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  1. Mudface

    Christmas 2021

    Satan wanking from the back of a lorry?
  2. Mudface


    If you don't want to be accused of posting stuff from grifters, quacks etc, then stop posting stuff from them. As for 'facts and evidence'- where is it? That Tweet from Dr Doug is barely an hypothesis. What is there to talk about, is he going to follow it up with studies to gather evidence for it? No, is he fuck. So what possible constructive discussion do you think we could have?
  3. Mudface


    This is what pisses me off about this, you and others post some Tweet or other from a dubious source, often with no relevant qualifications, and then expect everyone else to run around, wasting their time. Here's a nice, simple counter to that crap from "Dr Doug"- https://www.nebraskamed.com/COVID/are-leaky-vaccines-causing-the-new-covid-19-mutations
  4. Mudface


    Hahaha- I literally just read that and then scrolled down to see you'd found it too.
  5. Mudface

    Make your own AI-generated art

    Queermint rhino- Quimmy Savile- or-
  6. Mudface

    The GF's All Time TV Theme Tune - Group 25

    You need to alter the poll options, Stig, can only vote for one.
  7. Mudface


    You're a very nasty person but OK, I've finished the last Beatles episode and even your bullshit can't bum me out right now. He's a former Marine colonel, understandably suspicious of whatever government is putting him and everyone else at risk. You'll not like him at the start, he was a Covid-denying, anti-lockdown and anti-mask ass clown. He caught Covid for the first time in October last year. He was very ill, and typically for a man with his background played it all down. Once he'd recovered, and vaccines were available he pivoted into the 'I've had it, natural immunity is superior, don't need the vaccine' bollocks. His lungs were pretty much fucked at this point, 'burned' was the description from his doctor. He caught it again a few months back. He was so ill, and so scared- mind his background- that he finally decided to get vaccinated. He's got long Covid now and is undergoing a battery of tests at the moment. Heart problems, lung problems, extreme fatigue. He's fucked. And I hate what you bellends are posting on here. You're a fucking solicitor? Fuck off.
  8. Mudface


    Bwhahaha. Fucking hell.
  9. Mudface

    Christmas 2021

    Just as a heads up to all the fellas out there- if your bird is a bit stuck and asks you what you'd like for Christmas, under no circumstances whatsoever- even as a joke- should you request Stripchat vouchers. Especially, and I can't emphasise this enough, do not not answer, 'there's a couple of Russian lesbians I'd like to see do anal' when she inevitably and awkwardly asks you what the fuck you're on about.
  10. Mudface


    Remind me to tell you about my brother. I'm having too nice an evening to type it all out now.
  11. Mudface


    Interested in a new knockout poll competition, @Bjornebye?
  12. Mudface


    Ah, so the elite got the good stuff, we all got the diluted effluent that was left over.
  13. Mudface


    Did they? I thought it was Astra Zeneca who said it would be sold at cost, only initially though. I don't remember Pfizer saying that, and I never expected them not to make a profit.
  14. Mudface


    Even better, imagine if they had come up with a vaccine and it was reserved for the 'elite'...