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  1. A shout for Fatty Foulkes
  2. magicrat

    Summer 2021 transfer thread.

    Players wanting to face new challenges when they can't engineer a lucrative transfer shocker
  3. magicrat

    Lord of the Rings

    For sure they saw a money spinner but given it's set in a different era with new characters i'll give it a whirl but grave doubts about whether the same level of production that went into the LOTR films has gone into this . More than that is the fact that this isn't a book that's dramatised but probably more of a dragged out screen written soap opera set in Middle Earth. I am starting to hate it as I write.
  4. magicrat

    VAR Thoughts?

    VAR brought in for offsides on the basis that a player was or wasn't offside even by the smallest of margins. Drawing wider lines is moving the deck chairs as there will still be endless controversy over whether player was just over or just behind the wider line . Cut to the chase and the the real change is that we wont see the lines on screen any more so wont be able to scrutinise their fuck ups. As for pens and the degree of contact required then good luck with that , Flawed as it players do generally understand the risks they take tackling in the box but now we are going to get arguments and inconsistencies again about how much contact is allowed . The only benefit I can see is that it might speed up the games a little but it won't make it any fairer or consistent.
  5. magicrat

    Summer 2021 transfer thread.

    We're about 6-1 joint 2nd favourites with Chelsea for the title . City odds on. Given the lack of ambition in this window and the unlikelihood of any top signings I think sixes is way too short . Chavs look much better bet especially if they can get Werner to put the round thing in the netty thing. In any event don't see City knocked off the their perch any time soon. Fucking depressing.
  6. magicrat

    Donald Trump

    All true but reality TV was never my thing. From Jade Goody to Donald Trump is a very slippery slope. He's smart enough to leave the heavy lifting to those that are.
  7. magicrat

    Donald Trump

    Call me old fashioned but I prefer a sentient human being with a finger on the button rather than an enormous Oompa Loompa with learning difficulties.
  8. Mad selling Phillips in this window until we see how Gomez and Virg get on kicking a football in anger.
  9. magicrat

    What is Joey Barton Up To?

    The bloke is an utter oxygen thief.
  10. magicrat

    Tokyo Olympics 2020 (21)

    We should enter Johnson in the catching the javelin event .
  11. magicrat


    The French water cannon vaccine protesters . Maybe if Johnson had bought the right water cannon when he was Mayor Hopkins and her evil crew might have had an early bath .
  12. Given Busby did 24 years and Slur 26 there wasnt really much time left for anyone else to put in much of a stint to be fair
  13. magicrat

    Joel Matip

    Depends on gravity . Clocks run slower when they're close to Allardyce. Strange but true
  14. magicrat

    Alisson Becker

    He's lost game time in a nutshell. Needs a couple of months starting every week.
  15. Mystery solved, sucks sagely on his pipe stem.