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  1. I think anybody who votes for national service should have to do national service regardless of age.
  2. I'd just like a midfielder with physical presence who can defend. One who is actually very good. City have Rhodri, Arsenal have Rice surely there's more out there. Our team is too small and a bit shithouse not just for the battle but vocally. I dont want us to be bullied. The though of Trent in midfield just leaves me cold. He wants to do all the fun stuff that makes him look good but none of the graft that makes the team better.
  3. Yet they seem to be the club that gets the least poor decisions against them. Poor officiating in their games has cost us two titles.
  4. They play Dyche football it works for them when they aren't also playing a dyche football type team. City and us played right into their basic fucking hands by leaving them all the space they want to run into. I hope at least Slot adapts his tactics if it's called for, say an opposition is constantly getting chances in a certain spot that he addresses it. I've got to add that this is recently. United have become better at the sit deep hit on the break football and Fernandes and Garnacho in spite of what many say are vital for them.
  5. I'm sire I heard Vorderman say there's rumours of Rishi standing down for Cameron. Is Cameron even an MP.
  6. If Trump gets in aren't Ukraine completely fucked?
  7. It's mad how we are shocked that the most expensive team ever assembled has managed to win the FA Cup. Though I suppose if City was an honest club United would be the second most expensive team.
  8. We did do them 7 nil though and they've been let off the hook with that far more than we would of been if it was us being twatted 7 nil. 7 fucking nil absolutely amazing. I'll never let the memory of the manc faces including my missus fade after that game.
  9. Forgot about the Coventry game, some luck they've had. Take Garnacho and Fernandes out their team and they'd be relegated.
  10. Knocks me sick to my stomach seeing either of those sides win trophies. How the fuck this united side has won an FA cup is beyond me.
  11. I've pretty much hated this season. Football in general the whole shebang. Shite.
  12. Worst I've seen them in a long time but to be fair united have played well.
  13. My god this is bad from City. Same pattern play repeated over and over. I detest United but also enjoy this current look on the City fans faces.
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