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  1. magicrat

    Insects and Bugs etc

    Arachnids like scorpions
  2. magicrat


    Been self isolating sorry
  3. magicrat


    Mrs went to the shops the other day and I told her not to panic buy . I came back to find Andy Carroll sitting in the kitchen .
  4. Porridge. Hated the Michael Crawford thing with a vengeance .
  5. Phoenix nights was genius both in its concept and writing . Royal Family was a good sitcom with some great moments but there where long periods where it was repetitive and not that funny with Ricky Tomlinson basically playing himself.
  6. I expect the outcome of this season and what happens next will remain undecided for a long while to come. Until the epidemic is under control and the government gives the green light there is no way the football authorities can make any decisions .
  7. magicrat

    Cheltenham 2020

    I remember my Nan used to rip up the Echo and put it in the outside loo ( they did have an inside bog as well!) . Hangover from the war I guess . Anyway thanks for your kind offer but as I type delivery of 48 rolls just tipped up . My Mrs has been buying these recycled paper ones for years online so apparently existing customers are a priority. She is very pleased with herself !
  8. magicrat

    Cheltenham 2020

    I doubt that would end well
  9. magicrat


    They could use a few Tory ministers in a double blind test. Expose them to the virus and give them a placebo. That would help stamp out a virulent disease affecting the whole population.
  10. magicrat

    Cheltenham 2020

    Ended the week £100 up so looking forward to buying myself a small bottle of hand sanitiser
  11. magicrat


    Sorry to hear that mate. So many people are shitting themselves and who with any sense has faith in our Tory overlords to do the right thing by anyone unless it helps their cause. I live in hope of Trump and Johnson keeling over with the wretched thing.
  12. I wish they would demonstrate stopping breathing for 10 miniutes
  13. That won't happen . It's too much fucking about and some players or their relatives/friends , club employees/doctors etc will have the thing or been in contact with infected people for the next few months. I think the foreign players will be allowed to go home fairly soon anyway especially if they close schools , which they will for sure. It's over this time . I'm mainly concerned that my family and friends plus all you cunts on here get out the other side in one piece right now.
  14. magicrat


    His display the other night put him in the same box as Karius for me. Both a complete clusterfuck when it really mattered in the biggest games either will ever play in their lives. I don't feel sorry for either of them , my sympathy is with Klopp and the other lads who saw their efforts up in smoke due to basic errors any professional keeper should avoid . It wasn't just one error either , both fucked up twice and cost us the game. I never want to see either in a Liverpool kit again.