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  1. A Red

    Keir Starmer

    The big minder should have held the landlords arms behind his back whilst Starmer shoved his mask into his gob.
  2. My mrs is from Doncaster and knows her football. I've managed to convert her to being a red over the years but getting her to say the word "the" has been more difficult. She used to go watch Leeds years ago and suddenly announced on Saturday that she wants them to beat us. I'm so fucking angry.
  3. A Red

    I am addicted to The Shield

    Due to this thread, I too am addicted to The Shield. I'm still on the first series so darent read any posts. Cunts
  4. A Red


    Paddy, the old boy from Dublin, and his mrs that live down the lane, popped round for a coffee and a chat this afternoon. He's about to have his 2nd AZ jab in a few days and is well pleased. Well he was until I explained that he has been injected with Protestantism
  5. A Red

    Prince Philip...

    Sky describing him as grandfather to the nation
  6. A Red

    The days before health and safety

    I think that when our builders go home at 4pm they go through a time warp back to the 1970's. Not a bit of yellow tape, a hard hat, signs or anything to make you think health and safety is a thing.
  7. A Red

    Golf thread / my new project

    I'm absolutely shit at golf. Many a time people have said "come and have a go, dont worry we're shit too" only afterwards for them to say "yep, you're shit". Thing is, I'm left handed but play right handed so should have a natural advantage as its my better arm that supposedly controls the swing. One day I'll give it a real go and try some lessons but I just know the end effect will be me being shit.
  8. A Red

    Happy Birthday Rico

    Happy Birthday!
  9. A Red

    Instant cunt identifiers

    On the 6 o'clock news tonight an elderly couple whinging that there were too many people in Nottingham city centre whilst stood in Nottingham city centre
  10. A Red


    I'm not going to argue you over this as I'm not holding it as a 100% fact, just what I was told. My experience was, the GP told me I needed a scan but, until all other avenues were closed e.g physio, I couldnt have one because they were expensive and the NHS was inundated with people with bad backs. Many who were just looking for a sick note or invalidity benefit. It took about 9 months before I got my scan and the problem was identified. I complained to the Consultant that I shouldnt have had to waste all that time when a scan gives a real quick diagnosis. He then reiterated what the GP had said. I know I'm a full on tory, fascist, kitten drowning, racist, homophobic cunt but in this instance I'm not trying to make a social comment
  11. A Red


    Not sure if you mean the system is bullshit or i'm talking bullshit, either way I suppose is not outrageous I was only going by what my GP and Consultant told me 7 years ago
  12. A Red

    Prince Philip...

    You used to (maybe still do) hate gay people. You used Superman to show that. It wasnt piss taking it was hatred
  13. A Red

    Prince Philip...

    Nope, never nasty. Not like yours Obviously when I said "gay" I was inferring he was a soft, mincey, spandex wearing twat. I don't really know which way he butters his bread to be honest but I'm willing to bet he drops anchor in poo bay.
  14. A Red

    Prince Philip...

    Well thats that then. I've been waiting for your view