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  1. Since she won a case against the DM, the slander has got even worse. They've hounded her since day 1 and nobody can tell me skin colour hasn't played a massive part in it. State of this cunt below and some of the replies Today the Mail have about 11 different stories many from "sources" so basically made up bullshit. She did an interview with Oprah which is her right of reply to all the nonsense and the smear has kicked into full swing. Its fucking disgusting, I personally don't give two shits about them really but they are human beings and the way people are treating them is fucking abhorrent. They hounded Diana and look what happened. No wonder she wanted them both to leave the country so soon. Truly the worst side of the UK coming out in all this. Fucking evil racist bastards.
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    Deserves its own thread and quite frankly I wish everyone the best. x
  3. Bjornebye

    I am man: hear me roar!!!

    A few questions that I need to know. The COOP? Do you keep chickens elsewhere? if not you meant the Co-Op which is the most Tory thing you've ever posted. You drove to the COOP at half-time but got back for the second half after 'trudging in the rain' are you one of them fat lazy emission bastards who won't walk 2 minutes to the shop? The RAC man bought it home? That was nice of him, and he left it behind as well. What a guy. You're telling me the RAC man didn't quickly asses the problem and fix it himself there and then? How many old dears have you whallopped over the head today? My heads spinnin, boy I'm in a daze.
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    This Meghan and Harry Thing

    Thats Spy Bees every emotion when someone asks him a question on the Covid thread
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    Does Jessica Chastain Deserve Her Own Thread?

    "Salt & Pepper Sui-Mai, Sweet & Sour Pork with Egg Fried Rice" .....
  6. I watched her in Ava recently. She is absolutely delightful. 43 years old and absolutely one of the hottest women on the planet. Have you seen Mollys Game? No? Get it watched and bring some tissues, and your fucking dinner. Oh and more importantly for us gentleman (and ladies....) she's single....
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    Its pretty clear that lockdowns slow down the spread, the evidence is there from drops to spikes since day one. Only a complete fucking moron wouldn't get that. The SAGE experts are wrong suggesting lockdowns are they? You know more than them do you? Covid hasn't died out quickly has it though. Less than 800 deaths from SARS Spy Bee, Covid shits that out in an hour and has done since day 1 over a year ago.
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    Obtuse? You get asked questions/challenged/proved wrong and you have one of two go to places, name calling or completely ignoring it. I understand it far better than you as is clearly evidence in this very thread. You haven't got a fucking scooby you just read a tagline and go with it without looking at the detail. None of us are experts at all, none of us have got a clue in reality but you paint yourself as some sort of Covid master who thinks it's ok to share dangerous untruths. Obtuse? That just means you don't like being challenged.
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    Summer 2021 transfer thread.

    Probably, look at his socks.
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    You are an uppity fart who resorts to name calling whenever someone pulls you up on your bullshit. I wouldn't mind but in amongst your shite you actually can speak a lot of sense but fuck me try questioning you and its straight in with the name calling. Hang on, you've literally just said why are we talking about SARS (a topic I'm sure you brought up anyway) and now you want to talk about 3 others, none of them are comparable to Covid either. Fucking hell.
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    The hypocrisy, fucking hells bells. Oh right so basically you are admitting that what you posted was wrong. You brought SARS into it didn't you? But now you don't want to talk about it. Keep calling me names though.
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    Summer 2021 transfer thread.

    Blert. Covid hooker orgies and drink driving stuff
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    little things that annoy the shit out of you

    Feed the beast , inbox her and say you've just seen one of her angles smashing his way into someones house "but obviously he must have smelt gas"
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    Ben Davies

    He's our best CB.
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    Keir Starmer

  16. I think it's the weakest group in this round. Which is no shame considering the opposition.
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    Jurgen Norbert Klopp

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    Did they draw it with their own poo then it means fuck all
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    Will everything be okay next season?

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    Keir Starmer

    Do you think for one second Corbyn was ever going to be allowed to be PM?