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  1. SlugTrail

    Go fuck yourselves FSG

    Hahaha, Grinch doesn't like me cause I negged him.
  2. SlugTrail

    Harvey Elliott

    This kind of thing is not well received around here, you need to have a slagging match with someone that lasts at least 3 pages on this thread then take it to another thread where inevitable negs and reps will be flying due to the person you are having the argument with and other Internet persona alliegents. Balanced views are for the members forums, this area is for calling people a cunt, laughing at stacksy and hearing just how much Baz Wom hates FSG. Welcome to TLW
  3. SlugTrail

    January 2021 Transfer Thread

    They are just trying to maximise the transfer fee they receive. There has been a lot of talk about him moving on recently so no great surprise here.
  4. SlugTrail

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    They have spent years shooting themselves in the foot, its just the next logical step.
  5. SlugTrail

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    I hear the bed company dreams are looking at a full stadium sponsor.
  6. SlugTrail

    Harvey Elliott

    Nothing personal, I just wanted to be the first person to neg you.
  7. SlugTrail

    Scotland suspends football below top 2 leagues

    Its starting, 4 weeks and it will hit the PL
  8. SlugTrail

    Villa (A) - FA Cup - 8/1/2021 - 19:45

    Putting a shift in should be an absolute minimum. Too many thinking the game was won as long as we turned up.
  9. SlugTrail

    Covid / Footy

    3 month break from football, bin the euros off, 1 legged euro ties at a neutral venue. This season has to be finished no matter what. I will never call for null and void because although I am a cunt I'm not a petty childish cunt. It would also boil everyone's piss if VVD and JG managed to get themselves fit and we pissed the league.
  10. SlugTrail

    Georginio Wijnaldum

    5 to 10 games for the Ox, I take it he isn't playing in between 4 and 9 games in that scenario.
  11. SlugTrail

    Licking fanny

    Thats very generous of you to always offer blowjobs, must be how you attract your young studs.
  12. Not if we carry on playing the way we have been, also if we try and play a high line against their attack we will get done time and time again by the long ball. Like it or not but we are now in a battle with them for the league, until we can sort our defence out we will keep seeing these lacklustre displays which are punished by a goal a game from not being able to catch a speedy attacker.
  13. SlugTrail

    Other football - 2020/21

    Considering he eats 4 wild boars as a starter it shows what a meal he is making about our result.
  14. It does seem like the kind of thing liverpool supporters were doing during the last 30 years, let them have their half season stats, didn't work for us and it won't work for them.