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  1. He suggested they drink bleach! I wish they’d all listened
  2. It should be Michelle Obama.
  3. Can’t you guess who it is yet?
  4. Yeah but I was mid 30s then and game.
  5. Arguably your best post on here
  6. No idea. Sounds like I’m lying here doesn’t it. I’m not. I know you’ll try and defend your beloveds but I saw it and it’s usual for them.
  7. Hate to say it but twitter. Looked like a few scrotes decided to attack a pub full of mancs baldies and got legged.
  8. E.T is one of about 5 films that are over a 10 out of 10. Glad the kids love it mate Daisy Edgar Bjornebye? You must follow me on instagram. 4 years going strong
  9. Hahahahaha ffs @Smell The Glove Odegaard is world class. I’d take him over any other player in the league. Only because De Bruyne is getting on obviously
  10. I was about 8 years old you fucking nonce
  11. Yeah the humidity is vile. Had the dog out at 9am and even then it was horrible
  12. Brilliant. What did you think Desire > was before you wrote over it?
  13. Nah it was a school for beating Widnes and St Helens kids at all types of sport. Only the smartest and most athletic get to go to that school. God knows what school you went to. Gimpwarts
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