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  1. A Red

    Have a rant thread

    My mrs doesnt have a problem with dentists, she just drops them in and picks them up later
  2. Golf. I'm fucking shit at it, many times over the years different mates have said "doesnt matter if youre shit, I am too, come and have a game" then followed by "yep, youre shit". Thing is, I should be good at it as I'm left handed but play right handed which is supposedly an advantage as the left arm controls the swing. DIY. I'm hopeless, always have been and always will be. The mrs does all ours. Car Maintenance. Not a clue. I can do keepie uppies though. I occasionally go up the garden on my own and have a go. Used to be able to do 100's but about 50 max now. The trick is to keep the ball low.
  3. A Red

    Static Caravans

    I would say not in a VW style van, probably too small. Depending on the age of the kids you or they could perhaps sleep in the awning but if the weather is poor, bit like camping, it could be uncomfortable. If you are going to end up sleeping in a tent you may as well save a load of money and just buy.....err...a tent. edit I'm talking the transit style vans rather than the older surfer types
  4. A Red

    Static Caravans

    I've got a VW T5 with a pop up roof, really good if theres just 2 of you. We've got 2 smallish dogs but it can be a bit of a crush, even with an awning, when the weather is wet or cold. The plus side over the larger mobile homes is that they are easy to drive and manoeuvre and have a bit more street cred.
  5. A Red

    Static Caravans

    I could but to be honest we dont really want your type down here
  6. A Red

    Static Caravans

    Will have to be 2022 having a complete refurb this year. Watching Rick Stein now, he is a brilliant ambassador. Nearly as many Cornwall programmes now as there are for Yorkshire.
  7. A Red

    Static Caravans

    This. If you want a decent site with things going on, they are expensive, depreciate rapidly and the site fees can be crippling. In my mind you are better renting when you need to rather than laying money out. Far better to rent, say, a cottage in Cornwall
  8. A Red


    On his left side cuddling his bear I'll be off, I'm probably not helping
  9. A Red

    Most cringeworthy thing you’ve ever witnessed

    A boss of mine asked me to give a bloke a ring who was enquiring about something and gave me his direct number. My boss told me his name was "Bunni" told me he thought he was Indian. Anyway phoned the bloke up and said "hi Bunni" and the bloke sounded a bit surprised and told me he hadnt been called that for years. Turned out his name was Steve and his surname was Warren.
  10. A Red

    Should the vaccine be compulsory?

    Took my blind 85 year old mate for his second jab today, he got a sticker and was well chuffed. I didnt tell him I'd written "cunt" on it. I think there may well be a bigger take up on the call to vaccines than imagined. Many of the wankers who are saying they wont have it are just trying to look edgy, they'll slope along for it soon enough.
  11. A Red

    Keir Starmer

    Being a lifelong Labour supporter and saying you wont vote for them, before you see the next manifesto, seems a bit daft to me.
  12. A Red

    Most cringeworthy thing you’ve ever witnessed

    I reckon Mr Talbot loved that