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  1. littletedwest

    'Pointless' or 'The Chase'

    Saw Bobby davro on the celebrity chase. Was trying be funny more than answer questions. He was as funny as usual, take that how you want
  2. littletedwest

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Yes, yes it does sound mental.
  3. littletedwest

    Prince Philip...

  4. littletedwest

    Tory Country

    He is an absolute cunt. Even Tories bad as they are must be shamed by him.
  5. littletedwest

    'Pointless' or 'The Chase'

    Brilliant tonight, the vixen crumbled on some easy ones but all due to pressure
  6. littletedwest

    West Ham (A) 4/2/19 - Match Thread

    What annoys me is he looks like he can't be arsed
  7. littletedwest

    West Ham (A) 4/2/19 - Match Thread

    Midfield is fucking awful
  8. littletedwest

    De Niro v Pacino

    Fucking hell. Goodfellas, casino king of comedy, cape fear, mean streets, godfather 2
  9. littletedwest

    De Niro v Pacino

    Yeah my mate told me scarface was better than goodfellas. He also thinks sons of anarchy is as good as the sopranos so should have twigged. I'd go de niro but pacino is great. Can't blame them for making millions for phoning in shit recently I'd do the same if I could
  10. littletedwest

    De Niro v Pacino

    They're both in kill the Irishman that's due for release soon, it's scorcese though not coppola. That said he's had some duds lately as well
  11. littletedwest

    TLW Deathpool 2019

    I'd not heard of him, but the above makes him a good egg in my book
  12. littletedwest

    Leicester (H) 30/01/19

    Before this round of games I hoped we'd be 4 clear. We are 5 clear but we need to buck up soon
  13. littletedwest

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Ninjas? They can't be local lads
  14. littletedwest

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    First comment " Think I'll support man united" Late convert there