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  1. A Red

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    To be fair, I reckon you'd have been quite pleased
  2. A Red

    Boxing 2018

    You can fuck off, i've heard them beefore
  3. A Red

    Boxing 2018

    When I typed it I knew some wags would go on about cows. You guys
  4. A Red

    Boxing 2018

    Usyk has very skinny calves
  5. A Red

    Boxing 2018

    Some cool dance moves and stuff 18 minutes in. Reminded me of myself
  6. A Red

    Scruff Behaviour

    Wheelie bins permanently at the front door
  7. A Red

    Scruff Behaviour

    I do volunteering to help the needy and I lick their plates
  8. A Red

    James McClean refuses to wear poppy

    So, lets get this right, you resurrect this topic and could quite easily rip the likes of me and mcfaggen and make us weep but you wont because you dont like us. You could blow us out of the water but you wont because we are bigots that hold a different opinion to you. Absolutely no irony there. You are a malfunctioning child trapped in an adult world.
  9. A Red

    James McClean refuses to wear poppy

    When i asked him what his point was he could very easily have said it was a joke or intended to point out the irony of some nazi having a poppy. He didnt. I'm not a complete imbecile, if anyone else had posted it i wouldnt have questioned it, but I know stig is a sectarian cunt
  10. A Red

    James McClean refuses to wear poppy

    I've avoided insults when engaging with you on this subject but you really are a fucking stuttering clueless prick. You seem to think that you are some long haired romantic irish nationalist supporting the cause when in reality you're a prick from Widnes, that hasnt got the first clue on the subject. In your simple head, anyone that has a different view to you is a bigot or nazi, probably both. You put those pictures up to imply that. You are the worst kind of Irish nationalist, the kind that isnt in the slightest bit Irish, probably never even visited the place and has no understanding of the subject but likes the colour green and the pogues. Oh, and served in her majesty's royal navy.
  11. A Red

    James McClean refuses to wear poppy

    Why have you posted those pictures? Some fucking neanderthal wearing a poppy and a swastika, what does that prove?
  12. A Red

    James McClean refuses to wear poppy

    I think its very relevant, but i guess seeing as I said it I would. I'm not suggesting he should wear a poppy but i'm wondering that if he sees the british state as the enemy ,does he recognise that the catholic church is probably at least to blame for irelands woes? I suppose like a lot of nationalists he doesnt see it. Blame the brits exclusively for all the problems. Ok, ive rambled and i guess you're right, its not that relevant to some decision by a footballer