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    Other Football 2021/22

    Yep. Chapter and Verse here if you can be arsed . Definitely nothing to do with making more money. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2022–23_UEFA_Europa_Conference_League
  2. magicrat

    Mohamed Salah

    No doubt in my mind now he is going to run down his contract. Sounds nice him saying he'll be Anfield next season but the reality is he's going . Wouldn't surprise me if Mane did the the same
  3. I’m still in shock Alcohol is not helping Off to bed and hope to wake up to find it was all a bad dream .
  4. We could try beating City in the league next season. Might do the trick. IMO more down to the two drawn games than any of the other slip ups. They had few poor results as did we against lesser teams.
  5. Well well just the 53 points ahead of the Blueshite . Must be record
  6. Oh fuck right off . Villa can fuck off too spunking a 2 goal lead the useless bucket of turds
  7. Wolves should be well ahead . What a time to play like mentality midgets
  8. Not sure I can watch much more . Gone full quim