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  1. ElishaScottBC

    Pre-season 21/22 & season ahead views.

    Not too much to note. Soft pen with a decent strike from Origi saved the embarrassment of defeat to Wacker Innsbruck. Ben Davies was anonymous, Minamino didn't stand out amongst the youth players. Beck was positionally poor for the goal we conceded. The midfield wasn't up too much. Gordon looked the brightest prospect. Second game should be more interesting, want to see Konate and Elliott on the field.
  2. ElishaScottBC

    Joe Cole

    Jedi Mind Tricks
  3. ElishaScottBC

    Other football - 2020/21

    Snap, crackle and pop, thanks Rice Krispie kid
  4. ElishaScottBC

    Free transfer defenders

    Only returning if he gets to play up front apparently
  5. ElishaScottBC

    Daniel Sturridge - 2020

    While I think there's hyperbole in the that, with the criticism toned down, I can see valid points about his performance. I would agree that Mitrovic is more important to Fulham than Sturridge would be; Mitrovic played 82 league games with 40 goals for Fulham, Sturridge has played 17 league games, scoring 4 goals in Turkey within the same 3 year time frame. He's also without a club due to a 4 month worldwide football ban. Micah Richard's article reads like a friends justification, but it's neither insightful or enlightening. It opens with "Daniel Sturridge is far too good a player to be out of the Premier League after only just turning 31 but, let's face it, the reason he is currently without a club has got nothing to do with his age, or his ability. It's not because of his injury history or wage demands, either - it's down to the label he's been given as being difficult, or a problem player. I have no idea where that perception has come from, but it is a reputation that is completely undeserved." If I was calling it for reasons he's without a club, I'd say wage>injury history>age>attitude>ability - ultimately he chooses to sign or refuse what he's offered, given that it's October it's fairly natural to assume his desire to play will be questioned. Talent is the last of my worries, I hope he doesn't let it go to further waste while weighing up his options.
  6. ElishaScottBC

    Neco Williams

    He's looked promising going forward and has a youthful determination on the pitch. However he's made some simplistic defending errors in a number of games. The type of mistake to cost us in bigger matches. If you thought there are frailties to Trent's defensive game, Neco is slightly worrying. Although, I think he has shown positive capabilities in his appearances so far, with dedicated focus to iron out positional mistakes and training with the first team, his development should push on and we'll get a better idea over the next season or two of his full potential.
  7. ElishaScottBC

    Wrestling thread

    The origins can be traced through Being The Elite youtube channel. 4 years ago, Young Bucks started uploading behind the scenes/travelling footage, which turned into light-hearted skits and storylines/catchphrases. They built a tight knit online following alongside live audiences, and featured a number of wrestlers in their videos. Cody Rhodes, left WWE after years of trying to secure success but never hitting the heights in the company. The popularity grew to the point, Bucks/Cody/Omega agreed a deal with Tony Khan to start AEW. The rise is pretty organic and their show is engages positively with it's audience. WWE struggles in this regard. There was a documentary series on WWE Network charting the history of the Monday Night Wars which emphasised the need for competition; WWE pretty much willed a competitor into existence. It's NXT vs AEW on Wednesday nights, both arguably more watchable than either Raw/Smackdown, however less commercial currently. In terms of fresh and new; MJF, Jungle Boy Jack Perry, Private Party, Sammy Guevara, Darby Allin are names for the future. There is a lot of talent left in the likes of Jericho, Cage, Omega, Pentagon, Lance Archer. It might not crossover to mainstream viewership like Attitude Era, but it definitely marks a positive change and rise in wrestling spirits. NXT is not to be overlooked either, while branded 'developmental' it's a more serious take on Raw/Smackdown, every pay per view is of a high standard.
  8. ElishaScottBC

    Should Corbyn remain as Labour leader?

    Wiley was always down the rabbit hole; he may get cancelled by mainstream media, but that's not where he found fame. Can't complain if Twitter ban him. Ice Cube was posting anti semitic tweets a month back, he should be banned too following the same policy. Keep banning people until we are only left with Jedward propping up Twitter. They even managed to make Rachel Riley delete her tweet and apologise. Go Jedward!
  9. ElishaScottBC

    SEGA vs Nintendo

  10. ElishaScottBC

    Rate the last film you watched...

    Just got round to this today, I thought it was a very watchable, feel good movie. Thanks for the recommendation, I'd say 8/10 is a sound shout.
  11. ElishaScottBC

    Rate the last film you watched...

    I watched it after reading a number of positive reviews. Ended up feeling disappointed. I couldn't connect with any of the characters, thought the plot was shallow and humourless, I was curious during the first half as the story was building, but the bonkers handbrake turn you mention lost me. Thought it felt like an amateur movie with decent production/money thrown at it.
  12. ElishaScottBC


    The magic of Liverpool FC always astounds me. I read this thread like
  13. ElishaScottBC


  14. ElishaScottBC

    Instant cunt identifiers

    DJ Otzi, Chumbawamba, Vengaboys and The Rolling Stones, who am I?
  15. ElishaScottBC

    Charlie Brooker's Screenwipe

    I agree, seemed he was revitalised after the time away from the series. Lots of great lines throughout the programme.