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  1. ElishaScottBC

    Charlie Brooker's Screenwipe

    I agree, seemed he was revitalised after the time away from the series. Lots of great lines throughout the programme.
  2. ElishaScottBC

    Keir Starmer

    I'm willing to give him a chance, but spill some buckfast for the original
  3. ElishaScottBC

    Wrestling thread

    Yeah the Benoit episodes were a hard watch. Tragic story. I found Regal's comments to be pretty hard hitting and disturbing. Loved Cornette's death stare during this:
  4. ElishaScottBC

    ‘Hypothetical’ Situation.

    "8 blocks of cheese please"
  5. ElishaScottBC

    Donald Trump

    Trump performs a 'hostile takeover' around 0:55, before later shaving Vince's head. Trump was inducted in the WWE Hall of Fame. You couldn't script it... or maybe!
  6. ElishaScottBC

    Alcohol consumption during lockdown

    Everyday. Until normality resumes. Cheers.
  7. ElishaScottBC

    The BBC

  8. ElishaScottBC

    Royal Mail/USPS non delivery

    What kind of person doesn't need a spare blow-up doll? Nice humble brag if your closet's full.
  9. ElishaScottBC

    Royal Mail/USPS non delivery

    Had a package arriving from Hermes. Said it was delivered and driver had taken a photo. I didn't have the package, was in all day, checked the picture, it was of a house in a different street nearby. Went checked with them, they said they didn't have it. Tried contacting the complaints service, they recommended I check bins and the local vicinity, even when I pointed out the picture was of a different house and that house also didn't have it. They just responded with 5 star feedback surveys to fill in. Thankfully an honest neighbour from a different house altogether in a different street, came around 2 days later and left the unopened package with me. If he had decided to take it, I'd probably still be struggling for Hermes to take responsibility.
  10. ElishaScottBC

    Wrestling thread

    I had been following Being The Elite on youtube from before Cody joined them. The evolution of AEW has been fun to watch. Their debut PPV had teething problems, but they seem to be learning as they go. It helps having passionate fans, whether that's sustainable will be a test for them. But AEW's humour has nicely aligned with the crowds and Jericho is endlessly watchable. The Moxley vs Omega match is a particular highlight of mine. Moxley crawling through the glass was hard to watch.
  11. ElishaScottBC

    Rate the last TV Show you watched

    It's not without it's faults, but if you've read the graphic novel I'd say you'll still enjoy it.