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  1. Could do without Yellowstone getting all jumpy and skittish.
  2. Danns and Clarke out with injury?
  3. I didn't get much past the sliding animation and it was enough for me, shame because the presentations we've seen on it have been relatively encouraging. They've put this out to drum up interest and made it look like an asset flip game.
  4. That doesn't reset them to zero, and it could be P&S or cashflow or one eye on the new P&S/Anchoring rules (maybe DIaby fancies the massive wages, or maybe he fancies it on cultural/religious ground). They've made about 20 million on the deal so that'll cover the Onana and Philogene with a bit to spare.
  5. Villa need money and the Saudi's want to pay money for him.
  6. 19 G/A last season suggests they might have been on to something.
  7. I've got bad news for you.
  8. Back in the day you'd have to pay £300 and get a shoeing off your parents when they got the phone bill with club call all over it for that kind of bollocks. Salah stuff went really quiet last time as well then all of a sudden he'd signed.
  9. That's where the Gareth Bale comparisons were coming from at the end of June when us, Spurs, Brighton and Arsenal were linked then, he's played full back winger and forward.
  10. Sure I guess. https://news.sky.com/story/was-sir-keir-starmer-too-distracted-with-his-post-election-honeymoon-to-react-to-the-it-crisis-13181039?dcmp=snt-sf-twitter Even Gnasher would be ashamed at that one.
  11. Yep. Some talk about the abuse being a genuine misunderstanding but we'll have to wait and see what comes of it.
  12. Liverpool U19's drawing 1-1 with Eintracht Frankfurt, Frankfurt player is alleged to have racially abused a Liverpool player causing the match to be abandoned, Frankfurt awarded a 3-0 win, obviously.
  13. Welcome to international football summer coupled with a new manager, wait until people find out he'll only have a few weeks of pre-season and 45-75 minutes of game time before the first game of the season. I'll leave others to go through the charade of pretending this is something out of the ordinary instead of common in this situation.
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