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  1. Bobby Hundreds

    Fuck off Frank Lampard

    Southampton manager maybe. Id love it if they got Ancelotti in again.
  2. Bobby Hundreds

    Utd (A) FA Cup - Sun 24/1 - 17:00

    I dont get why we are still playing Trent on the overlap leaving a young kid massively exposed especially when trent is playing so bad he offers very little going forward lately anyway, plus he is tracking back at a snails pace. How are we just watching this weakness being exposed and yet still keep doing it. We cant play spurs and keep doing this as Son and Kane will have a field day.
  3. Bobby Hundreds

    January 2021 Transfer Thread

    We should be signing a centreback and loaning another. We are a fabinho injury away from a nightmare season. Besides fabinho should be in midfield anyway. Every single person who watches football can see Liverpool desperately need to sort the Centre back issue the manager who has worked absolute miracles has said he needs a centre back. We don't lose last night if we didn't have to play a kid and a midfielder in defence. Champions league will be fucked Matip cant play 2 games a week so its back to Henderson in centreback position again. Shambles.
  4. Bobby Hundreds

    Go fuck yourselves FSG

    You can't have summer transfer plans if you fall out the champions league. Not strengthening now is going to cost us massively its so fucking stupid.
  5. Bobby Hundreds

    Utd (A) FA Cup - Sun 24/1 - 17:00

    Our fortunes can change but its just hard to see us digging our way out of this hole. We need recruitments the squad needs strengthening. If fsg want funds flog kieta in the summer he's been of zero use.
  6. Bobby Hundreds

    Utd (A) FA Cup - Sun 24/1 - 17:00

    Have our players heads and arses gone. The drop off in almost every aspect of their game is startling. Even having no centrebacks cant excuse what we are seeing from a lot of players. We are shot to pieces. I think this season is a write off because the team only looks up for it in small bursts. Our away record has been appaling for a long time, this is also on the manager and coaches as they don't look like they have a clue how to address it. Theres no practical back to basics or alternative solutions we are plodding on and falling short. We don't look like we could buy a win.
  7. Bobby Hundreds

    January 2021 Transfer Thread

    Regardless of what happens this season we need to fuck off the permacrocks.
  8. Bobby Hundreds

    Utd (A) FA Cup - Sun 24/1 - 17:00

    Knocked us out the FA cup and are 6 points ahead of us in the league. I just can't wrap my head around the switch in fortunes. Theyre better than us, as someone with a manc missus im fucking livid.
  9. Bobby Hundreds

    Utd (A) FA Cup - Sun 24/1 - 17:00

    How do we go from the best in Europe to worse than this united team.
  10. Bobby Hundreds

    Other football - 2020/21

    Jealous of Lutons attacking creativity.
  11. Bobby Hundreds

    Go fuck yourselves FSG

    There's extremes on both sides. I just don't think it's unreasonable to buy or loan a centreback when we are currently playing two midfielders there. Fabinho will get injured or suspended at some point this season, matip will too. I want to see fabinho back in midfield.
  12. Bobby Hundreds

    Joe Biden

    Abe bop ba da ba bop
  13. Bobby Hundreds

    Go fuck yourselves FSG

    Isnt it more akin to ive broken my arm i need medical attention. Doctor: Deal with it! That meme is basically asking for the impossible, a stupid impossible unreasonable solution. Its FSG kool aid.
  14. Bobby Hundreds

    Joe Biden

    I couldn't understand it, a very broad irish accent. It was a breath of fresh air but i'll form my opinion of him in a few years. For now ill just enjoy the mad cunt gone.
  15. Bobby Hundreds

    Joe Biden

    Normal size hammers. Teeny weeny Council properties turned into 5 apartments for students.