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  1. Bjornebye

    Top Gun

    The trailer for Top Gun 2 Didn't think it should have been done but I honestly can't wait now. Ed Harris in it as well. The original was a great film. Used to watch it at least twice a week as a kid on video. Always wanted a bomber jacket with all the badges etc on. Awaits the 'Gay Navy Hello Sailor' comments..... Hudu you are up first
  2. Bjornebye

    Other Football - 2018/19 Season

    Connahs Quay Nomads beat Kilmarnock 2:0 away tonight to knock them out of Europe.... Hilarious but what a fucking joke Scottish football is. I love Celtic but results like this are why they have to travel to fucking Sarajevo etc and get through 3 qualifiers to make the group stages.
  3. Bjornebye

    The Open 2019

    Shane Lowry looking good. Boss links player, be great to see an Irish fella win this. Westwood looks to be doing his usual. Hangs his cock on the table till the cut then disappears into the sea. Be nice to see him in touch on Sunday if he can hold his bottle. Mcilroy has looked like he just wants it over since the first few holes. For someone so arrogant you have to question his temperament. Ernie Els evens after road 1. Love the big easy. Be nice to see him around it on Sunday as well. Cant wait to put my feet up on the couch and watch this all Sunday.
  4. I'm not talking barely heard of low budget films, I'm on about major movies. They had 2 big films about 9/11 before the dust had even settled in Lower Manhattan. United 93 and World Trade Centre. I was just reading up again on the Herald of Free Enterprise disaster and thought that would make a good movie. Might sound grim obviously with people dying but it would certainly be an interesting watch provided its done right. Same goes for the Piper Alpha disaster. They don't have to be disaster movies of course but movie worthy events that have happened.
  5. Bjornebye

    The Open 2019

    Watching the highlights. Lovely hole in one from Emiliano Grillo. McIlroy having a nightmare on the first.
  6. Bjornebye

    LFC Draft Semi-final 1

    Loads of brilliant players rarely got capped in the 60's, 70's, 80's and even 90's. Especially players from northern teams. Thats why England got called London FC because they were full of players from the likes of QPR and Chelsea.
  7. Bjornebye

    One change you'd make to improve town

    Nah, best keeping it otherwise the cunts will start taking over decent boozers.
  8. Bjornebye

    Liz Hurley

    Form is temporary....
  9. Bjornebye

    New Draft Ideas

    Bored out my head. Cricket and women footy can only keep my attention for so long. My idea is the premier league one. I know some moan about having to pick average players but it makes it more difficult. We all know each others opinions on the world class picks so mixing it up a bit would make it more interesting. - Have to have played in the premier league - No more than one player per club - Ie; If you pick Anelka you can't have a player from Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea, West-Brom or Bolton Anyone in or anyone got different ideas? @lifetime fan @Sugar Ape @LF:D @MegadriveMan @Elite @3 Stacks @Alex_K @John102 @DimReaper or anyone else who fancies a go
  10. Bjornebye

    Should Corbyn remain as Labour leader?

    Do fuck off. Its nothing like that at all. A blatant smear campaign full of lies and hypocrisy is far far worse. Utter cunt of a comment SD. You only come on this thread to wind people up so I suggest you fuck right off out of it. Fucking cunts throwing anti-semitism jibes around like confetti when in-fact they are the real bigots.
  11. Bjornebye

    Great standalone singles

    So it was. Fucked it
  12. Bjornebye

    Should Corbyn remain as Labour leader?

    He said he wants to abolish the House of Lords. Funny how loads of MP's have now come out calling all this bullshit. They get 300 quid a day just for turning up. Greedy lying mutant bastards.
  13. Bjornebye

    Big Events That Haven't Been Made Into Films

    The Oklahoma Bombing.
  14. Bjornebye

    Have a rant thread

    Hahahahahahaha in tears here
  15. He is alright in In The Line Of Fire
  16. Bjornebye

    Summer 2019 Transfer Thread

    I'd love us to sign him.
  17. Bjornebye

    Philippe Coutinho

    He's in the liffey
  18. Bjornebye

    Have a rant thread

    Plenty more fish in the sea.
  19. Bjornebye

    One change you'd make to improve town

    Sort the fucking pavements out around Dale/Victoria St. Just like Manchester city centre, full of uneven flags that splash mud all over you if its been raining. Pisses me off. And it fucking sinks around there as well especially in the mornings. Bring back the Golden Phoenix and also the Mediterranean shop in Clayton Square. Have a few Hawks living on Church St to scare off the seagull bastards. In-fact we might need Pterodactyls because them seagulls are hard as fuck. Stop building student accommodation all over the place and instead build homeless shelters and as has been said, office space.