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  1. bossy

    Another US Shooting

    Still millions of fucking idiots though and they all have guns.
  2. bossy

    Another US Shooting

    They know this but they believe the 2nd is immune.
  3. bossy

    Another US Shooting

    So many are completely, utterly ignorant of the rest of the world, they believe their dip shit nation is the best, the freedom torch bearer, milk and funny honey. On Twitter comments under appeals for gun control include freedom loving people saying stuff like ‘guess what slime ball liberal shits, it’s in the constitution’, with absolute zero concern for those who are murdered, coz it isn’t them or theirs.Twats.
  4. I’m not upset at all. We won, all we could do, and gave it everything. 92 points says we can’t have a go at any of our players today. Each and everyone of them did the best they could. Fucking proud of them.
  5. We just need to win our game and Que sera. Come on you Mighty Reds!
  6. bossy

    Man City - the new bitters?

    Without Liverpool football is nothing.
  7. We just don’t stop. Such an amazing squad, a credit to the club.
  8. I reckon we’ve played ok. Think Elliot has been pretty good. If we keep this pressure and movement we’ll win. UTR.
  9. Come on red men, score two second half. VAR is shite. Let’s write to the refs…
  10. bossy

    Welcome to Liverpool Luis Diaz

    We’ve three kings at Anfield Road Kenny, Luis, though Salah may go Westward leading, all proceeding to score us a bagful of goals.
  11. Other than popping up to cry about booing, your only other posts seem to be about the EU. I conclude, therefore, that you are the very definition of a Daily Mail reader.