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  1. Mudface


    Yep, we went to Seahouses a few years back in late September, very bracing. Further up, Gullane's very nice too.
  2. Mudface


    Autumn or Winter, fine, especially if there are sand dunes to walk through. Summer can fuck off.
  3. Mudface


  4. I remember it being a massive disappointment- me and my mate bought it the day it got released and were thoroughly underwhelmed. 14 minutes of wibble to start it off, yet more remixes of the big singles (which were already feeling tired after being in the charts much of the previous year), a load of dull cover versions and some bang average new stuff.
  5. Mudface

    Donald Trump

    Thank Christ he's starting to be sensible about things.
  6. Nah, a couple of killer singles, but their first album was merely adequate (and padded out to fuck), and the second was dross- Rage Hard and Warriors of the Wasteland, Jesus.
  7. Mudface

    The Official Cricket Thread

    Feels bad repping this. I was hoping we'd be 5 or 6 down so I wouldn't feel obliged to, that'd show yer.
  8. Sadly, the scrubbers that summer were more likely to give me crabs than turn me into someone new.
  9. I was working on a go kart ride on Prestatyn beach. The fucking song drove me nuts after a couple of weeks.
  10. Mudface


    This is like pulling teeth. No one's arguing that the medical masks in the study aren't better than cloth masks, it'd be surprising if they weren't. The point is that they didn't have a no-mask control group so saying no masks are better than cloth masks is a real reach. Also, to reiterate points I'm tired of making- the WHO recommends using 3 layer masks, exactly the ones cited as 'medical' masks in the study; plus the study was done on health care workers, who'd be working shifts in close proximity with infectious patients- not really comparable to doing your weekly shop.
  11. Mudface


    The 'control group' was 37% medical, 8% cloth and the remainder a mixture of the both. It wasn't a group who never wore anything, thank fuck. Also, the entire study was conducted on health care workers.
  12. Mudface


    They caution against the use of cloth masks versus medical masks in health care environments (HCW = healthcare worker). They don't caution against the use of cloth masks versus no mask at all.
  13. Did he not believe in a seeding system and have influence over the LTA?
  14. Mudface


    Ha, nearly a jinx.
  15. Mudface


    So, reading through that: they had a healthcare worker group wearing cloth masks, a group wearing 'medical' masks and a group which comprised of 37% medical, 8% cloth and the remainder a mixture of both. The result was there were more infections in the cloth mask only group. The obvious conclusion, right in the abstract, is that health care workers should wear medical masks. Nowhere does it say that wearing cloth masks is worse than no mask at all or that the general public shouldn't wear masks. Additionally, the cloth masks used in the study were 2 layer cotton masks, the medical ones were 3 layer- the WHO recommends three layer masks for public use.