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  1. A Red


    Which 7 are they? The bastards
  2. A Red


    Ok, fair enough you do what you have got to do, no bullying intended. Luckily for society as a whole you are in a minority. I would gently suggest though, for the sake of you and your family, that you take a look at the effect vaccines have had on covid deaths and serious illness hospitalisations.
  3. A Red


    All the stats talking about the drop in deaths and hospitalisation due to vaccines leave you unconvinced. You are quite happy to wait until you are vaccinated and risk any bad pharma side effects, because, luckily for you, lots of other people have had them and are being the guinea pigs. Mental
  4. A Red


    So, by this answer I can only assume that you are not convinced that vaccines have had any effect and are waiting to see if they actually cause more health issues.
  5. A Red


    Eh? Look, I'm just trying to follow your logic through, if everyone felt as you, do you think there would there be more covid deaths and hospitalisations?
  6. A Red

    Keir Starmer

    My gravestone will read "did the bare minimum whilst avoiding responsibility"
  7. A Red


    I know you didn't, I just asked what the repercussions would be if everyone had your stance. What do you think they would be? Do you think there would be more deaths and hospitalisations?
  8. A Red


    Where would we be if everyone decided to hold off having a vaccine until seeing the bigger picture?
  9. A Red

    JFK assassination.

    "Dad, they say everyone can remember where they were when Kennedy was shot, can you? " No son, but I bet our immersion heater was on." One of my favourite bits of The Royle Family that
  10. A Red


    He does start some good threads to be fair.
  11. A Red


    I realise this is probably meant partly tongue in cheek but I reckon the fear of needles is at least a contributory factor for some anti vaxxers.
  12. A Red


    I agree with this but you do realise HR Managers are the foot soldiers?
  13. A Red


    Is masturbating to this a bit of a struggle?
  14. Fucking bread gangs and their bap music