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  1. Cream were my heroes as youngster. Finally seeing them in 2005 at the Albert Hall reunion was a dream come true. Queen were brilliant but no comparison for me.
  2. magicrat

    The Best of Phil Jones

    Can't see him playing again for them
  3. magicrat

    If world leaders had real jobs

    Trump would be an oompa loompa
  4. magicrat

    The Snooker

    Ding just hits a century to go one ahead and in the balls in the next. Ronnie playing shite
  5. magicrat

    The Best of Phil Jones

    I will miss Jones. Given me no end of happy moments in a Utd shirt
  6. magicrat

    Man City - the new bitters?

    Sounds a bit Trumpish . Of course it counts with the vast majority who don't support Liverpool .
  7. magicrat

    Summer 2020 Transfer Thread

    Different times back then when rivals didn't have a magic money tree and access to the best players in the world .
  8. magicrat

    Donald Trump

    It would be the biggest funeral ever. Everybody will be saying it.
  9. magicrat


    Agreed , it subconsciously plants a seed in your head that you may be walking around with a back-scratcher in your mask
  10. magicrat

    Donald Trump

    His daily lunancy could send us all to hell in a handcart. Sooner he fucks off and dies the better.
  11. magicrat

    Donald Trump

    He won’t win imo. They are in damage limitation mode to try and make it close enough to contest the result.
  12. magicrat


    I am sceptical about masks and their efficacy but I wear one . The point for me is that they probably help limit the spread to some degree and in the grand scheme of things it’s not a massive imposition and believe people should do the same. .
  13. I think those of us that were weaned on Led Zep lived through an era when they were peerless . To be counting the days until we could get the new album or the elation when I got a ticket to see them were special memories
  14. magicrat

    Boris Johnson

    Reality is sometimes more bizarre than parody.