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  1. Bobby Hundreds

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    I'd let Mighty Red patrol the sidelines against Fulham giving scotty Parker the sweats imagining Baron Von Richthofen is attacking off the coast of Britain. See how long he focuses on the game before he's chasing mighty Red down the sidelines screaming for Queen and Country.
  2. Bobby Hundreds

    Rival Players You Respect

    None of them. I genuinely believe them all to be fucking wankers. I could maybe jump on board with Southall but then I look at what he's doing to his arteries and his hair stuck to his sweaty brow and think... no.
  3. Bobby Hundreds

    UFO's: do you believe?

    Yeah I've seen all the Tic Tac stuff.
  4. Bobby Hundreds

    UFO's: do you believe?

    As a young lad I was obsessed with all this kind of shit. The more I read the less and less I believed. Now I believe its all bollocks, I still listen to all the mad shit off YouTube if I can't sleep, I love a campfire tale.
  5. Bobby Hundreds

    Arsenal (H) Premier League - 28/9/20 - 20:00

    I think Thiago would of tore them a new arsehole, gutted he's out its a massive let off for them. Luck is on their side recently the little bastards.
  6. Bobby Hundreds

    UFO's: do you believe?

    PYARRRRRRR blimp.
  7. Bobby Hundreds


    No more than 6 fingers, so if youre from widnes you can fist.
  8. Bobby Hundreds


    I'm almost at the point were I hope everybody gets it and are very ill because they deserve it. I deserve it too because I visited my missus mum on Saturday as it was her 65th birthday and she was alone. This country deserves the shits aswell. Even the gooduns.
  9. Bobby Hundreds

    Donald Trump

    Reading some of Ron Perlmans tweets its very subtle you really have to see the subtext but I don't think he likes Trump. I dont think he likes him one bit.
  10. Bobby Hundreds

    Arsenal (H) Premier League - 28/9/20 - 20:00

    Arsenal are better than they were but I think its gone way overboard the praise from everywhere. They're harder to beat but you'd think they had been transformed from relegation to title contenders. We turn up at our best and they do the same we batter them. Take our chances and we win.
  11. Bobby Hundreds

    Donald Trump

    So they reckon Trump only paid $750 on tax the year he became president and other years. If its true its outrageous. The tax system is corrupt as fuck designed or massively influenced by people who don't want to pay it but want everyone else to.
  12. Bobby Hundreds

    Other football - 2020/21

    Haha haha ah ha
  13. Bobby Hundreds

    Other football - 2020/21

    Pure dive by Vardy though. The narrative around his entitlement to do it would be in a far different tone if it was Salah.
  14. Bobby Hundreds

    The BBC

    Paul Dacre is a nasty bastard who has made this country a far worse place.
  15. Bobby Hundreds

    Other football - 2020/21

    So easy for city this i doubt they have burnt 10 calories between them.