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  1. littletedwest

    Most Exhilarating Sports Moments

    To put this in context. Foreman was 45, had lost his last fight against Tommy Morrison. Moorer had taken it as a big money low risk fight. George had pulled his punches early knowing if he threw big punches early Moore was too quick. Eventually Moorer believed that he could be the first man to stop Foreman since Ali and his ego lead to him standing in front of George believing he'd taken George's best
  2. littletedwest

    Things I can't do that seemingly everyone else can

    I have no coordination. I was that bad at cricket at school I managed bowl over the nets. Went ten pin bowling I was that bad people stopped to watch. Didn't learn to drive til I was 36 because of my paranoia about my coordination. Funnily enough I'm ok at that though
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  4. Genuine story, my best mate from the earlier story had an STD, he went to the clinic and I went with him. At the hospital (wigan) the std clinic is at the same place as the ear nose and throat clinic. He was about 20 at the time. He'd just bought a new coat for 200 quid. He was a filthy pig for ugly birds as he knew there'd be more chance for business. This wasn't his first visit. Anyway they decided to check his prostate. He walked out the room then passed out. I ran over all I could hear was some old woman in a wigan accent saying "oooh he's collapsed" my mate came round and kept shouting "my coat, where's my coat " He later said that the thing down your knob was fine but when they mauled near his arse he went weak legged
  5. littletedwest

    Favourite Sopranos Scenes

    A non violent one
  6. littletedwest


    1243 deaths, on the (slightly) plus side a slightly lower number of cases
  7. littletedwest


    Yeah plus other countries reporting the variant as well.i wouldn't give the tories credit for anything but there is a new variant and it is more transmissible. That can't be denied
  8. I know I've put this on before. But my mate was about 35, saw two girls about 20. He's looking at them and he thinks they're eyeing him up, as he got past he heard one say "urghh that man was staring at you "
  9. littletedwest

    Wrestling thread

    Well not over here but he was in the US during 1997 when he slated America and Americans. Then when he wrestled in Canada or here he was still a face
  10. littletedwest

    Wrestling thread

    It was while Bret was there. Wrestlemania 13 when Bret turned heel and Austin face