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  1. Bobby Hundreds

    VAR Thoughts?

    Sometimes they measure the outside of the sleeve, sometimes inside. You can't score with that part of the body no matter what they say, a ball comes in and I whack it in with the back of my arm it gets disallowed. The thin line shows the player is on they then introduce two thicker lines and manipulate until they can call it off. Is the angle of the line they draw across the pitch millimetre by millimetre perfectly parallel to the byline. Millimetres involved when checking the players when the ball is already a foot away from the player who struck it. Its being used the manipulate results even if its just through bias.
  2. Bobby Hundreds

    Other football - 2020/21

    Lampard must feel like a fucking chump. Sick of Chelsea buying top quality players though. No mark club that gets to feast at the top table while we wait for the meal deals and end of day whoopsies.
  3. Bobby Hundreds

    Aston Villa (H) Premier League - 10/4/21 - 15:00

    Do you not think Jota could be a capable 9. He is quick with his feet and direct infront of goal.
  4. Bobby Hundreds

    Bitcoin and other Crypto...

    XhV has gone up big time today. From my initial £70 it's now £252. SpyBee for the win!
  5. Bobby Hundreds

    Aston Villa (H) Premier League - 10/4/21 - 15:00

    They shown a stat at some point during the game showing Liverpool have had 113 shots at anfield and scored just 1, that is nowhere near good enough. Our conversion rate is appaling. In my opinion the front 3 needs a shake up that doesn't automatically mean replacing them but the front 3 as a unit feels predictable struggles to create often and it's definitely wasteful. It could be a tactical issue but Salah aside it's diminishing returns. We need a more creative threat. Id bite your hand off for a Grealish and the havoc he can cause leading to the final third and to be honest outside Halaand and Mbappe I've not watched enough football to have a clue about striker options there's got to be clinical players out there. Klopp seems the type of guy to cling on to players for too long because they are not commodities too him, theyre his boys and we are definitely the type of fans to do the same. We need to evolve our forward options. I do worry that Sarr is still their moneyball solution.
  6. Bobby Hundreds

    Cancel Culture

  7. Bobby Hundreds

    Aston Villa (H) Premier League - 10/4/21 - 15:00

    I'm not happy with the micromanaging of offside anyway, if you need to draw lines its onside but I am disgusted and just sick to death of how selective they are, the decisions they scrutinise for 5 minutes and yet others they just ignore. There is no way it can be anything other than bias or corruption because the only consistency they have shown at all is how far they are prepared to go to chalk off our goals, throw in how many fouls against us they have just brushed away and ignored.
  8. Bobby Hundreds

    Aston Villa (H) Premier League - 10/4/21 - 15:00

    Someone should tell them we won the league last year and the European cup the year before. Enjoy your 7-2.
  9. Bobby Hundreds

    Aston Villa (H) Premier League - 10/4/21 - 15:00

    Play act, waste time
  10. Bobby Hundreds

    Aston Villa (H) Premier League - 10/4/21 - 15:00

    Our attacking play is fucking atrocious.
  11. Bobby Hundreds

    Aston Villa (H) Premier League - 10/4/21 - 15:00

    Torres goal today they didn't even give it a second glance let alone bring out the fucking protractor. Selective as fuck in how and who they scrutinze decisions for. Var had shaped this season more than anything. What side of the sleeve have the measured, what line they gone too this time.
  12. Bobby Hundreds

    Aston Villa (H) Premier League - 10/4/21 - 15:00

    Var officials are corrupt to fuck. Nobody gets that much scrutiny they moved the lines added lines everything they fucking could to make that off.
  13. Bobby Hundreds

    Aston Villa (H) Premier League - 10/4/21 - 15:00

    Can we stop being shite. Can we.
  14. The challenges he takes that just get brushed away. It's not small time to notice the huge contrast between how he's officiated compared to united players its night and day.