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  1. magicrat


    I fear they will tough it out, blame hostile media and the gamble that the public will quickly forget or couldn't give much of a shit is what will happen . Trumpian politics has come to stay.
  2. magicrat


    Massive if true
  3. magicrat


    Seems to be working
  4. Reading between the lines it will take him 6 weeks to get fit enough to waddle out of the house after several months gorging himeelf on the couch wathcing old Utd games.
  5. magicrat


    I would like to leave them in body bags hanging on the railings
  6. magicrat


    Or move , as I will .
  7. magicrat

    Boris Johnson

    How does the massive fucking fraud fucking get away with it. Doesn't do a jot of work spawns progeny right left and centre. Drinks to excess and lies through hos teeth yet he he's some sort of superhero for surviving covid , no doubt with the best care in country. I didn't want him to die I have to say but I had to think about it for while !
  8. magicrat

    Boris Johnson

    Daresay he'll be fucking off on paternity leave now the lazy fat cunt.
  9. I think now it will be voided and I will be surprised if the next one will kick off on schedule either. In context with the upheaval we have experienced in the last couple of months and the concern over what is going to happen to us all in the months and years to come it doesn't seem that big a deal any more if I'm honest.
  10. magicrat


    Agree . A vaccine that can be mass produced must be worth sqillions . Have no doubt every effort is being made to find the magic bullet
  11. magicrat

    Sausage and Mash - What do you have with yours?

    Extra sausages and mashed potato
  12. He was a useless cunt from day 1 and whilst I want nothing to do with idiots that threaten to harm him he more than anyone else cost us the CL. So if he gets the odd insult then fucking tough , suck it up you useless cunt.
  13. magicrat

    American Politics

    He isn't an orange imbecile which is good enough for me.