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  1. I thought we were playing at 3pm so came here to see the team. Did I miss anything?
  2. What a performance. I admit to being a doubter over the years, but last night he was imperious.
  3. I was feeling sorry for Rafa till he said the ‘loadsa money’ thing. As someone said he should fuck all the analysis staff off and get back to coaching. I think, if he wants a job on Merseyside, he should wait for a go at Tranmere and get back to basics. I don’t mean that with any disrespect to the man, but it could be a gritty thing to get his teeth into.
  4. bossy

    Ray Kennedy Boss Player

    He was a fantastic player. A sweet hitter of the ball and intelligent with it. Thanks for the memories Ray.
  5. bossy

    The Beatles

    It’s the greatest thing I’ve ever watched on TV. I loved every second of it. Ringo farting, John introducing the Rolling Stones, Macca writing Get Back, George being a stroppy teenager, Maureen really getting into the groove of the songs, Big Mal being completely in love with them, all of it. Fucking life affirming.
  6. bossy

    Liverpool 2 Porto 0 (Nov 24 2021)

    I love a dig at Babb. Sweet.
  7. i don't understand the LFC Globe links, they just go back to the streaming links pages. am I being a nob head?
  8. How fucking great was Keegan? Absolutely brilliant player with energy to burn. 2-0 to us.
  9. There was a season where we hit the woodwork a record number of times I think. 2012?
  10. It was a properly cynical foul, could have injured Mane. He did it thinking he’d get a yellow, the prick.
  11. Sure I saw a picture on Twitter of Tsimikas with a black eye
  12. City are definitely out of the running then…