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  1. bossy

    Crystal Palace (H) 24/6/20

    Superb display tonight. Up the Reds!
  2. bossy

    Crystal Palace (H) 24/6/20

    That's a fucking goal!
  3. bossy

    Crystal Palace (H) 24/6/20

    and a goal! Trent!
  4. bossy

    Crystal Palace (H) 24/6/20

    reported, thanks
  5. bossy

    Crystal Palace (H) 24/6/20

    Does anybody have a working stream I can report?
  6. He was fucking absolutely brilliant for us. I have some niggles about his leaving and all that, but he doesn't piss me off half as much as McManaman does for some reason. Life's too short and they should both be given respect for how good they were when they played for us.
  7. bossy

    Shrewsbury (H) FA Cup - 4/2/2020 - 19:45

    Absolutely wonderful performance . Big grin on me old boat race .
  8. bossy

    Man City - the new bitters?

    The Blue Moon forums are absolutely fucking batshit crazy. It’s literally awesome. Divvies.
  9. bossy

    Everton (H) FA Cup - 05/01/2020 - 16:01

    Never in doubt! Fucking superb.
  10. bossy

    Everton (H) FA Cup - 05/01/2020 - 16:01

    I’m okay with the team selection. Our injury list is too big for us to take lots of risks and I’m taking it as us disrespecting the blue shite. Looking forward to it.
  11. bossy

    Liverpool 1 Wolves 0 (Dec 29 2019)

    Yes to strong against Sheffield. The league is the big one, the holy grail, and I won’t be calling us nailed on to be champions until it’s mathematically certain. No disrespect to our players who have been magnificent, but you know it’s a funny old game.
  12. bossy

    Liverpool 1 Wolves 0 (Dec 29 2019)

    Righteous report Dave.
  13. bossy

    Liverpool 2 Watford 0 (Dec 14 2019)

    Another good report Dave and yes VAR is bollocks. In sports where there are breaks, like cricket, rugby, tennis etc, it can make sense, but football is about the flow. It’s shite and needs binning. We didn’t play well but again we won so up the reds!