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  1. A Red

    Keir Starmer

    I had a number of issues with Corbyn but not because of his brother. You dont choose family.
  2. A Red


    A neg on the first post? Must have been a slip of the finger
  3. A Red


    Talking of fish and chip shops, I'm pretty sure that the treasury is going to get a tax windfall from such establishments. Typically most transactions before covid were cash but now they will be getting far more card payments making it impossible for them to hide the revenue from the tax man. Expect tabloid headlines of "Plucky brits beat covid19 by eating record numbers of fish & chips"
  4. A Red

    Happy Birthday Champ!

    Sorry I missed this, happy birthday!
  5. A Red


    Fish and chip shops always seem the best way to me of laundering money
  6. A Red


    I do have a little bit of agreement in some of your posts on this subject (not the bodies in the conwy tunnel bit of course) but this is a tad wrong. I see your point but perhaps you could have dressed it up a bit better?
  7. A Red

    Keir Starmer

    You love him, its an endless love with no boundaries. You love Jeremy so much you want to give him a ruddy big kiss on the bottom. Come on, admit it, we all know you do.
  8. A Red

    The Foodie thread

    I wish I had the patience and/or the ability to cook. I promised to do tea last night so cooked up some mince with vegetables and made myself a coffee whilst the mixing up some beef stock in a mug. Coffee infused mince is shit
  9. A Red

    Cancel Culture

    Jeremy Corbyn
  10. A Red

    Keir Starmer

    Double space
  11. The showers in campsites. Press the button and the water comes out freezing for 5 seconds, keep pressing it and eventually its reasonably warm then the next press its fucking freezing then back to warm again. All this whilst trying to wash yourself 1 handed.
  12. A Red

    Instant cunt identifiers

    If he turns gold you know its happened