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  1. littletedwest

    TLW Deathpool 2020

    Former wwf wrestler kamala gone. I had him picked year's ago, his health instantly improved but now he's off my list it was just a matter of time
  2. littletedwest

    Donald Trump

    Fucking hell that's hilarious
  3. littletedwest

    Family Strife

    sounds like your better off without her
  4. littletedwest

    Family Strife

    My mums hilarious with money. She once bought some batteries for her remote, threw the old ones out then went mad when I informed her the TV wasn't changing as she'd put the digi box behind a yellow pages. " i've wasted a pound on batteries" .She once bought a cake for 99p with currants in as it was the cheapest one, she doesn't like currants. But she does spend money when its needed she bought my new nephew a pram just before he was born and is paying for my dads headstone despite them being separated
  5. littletedwest

    If world leaders had real jobs

    Who the fuck thinks things like that are a good idea?
  6. littletedwest

    Man City - the new bitters?

    I did but it's like a boxer on steroids beating naturals. As they say in the wire "the game is rigged"
  7. My names Kevan. I get called Kevin even by relatives. People post "happy birthday kevin" on my birthday on Facebook despite my name being spelt correctly at the top of the page
  8. littletedwest

    Family Strife

    I'm lucky really. Worst issues I had was with my dad. Always a functioning alcoholic by the time I was 21 he descended full blown. Lost our house, split up with my mum. I've put this on here before but for his 40th he rented a villa in Spain, for his 50th we went to a nice pub, for his 60th he was homeless. He managed get a flat at 60. He was still boozing, ended up in a care home with kosakoffs. Despite all that he was always pleasant. My mum used take him for a coffee 3 days a week and he was really well and quite happy.
  9. littletedwest

    Donald Trump

    He's said earlier Biden is against God and will "hurt the bible" He's getting worse
  10. littletedwest

    TLW Deathpool 2020

    He looked younger than 57 to me. Came across as very likeable as well
  11. littletedwest


  12. littletedwest

    Tory MP arrested for raping two men

    Don't think its him he posted on twitter five hours ago and looked chipper for a man looking at going to jail
  13. littletedwest

    Tory MP arrested for raping two men

    who would that be?