood English well enough to get by. I read you right when your argument was based on..."plenty of other sources" so why post so and so.. Yet you can't provide a single one reporting inside Gaza. So maybe you had other motives. Oh and the post which so upset you last night had nothing to do with babies. It was information from Lebanon, which you preferred to remain unseen. I see you.
  4. If the BBC and people like Jeremy Bowen were allowed into Gaza we rely on the residents on the ground sending out information. The information problem in Gaza in not with the BBC, CNN or even Twitter it's the Israeli forces sending out their own false information and also killing and silencing bona fida journalists from sending out theirs. Once again.. https://news.un.org/en/story/2024/02/1146132 PTS can provide no other credible sources reporting from Gaza because their are no other credible sources who are allowed to report from Gaza and in truth he/they do not want sources to report from Gaza. Which is why he got upset when the pics from Lebanon being bombed were shown last night. Which again proved to be true.
  5. Once again, just for you at the back. The agencies you've mentioned are not allowed to report unrestricted from Gaza. So who are these sources you speak of (which you then retracted) which provide information on to whats going on in Gaza? Or did you really mean the IDF?
  6. Scotty Benton? Striking resemblance to Scotty Parker.
  7. ??????? As John Cleese said in the Life of Brian,... he's just making it all up.
  8. You're just making stuff up off the top of your head. Who are these reliable sources who are not posting stuff?
  9. Go on then. "At the moment it appears there is non" You're contradicting your own self.
  10. Nah the spellings not a problem I was more interested in the kids beheaded statement tbh
  11. You said in your post "their are plenty of reliable sources". So I stupidly thought you meant 'their are plenty of reliable sources" because that's what you actually wrote. That's why I asked "what are these reliable sources' How stupid of me again.
  12. Fucking hell if Steven Spielberg read this forum he'd make a film trilogy of Tommy's tales. With Daniel Craig as the lead.
  13. You didn't answer my question from a few posts up.
  14. Who are these reliable sources you say are plentiful? Once again, just for you. An experienced war journalist believes sources are being silenced. Here again just for you.. the U.N. https://news.un.org/en/story/2024/02/1146132
  15. "Rapped' and "kids beheaded"
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