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  1. I fully agree. It’s great. I’d just rather people didn’t deny they’re doing it sometimes. Arguments are superb on here. So are nice things.
  2. Hoyle is a horrible self serving cunt. Embarrassment of a human and the worst speaker imaginable. What the fucks he running round Isreal with a bullet proof vest on for for fuck sake
  3. Just get on the skag. You’ll be back to be being skinny in no time. I can start calling you Spud.
  4. You are a troll though. Or you do troll. Maybe not a full time troll but you’re defo a troll. And a hypocrite.
  5. Im just saying it is ridiculous to suggest wanting a championship manager over him. Im surprised you even know who he is!
  6. Article on the Mail yesterday about Amy Whinehouse's Star of David necklace on her statue being changed to a Palestine flag. Comments section full of outrage. Today an article about a Brock followed by a pigs head thrown through a Muslim families window. Comments section full of bile about guess who..... the victims. Anti-Semitism is a big problem in the UK though and fuck Islamophobia.
  7. City stripped but I wouldn’t want any awarded to us.
  8. You’re an arrogant troll. And a shit human.
  9. No gay person has to announce they're gay. My post was someone with as much world experience as PST never meeting a gay person surprises me. Especially when he's been in prison.
  10. Only a champions league win under his belt but yeah, let's get some Papa John's trophy cunt in. Kenny Jackett
  11. Dreadful. Zero lessons learned but clearly millions starving financially benefits some fuckers somewhere. We can land on the moon but can't even feed our own? Cunt world.
  12. I did find it funny when about 10 of them stood outside the PL head office for a bit and nobody whatsoever even acknowledged them.
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