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  1. Might be a few bits that aren't explained sufficiently, and you'll miss some of the Easter eggs/inside jokes but nothing significant enough to ruin your enjoyment. One of the best jokes in the series is one that directly references one of the main complaints with the game play but it's in no way necessary for your understanding of the story SPOILER - I've not embedded it because the title is a slight spoiler. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NU3-y_FWCss
  2. What about based on the season, or the last two? I understand why people want to boil it down to a discussion about just the last game because it's easier to argue the merits of Nunez if you can say 'well last game player x wasn't very good either' as a defense (as weak as that defense may be) but as a body of work it's hard to argue that Salah deserves leeway far more than Nunez does. and that's without factoring in the fact Salah has scored more, and missed a chunk of the season through injury/Afcon.
  3. His saving grace will be, if it's Amorim as next manager, that he'll have faced him in that one season at Benfica, has Gyokeres in his system now, and might think he can 'fix' him. If we get to the end of next season and we're still looking at the same player with the same issues then not even his most ardent followers can argue he hasn't been given a chance and its time to make a change.
  4. Weren't you telling everyone last season that he'd score 20 league goals, it sounded an awful lot like you were expecting him to score number 9 goals until it started looking less likely and you pivoted to we didn't buy him to score.
  5. Fucking livid if they drop points here and we served up that shower of shit earlier.
  6. Last season when we had Nunez, moved Salah wider to accommodate him then watched as he didn't perform and had to sign Gakpo to play as the 9 while we used Nunez as a last resort bringing him on at the end of games.
  7. But you know why Salah is given more leeway, it's obvious surely? Nunez has nowhere near the kind of goodwill built up that Salah has and his two years here so far have been massively disappointing interspersed with the odd purple patch before reverting to type. We're heading into the third year of his contract and his 25th birthday, at some point the excuses and mollycoddling has to stop and he has to deliver.
  8. What about the other 100 shots he's hads in the league alone this season? Why is he in such illustrious company as Chris Woods and Richarlison despite having more shots than Haaland, Solanke, Salah, Watkins?
  9. 3 in 66 minutes (of which two were centre of the goal 6-8 yards out), even for Nunez's biggest supporters blaming the rest of the team for not passing to him while he's on the bench is a bit much.
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