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  1. A Red

    If world leaders had real jobs

    John Prescott - Shearings coach driver
  2. I know exactly the establishment this is, its on Gyllyngvase beach and is 20 minutes from me. I've never eaten there and never will now. I hope you had an ice cream from the van at Pendennis head just up from there, the bloke is a mad keen red and always wears a liver bird apron.
  3. Where exactly is this? I shall go round and have a word with the robbing bastards.
  4. Well she did greatly improve matters, she could make kurtz's offering almost palatable.
  5. Because they have fucked up? Are uneducated? Have been lied to? Are irresponsible? Are unlucky? Are dealing with cunts? etc etc etc
  6. Of course. Unless there is true communism there will always be food banks
  7. I'm not trying to criticise you for where you live, more making the point as to the need for food banks regardless of geography. Its not wrong they exist, its good. No government will ever be able say "there is no need for food banks". Its one of those things that will always be needed and should have been thought of years ago. I would imagine even a communist society might need food banks
  8. No. You can put everything in place but there will always be those that fall through the cracks. Whoever is in power.
  9. If we had the No 1 economy there would be the need for food banks. If everyone was paid sufficiently, had the best education and access to jobs there would be a need for food banks. You live in the richest city in the country, I live in the poorest county, food banks will always be needed, as they always were. Its great they now exist.
  10. I'm not. Food banks cover lots of people for lots of reasons. They were necessary 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 years ago, just not thought of. Like I said, a great invention that have helped loads of people and would have over the years regardless of the party in power.
  11. Yep, but wont end the need for food banks. Great invention.
  12. A Red

    Man City - the new bitters?

    I've got a few Man city fans on Facebook, one in particular gives it loads. Every post you see, put a comment on *
  13. Food banks are a great invention, the more companies and people that support them the better.
  14. A Red


    This is a right riveting read, I find myself swaying one way and then the other