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  1. Joey8FrogsLegs

    Roberto Firmino

  2. Joey8FrogsLegs

    Summer 2019 Transfer Thread

    I like Alderweireld, and think he’d be a major upgrade on Lovren. But can’t see us getting players at that age in on massive wages. Your point however is valid, it’s possible to improve without spending completely crazy money. Mainly by doing what we’ve done with Robertson, Wijnaldum, Salah, Mane, Firmino and Mane, buying players with the potential to make the final step, with the right mentality and that suit our style of play. And developing them into top players.
  3. Joey8FrogsLegs

    Tottenham (H) 31/3/2019

    In a football sense I wouldn’t expect Oxlade-Chamberlain to be able to contribute before the start of next season. Even then I guess he’ll need a fair number of competitive games under his belt before he’s fully up to speed.
  4. Joey8FrogsLegs

    Summer 2019 Transfer Thread

    An 18 year Robbie Fowler, strictly living by the current training and diets requirements, would be world class already and stay world class for 15 years.
  5. Joey8FrogsLegs

    Summer 2019 Transfer Thread

    Agree about Sturridge obviously. Brewster is an unproven youngster who’s been out for a year. Be very surprised if he can make serious contributions to the first team next season. Probably should go loan to get match fit and experience from a decent level of first team football. Wilson has a wand of a left foot, but has looked lightweight and a bit passive in the few games I’ve seen him. Let’s hope he can make the step up, but I somehow doubt it. We’re one of the best teams around now, and even squad players need to be of very high quality.
  6. Joey8FrogsLegs

    Fulham (A) 17/3/19

    The next game is less important you know.
  7. Joey8FrogsLegs

    Fulham (A) 17/3/19

    Than fuck for that. Winning on a very average day.
  8. Joey8FrogsLegs

    Fulham (A) 17/3/19

    No go at them and score one more.
  9. Joey8FrogsLegs

    Fulham (A) 17/3/19

    With the performance we’ve put in, there was always a risk that could happen. For once Van Dijk and Alisson didnt manage to make up for a team mate pissing about. Milner in this case.
  10. Joey8FrogsLegs

    Fulham (A) 17/3/19

    Fuck off with those corners not clearing the first post, just fuck off.
  11. Joey8FrogsLegs

    Fulham (A) 17/3/19

    Shocking by Bobby there, shocking.
  12. Joey8FrogsLegs

    Fulham (A) 17/3/19

    Horrible decision making by Salah there.
  13. Joey8FrogsLegs

    Fulham (A) 17/3/19

    Matip has played well recently, but for some reason I just don’t trust him.
  14. Joey8FrogsLegs

    Fulham (A) 17/3/19

    Can’t see why Klopp is keeping Fabinho on, his contributions will be limited as he needs to be cautious in the tackles. And the ref no doubt very eager to send him off.
  15. Joey8FrogsLegs

    Fulham (A) 17/3/19

    This. We have a fairly thin squad, especially in attack and defence. For that reason we are out of two cups, with the league and the CL left to play for. This is no time for experimenting, and definately not for experimenting with proven failures.